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11 Genius Laundry Hacks That’ll Save Your Clothes

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11 Laundry Hacks That'll Save Your Clothes Fast - Everything Abode

When it comes to knowing clever laundry hacks, most of us are still left out of the loop. 

When that happens, laundry can become super overwhelming and everyone almost always dislikes doing their laundry when it’s a total mess.

Plus, you may also feel unhappy when it comes to delays and the extra time it takes, the folding process can seem like hours if you are easily distracted, and when you have to get a grease stain out of your most favorite cherished sweater, it can seem like the end of the world. 

To help you out, here’s a list of the best tried-and-true laundry hacks that’ll help keep your clothes fresh, fluffy, bright, and not so much of a dreaded chore anymore!

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11 Laundry Hacks That’ll Save Your Clothes Fast

11 Laundry Hacks That Will Make Your Clothes Look Better - Everything Abode

1. Genius Laundry Hack: Use a Wad Of Aluminum Foil to Replace your dryer sheets.

This hack really is surprising not because it works but because not a lot of people don’t know about it, because, yes, you can use a wad of aluminum foil in place of a dryer ball. 

This little hack acts as a dryer sheet, which is really cool because it can last upwards of six months before you need to switch it out to a new aluminum ball, and you’ll get the same results.

And if you feel you are missing out on those dryer sheets’ nice smelling scents, don’t worry, you can also drop a few essential oils on your aluminum foil to add some extra natural fragrance. 


2. Genius Laundry Hack: You can easily banish grease stains with corn starch.

If you happen to get a grease stain on your most cherished sweater, don’t worry because you can easily apply the corn starch (granted if you have it in your pantry) to the grease spot immediately.

All you have to do is allow it to sit for a few hours so the cornstarch can soak in the grease.

Once it has, then cover it with a thin dry cloth, pressing the cloth with a high-heat iron. In a few short minutes, the starch will work wonders at absorbing the oil with the heat right before your eyes. 


3. Genius Laundry Hack: Chalk can tackle grease stains too.

Grease stains are seen to come at the worst of times.

It’s usually when you are enjoying your time out eating delicious food and the grease just seems to land on something that happened to be your most favorite item to wear.

Well, you can still save that precious item if you have chalk on hand too.

Simply color the chalk onto the fabric and let the chalk absorb the grease. Leave it to set in for a couple of hours, then toss your garment in your usual load of laundry. It should be grease-free.


4. Genius Laundry Hack: Eliminate Creases with a Pool Noodle.

Are you sick and tired of seeing those untidy lines your drying rack is marking on your dried clean clothes?

Here’s a simple and inexpensive hack. Just take a basic noodle (that you would use for the pool), cut it along one side, and slide it onto your drying rack. 

The curves from the noodle will allow your clothes to rest and dry properly, and you bet, your clothes will thank you later for knowing this hack.


5. Genius Laundry Hack: Hairspray & hand sanitizer can beat even the worst of ink stains.

Ink stains don’t happen that often but when they do, it’s almost a guarantee that your clothing is going to see the dumper bin.

Well, not anymore! Just spray any old hairspray bottle or hand sanitizer onto the ink stain, wait about 10 minutes, and then wash normally, as if it never happened.

The hairspray or hand product should have lifted the ink stain really well, for it to be clear and gone after one wash.


6. Genius Laundry Hack: Use Vinegar To Soften Tough Fabrics.

If you have just bought a new pair of jeans and you washed them a couple of times, hoping that they’ll soften up but they still seem stiff, don’t worry, good old-fashioned vinegar will come to your aid.

All you have to do is pour half a cup of vinegar into your already filled washing machine. 

The vinegar will help soften even the stingiest of fabrics, and it can also get rid of lingering odors while serving as an exfoliant to your fabrics to make them softer.


7. Genius Laundry Hack: Never lose a sock again.

Do you wear and wash a lot of socks?

If you do, then you have to get your hands on an inexpensive laundry tool, that’ll not only save you from buying more socks but also save your delicates really well — they are laundry mesh bags. 

Laundry mesh bags are a great way to keep pairs of socks from going astray, even though they are usually used for washing underwear and any other clothing delicacy.

All you have to do is throw your dirty socks into the bag, zip them up, and throw them into the laundry load that you are already doing. 

Then you should know exactly where your socks are when you carry out your laundry!


8. Genius Laundry Hack: Tumble dry your shoes to keep their shape (with no noise).

We all have tried to save our dirty shoes but failed to see a brighter side.

But there is a very easy solution to prevent your shoes from banging around in the dryer and to prevent all that extra noise when the day comes that your shoes must go in the dryer.

Take your shoes by the laces, and hang apart of the laces over the door, closing the door on the part of the laces that are peeking out.

This easy laundry hack will prevent the shoes from banging around and creating all that unnecessary noise.


9. Genius Laundry Hack: Give your clothes a quick shake to dry clothes quicker.

Have you ever taken a load of laundry from the dryer to find out that all your heavy clothes such as jeans, towels, and robes are still sopping wet?

Well, the key to stopping this from happening, is to shake out your clothes before moving them into the dryer.

They will be soft and bone-dry when you remove them, that is if you remember to do this every single time.


10. Genius Laundry Hack: White bread can blot out any lipstick stain.

Although lipstick stains don’t happen very often, they can happen if you are all glammed up, changing in and out of your clean clothes.

But another thing that can easily help is white bread.

All you have to do is cut off only the crust, then wad the center of the bread (the soft part of the bread) into a ball, then blot and dab quickly onto the lipstick stain.

Anything that is left behind from the bread (that didn’t come out) should come out in the washer once it’s washed.


11. Genius Laundry Hack: Get rid of yellow sweat stains for good.

Armpit stain can be such a drag!

But thanks to cleaning experts, there are a billion ways to get rid of them but one of the best ways is using dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. 

Take all of these ingredients, mix them together and scrub away with warm water on those yellowy stains because this leading contender should get rid of those yellow armpit stains for good!

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