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12 Habits of Seriously Stylish People

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Do you want to learn how to look more stylish in your clothes? Here’s ‘how to style clothes’ and look stylish in them like the stylish people you see in magazines. 

12 Habits Of Seriously Stylish People (That You Can Steal For Yourself) --- Everything Abode -- fashion tips

Are you ready to take charge of your own personal style this year? 

Anyone that is remotely interested in fashion, and strives to dress in a fun and effortless way, knows that it takes work.

Although it may come naturally to a lucky few, most usually, it takes a few helpful tricks to pull it all seamlessly together.

These people all look uniquely themselves and create looks that seem so put together.

So are you wondering how they all pull it off? Because with full disclosure, it’s a lot easier than you think!

Here’s how to style clothes and 12 fashion tips that all highly stylish people secretly follow, to create the effortless looks that we all admire.

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12 Smart Tips on how to style clothes


 1. How to style clothes: Stylish people take really good care of their shoes.

It seems as though, most stylish people never even seem to try hard at all.  They know how to style clothes properly. And isn’t that why these people are highly stylish for a reason? 

They understand fashion, which also requires taking their footwear into account. This means keeping their best footwear in mint condition is what they always seem to do best and they do this even for their discounted shoes.

They also know that clean shoes will always elevate any look that they are going for, thus keeping them stylish at all times.

For tips to help you keep your shoes in tip-top shape, try this:

  • Get rid of any dirt, mud, or gunk with a shoe brush or old toothbrush.
  • Using a sponge, cloth, or brush, apply a small amount of sneaker cleaner (or gentle laundry detergent mixed with warm water) to the dirty parts.
  • With tough stains, keep repeating until they’re gone.
  • Keep the soles clean using a baking soda paste.
  • Mix a solution that’s one part white vinegar and two parts water. Using a cloth, dab the solution onto the stain.
  • Pretreat any stains with a stain remover.
  • Air-dry the shoes.
  • You can also put your shoes in a washing machine on the gentle cycle.
  • Always keep your best footwear in a shoe rack so they stay in their natural form.


2. How to style clothes: Stylish people always have something that distinguishes them.

Insanely stylish women always have something that distinguishes them — and it doesn’t always have to be drastic. 

It can be as straightforward as always making sure that their eyebrows are on point, wearing bright and unique colored patterned clothes, or just always having their nail polish matching their shoes.

So whether you have multiple bomber jackets that just breathe effortless style for any occasion, that go-to pair of jeans that you know scream you, or whatever statement you are trying to make, just make sure it’s yours and that it’s always delivered.


3. How to style clothes: They know the importance of sizing up rather than sizing down.

They know to size up instead of size down their clothes.

Many women are stuck on wearing a certain size, but sizing up can often change a garment’s appearance entirely.

And although it’s easy to get stuck on sizing simply because it’s what we go by (especially when it comes to purchasing things in a rush), most fashion experts always suggest purchasing your garments just one size bigger. 

That way you have room to tailor (if need) and it’ll give the illusion that you are smaller than you actually are. 


4. How to style clothes: Be prepared for events way before they happen.

They are prepared for events way before they happen - stylish people - Everything Abode

Highly stylish women always pre-plan for any occasion.

Whether it be full-on outfits set out months before, having a pair of shoes that match all of their outfits (so they have many options), getting that trim so their hair is ready, or having the right accessories to change up the same outfit on the same day. 

Planning for an event long before it happens will help you maintain an effortless style if you really want to stand out and be a show stopper.

For tips to help you prepare for an event, try this:

  • Get ready to look your best—one month in advance.
  • Pick your outfit. The invitation to the event is a good way to decide the formality of your special occasion.
  • One to two weeks in advance — see your hairstylist and get a trim and check the fit of your outfit. Cutting carbohydrates is the fastest way to look slimmer if you think it’s a must. 
  • 48 hours in advance — exfoliate your body from head to toe and deep condition your hair.
  • The day before the event — head out and grab any last-minute makeup essentials, drink loads of water, don’t drink any alcohol, and make sure you get a great night’s rest. 
  • Day of the event — put on some music and make tea. Music will help keep you energized, and enjoy the process.
  • Get ready!
  • Shine like a star—you’re well prepared, ready, and looking your best!


5. How to style clothes: Stylish people are always prepared for the weather.

All fashionistas know that no one is fooled by a worn-out pair of rain boots. That the highly stylish women will always embrace both functional and stylish accessories for when the weather permits it.

It’s almost as though they have a sixth sense when it comes to their weather clothing choices. But don’t be fooled, they look at the weather for the day and dress accordingly for it. 


6. how to style clothes: Keep backups for whenever the unpredictable might happen.

Habits of Highly Stylish People

Every stylish person knows to be prepared for the worst when it comes to their attire. They will always be prepared for anything that may happen and have a backup outfit as a ‘just in case’ emergency go-to.

You never know if your heel will break or a button may fall off but stylish people? They are always prepared to look great. For great ways to save your clothes, check out these 15 clothing hacks every girl should know here!


7. How to style clothes: Do research.

Obviously, your own style will naturally come to you through time and maturity, but if you are lazy about it, OR would like a really unique style (as most stylish women have) that almost always requires analysis, motivation, discussion, and refinement to perfect it.

Stylish people know that investing time online by looking at the style that they would like to emulate, exploring shops, and talking about it, will help keep them stay up-to-date with trends, be knowledgeable on what to purchase when the time comes down to it, and be seriously stylish as the end result. 


8. They are not afraid to shop where most people are reluctant.

Stylish people are not afraid of any store and can find anything virtually everywhere they go.

They have a radar sense about them when it comes to searching and hunting for their next find. No store is off limits and they have zero snob factor wherever they find their next stylish item.


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9. How to style clothes: Invest in comfy clothing that is still stylish.


Do you dress day in and day out flawlessly and look put together, even on lazy days?

If not, it’s still pretty simple if you do what all stylish people do. Most stylish women don’t own a worn-out pair of sweatpants and there’s a reason for that!

When it comes to buying comfy sweats and hoodies, stylish people either make sure that all their lazy wear can be dressed up to look stylish or they simply don’t have it all.

They know that if they don’t own a warn-out comfy pair of sweats when push comes to shove they won’t wear them. 


10. How to style clothes: Stylish people’s closets always get better with age.

Stylish people all follow this rule like it’s true to their religion. They always buy their stylish goods so that they will get better with AGE.

That means looking at the quality of well-threaded materials, having a keen eye for craftsmanship when buying anything new, and investing in stylish pieces that will never go out of style, so that they can be worn for many years to come.

In addition, this also saves them a lot of cash because it’s less wasteful than buying items that are made not to last and are easy to toss because it only costs a few dollars. 


11. How to style clothes: Stylish people are realistic when they are making a final decision.

Everyone is used to seeing themselves in the mirror, which is why stylish people do this one differently!

When stylish women try to make stylish choices and when they want them to be as realistic as possible (especially when it comes to putting an outfit together), they make the final call and put their phones to use. 

Snapping a picture of their final look to see how others will really see it? Ensures that they know exactly how they are going to look when they step out of the car. 


12. How to style clothes: Stylish people can make almost anything work.

Stylish women

Insanely stylish people are stylish for a reason. They make things work for them instead of the other way around.

Whether it be a comfy sweater pulled off the shoulder to show off some skin, a simple sharpie to cover up some shoe scuffs, or stuffing the toes of their shoes with tissues just to make them fit? Anything goes in the name of fashion. 

All the world’s most stylish women create their own unique style by being extremely creative and always staying prepared.

But know that style can be learned. You can be just as confident and stylish, be it either with small tattoos or doc marten dupes because these are just simple ways to communicate with others.

I hope you enjoyed this article, now go out and make the most of it!


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Monday 21st of March 2022

This article was cute, but really had nothing to do with how to style clothes. Styling clothes is finding out which fabrics, colors, and cuts work together and accentuating them with the right jewelry, shoes, and accessories to pull a well-balanced outfit together and this provided zero actual info on that. It was just about how people who have style keep their shoes clean and are always prepared…