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28 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Ideas For Women

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Rose tattoo ideas for women: Here are 28 unique and creative rose tattoo designs for your next ink!

rose tattoos for women

Are You Searching Online for Tattoo Designs and Inspiration?

Rose tattoos have long been considered timeless and classic tattoo designs, and their popularity has only increased with time since their antiquity.

Not only that, but roses, in particular, have always been seen as a symbol of romance, beauty, and passion.

So it is only logical that beautiful flowers could be designed in various styles to suit anyone’s preferences or personality – especially since getting tattooed will be such a long-term commitment.

Rose tattoo designs can be tailored to meet the aesthetic preferences and requirements of every individual, whether delicate, feminine, bold, or intricate designs.

These tattoos have become an extremely versatile choice among both men and women alike, making them immensely popular.

Below are a selection of rose tattoo concepts by their artist to help inspire a design for yourself.

Take a peek and let us know which one you like the most in the comments!


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28 Of The Most Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

woman with full sleeve of rose tattoos on her arm


Tattoo designs featuring roses woven together in full-sleeve fashion are an effective way to make an eye-catching statement, especially this design, which includes black roses. Going bold here by incorporating these tattoos onto one entire arm adds much impact.


rose tattoo

Tattoo artist Freddie Albrighton Tattoo

The gold rose ombre tattoo is an eye-catching design featuring an eye-catching rose with an ombre effect, gradually transitioning from deep gold hues towards its petals into lighter tones at their edges. It is commonly placed on inner forearms for maximum visibility while remaining easily concealed if necessary and can symbolize love, beauty, and strength – making this choice both meaningful and stylish!


Black Rose Tattoo
Black rose tattoos can make an eye-catching statement on your skin. Their dark tones contrast beautifully with delicate designs and can become poetic pieces of artwork when combined with colorful jewels. You may choose something large and powerful or small and subtle; no matter your choice, you’ll want everyone else to see this tattoo!

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rose tattoo

tattoo artist Edan Weiss

Tattoo designs featuring roses often make up beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs, symbolizing life’s transience or time passing us by. Such tattoos often represent change as well. This design is often chosen for those seeking something beautiful yet meaningful, and this tattoo design can describe it well with the added shading for a moody effect.


Yellow Rose Tattoo
Beautiful roses don’t always need to be red; yellow and gold flowers also exude joy, creating an inviting effect in any design scheme. Their warm tones look lovely when combined with lush green leaves for an eye-catching display worth remembering for years.


bright pink rose tattoo

tattoo artist Michelle Maddison

This beautiful rose tattoo has feminity written all over it (in ink!). If you decide to have a tattoo this large on your side, make sure you are ready for the commitment because this tattoo design is large and bold, mainly if your roses are inked in bright colors!


rose tattoo design on leg

tattoo artist Pony Wave

Although significant in its size, this rose tattoo is in a subtle color that shades the skin almost nicely in a way that is not so intimidating. 


Red Rose Tattoo
If you are unsure what to get, stay classic and go timeless with a bright red rose tattoo.

Its timeless style complements almost every style, whether that means going with realistic designs or abstract.

Don’t hesitate to add this piece to your collection; refresh its colors every few years, as this shade can fade over time.


rose tattoo designs on arm

tattoo artist Joice Wang

For music enthusiasts who appreciate its beauty, incorporating roses with music notes into a tattoo design may be the ideal way to show what matters to you most in life. Display it boldly across your skin so others know exactly who or what inspires your passions!


Purple Rose Tattoo on back of neck
Jewel tones make rose tattoos look extraordinary, and purple’s nobility-invoking hue makes you feel like royalty with this design!


rose tat

tattoo artist Lazer Liz

This is a gorgeous moody take featuring many of the rose’s leaves, with some roses not yet to bloom. It’s just another great way to showcase your love of this beautiful flower in ink form. 


Black and White Rose Tattoo
Crisp and modern, the black and white rose tattoo is an outstanding design choice. Perfect for those who appreciate modern illustration without wanting to change colors every few years, sketch out pencil-inspired or geometric pieces – both will leave everyone thinking you are walking art.


tattoos with roses on the back

tattoo artist Zoe Elliot

If you are bold enough to have a large tattoo on your back showcasing a whole rose and stem up your spine, be ready for some looks coming your way! At least it’s showcasing a beautiful flower and not something else. 


Realistic Rose Tattoo
Realistic rose tattoos make an eye-catching statement! Make sure you research before selecting an artist specializing in hyper-realistic pieces to get something truly striking like this on you. All eyes will surely turn towards you with such stunning ink art!


roses in tattoos

tattoo artist Pony Wave

This blooming rose tattooed across her back is proof that beauty knows no bounds. This stunning tattoo depicts nature’s exquisite blooming rose, drawn with beautiful details to encapsulate its delicate petals and show their breathtaking natural beauty.


rose tattoos for women

tattoo artist Deanna Smith

If you are into shades regarding tattoo designs, this might be something to try. The petals are your skin, and the shades are the ink. It might be less painful, too!


Skull and Rose Tattoo
Channel your inner Shakespeare with a skull and rose tattoo. Whether you’re a fan of Hamlet or admire the contrast between subjects, this design is filled with symbolism. Denoting the disparity of life and death, the wearer of this ink will carry the balance between good and evil and the philosophy that lies between.


rose tattoo arm band

tattoo artist Jefree

This arm band tattoo was created using neutral shades of roses and features an intricate and detailed rose design that wraps around an arm to form a beautiful and timeless work of art. The subdued elegance of these delicate blooms makes this piece suitable for wearing with various clothing options and styles.


This tattoo design is a bold and eye-catching choice, featuring a beautiful large rose that is thornless and stemless. The tattoo is positioned on the upper thigh, making it easily visible and impossible to ignore. The rose is often associated with love, beauty, and passion, but in this design, it also represents the idea of eternal blooming, symbolizing the concept that beauty and strength can last forever.


Cross with Rose Tattoo
Cherish your faith with this beautiful cross and rose tattoo. As a symbol of religion and devotion, the delicate flowers contrast with the geometric lines, which creates a symbiotic piece for you forever. Whether you prefer a traditional cross or something a bit sleeker, you can’t go wrong with this stunning ink.


cute small rose tattoo on womens arm

tattoo artist Cansu Olga

This is such a cute and feminine rose sketch tattoo that sits adorning the inner arm. The design features a delicate rose drawn in an elegant style with the addition of leafy stems for a touch of nature – creating an exquisite representation of natural beauty that stands the test of time. Each element is carefully designed into this piece of ink art.


Money Rose Tattoo
Symbolizing power and new beginnings, roses with a money tattoo are filled with meaning. The petals resembling banknotes are an exciting and striking combination that will attract attention. Pairing two of the world’s strongest influences together is a beautiful concept for a piece of ink.


beautiful red rose clean looking tattoo on inner arm of a womans arm

tattoo artist Pony Wave

Bold yet striking in design, this rose tattoo makes an eye-catching statement on anyone’s arm with its close-up detail of veined petals that create an incredible focal point. A great way to make a lasting impression!


American Traditional Rose Tattoo
American traditional tattoos have long been a beloved choice, popular since the 1930s. Typically featuring sailor-esque elements, this form of ink looks its best without stems or thorns and represents love, strength, and hope – perfect for giving yourself a piece with retro charm! Choose an American traditional piece for yourself today if you’re searching for something fresh!


pretty pink and red rose tattoo on womans inner arm large

tattoo artist Antonina Troshina

Tattooing a rose on one’s forearm can be both beautiful and meaningful; easily visible, it symbolizes love, beauty, passion – especially pink and red roses which represent admiration and passion.


Compass Rose Tattoo
Rose and Compass Tattoos serve as a powerful representation of who we are on the inside, drawing inspiration from both nature and history to symbolize who we are as individuals. By letting your heart guide your actions in life, this tattoo symbolizes good fortune and hope.


black rose tattoo with stars and moon

tattoo artist NIK SQUARE

Tattoos featuring roses with stars and moon are a timeless design option that encompasses celestial elements. Roses symbolize love, passion, and guidance while stars and moon symbolize dreams or the mysteries of our universe.


cute dainty rose tattoo on womens inner spine on her back

tattoo artist Anna Yershova

Lastly, tattoos on the back are increasingly becoming a trendy choice among people looking for larger designs that can easily be concealed if necessary. A rose tattoo on your back can be especially symbolic, representing love, beauty, and strength all at once.


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