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20 Doc Marten Dupes For More Boot for Your Buck

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Are you looking for some Doc Martens Dupes at a ridiculously lower price than the originals? Take a peek at these 20 stylish boot Doc lookalikes for half the price!

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Docs, Doc Martens, Dr. Martens, DMs – we’ve all got our name for them, but one thing’s for sure: Dr. Martens boots go with everything! 

The British footwear brand’s iconic shoes and boots were and still are the ultimate style staple for channeling your rebellious side. 

These boots are also durable and comfortable but unfortunately, come with a hefty price.

However, thanks to boot dupes that offer the same leather uppers, good quality stitching, and air-cushioned soles, you can get a cheaper lookalike for pretty much half the price!

In this article, I’ve rounded up 20 of the best Doc Martens dupes and alternatives, that not only look incredible but are way cheaper than the originals.

But first…

What are doc martens boots?

If comfort is what you seek, then the original DM military boots deliver comfort in style.

Being an iconic British footwear brand with a household name since the early 1990s. The original boots were made with precision and still are. They have high-quality black leather, yellow hand welt-stitching (that frames the base of the boot), and they showcase a classic lace-up with a black sole.

Basically, these boots were the original military boot and gave us the military look that nowadays can be styled to suit almost any personality.


How much do doc martens cost?

Since Doc Martens are huge in fashion, a pair of these boots in its signature leather and classic yellow welt stitching can run you up to $140 to $350.


Why buy doc martens dupes?

Stylish boots are always going to be a fashionista’s best friend because you can wear them from both day to night.

Moreover, since boots, in general, are so popular and trendy, various shoe companies have started to make dupes, lookalikes, and alternatives and an inexpensive way to not break the bank!

Additionally, shopping for affordable military boots that still look trendy is what dupes are all about.

However, there is a big difference between knockoffs and lookalikes, especially when it comes to fashion footwear.

The knock-offs of the original Dr. Martens would look exactly like Doc Martens but feature fake labeling and fake labels are illegal.

However, lookalikes and dupes are simply other brands creating the combat-style military boot that look similar to Doc Martens but at a ridiculously lower price!


What styles do doc martens dupes come in?

Since doc marten dupes will probably never go out of style anytime soon. There are so many different styles of alternatives to the real thing such as:

    • Platform boots
    • Strap tall boots
    • Heeled boots
    • Ankle boots
    • Faux fur-lined boots
    • Chelsea boots no lace (most popular)

And although the real boots are primarily known for their classic lace-up military look, you can snag similar-looking boots with a few of the dupes I’ve chosen for you below!

20 Doc Martens Dupes & Alternatives.


1. Philly Lace-Up dupe.

doc martens dupes, black doc martens dupes, the best doc martens dupes & look-alikes, dr. martens boots alternatives


2. Croc Lace Up doc marten dupe.

doc martens dupes, black doc martens dupes, the best doc martens dupes & look-alikes, dr. martens boots alternatives


3. Basic black lace-up dupe.

the best doc martens dupes & look-alikes


4. Kaedy Lace Up Combat doc marten alternative.

doc martens dupes, doc martens dupes, black doc martens dupes, the best doc martens dupes & look-alikes, dr. martens boots alternatives


5. classic doc martens lookalike.

Cheapest Doc Martens look alike


6. Steve Madden Women’s Tornado combat dupe.

black dr. martens boots alternatives



7. Madden Girl Harlow Fashion DM alternative.

doc martens boots alternatives


8. Women’s Lug Sole Combat Booties.

cheap doc martens dupes and alternatives



Short ankle doc martens look-alikes


9. Yellow stitch Chukka Boot alternative.

doc martens dupes & look-alikes


10. Doc martens 1461 alternatives.

Doc Martens 1461 alternatives



Colorful Doc Marten dupes alternatives


11. Ankle Chelsea dupes.

Cheapest Doc Martens dupes (1)


12. Cream Women’s combat dupe.

Doc martens dupe boots



13. Beige and wide Width Chunky boots.

beige doc martens dupes


14. Pink doc martens alternative.

pink doc martens dupes



15. White Combat Lace Up Ankle Dupe.

white doc martens dupes



16. Cream Lug Sole booties.

beige doc martens boots dupes


17. White women’s Parker Combat Dm’s dupes.

white doc martens lookalikes, Women's Parker Combat Boots


18. Beige Lace Up doc martens dupes.

tan doc martens dupes


No lace Doc Martic alternatives.


19. Black no lace Booties

black no lace doc martens dupes


20. No lace Lug Sole alternatives.

black no lace doc martens dupes




The real deal doc martens boots

Just in case you wanted to see what the real Doc Martens boots looked like, I added my favorite top two original Doc Martens Boots. 

real doc martens boots

This first pair of Doc Martens boots that I’ve included for you have a chunkier sole but still has the basic martens original look (which I love!). With the classic yellow welt stitching and an air-cushioned sole, each pair is chunky, durable, and comfortable.


Traditional doc martens

original doc martens boots

These are the traditional doc martens that we have all grown to love and adore!


How do you style Dr. Martens’s boots lookalikes?

Platform boots, Chelsea boots, and ankle boots are very popular boots because they can be worn with almost anything. They are stylish, comfortable, and cozy and can make you feel tall.

Here are a few ideas to style your new dupes!

How to style your doc martens dupes:

    • Cropped pants for spring.
    • High waisted jeans and your favorite t-shirt (a timeless classic)
    • Mini-skirt & cute blouse (elegant + classy)
    • Blazers for high fashion lovers
    • Long flowy skirt paired with a turtleneck
    • For an extra touch of style, give a floral dress a tough look by adding a biker jacket.
    • Summer spring dresses are dainty but edgy!


How to take care of doc martens dupes?

Care Instructions:

    1. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt.
    2. Balsam can be applied to the outside of footwear to keep it soft, strong, and smooth.
    3. After drying, buff the shoes vigorously with a clean brush to achieve desired shine.
    4. To prolong the life of your boots and shoes, you should do this regularly to last all-season weather.

doc martens boots cleaner

Doc martens dupe final thoughts.

As you can tell, fashion-forward dupes can still take you to shoe heaven, whether you are keeping it simple with no lace-up boots or living the high life with chunkier soles for that classic military look. 

Also, these dupes are much cheaper than the real things being half the price of the originals, plus if you don’t like the blisters, alternatives are often much simpler to break in. 

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What do you think about these doc martens dupes?

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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