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How to Get Instagram Famous? 15 Fool-Proof Ways

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How to get instagram famous? Lots of people want to become famous on instagram. Here are 15 ways to reach fame on Instagram in a short span of time!

How to get instagram famous? Lots of people want to become famous on instagram. Here are 15 ways to get famous on Instagram in a short span of time!

Would you like to leverage & grow your following on instagram?

How about getting famous on instagram? Would you like to get famous on Instagram?

Lots of people want to become well known on the Internet these days, there’s no questioning that, and instagram is the right social media platform to do it!

Whether you want to be well known for your own unique home style, or your own unique music abilities, or be instagram famous for just being you and having some fun?!

When you open up Instagram, you can find someone instagram famous for almost any specialty.

Instagram has allowed so many fashion, beauty, and health entrepreneurs, become so much greater than ever before! 

It’s astonishing really and that’s why I wanted to help!

If you want to become famous on instagram and if others made their Instagram a hit and are making a living entirely off of their own unique idea and talents, then why not you?!

Here are the 15 key factors that essentially anyone can do, if they commit their time to do them each and every single day, to grow their Instagram for ultimate success and to get famous on instagram fast!



15 effective ways to get Instagram famous.

9 effective ways to grow your Instagram following

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1. Start with determining what you’re really good at.

Whatever you like doing, or better yet like learning… Doing something that you are interested in and like learning about is always going to be the best way to start your Instagram career and to get famous on Instagram for it.

Therefore, to carve a path off right towards becoming Instagram famous, begin with doing something that you are already good at or something that you are amazingly intrigued by.

Regardless of whether you want to be a fashion blogger, a recipe creator, or an Instagram health guru, once you decide on your own unique angle, it’s best to start by giving your audience access to what you have learned so far.

You’ll start seeing those comments and likes coming in the more you learn and relate with your audience. 

Plus your audience can learn alongside you!


2. Get a phone stand and make your photos as pro as possible.

Make your photos as pro as possible - Everything Abode

There’s no doubt that taking photos of your unique travel trips or homemade food will be a lot simpler if you already have invested in a good digital camera.

But what if you don’t have a decent digital camera? That’s perfectly fine, too!

If you don’t have the expensive camera and accessories to make your photos pop like a professional photographer, your next best bet is to try to make your photos look as pro as possible.

All you will require is a little creativity matched with some basic tools (most smartphones have exceptional cameras that can catch extraordinary photography these days).

Try your best to set up your photos like a professional photoshoot.

Illicit a friend or companion to take your photos for you, or get a phone stand like this to capture what you can’t if you are alone.

Most often than not, a little creativity can set you far apart from the rest as you grow to your Instagram fame.

Get a phone stand for Instagram


3. Use natural lighting whenever possible when taking photos for instagram.

Use natural lighting for Instagram whenever possible

As you are taking your Instagram photos and learning all the ins and outs to stand out from the rest of the crowd…

It’s also wise to make sure to use natural lighting whenever possible.

Did you know you can flatten your picture by using a flash and wash out your subject?

Learning how to use natural light is going to be the first and most significant rule to capturing great photos for instagram.

So stop using your flash on your camera and opt for natural light instead. And don’t forget to take advantage of the natural light during the day.

Using natural light will make your photos richer and clearer and give you that competitive edge that you are going for to reach your instagram fame.

However, if you absolutely must take a picture at night, use your flash wisely and be creative.  I have personally used this Sun Lamp as a light source for Instagram photos!


4. Use Instagram auto liker to engage more people.

To help you grow your Instagram following and become famous on instagram, it’s highly advised to start using an Instagram auto-liker.

An Instagram auto liker can help you create relevance for your posts. People are more likely to be famous on Instagram if they comment, like, and follow other Instagram accounts more often than their competitors.


5. Know how Accessories hold a lot of weight on instagram.

8 Fool-Proof Ways to Get FAMOUS on Instagram! #Instagramstar #Instagramtips #socialmediafame #socialmedia #Instafame #Instafamous #marketing #succulents #plants

When you are on Instagram, I’m sure you noticed certain decor pieces that famous Instagrammers always have in their photos on Instagram.

These accessories can range from succulent plants, macramé wall hangings, crisp white bedding to beautiful marble counters that showcase stunning food.

You bet that having an alluring home is something that can separate you from your competition.

But this doesn’t have to mean you have to spend your entire life savings to make your Instagram dreams come to life!

There are many ways you can trick your photoshoots to look amazing when starting your Instagram career.

For example, if you would like to showcase your homemade smoothie bowls and you don’t have that desirable marble counter space as a backdrop?

Try purchasing a marble slab from a kitchen store and use that as a backdrop for your food.

Or better yet, you can order multiple background food boards on Amazon right here

how to get instagram famous

Your Instagram fans will have no clue that you don’t have marble counters and your feed will look astounding for it!


6. Run Instagram Ads.

Most people want to be famous overnight. Instagram Ads can help you become Instagram famous overnight.

Instagram Ads will help you reach your audience, get more followers, and quickly become Instagram Famous. Instagram ads aren’t free though.

They are a paid promotion method for Instagram to help you grow your Instagram fast. You will become more popular the more you spend.

But be cautioned not to spend what you cannot afford.

You can only afford Instagram Ads if you have the available funds.

Otherwise, you can promote your account to be famous through other social media platforms like Pinterest, as the next tip advises.



7. Cross Promote your Instagram account.

There is no doubt that you can post tons of Instagram content to fill your Instagram feed.

Photos of happy customers. Funny memes. Videos that are bite-sized.  Pretty much anything goes on Instagram!

Of course, these are just a small sample of the many options to get your Instagram account noticed.

However, to get really noticed to fame level on instagram, cross-posting your content to other social media networks is key to getting famous on Instagram quickly.

It’s easy to cross-post your content to other social media platforms to increase your Instagram presence’s ROI (return of investment).

But to really maximize the reach of your content, you must start cross promoting the posts you have in your Instagram feed to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well.


8. Use your instagram descriptions to serve a higher good.

8 Fool-Proof Ways to Get FAMOUS on Instagram! #Instagramstar #Instagramtips #socialmediafame #socialmedia #Instafame #Instafamous #marketing #writing #descriptions

Let’s be honest, an image says a thousand words, however, did you realize that your Instagram write-ups hold the same weight?!

Almost all famous Instagrammers use their photo descriptions to serve a higher good! Even if it’s for themselves. 

It’s where they connect, relate, give tangible advice, showcase their new findings, and clarify their lifestyle all in one little write-up. So the next time you write up your description… Try looking for inspiration to better serve your message! 

Take a stab at giving substantial and tangible advice and hacks that you’ve learned that helped you up until this point, and attempt to be as relatable as possible. This will not only help your audience relate to you but will also allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.


9. Ask questions.

One of the best ways to get famous on Instagram is to ask questions.

Questions can help you get more engagements, more comments, and likes on your posts.

According to a study, a single post on Instagram with a question has a 60-fold higher engagement rate than one without them.

Ask questions in your posts for more comments and likes.

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10. Invest in a good photo editing tool for instagram.

Do you know those beautiful photos that you see on Instagram…  They are most likely edited and altered and probably for good reason!

Most Instagram stars realize that a professionally edited photo will take their feed to the next level and investing in a good editing tool will eventually separate you from your competition.

Try using photo editors like Snapseed, VSCO, Pixelmator, and apps like Afterlight, Perfect365, and Facetune, to take your photos to the next level.  Plus, your pictures will continue showing signs of improvement the more you get to know the tools and what works and what doesn’t.


11. Post often on Instagram – Monday to Friday.

Post often on Instagram - Monday to Friday

Whether you are posting to your Insta-stories or your Instagram account, posting every single day matters if you want to see monetary values coming your way.

So, start with posting every single day and make sure that you commit to making it a daily habit. You can certainly post in-between posts like quotes or home life pictures, but make sure that you post something very meaningful at least once a day or at the very least from Monday to Friday.

As long as you are giving great advice, informative information, and making your photos stand out like a pro, as far as I can see it, there’s no stopping you!


12. Add overlay text to ‘some’ of your instagram images.

Adding overlay text to your pictures can be a straightforward method to grab the attention you deserve and to help take more eyes back to your profile page.

Are you a foodie that would like to list out the ingredients in your images? Or better yet, do you want to list out your outfit-of-the-day details in fancy fonts?

Try using apps like Typic, Font Candy, or Canva. These apps will work wonders for getting your voice out there alongside your beautiful pictures!


13. Don’t forget instagram hashtags.

8 Fool-Proof Ways to Get FAMOUS on Instagram! #Instagramstar #Instagramtips #socialmediafame #socialmedia #Instafame #Instafamous #marketing #hashtags #instagramhashtags

We can’t leave out hashtags. Instagram made the hashtag so it’s as important as your photos on the platform.

Did you know that hashtags are a trending word that people are actually looking for?  The beauty of that is you never know what hashtag will bring more eyes back to your feed until you start experimenting.

Try using strategic hashtags that your audience will engage with. Are they in love with a certain theme like bohemian décor or home life? Are they obsessed with certain Instagram stars that are using these hashtags already?
Why not use what the stars are using or better yet… why not come up with your own hashtag?!

Three rules that make up a great Instagram hashtag:

1. Your hashtag should be easy to spell.

2. Your hashtag should be easy to remember (very important!).

3. Your hashtag should not be too long.

I also wrote a very detailed post about using Pinterest hashtags, so if you use Pinterest to market your Instagram or blog, take a look at that post too. 


14. When you can, tag brands, followers, and places.

Tagging is an effective way to promote on Instagram, and this is not the same as tagging with hashtags.

You can, for example, tag other brands or accounts to get a shout-out from them or even to get featured on their instagram account.

Relevant tags can be subtle ways to promote your brand (and you!), and since notifications will ping everyone who receives them when you can, tag brands, followers, and the places that are relevant to your instagram post.

It’s not only a good courtesy to tag others and places for extra engagement, but it’s within Instagram’s best practices for you to tag any person you may be regramming on your account.

The people and brands you tag will likely be delighted to share your good news with their followers and be excited to be featured on your feed.

Tag locations as well! Be it your own physical address for your business, or if you happen to attend events regularly, you can use location-specific posts/tags to get discovered and to discover new fans and followers.


15. Don’t forget Post Notifications for instagram.

If someone has turned on post notifications, they will receive a notification each time you post a video or photo on instagram.

Post notification is one of the best methods to increase engagement on your posts.

And asking your followers to enable post notifications is a great way of growing followers.

But you must provide quality content for your followers to make this possible.

They will be more likely to turn on your post notifications if you give them the content they enjoy.



Final thoughts

Remember it will take time and effort to become Instagram famous. It won’t happen overnight.

However, with the right solid plan and a knack for being consistent with it, you never know, you may very well start getting sent free products or even get paid to post sponsored content through your popular Instagram account!

This list should help you get to Instagram stardom if that is what your heart desires and the suggested tips above are how Instagram works to become Instagram famous but it might take months or even a few years.

Nonetheless, if you feel that pursuing Instagram full-time is something you want to do, the world is your oyster, so go after it.

Thank you so much for reading my article. Please consider sharing it with a few friends.

Your thoughts and Instagram strategy are welcome. Comment below to let me know what you think!


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