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40+ Festive Christmas Window Decorations That Adorn a Home Nicely

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If you want to quickly and easily decorate your home with the Christmas spirit and lack the time, try festive Christmas window decorations! Choose from candles, wreaths, garlands, and more!

Festive Christmas Window Decorations 2023

Are you looking to decorate your home for the holidays the easy way? Try decorating your home’s windows with Christmas window decorations.

Christmas window decorations can feature small and large window stickers and decals, all the way to lighted-up figurines, to help prepare your home for the holidays this year.

Moreover, the gorgeous Christmas window decorations we found just for you are great for decorating your home indoors and outdoors.

However, before we show you the round-up of our most favorite Christmas decorations to adorn your windows, here’s why you should focus on your home’s windows when decorating for Christmas…

Why focus on windows when decorating for Christmas?

If you have big or wide windows at home, window Christmas decorations are just the perfect additions that will instantly elevate your home for the festive season.

They’re super quick and easy to apply, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even have them customized to your liking!

Our favorite Christmas window decorations are easy-to-apply window stickers or cling (you’ll see several below!). 

And there are loads of festive window stickers that you can find online, but the best part is that they’re also very affordable – we’re talking as little as $15 in some cases!


Things to consider when decorating your home’s windows.

Home is where every square inch is merry and bright.

There are many Christmas window decorations available, and top considerations will vary depending on the type of decoration you choose.

However, here are a few things to consider when decorating your home’s windows this holiday season…

  1. Christmas lights, stars, and other novelty items are often corded. So you’ll likely need an outlet nearby or an extension cord.
  2. It’s okay to hang them outside, as long as there’s a cover from the rain. For example, Pre-lit artificial wreaths are usually battery-operated.
  3. Other options, such as LED Christmas candles, stained-glass ornaments, or decals, require little to no preparation.
  4. Window decorations can last for many seasons. Most come with mounting materials, and some even have storage boxes.
  5. Pre-lit wreaths are the most expensive, followed closely by lighted decorations.
  6. You can get decals for as low as $15 if you are on a tight budget and need to decorate all your windows in less than a day.

Now let’s look at these magical window Christmas decorations ideas and decor that’ll put a smile on even Santa’s face this year!


The best Christmas Window Decorations to Deck Out Your Home


1. Festive wreaths in symmetrical pairing.


Get into the holiday spirit and hand wreaths in front of the windows! This is an easy way to add the holiday spirit to your home. You can get these similar Christmas wreaths here! And don’t forget the ribbon here!


2. Hang a Light Weight Banner.

christmas window decor banner

Nassima Rothacker

This DIY paper-leaf Christmas garland can be hung anywhere. However, we love it as an easy window banner for light holiday magic. You can find similar paper garlands on Amazon!


3. A Citrus Wreath for warmer climates.

a Citrus Wreath

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson says her mother decorated their house with natural greenery and flowers; the citrus wreath is a great example.  It combines the warm and cheerful climate of the outside with Christmas cheer in her sunny breakfast nook. Shop similar wreaths here!


4. Hang Christmas Cards.

christmas window decorations hanging cards

Erin Kunkel

The vibrant garland that frames the window adds a lot of vibrancy to this kitchen. But the family Christmas cards displayed across the window give the space its personal character. You can hang some string on the window to hold the cards and add them as they arrive!


5. DIY Ornament Garland.

DIY Ornament Garland

Pretty Quirky

Use your Christmas ornament leftovers for something creative! Hang a garland from your front window, adding lots of color to your home, by stringing the ornaments onto a ribbon and hanging it across your front window to add loads of color and a wonderfully festive display!


6. Winter Wonderland Window Seat.

Cotton Wreath window decoration

You can decorate a window seat with fresh greenery, white fur throws, and a cute cotton wreath. The Merrythought offers the Winter Wonderland Window Seat Tutorial here.


7. Christmas Card Window Display with mini clothes pins.

Christmas Card Window Display with mini clothes pins

Anna Williams

Make a garland from the season’s greetings and hang it in your window using cute little clothes pins. Snag these mini clothes pins on Amazon!


8. Hang a Wreath From a Bright Red Ribbon.

christmas window decoraitons Hang a Wreath From a Ribbon

Trevor Dixon

For an additional eye-catching touch, hang your wreath from the windows using a bright red ribbon. If red is not your preferred color, you can match the ribbon to the room’s color scheme.


9. DIY dangling paper lights.

DIY Paper Lights Christmas decor

Love Keil

Make this super cute and easy paper craft of Christmas Lights this holiday. It’ll make the perfect Christmas room decor to add that splash of color, especially in front of a window.

You only need craft-made construction paper that consists of colorful Christmas colors, yarn, and paper glue. Get the full tutorial at Munchkin Time here


10. Farmhouse Christmas Decorated Window Pane.

Farmhouse Christmas Decorated Window Pane

This handcrafted Barnwood four-pane window frame is dressed for the holidays and the whole winter season with faux greenery, cardinal, and a trendy bow. A hanger comes attached, and it measures 12 by 17″. Each item is also handmade!  Shop this Christmas window frame on Etsy!


11. Fir garland entrance.

christmas window decorations for outdoors

When decorating windows and doors, don’t forget about your feathered friends! A simple fir garland is used to flank the entrance. And a magnolia leaf wreath adorns the window very nicely.


12. DIY Dried Orange Garland.

DIY Dried Orange Garland

A DIY orange garland made of dried oranges is always festive and can be easily hung in a window as a Christmas decoration. You can get the full DIY tutorial at Francois et Moi here.


13. Give a Mini Tree a Christmas Theme in front of the window!

a Mini Tree in a Christmas Theme in front of the kitchen window

Gordon Beall

Place a miniature Christmas tree in your kitchen or dining room window. Instead of using traditional ornaments, you can hang candy from the branches to make them a nice Christmas snack for people passing by.


14. Chicken Wire Frame with Wreath.

Chicken Wire Frame with Wreath

This chicken wire frame has a mini wreath and a cute “home” sign.  It will look charming in any home window and can be hung or placed all year round, as the wreath hook is interchangeable for the seasons! You can shop this Christmas window decor item on Etsy!


15. Dried Orange Garland.

christmas tree garland

You don’t need to limit your Christmas decorations to red and green. For an unexpected pop of color, add dried oranges to your window-framing garland. The Blushing Bungalow offers the Dried Orange Garland tutorial here.


16. LED Lighted Window Décor.

LED Lighted Window Décor

Adorn your home with an artistically designed, battery-operated led lighted snowflake with 216 warm white lights. This stylized, gorgeous snowflake emits a warm white glow and comes with an outdoor-rated battery box for indoor or outdoor use.


17. DIY Christmas window ornaments.

diy christmas window ornaments

To create a simple window display, fill large glass ornaments with greenery. Then hang them from the ribbon you choose. Creative Cain Cabin offers a tutorial on Ornament Window Treatments here.


18. “Fa La La La La” Banner.

bay window christmas idea

A banner encouraging you to sing will be the best way to get into the holiday spirit. Sunny Side Up offers the tutorial for the “Fa La La La La La La” Banner here.


19. Easy Christmas Window Wreath Stack.

Easy Christmas Window Wreath Stack

These beautiful wreath displays are perfect for decorating multiple windows and for unity. If you like this holiday decor idea, Design Fixation offers the tutorial Window Wreath Stack here.


20. Window Advent Calendar idea.

cute advant calendar window christmas decor idea Michael Partenio

image credit Michael Partenio

You can even transform your window into an advent calendar this year by stringing up treats in muslin bags and hanging a garland made of felt leaves around the window frame.


21. Trompe L’Oeil Christmas Wreath.

Trompe L'Oeil Christmas Wreath

If you want to add color to your windows this holiday season, this wreath will do the job well! You can get this wreath at Scully and Scully here!


22. Christmas Tree Window Decoration.

Impact Innovations Christmas Lighted Window Decoration, Tree

This traditional Christmas tree is 17 inches tall and has 43 mini lights. They shine brightly through the red and green plastic frames.

It has a vintage, crafty appearance thanks to the cutouts at the base and stars. They come in a box that can be used year-round. The lighted tree can also be used outdoors if covered, and the cord and decoration are UL-approved. This means that the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized Safety Standards.


23. Faux Berry Polyester 24” Wreath.

Faux Berry Polyester 24'' Wreath

This wreath from Wayfair is an excellent choice for decorating your holiday windows if you prefer elegant, simple Christmas decor.

The wreath is made up of artificial pine, eucalyptus, and boxwood. It has spruce branches that are loosely arranged to give it a natural appearance. There are also bright red holly berries and pinecones. And it measures approximately 2 feet in diameter by 6 inches deep.


24. Hot Glue Window Clings.

snowflake window clings made with hot glue

These window clings are not as colorful as their counterparts; however, you can give them a subtle winter makeover with some hot glue. Learn the tutorial at First Palette here.


25. Candy Cane Christmas Window Decoration.

Candy Cane Christmas Window Decoration

This sparkling candy cane window decoration adds sweetness to holiday decor. Its mistletoe sprig distinguishes it, and it even has 43 mini lights housed in red, green, and white plastic frames. You can snag this adorable candy cane Christmas window decoration on Amazon!


26. Christmas Window Candles with Gold Holders.

Christmas Window Candles with Gold Holders

These classy Christmas Window Candles with Gold Holders would make a grand statement in your window this Christmas season.

It has a remote that controls these window candles and allows you to program them easily with just the click of one button, such as on, off, steady light, flicker, and four or eight-hour timer. Get it on Amazon here!


More great ideas for Christmas window decorations. 


27. Santa Snowflake Window Decal.

Santa Snowflake Window Decal

Shop these adorable Santa Snowflake Window Decals here on Wayfair!


28. Gallery Glass Window Clings For Christmas.

Festoon your windows with an extra dose of festivity with this bright green Christmas tree window decoration only on Etsy!


29. Christmas candle lanterns.

Get these Christmas candle lanterns as window decorations on Etsy!


30. Vinyl Holiday decal.

Get these large snowflake window decals on Etsy!


31. LED Snowflake Fairy String Curtain.

Get these LED Snowflake Fairy String Curtains for your windows on Etsy!


32. ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ Decal.

Shop this Christmas window decal only on Etsy!


33. Swirly Christmas tree window wall vinyl.

Get this Christmas window decal only on Etsy!


34. Happy Santa window display. 

Get this Christmas Santa Lighted Window Decoration only on Etsy!


35. Candy Cane Wire Silhouette for a festive window display.

Candy Cane Wire Silhouette for a festive window display.

Snag this Candy Cane Wire Silhouette with 35 LED Lights on Wayfair!


36. Lighted Holiday Tree Window Décor

Lighted Holiday Tree Window Décor

Snag this Lighted Holiday Tree Window Décor on Wayfair!


37. Christmas bell neon sign.

Shop this Christmas bell neon sign only on Etsy!


38. Santa Sleigh Reindeer Window Stickers.

Shop these Santa Sleigh Reindeer Window Stickers on Etsy!


39. Adorable Nativity window stickers.

Shop these Christmas Nativity window stickers only on Etsy!


40. Pine Forest Christmas Window Stencil.

Pine Forest Christmas Window Stencil

Snag these super cute Pine Forest Christmas Window Stencils here!


Just for FUN Christmas window decorations…

Buddy the Elf Christmas Window Cling Sticker

Shop this Buddy the Elf Christmas Window Cling Sticker only on Etsy!


Funny Buddy Elf Window Cling

Shop this funny Buddy the Elf Window Cling here!


Jolly Elf Waving WiperTag

Although this product is not for a home window, just for fun, this wiper tag is always a great idea this holiday season. You can shop this one-of-a-kind item here!


There you have it; all these window Christmas decorations are a seamless way to decorate the home.

If anyone knows how to decorate their home for the holidays, then they know that one easy and magical way to prepare their home for the holidays fast is to add decorations to the windows!

Whether you choose the DIY route or buy Christmas stickers, they will undoubtedly add a magical charm to your home for the festive season.

Thanks for reading!

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