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Submit a Guest Article or Interview

Hi there, thanks for checking out my guest author submissions page for Everything Abode! 

First off, I believe that using the experience and expertise of others, will have a positive and important impact on someone’s life.

After all, blogging is one way for readers to get the right information at the right time, so they can benefit from it. Plus, if we can achieve helping people together, it can create a greater awareness that can perhaps benefit someone when they need it most!

As I have developed this blog, I have become increasingly optimistic to create an action-based informational blog for the sole purpose to support and help people. Whether it’s home decorating to eating healthy, everyone needs a little encouragement to uplift their life. 

Since blogging has enabled me with the freedom to reach people (all across the globe) to inspire them to reach for their own best individual potential, if this is a mutual value you and I share, then I urge you to craft a guest post and reach out to me.

Also, if you have any lifestyle expertise in a trade that benefits the home and/or home lifestyle industry, please contribute. I want Everything Abode to be a great resource to help everyone create a home life that they love and adore.

If you need a little guidance on what I am looking for…

Check out these guest article submissions for added reference below:


Now if you would like to submit an article, follow the submission guidelines below!

I’m so happy you are wanting to contribute. When you get approved, I’ll be sharing your guest article on my blog with thousands of readers (600,000+ monthly pageviews as of April 2021).

You’ll also get a Do-follow backlink in the author biography and one backlink within the post you write – to get traffic back to your blog!

After I review your submission, I’ll let you know if your story/guest article would be a good fit for my audience. I will contact you within 7 business days to let you know if I’d like to feature your post idea.

*Due to the high volume of submissions, if you don’t hear back from me, chances are you didn’t supply me with enough information. Please contact me again with more information about who you are, what your blog entails, and what your backlink URLs are going to be. The more information I have will make the article submission process go much faster!

*Also please do not send me examples of travel articles as they will not be approved. I receive a lot of submissions in that category and it’s not a category listed on the blog. Please try to follow the categories that are already listed in the main menu bar. 

*Guest posts will not be accepted to sell a product or course, as I have a fee for that.  You can ask me about my fees by contacting me directly here

Guest Post Requirements:

    • The minimum word count is 1,500 words per article (no less than 1500 words).
    • Clear headings and short paragraphs (2-6 sentences for each heading).
    • One to two short sentence biography about your blog for below the post. No more than two sentences, please. I will provide a follow backlink to your main blog’s homepage in your biography at the bottom of the post.
    • I’ll also create the social media images for the article, so don’t worry about those!


Thank you, I look forward to working with you!

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