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8 Indoor Hanging Plants Any Beginner Can Easily Manage

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Are you in need of some indoor hanging plants?! If so, take a look at these hanging succulent plants and indoor plants to choose from!

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate a house or apartment is by hanging indoor plants.

Not only are indoor hanging plants attractive and great additions to room decor, but they also help purify the air, reduce allergies, and create a calming effect. 

But the problem comes when you try to figure out how much light and water they need.

And if you don’t have a thumb that’s naturally green, your best bet is to choose hanging plants that don’t require high maintenance and will withstand amateur gardening efforts.

The following are 8 of the best hanging plants and most user-friendly on the market.


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The Best 8 Indoor Hanging Plants Any Beginner Can Manage

hanging plants, hanging indoor plant, indoor hanging plants, hanging succulent plants, best hanging plant, plants for hanging


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #1. Aloe Vera.

Why spend big bucks on aloe lotions claiming to soothe minor burns and cuts when you can have the real thing?

Just break off one of the leaves at the base and rub the gel on your skin. You can even make your own, organic face and hair masks, hand sanitizers, and shampoo using your very own aloe vera plant.

Care: Aloe plants are succulents. That means they retain water and only need to be watered every couple of weeks. Hang your aloe in a bright spot and take advantage of its medicinal properties.

Tip: Architectural Digest suggests watering directly into the soil and making sure the plant has good drainage.

If you are really adventurous: You can also grow Aloe Vera without the soil and water inside your house. Just tie a sash or ribbon to the base of the roots, and hang upside down in a cozy, cool, drafted space. Make sure to spray the roots every so often. 


Indoor Hanging Plant Aloe Vera - Everything Abode


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #2. Jade.

This plant is also known as the “Money Tree”, “Lucky Plant”, and “Friendship Tree”.

Feng Shui enthusiasts believe Jade nourishes the chi thereby creating mental health benefits.

Care: Jade is a succulent that doesn’t need much watering or other care. You might see pink and white blooms in the spring. Jade also likes light. But if it has enough light, you’ll see the tips turn red.

Tip: The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests keeping your plant out of drafty or cold windows in the winter months and to water it sparingly.


Best Indoor Hanging Plant Jade - Everything Abode


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #3. Burro’s Tail.

If you’re looking for a hanging plant that provides texture to your decor, Burro’s Tail, also called Donkey’s Tail, is a great option.

The longer it grows, the more dramatic the effect. And Burro’s Tail, regardless of what you hear, is not poisonous.

Care: Minimum water and light are needed. This plant works well inside or on a patio as long as you protect it from the cold.

Tip: Succulents Box advises this is one of the trickier plants to grow from the start, but you should have success with morning sunlight, sandy soil, or if purchased as a mature plant.


Best Indoor Hanging Plant Burro’s Tail - Everything Abode


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Best Indoor Hanging Plant #4. String of Pearls.

The String of Pearls indoor plant belongs to the daisy family. The plant’s unusual look closely resembles a string of beads or pearls and has small, white, fuzzy blossoms with a sweet, sweet smell.

Care: This is succulent, and succulents need great drainage. If they don’t have it, the soil may stay too wet, and your plant won’t grow as it should. String of Pearls also doesn’t have a big root system and needs a pot size that doesn’t overwhelm it.

Tip: suggests this may not be the plant for you if you have kids or pets. It is toxic if ingested.


Best Indoor Hanging Plant 4 String of Pearls - Everything Abode


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #5. String of Hearts.

 This plant is native to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland and is also known as rosary vine and sweetheart vine.

The plant was discovered in 1881 hanging from rocks at 1800 feet. Social media has also played a significant role in the resurgence of its popularity.

Care: A succulent once again. The heart-shaped foliage will thrive in heat, but can’t take direct sunlight. It’s easy to care for as long as you don’t overwater it. Your String of Hearts can also live outside in temperatures as cold as the high 30s.

Tip: says this is one of the easiest plants to propagate. All you have to do is snip along the chain and immerse the cut end into water in order to grow more roots.


Best Indoor Hanging Plant 5 String of Hearts - Everything Abode


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #6. Devil’s Ivy/Pothos.

The Devil’s Ivy is the go-to plant for anybody who needs house plants that can thrive in low light. That’s not the same as no light. All plants require a certain amount of daylight to live. But these plants are notorious to be able to thrive in harsh conditions. 

Care: Devil’s Ivy likes to dry out between waterings, so if you’re someone who travels, or is away from home for short periods, this plant will be a good choice.

Tip: recommends choosing the solid green variation for the best results in low light, although Pothos comes in a wide variety of colorations.


Best Indoor Hanging Plant 6 Devil’s IvyPothos - Everything Abode


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #7. Peperomia.

This is the mini-version of the rubber plant. Peperomia not only comes in a wide variety of colors but with various leaf shapes and variegations as well.

They work well in homes with low and indirect light. You want to choose a Peperomia that has thick rubbery leaves and healthy-looking shoots.

Care: Peperomia house plants should be watered only sparingly. You can wait until the soil is dry before you water it again.

Tip: According to, Peperomia won’t do well if left outdoors when the weather goes below 60 degrees. They also don’t mind humidity or the lack of it. 


Best Indoor Hanging Plant 7 Peperomia 'Variegata' - Everything Abode


Best Indoor Hanging Plant #8. Staghorn Ferns.

These dramatic hanging plants are actually air plants. That means they don’t need soil. They will grow from a backing board, so they can be hung like pictures on a wall to make a great conversation piece.

Care: They are native to the humid, Australian rainforests, which makes them a natural choice if you would like to hang this plant in your bathroom with some bright, indirect light.

Tip: According to, Staghorn’s will live for decades if properly cared for. That means not overwatering them, which can cause black spots, better known as a fungal disease.


Best Indoor Hanging Plant 8 Staghorn Ferns - Everything Abode




There you have it! With these 8 hanging plants, you’ll have all the best benefits without much maintenance or aggravation.

You might also find you have a greener thumb than you ever thought possible!


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