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22+ Beautiful Rose Wallpaper iPhone Backgrounds

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rose wallpaper iphone ideas

Are you interested in having a romantic iPhone wallpaper featuring roses that are beautiful to look at for the background of your phone?

Well, look no further because we have found the best mood-provoking wallpapers online that all feature one of the world’s most popular flowers; roses!

You can use any wallpaper you find in this rose wallpaper round-up article to brighten your mood, whether you are celebrating an anniversary or just looking for a beautiful background for your iPhone.

We have wallpapers that feature blossoming roses, classic rose bouquets, and girly pink or pure white roses, to name a few.

To make it easy to find, here are over 20+ stunningly beautiful rose wallpapers, all compiled here for you into one post.

They are all effortless to download, and the best part, you can easily save as many wallpapers as you want because we know it’s hard to pick just one!

Take a browse and let us know your favorite in the comment section of this article below!


Here’s How To Save The Wallpapers:

On mobile: Hold down on the picture and save the image or screenshot it.

Desktop: Right-click to save, save to your downloads, and airdrop them to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.


Let’s get started!

Beautiful Rose Wallpapers For IPhone:

1. Rose garden

Rose garden


2. Upclose pink roses

Upclose pink roses


3. Rose on fire

Rose on fire


4. Bed of soft pink roses

soft pink roses


5. Crisp white roses

Crisp white roses


6. Pastel Pink roses

Pastel Pink roses


7. Ombre rose gold roses

Ombre rose gold roses


8. Beautiful orange roses

Beautiful orange roses


9. Uplcose white roses

Uplcose white roses


10. sunny pink roses

sunny pink roses


11. heart rose petals

heart rose petals


12. rose heart

rose heart


13. beautiful rose display

beautiful rose display


14. whimsical roses

whimsical roses


15. dark and rich roses

dark and rich roses


16. classic red roses

classic red roses


17. pastel pink rose display

pastel pink rose display


18. soft white roses

soft white roses


19. beautiful dark rose bushes

beautiful dark rose bushes


20. Dark Academia rose wallpaper

Dark Academia rose wallpaper


21. Single Rose painted in gold

Single Rose painted in gold


22. sunset roses

sunset roses


There you have it; we hope you enjoyed this beautiful compilation of the best wallpapers featuring stunning roses at their best!

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