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15 Brilliant DIY Clothing Fixes That Every Girl Should Know

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15 Brilliant DIY Clothing Fixes That Every Girl Should Know - Everything Abode

I’m sure you hate it when your favorite clothes become damaged, stained, or unwearable.

Fortunately, there are several DIY clothing fixes that you can apply to make your clothes wearable. Easy DIY clothing hacks show you how to fix your clothes. Additionally, you can also learn how to make your old clothes new again.

I’m a fan of DIY clothing fixes. These tutorials come in handy when you want to wear your favorite shirt or pants. I’ve rounded up 15 easy and quick, brilliant DIY clothing hacks that every girl should know.

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15 DIY Clothing Fixes That Every Girl Should Know

15 DIY Clothing Fixes That Every Girl Should Know -- Everything Abode

1. Mending torn jeans.

Every day, we make holes in jeans. Some are deliberate, accidental, or rubbed off. Why not highlight the tear on your torn jeans with a colorful material? Sewing a patch that will cover the hole with colorful fabric or denim will do the trick. Hand sewing is the easiest method to mend the tear.

2. Fixing a stuck zipper.

Fixing a stuck zipper is the easiest DIY clothing hack. Grab a graphite pencil and rub its tip on the teeth. Try two more times, and it ought to work. If it doesn’t, try a lubricant. A non-oil-based lubricant such as Widex is recommended.

Applying Vaseline as a lubricant also does the trick. Rubbing crayons on either side of the zipper loosens the zip. Just use crayons whose color matches the zipper.

3. Use a Razor to Remove Pilings from Clothes.


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No one wants fluffs or the little balls on their clothes after washing. Luckily, by using a razor, you can get rid of them. A cheap razor with no frills is the most effective.

Ensure the razor is sharp. Pull the fabric with one hand and use the other to shave a section at a time slightly. Slight shaving will prevent you from cutting the garment. Wipe off the razor with a paper towel once it gets full. A simple and useful DIY!

4. Stop the Tear in Your Stocking/Tights from Spreading.

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As much as girls love tights, they are prone to tear. Sometimes, they can tear the first time they are worn. Snagging your tights is too easy. Fortunately, repairing them is effortless. Applying clear nail polish along the run will prevent the tear from spreading. Hairspray will prevent further snag. The spray hardens the tights and the area surrounding the hole.

5. Removing Oil Stains from Clothes.

It is normal to find your shirt with oil stains when you work with oil. Although you can try getting rid of the stain through washing, it never works. Using baking soda, you can soak up any excess oil. Scrub out any oil stain and rinse the shirt. Put the shirt in hot water soak with oxygen bleach. Leave it for an hour and wash it with warm water. Air-dry the shirt, and the stain will be gone!

6. Fixing a sweater snag.

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Your sweaters easily get snagged, right? You can effortlessly fix them with this DIY. Fixing snags is vital before your sweater unravels. No matter where you are, you can easily fix snags on your sweater. Get a bobby pin or a crochet hook, and pull the surrounding hoops to spread the tension. Find the adjacent loop to the pulled loop and use a bobby pin to pull the loop out. Use your hands to spread out the fabric and the tension.

7. De-fuzz Your Coat with a Pumice Stone.


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If you don’t want to use a razor to remove the fuzz on your coats, a pumice stone is reliable. The lighter and loosely structured pumice is recommended. The rough texture of the pumice grabs the pills and breaks them loose. The coat is left with a smooth finish.

8. Reinserting a Drawstring.

If you have a hoodie and the drawstring comes out, it’s always a struggle to get it back in place. This hack eases getting the drawstring back. All you need is a safety pin. Attach the pin to one end of the string and pull it through the hole. I wish I knew this earlier!

9. Never Lose a Button Again.

Never Lose a Button Again - Everything Abode

I’m sure everyone has experienced it. You clad in your favorite shirt and realize a missing button. You can fix loose buttons with this trick. Apply clear nail polish on the button’s thread. The nail polish seals the threads and prevents unraveling. When applying the nail polish, remove any loose strands.

10. Waterproof Your Flats.

Most girls love flat shoes. Flat shoes wear out faster than other shoes. Scuffs are the most common visible signs of wearing out. When the shoes are new, treat them with a protectant spray. Waterproof the shoes regularly to protect them from rain and stains. Bee wax is an excellent waterproof.

11. Removing Sweat Stains.

Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and salt can be used in getting rid of sweat stains. Mix a cup of vinegar with two cups of water. Soak your shirt for 20 minutes. Mix a half cup of baking soda with a spoon of salt and a spoon of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the paste on the sweat spot and rub. The sweat stains will clear.

12. Removing Makeup Smudges.

I’m sure you have noticed a makeup stain on your clothes. Applying some shaving cream will assist in removing the smudge. Rub the shaving cream on the stain to get rid of it. If the stain is heavier, repeat the procedure a few times. Eventually, the stain will disappear.

13. Unshrinking a Shirt.

Washing your shirt and finding it shrank is unfortunate. I’m sure it has happened to all of us. It is effortless to unshrink a shirt. The odds are that you already have what you require to unshrink your shirt.

Water and hair conditioners are needed. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix with three spoons of the conditioner. Submerge the shirt into the water and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wring the excess water and dry the shirt using a towel.

14. Prevent Your Jeans from Fading.

wikihow prevent your jeans from facing

Source: Wikihow

Jeans are the most common outfit won by anyone. Jeans are, however, prone to fading. To preserve the color, replace detergent with vinegar. Vinegar is less abrasive than detergent but has the same cleaning effects.

15. Easily Cover Old Scuffs.

Patent leather and vinyl shoes are the best shoes that usually get nicks and scratched up from time to time. Not to worry though, all you need is this little fix.  Just dab on similarly colored nail polish to fill in all the little nicks.  Or alternatively, you can use a permanent marker (same shoe color) and fill in the nicks to stop making them so darn noticeable. 

There you have it. These 15 easy DIY clothing hacks ease how to fix your clothes. You also learn How to make your old clothes new again. Use the tips once your clothes suffer from wear and tear.

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