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Why Evernote Will Make Your Blogging Life Easier

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Why Evernote Will Make Your Blogging Life Easier -- Everything Abode

If you are a blogger or creative content creator, then you need to know about Evernote!

Evernote is a tool that has many features that will help you out immensely, especially if you are looking for unique ways to better manage your time.

More often or not, chances are you are looking to manage your time better and be more productive as a whole. 

Or maybe you are just wondering what the hype is all about regarding this tool and how it helps so many people create better content online!

Well, the reasons are simply amazing and the Evernote tool is what we’re going to be talking about today.

I’ll explain why I love Evernote so much as a blogger and I’ll tell you how to install the free version (for your desktop on the chrome bar) and how it can help you out immensely if you find creating content somewhat tricky to do!

Let’s get to it!

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How I Use This Super Awesome Tool called Evernote!

Why Evernote Will Make Your Blogging Life Easier --- Everything Abode

Before we start, I wanted to outline a couple of cool features Evernote has to offer, so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Because when it comes to creating online content on a daily basis, there is no secret that I use this tool every single day! 

When I come across an interesting idea, all I have to do is save it, then I can access it wherever and whenever I need it. 

And the brilliant thing about Evernote is that you can store whatever you need and draw from it later down the road.

So if you are a blogger and are looking for a FREE tool that’ll help you stay just that much more organized? Then you have to add Evernote to your repertoire. 

Let’s face it, being a blogger is doing a million little things at once, so if we can have a tool that can organize the chaos, then it’s totally worth it.

Evernote makes it so much easier to remember those little tips and tricks or strategic wording just when you need it most.

And I know this because Evernote helps me write close to five times faster and I am only getting faster thanks to it. 

Here are the three key features of why I love Evernote so much before we head into the guide.


What Evernote is NOT about… 

Now, of course, I know that you will NOT plagiarize but since Evernote is so easy to gather ideas with, I wanted to include another reason why Evernote is so great for blogging.  

Because when we bloggers are drawing research from SO many different sources, it’s hard to keep those URL links to their original sources intact and that’s why Evernote is SO great. 

Evernote SAVES the links from each original source so you don’t have to remember, that way you can better credit your sources (way more easily) because you’ll already have all the original sources and permalinks saved alongside with it. 

Since crediting your sources should be a required practice (to create trust with your readers and other bloggers) you’ll need to get your hands on this tool.  That’s why I love creating my content with Evernote so much!

I use Evernote EVERY SINGLE DAY and I have to tell you that it packs a mighty punch when it comes to creating great blog content. 


Top Three Evernote Features.

Top Three Evernote Features for blogging - Everything Abode


1. The web clipper.

Evernote has a very simple web clipper: The web clipper will allow you to grab articles, PDFs, and screenshots of the things you see online and then allows you to store all of them, without ever leaving the sites that you are visiting.  Most tools don’t do this but with Evernote, you can save and still research all at the same time. 

This is a huge time saver. This single feature really helps me stay laser-focused so that what I am currently researching stays on the screen, and what I am saving can get clipped and stored for later.

This keeps me crazily organized, and is super crucial when it comes to blogging and saving time.


2. The Audio note feature.

Honestly, when it comes to blogging, my favorite post ideas come to me when I am usually away from my computer or out walking my dog, so that’s where the audio feature speeds up the process using Evernote. 

The audio note feature in Evernote is amazing because it’s great for capturing post ideas that come to you throughout the day without having to rely on your own memory or manually writing it in your phone.

All you have to do is open the app version of Evernote on your phone and tell it what to save. 

So make sure that after you add Evernote on your Chrome bar to also download the app on your phone. I personally use Evernote from my phone as well.

Having the Evernote app, in your pocket AT ALL TIMES, means that you won’t miss out on capturing those ideas when you need to. Plus since you’ll be using Evernote for gathering research, you can audio tell ii what to do, to add to that research, if an idea comes to you on a whim.

This feature alone has helped me capture great pin titles and generate post ideas on the fly!


3. Storing images.

Here’s a question for you… How many screenshots have you taken that are just left to take up space on your phone? The answer is probably a lot and most people have hundreds!

Now, using Evernote, storing images will be seamless. 

You are able to keep your images stored in ONE FILE, (that would otherwise waste space on your phone), and when researching for your content online, you can also save images along with their URL link.

This is why Evernote is amazing. If you happen to see an image that you would like to reference or seek permission to use for your site, you can save the image in Evernote, and the URL will actually be saved along with it. Yes, that’s just one less step that’ll save you loads of time especially when it comes to generating content for your blog. 

Before Evernote, I was capturing screenshots of opt-ins that I liked, footers that I thought were nice, pin titles, post ideas, design layouts (and so much more) but when it was out of sight, it was out of mind.

Since using Evernote that all changed for me!


How to Add Evernote to Your Chrome Bar

Let's start the guide!

Evernote will not be a waste of your time to add to your chrome bar and you do not have to feel awkward or nervous (about setting it up) because it’s super easy!

1. Open Evernote and click the ‘Web Clipper’ tab.

Evernote Web Clipper Guide Step 1

If you want to get the free version of Evernote on your chrome bar, go to Evernote and click the ‘Web Clipper’ tab.


2. Click ‘Get Web Clipper For Chrome.

Evernote Web Clipper Guide Step 2,

Click the green ‘Get Web Clipper For Chrome’ tab.


3. Click ‘Add it to Chrome.

Evernote Web Clipper Guide Step 3

You’ll notice the button is green, that’s because it’s already added to my chrome bar. You should see a blue button instead.


4. Now you have Evernote on your chrome bar.

Evernote Web Clipper Guide Step 5

Now you have Evernote added to your chrome bar. How easy was that?

You can save your ideas very easily and you will have them all stored in one place.  


If you already have Evernote installed then you’ll be amazed at how much it’ll help you out with blogging or any business that you have. 

I personally use Evernote on a daily basis because it helps me write smarter and stay just that much more organized. I do hope you try it out!

Also if you are interested in starting a blog and haven’t started one yet? Click here to start your very own blog in less than 20 minutes!

Want to take your blogging one step further?! Check out 8 Ways to Stay Motivated as a New Blogger!


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Stacey | food safety super hero

Friday 31st of August 2018

I adore Evernote. I've been using them since they started in 2009, I THInk. I use my evernote email address as the email to sign up for blogs because it keeps them stored for easy reference and uncluttered my email. I'm one of those people who who find it overwhelming to have a lot of emails filling my mailbox, but I love that it gets delivered to my specific notebook. I also use Evernote for blog post ideas, keeping track of my online bill payment CONFIRMATIONs and just about everthing under the sun. It's actually the only app I will pay the annual fee for because I love it so much. I do need the additional storage because I keep all my personal, blog and collection photos in there and I need a lot of space.


Tuesday 4th of September 2018

Hi Stacey! That's so funny... I keep my confirmation emails in Evernote as well. I'm glad you are using Evernote. I found that not that many people are aware of how great it is for blogging and keeping organized. Thanks for sharing how you use it (!!)