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7 Creative & Lucrative Ways To Make Passive Money Online

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7 Lucrative Ways To Make A Passive Income Online (In Your Own Time) - Everything Abode

Are you striving for a passive income that you can make online?

Even the term passive sounds easy but the truth is, you do have to work.

It may sound good to kick your feet up somewhere on a tropical beach and watch your passive income roll in, but the truth is that creating a constant stream of passive money generally involves a reasonable amount of effort up front. 

So if you are willing to put in some time?

Then these 7 ways are the most creative passive income ideas that should generate you a little bit of extra money each month.

Also, number 4 is my passive income stream and I receive notifications DAILY that I’ve made extra money!

Let’s dive into these 7 passive income streams right now. 

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7 Creative & Lucrative Ways to Make Passive Money Online

Start an online course to make passive money online

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1. Sell an online course.

To create great course online that is worthy of premium price, takes hard work, and solid time investment but you can make really good money in this arena if you are an expert in your chosen niche and you have a lot to teach. 

There is no rule to stick to one course though. 

If you can teach other classes that are linked to your original course and if it’s in the same niche, you can generate a lot of money by teaching those classes as additional add ons or next courses for people to sign up for.

What to do: Teachable is an awesome place to host it. They’ve done all the hard work of running the course website for you, so all you have to do is make something worthy of sharing and share it with your friends, family, and online.

You can also charge a premium price, (your expert knowledge is worth the investment), and market your course as a guest blogger. Don’t forget to include bonus videos and exercises, and focus on one specific topic first.

2. Start a YouTube Channel.

If you’re not shy in front camera then you can easily make a passive income from starting your own YouTube channel.

What’s so great about YouTube is for starters, one video can make you money for years.

Although it does take time and perseverance to make videos on a consistent basis, if you enjoy the process, then this passive revenue is definitely a great way to make money from.

How to do it: You can make YouTube videos about just about anything! You can do beauty reviews, daily vlogs about your life, tutorials on just about anything (that you are an expert at), and if people enjoy what your sharing you’ll grow from there.

3. Take your video’s one step further with a video membership.

The primary goal of YouTube is to engage an audience and build a brand name.

But one of the best ways (other than YouTube) is by using a solution like Yondo.

Once you’ve established a reputation on Youtube, you need to think about driving that traffic to your own landing pages or a video membership site and that is what Yondo is all about.

Yondo lets you create your own store that sells on-demand video content with your own domain.

You can sell pay-per-view rentals, monthly subscriptions, or anything in between.

Best of all, you get to set your own price and you don’t have to split revenue down the middle with YouTube.

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4. Start a blog.

Blogging is my passive income and it’s honestly the best way to make additional money online. 

There are two ways to make money with blogging… a) Advertising; that enables your impressions (a person viewing your blog) to give you money for every 1,000 page views or when it gets clicked and b) Affiliate marketing; an excellent way to write about products that will give you a commission if or when someone clicks and buys through your affiliate link that is on your blog. 

What to do: Take this free guide to start a blog with Bluehost today.  The best way to start your blog is to stay consistent with it.  Write several posts before you release your blog so you have a lot on there for your readers to engulf themselves with.

How to Monetize: Amazon Associates is the best-known affiliate marketing program for beginners, but there are other affiliate programs like ShareASale and ClickBank. Google AdSense is also the best start for beginner bloggers looking to make a little cash off of their traffic. 

I highly recommend starting your blog with Bluehost since you can get started with little risk and you can opt-out in 30-days.


5. E-commerce with Shopify.

Ecommerce with Shopify, one of 7 ways to make money online

Selling products is a great way to make some extra money on the side whether you sell the things you make or re-sell the stuff that you buy. 

And Shopify makes it easy to do if you want to build an online store. 

They have already done the leg work for you. They have ready-made one-click templates for you so you don’t have to waste your time designing your shop and you can also create coupons, promotions, and they process payments and manage returns for you so all you have to do is worry about selling. 

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6. Buy a blog that’s already monetized.

Did you know that you can also purchase a current blog that already making real hard cash each month?

Most of these blogs will be self-hosted, which means that the start-up phase has already been done for you!

People sell successful blogs for all kinds of reasons, and they sell them for flipping purposes because they are experts at blogging, or in some cases they’re just tired of doing it.

So whether they didn’t have time to do it anymore or whatever the case may be, if you are ready to make a passive income online immediately then Flippa probably has a blog for you. 

What to do: Search Flippa and remember that the blog should be at least 12 months old and get at least 15,000 visits each month. Keep in mind that a lot of those visits should come from search engines. Organic traffic is the best converter for making money online. 

7. Sell your own photography.

Sell your own photography, one of 7 ways to make a passive income online via @everythingabode

Are you a photographer or do you have a good keen eye for taking well-looking photos?

Well then licensing your photos and photography might be your next best option.

There are tons of places to sell your photos online.  And you can still own the license of your photo every time it gets downloaded. Once it’s purchased you will then receive a small commission and royalty for that photo. 

What to do: There’s no need to research this, I already wrote a post on how to sell your own photography online right here 

Passive income only comes if you pick one and work hard.

But nonetheless, it is totally doable if you enjoy it. 

Looking for even more passive income ideas? Here are 5 high paying flexible side hustles that you can do in your spare time, it’s worth checking out.

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