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How to Add a Customized ‘Pin It’ Button For Your Blog!

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How to Add a Customized 'Pin It' Button For Your Blog - Everything Abode

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Have you ever wondered how to add a customized pin it button on your blog?

Well, today you are in for a treat! 

Honestly, Pinterest is one of my top sources of traffic and it can be that way for you IF you have a blog or just started marketing your blog!

Trust me, if you can harness a little extra element to get your readers to pin your pins to Pinterest themselves? You bet I’m all over that!

I preach about using Pinterest because you will want to utilize every little thing possible to get readers to pin your pins from your blog posts to Pinterest! Every little bit helps. 

So as much as this little post is easy to understand… It’s an element that you don’t want to pass up using for your own blog.

PLUS It will also give your branding that extra boost and make you look more credible and professional while you are growing your blog.

It’s really not that hard, I promise! 

This post will take you through the whole process of customizing your very own unique ‘PIN IT’ button from start to finish, as you will learn how to do this using the easiest plugin for it!

Let’s get started!

NOTE: You will need a WordPress blog for this plugin. If you do not have a WordPress blog, I have a step-by-step guide HERE to help you set that up, and it takes NO time at all!

How to add a customized PIN IT button to your blog!


1. Go to your plugins tab and click add new.

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - add new plugin


2. Search: jQuery Pin It Button for Images Lite plugin.

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - search plugin

3. Install & Activate.

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - download plugin

4. Get Familiar with the Settings panel.

You can find the plugin’s settings panel in the Settings submenu under the name jQuery Pin It Button for Images Lite. There you can find all the settings the plugin allows you to adjust. All settings are divided into several tabs so you can find what you’re looking for easily.

5. Now go and Create your button.

Using whatever graphic program you have (I use Canva) create your custom button. Make sure that you keep the dimensions for the button at 54px by 54px. The plugin does allow you the flexibility to change the height and width but keep in mind that it may adjust your image.

Here’s a little bit of extra Canva help if you need it…

Customize your dimension in Canva to 54 px x 54px

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - customize dimensions in canva

Make sure that you download your PNG file as a Transparent Background!

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - download a transparent png using canva

Now, Let’s Add Your Personalized & Customized Button!

6. Click the Visual tab.

>>>> Go back to the Settings tab in the jQuery Pin It Button for the Images Lite plugin.

Scroll down to Pin Image & Click the Custom button and click upload image.

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - change to custom pin and upload


7. Upload the image you saved from “Upload Files“ then select your file.

Adding a customized pin it button to your blog - upload your image in media files

8. Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE and review.

Tip: You can fiddle with the height and width of your new custom image if you’d like (I didn’t) and a preview of your button will show on the right. 

Enjoy your very own customized ‘pin it’ button!


Every little detail represents who you are as a blogger and how you are viewed as a blogger.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd?

This takes no time at all!

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial and I’ll see you in the next post!


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