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26 Things Organized People Do & Don’t Do Before Noon

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26 Things Organized People Do & Don't Do Before Noon - Everything Abode

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you don’t have enough time to get organized?

Do you ever catch yourself rushing about trying to recall what you need to do?

Since our mornings can be hurried and chaotic, they really do set the stage for the rest of the day, so if this all sounds too familiar, it’s time to make a change. 

Plus, it’s critical that we make every moment count by getting up with ambition (even if just for an hour) before the workday begins, or just after breakfast where necessary, so we can start our day off on the right note. 

And if you already find it daunting to get out of bed and tackle yet another day of lengthy commutes, busy work, and everything else on your to-do lists?  You’ll find it far simpler to keep motivated and stay productive if you take a few key measures before the clock strikes noon.

Because remaining organized in the morning can be a sure bet for a great day ahead. And all you have to do is a few of these simple habits before noon every day and you’ll be set!

Here are 26 things organized people often do before noon.


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How Organized People Stay Organized Before Noon


What makes an organized person?

Organizing and staying organized is not about how much you have or what industry you work for. It’s about what you do with what you own, what you do with the things you need to accomplish, and organizing them both in a cohesive and orderly manner.


Is being organized a skill?

Yes, being organized is a critical skill to have because it can make your life so much easier.

Being organized will allow you to accomplish more throughout the day because you will always know where you stand with time management and what you have to get done with the tools you need. 

On top of that, if you have a designated space for your items that are used on a regular basis, you’ll generally are able to find the things that you need when needed.

Let’s help you get more organized and stay more organized with these 26 actionable steps that most organized people always do and don’t do before noon. 


26 Things Organized People Do & Don’t Do Before Noon

Things Organized People Do & Don't Do Before Noon - Everything Abode


1. How to stay organized before noon: Organized people follow a strict routine.

A highly organized person’s morning starts with an easy-to-navigate routine. This includes brushing teeth, taking a shower, and getting dressed, which is usually in a straightforward method.

It also means finding time for breakfast within that routine, which will help to boost more energy levels to stay extra organized throughout the day.


2. How to stay organized before noon: Take care of complex tasks before the afternoon.

Experts believe that you can take care of the easiest tasks at any time of the day, but your willpower will slowly fade as the hour’s pass in the morning, and by noon it’ll be much harder to complete more complex tasks.

If you don’t want to make difficult decisions before lunchtime, prioritize what needs to get done first and work on them while they’re still easy so there won’t be a lot left when energy starts fading!


3. How to stay organized before noon: Plan for the next day.

Highly organized people try to make their days as easy as possible by getting prepared ahead of time–and it’s something anyone can do with enough practice too.

For example, set out clothes and items you need for work to save yourself some valuable minutes in the morning; pack lunches or prepare ingredients at home instead of going through drive-thrus on your way into work, etc.

If you can start prep early today, soon this habit will become second nature for both those who love mornings and those who don’t. 

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4. How to stay organized before noon: Make notes.

The highly organized people in your life have planned ahead to remember every birthday and holiday, but they do not use magic or depend on remembering things themselves. They know that attempting to keep track of everything would only make it more difficult for them during the day-to-day hustle. Instead, these folks jot down all their important dates so that when a new month rolls around there are no surprises waiting for them!


5. How to stay organized before noon: Keep a daily log of chores.

Housework is an important task to do on a daily basis. It helps keep your home clean and organized, which in turn can help you feel less stressed throughout the day. If house cleaning seems like too much work to handle alone, consider hiring professionals who specialize in this service!

Or keep a daily log of house chores to do every day, and then prioritize them in order of importance. The first thing on your list should be the most important thing you need to get cleaned and organized that day. House lists will not only help keep you focused and organized but if you take care of some smaller home tasks before they build into larger ones, you will be much more productive and organized in the long term.


6. How to stay organized before noon: Make the bed.

One of the easiest ways to stay organized for your day is by making your bed. This task not only makes you feel accomplished but also “boosts success and well-being”, according to Charles Duhigg author of The Power Of Habit. If you want more proof that this theory works wonders or if you just like a tidier home when returning home after work then consider trying it out today!


7. How to stay organized before noon: Don’t Multitask in the morning.

At, Nancy K. Napier asserts that multitasking is impossible and so you should only prioritize one task at a time in the morning to get better results faster with less work on your part because time is precious and finite; she says this way of working will allow you to accomplish more things in the same amount of time than if you were juggling multiple tasks or starting out slow due to being distracted by other thoughts.


8. How to stay organized before noon: Avoid Distracting People and Things.

It’s important to avoid distracting people and things in the morning.

Studies show that you have your most drive, focus, and determination before noon so don’t spend time on excessive small talk or phone conversations during this crucial period of productivity!

You’ll have those afternoon hours for socializing with friends later; but if you want a productive day start by avoiding distraction before noon.

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9. How to stay organized before noon: Keep your bedroom extra tidy.

Maintaining a tidy bedroom is key to living in an organized world. This way, no matter what you’re up against for the day ahead of you, there won’t be any distractions when it’s time for rest and relaxation.


10. How to stay organized before noon: Wake Up Early.

starting-new-day-how to stay organized before noon - Everything Abode

This can be one of the hardest parts of the morning for most people, but first and foremost, you have to wake up early to achieve anything. Not only do you have to wake up, but you ought to wake up early enough so that you aren’t in a rush. 

To ensure that you wake up early, make a point to go to sleep early enough to get the full eight hours of sleep. At, Linda Werner Andrews, a renowned health psychologist, asserts that waking up early after sleeping for a full eight hours is vital for a healthy mind and body.

Pro tip: Unless you’re one of those people who can magically fall asleep within seconds of lying down, when setting a bedtime, remember to account for the time that it takes for you to fall asleep.

If it takes you 30 minutes to fall asleep, go to bed around 8:45 p.m. to wake up at 6:15 a.m. And to fall asleep more easily, avoid screens and caffeinated drinks in the late evening.

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11. How to stay organized before noon: Wake up at the same time each day.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy body is by maintaining an efficient sleep schedule. If we wake up at the same time every day, our circadian rhythm will be reinforced and it will prompt us to go to bed at night when nighttime falls. This way, all bodily functions work efficiently so that you can have plenty of energy during your waking hours!

The benefits of a regular wake-up time are also enormous. Your body will know when it’s time to wake up, so you’ll have more energy and mental clarity. You’re also less likely to oversleep, feel groggy and fall behind with your daily tasks.

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12. How to stay organized before noon: Don’t eat at the last minute.

Do not run around in the kitchen looking for something to eat when it is almost time to leave for work or school; instead, make your mornings easier by planning out your breakfast and lunch before going to bed the night before. Planning breakfast and lunch for the next day will allow you to save time and stay more organized.


13. How to stay organized before noon: Don’t spend hours on only one task.

Do not spend hours on a project that you know will not be finished before noon, instead, break up your most important tasks into smaller parts and finish one part each morning or evening when time permits. Doing smaller tasks each morning will allow you to stay more organized.


14. How to stay organized before noon: Don’t Consume Negativity.

Do you have that one gossipy colleague who never has a nice word to say about anyone? Do you and your significant other argue about the same thing almost every morning? Does your favorite social media app contain a ton of hot takes and controversy?

If so, then you should avoid these things. While you may be tempted to engage in a little gossip or hop on the latest Twitter bandwagon, you should save it until after the day’s most important tasks are finished.

Focusing on these things won’t only waste your precious time, but you’ll also continue seething over the negativity long after you’ve stepped away from the argument or closed the app.

Instead of engaging with negative things in the early hours, remind yourself that you still have work to do. By putting your focus towards work and more positive things, you can remain organized and get a lot more done. Furthermore, you’ll be a happier person with less conflict and sourness in your life.


15. How to stay organized before noon: Stay away from devices and screens that are counterproductive.

It’s tempting to spend time scrolling through your phone but resist the urge. Even if you’re not using screens to consume negative or controversial content, they can still reduce your concentration and stunt your efforts to remain organized.

In fact, psychologist Mary Gomes stresses that limiting screen time will also improve sleep quality as well as make you more productive! So take a break from all those social media posts and use your energy wisely to get ahead of the game before noon. 


16. How to stay organized before noon: label everything.

Labeling household items can be a tedious task, but it’s important to label everything for the sake of organization.
Labels are often given in sets and come with an adhesive backing that you just peel off before sticking them onto your belongings or surfaces around the house. It’s easier than ever to make sure each item is uniquely labeled so no one has any problem figuring out where they belong when putting things back after use!


17. How to stay organized before noon: Sort your fridge like a grocery store.

Keeping your fridge organized will not only keep you from wandering aimlessly through the refrigerator in the morning, but it’s also essential for ensuring that all food items are stored at their ideal temperature to maximize freshness.

Experts also advise using clear bins in a way similar to how grocery stores organize different types of foods — meats and dairy products – so you are less distracted while preparing breakfast!


18. How to stay organized before noon: Drink lots of h2o.

Just like combatting fatigue, if you’re feeling especially sluggish at any point before noon, drink a full glass of water or two.

The importance and necessity of staying properly hydrated have been proven time after time with studies showing the positive effects on our health when we do so- from lessening fatigue to boosting alertness in just hours!

However your journey doesn’t stop with that first couple glasses of H2O – it’s important to stay well-hydrated by drinking more throughout the day as often as possible for best results.


19. How to stay organized before noon: Stretch those muscles.

No matter how well you slept last night, stretching in the morning will make your day more productive!

Experts from South Dakota State University noted that doing morning stretches has a great overall impact on improving blood circulation.

It helps relieve discomfort, pain and decreases the risk of injury as everyday tasks take their tolls on our bodies. So whether if it’s soreness or sleepiness; go for some light yoga to help turn things around before noon!

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20. How to stay organized before noon: Amp up your workouts.

A morning workout can help you start the day well because it releases stress-relieving hormones and gets your blood pumping. You don’t need to run a mile or lift heavy weights either; there are plenty of exercises you can do in your living room!

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21. How to stay organized before noon: Free yourself of clutter.

Nobody likes a mess. An untidy office, car, or living space can give off some pretty bad vibes and this is especially the case when it comes to being more organized in life.

This means that you should always make sure that your surroundings are reasonably tidy at all times so as not to affect your motivation and mental health among other things such as comfort levels too!

As per research on clutter can severely affect our organization skills which may also lead to less effectiveness during work hours but fortunately, there are many ways we can combat these effects by regularly maintaining our environment with storage solutions.

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22. How to stay organized before noon: Eat a healthy breakfast in small portions.

Watch What You Eat and Drink to stay organized before noon.

Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day, but it’s easy for even those with good intentions to fall prey to their cravings.

Eating too much in the morning will leave you feeling sluggish and mentally foggy by afternoon no matter how well-intentioned you are when starting out your day.

Health experts suggest sticking with smaller portions of healthier foods like fruit or granola so that clear mental focus lasts long into the evening hours.  You’ll accomplish more than if your willpower were limited at such an early hour!


23. How to stay organized before noon: Remain positive.

Life is full of ups and downs, but sometimes we can get so caught up in our negative thoughts that it becomes difficult to achieve anything.

This can feel very discouraging when everything seems to be going wrong at once, so know that there needs to be an “in-between” where you recognize what’s going right rather than fixating on every single problem all day long. 

Once you remain more positive, you’ll get so much more done throughout the day than if you were to harbor on the negative. 


24. How to stay organized before noon: Keep everything in its place.

To help you feel more organized and less stressed, do not try to tackle the entire house in one day or before noon.  Instead, the first step to an organized life and living space is being honest with yourself.

This means that you need to be brutally aware of your sentimental attachments because this will help you decide what needs to stay in the house (and where it should go) and how much can realistically fit into each designated area without feeling crowded or overwhelming.


25. How to stay organized before noon: Plan for the Afternoon.

We all crave a healthy routine because we’ll start every morning with the wind in our sails. However, as the hour’s pass, the afternoon slump is inevitable.

Everyone feels a little less motivated in the afternoons, but with some preparation, it becomes easier to accomplish your tasks and organize more effectively for the day before you find yourself procrastinating again. So don’t forget to plan for the Afternoon!


26. How to stay organized before noon: Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet.

njoy Some Peace and Quiet from noise - how to get organized in the morning

All too often, people relax by watching a TV show, scrolling through their favorite social media pages, or listening to a podcast. Although it depends on what they are consuming… Every second of one’s life shouldn’t be packed with noise.

The next time you get up from your desk after finishing a task and want something mindless for entertainment- try meditating instead! In just 10 minutes (or less!) meditation can help reduce stress levels while increasing focus– helping make the most out of that extra little break to regain some mental power!


There you have it! It can be hard to stay focused on what you want to accomplish in a world of constant distractions. But one way that has been shown to help with this, is how to stay organized before noon.

So when you’re getting ready in the morning, make sure your clothes and other items are set out neatly for the day ahead, and don’t forget to set yourself up for success by eating right and not letting needless things distract you from the task at hand that you need to accomplish.

Maintain an organized environment to allow you more time for what’s important in life so there won’t be anything else vying for attention or things taking up space where they’re not needed.

All of these are great ways to start your day right, so you yourself can be recognized as that highly organized person that’s worth bragging about! 


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