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Houseplants for the Bathroom: 14 Varieties That’ll Love the Humidity

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Houseplants for the Bathroom 14 Varieties That'll Love the Humidity - Everything Abode

A walk in the park is always a refreshing way to start your day, but did you know that there are plants that love the humidity of your bathroom?

Houseplants are a great way to beautify your home and get better air quality, so you should have one in every room in your home — your bathroom is no exception!

Since bathrooms are typically more humid than the rest of your house, find plants that can tolerate such conditions.

Furthermore, since your bathroom doesn’t always get as much natural light as some of the other rooms in your home, you’ll need to consider these factors too when selecting indoor plants for your bathroom.

You don’t want to condemn an innocent plant to death by putting it in the wrong room, right?

It’s time to check out these 14 unique houseplants that’ll absolutely love living in your bathroom!


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Houseplants for the Bathroom: 14 Varieties That’ll Love the Humidity.

Houseplants for the Bathroom 14 Varieties That'll Love the Humidity - best plants for the bathroom - Everything Abode

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1. Rattlesnake Plant.

Rattlesnake Plant perfect for the bathroom - Everything Abode

As the name suggests, this beautiful plant loves to live in moist environments so it makes a popular addition to any home bathroom because it thrives very well in moisture and humidity.

A Rattlesnake plant can also grow fairly tall, with leaves that can reach 30 inches tall or more!

In addition to their height and beautiful coloration with which they respond automatically from any given lighting situation (making them an easy choice if you’re looking for something visually pleasing), these plants are also capable of complex movement due to tiny “joints” connecting each individual leaf blade together at one point near where it attaches onto the main stalk.

So be on the lookout if you see your Rattlesnake plant move! These plants also thrive best when it is semi-shady – perfect for bathrooms with small windows.



2. String Of Pearls.

String Of Pearls is a great bathroom plant - bathroom plants and succulents - Everything Abode

String Of Pearls is part of the succulent family of plants that can easily be grown with minimal care. With its long, trailing beads and easy-care needs String of Pearls makes for an interesting focal point in any room – especially the bathroom! It’s also the most recommended plant to hang in hanging baskets, as it requires little water and minimal sun exposure.



3. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant perfect for the bathroom - bathroom plants - Everything Abode

Fiddle leaf figs create a beautiful oasis in any bathroom with their vibrant leaves and amazing water-retention abilities.

They enjoy the occasional bit of sunlight so if you have an east-facing window in your house then this is definitely the plant for you!

These plants will thrive without too much sunlight and prefer humid bathrooms to keep the roots healthy when watered correctly with well-draining soil – too much water could make them start shedding leaves. To remedy this, simply water it less.



4. Crispy Wave Bird’s Nest Fern Plant.

Crispy Wave Bird’s Nest Fern Plant perfect bathroom plant that loves moisture - Everything Abode

These hardy plants have glossy green leaves and grow in a rosette shape. In addition, their leaf edges are usually rippled or curled up like waves to make for an extra attractive appearance.

Given how easy it is to take care of a nest fern plant, it’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t have too much time to tend to their plants.

Humidity isn’t a problem, but like many plants on this list, the elegant nest fern should not be overwatered.

They prefer warm environments but don’t do well in direct sunlight, so it’s a good idea to keep them in a shady corner of your bathroom.


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5. Tillandsia Plants.

Tillandsia - bathroom plants that love moisture - Everything Abode

Tillandsia plants are one of the easiest plants to maintain, especially in a bathroom environment! They absorb water through their leaves, so you won’t have to deal with a cumbersome pot, and you won’t have to worry about rotten roots. As long as you use your shower every day, an occasional spray is all that your Tillandsia plants will need to survive.



6. Pothos Plant.

Pothos Plant perfect for the bathroom - bathroom plants - Everything Abode

Featuring beautiful vines, this incredible plant is easy to maintain, and it can do well in almost any part of your house. Low light and high humidity are key for this plant’s survival, so leave it to bake right in front of a large window if you have one located in your bathroom.

Pothos plants will grow differently in different pots, so you can make your plant bushy and small, or you can allow the vines to crawl up the wall. The choice is yours for whatever bathroom look you are going for with this bathroom plant. 


7. Palm Plant.

Palm Plants great for the bathroom in a sunny spot - Everything Abode

Palm plants grow near streams and bodies of water, so to simulate that environment, you need to water your palm very regularly even if left in a humid bathroom. Although this plant needs to be watered regularly, the professional botanists at warn that your plant’s soil shouldn’t be too saturated. Otherwise, it runs the risk of root rot.

Your bathroom’s humid environment is just what Palm Plants crave, and it will probably do better in your bathroom than any other room in your home. This plant needs a lot of sunlight, so only put one in your bathroom if you have a sunny spot for it.


8. Aloe Plant.

Aloe plant for the bathroom - Everything Abode

Known for its versatility, the aloe plant isn’t only very useful for medicinal qualities, but it’s also extremely hardy. It does very well in dry conditions as well, and surprisingly, this plant is just as comfortable in humid environments.

Since your aloe plant will be getting a ton of extra moisture from the air in your bathroom, try not to overwater it. Aloe plants do well in mostly sunny conditions, so put your aloe plant wherever it best fits in your bathroom.


9. Peace Lily Plant.

Peace Lily plant for your bathroom - Everything Abode

This lovely lily can make your bathroom appear extremely warm and inviting. Peace lilies aren’t a fan of direct sunlight, so try your best to keep them in a shady part of your bathroom.

They shouldn’t be overwatered, and the fact that they’ll be in a humid bathroom means that you should water them even less! If it starts to shed leaves, then you’ll know to ease up on the watering. These plants can grow pretty tall, so just make sure that you have enough vertical space for them and you’re all set!


10. Spider Plant.

Spider Plant in the bathroom - Everything Abode

Spider plants are also extremely hardy, and they thrive in a variety of environments which makes them a perfect addition to any bathroom.

As long as you’re not putting it right in front of a window with no blinds or curtains, your spider plant will do well in most lighting conditions. In most situations, you should water your spider plant about once a week, but you may not need to water it so frequently when it’s in a humid bathroom. If the leaves appear dry or yellow, then simply make a point to water them a little more often.


11. White Stripe Dragon Plant.

dragon plant for bathroom (1) (1)


Unlike the mythical beast that it’s named after, your dragon plant won’t fly away, but it will grow very tall! With this in mind, you should try to place it in a low corner of your bathroom; it won’t grow properly in high places.

Dragon plants also enjoy humid spaces, but overwatering this plant can kill it, so pay close attention to your dragon plant’s health. Furthermore, your dragon plant should be kept out of direct sunlight which makes this plant perfect for any bathroom you choose to put it in.


12. Chinese Evergreen Plant.

Houseplants for the Bathroom 20 Varieties That'll Love the Humidity - Everything Abode

The Chinese evergreen thrives in low light conditions, so unless your bathroom has giant windows with no curtains, this plant will do very well in it.

Chinese evergreens love humid environments, so your extended hot showers won’t bother it at all. Plus, this plant complements any room that it’s in, and it has an air of elegance that can’t be matched.

For your Chinese evergreen to do well, it should not be kept in cold environments. If you live in a colder climate, then try to keep it away from drafty windows to help maintain its health.


13. Watermelon Peperomia Plants.

Watermelon Peperomia Plants for the bathroom - unique bathroom plants - Everything Abode

When you look at peperomia’s leaves too quickly, you may confuse it with watermelon, making this fun and zany plant a fine addition to your bathroom-based botanical collection.

This plant prefers indirect light, so try not to set it in a super shady corner. And since you will be keeping it in your bathroom, it just needs an occasional misting a few times a week to help it survive.


14. Orchids.

Orchids arte perfect house plants for the bathroom - bathroom plants - Everything Abode

These beautiful flowering plants thrive well almost anywhere, and they don’t mind humidity at all. While orchids don’t mind the humidity, be careful not to overwater them. If they’re overwatered, then their roots will rot, and they’ll be hard to salvage.

Orchid plants also like a fair amount of sunlight, but don’t give them too much! Try to keep them close to a window in the bathroom, but keeping an orchid in direct sunlight near a window on the west side of your house may kill it, so be mindful of the window’s orientation and your bathroom’s sunlight conditions.

Professional botanists at wild interiors note that soft stems, oddly colored leaves, and poor growth in Orchids are common signs of root rot, so be on the lookout!


There you have it! 14 very unique and easy to care for bathroom plants! Which one will you try your hand at?! Leave a comment below!


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