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11 Simple Ways To Make Your Clothes Look Sharp & Expensive

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Even though our individual budgets determine how much we can actually spend on our clothing each season.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a great-looking wardrobe all year long on a tight budget!

When it comes to fashion, all you really need is a great eye for quality, a few essential changes so you can preserve the clothes you already have, that way you can feel absolutely extravagant — no matter how much you’ve spent.

To help you do just that, here are 11 simple ways to make your wardrobe look more outstanding and expensive than it really is!

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11 Simple Ways To Keep Your Clothes Looking Expensive

11 Simple Ways To Look Expensive in Your Clothes

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1. Get everything tailored.

Send those clothes that are second-hand or cheap to a tailor before you take them home. If the fit is not spot-on right off the rack? Those tailors will virtually save every dime you would otherwise spend on pricey form-fitting clothes.

This really is the next best cost-effective thing you can do, instead of blowing your whole paycheck on more extravagant items. Keep in mind when shopping, the tailoring is simpler if the garment is made very simply!


2. Replace those broken & lost buttons.

If you are really handsy and you have a lot of time on your hands at home, you should scrap those plain plastic buttons for something that looks much better, like metal or stone.

Most fashion insiders say that adding a little detail like this will really give your clothing a whole new lift, with the cost being next to nothing!

You can purchase chic buttons from online websites like Amazon or Etsy (at a remarkably low cost) or you can also find them at your nearest fabric stores. Or if you are really creative? You can even remove them from old clothes that you no longer wear, to save even more cash.


Replace those buttons to make your clothes look more expensive - Everything Abode


3. Stop washing your stuff so much!

Yes, you still want to keep your clothes clean but the solution is not to wash everything too much! Washing clothes too many times strips the fabrics down and wears the colors down, making them look old and outdated long before they really are. 

If you end up getting a blot or spot on a piece of clothing? You can clean the spot with a little bit of laundry soap and a toothbrush, or use a handy tide to go stick like the item recommended below!


Stop washing your stuff so much to keep your clothes in good condition - Everything Abode


4. Always wash clothes with like colors & fabric textures.

There are also specific piles (where you can arrange clothes for laundry) to get the most wear out of your clothes when you are washing them like… Whites, darks, lights, denim, and delicates.

Keep up with this strict laundry system and your money will go a long way to building more stunning looks. You’ll ensure your clothes last way longer by sticking to this laundry rule. 


5. Invest your money in outerwear.

Your coat is the first thing in the colder months that people will see the most, so fashion insiders suggest spending your money wisely on everything else for the winter season and investing in a comfortable jacket that will look great. 

The key feature of most of your outfits in winter will no doubt be your outdoor coat, so pick something that you would love to wear year after year.


6. Get a steamer.

Although ironing can be a pain and you can’t iron too many synthetic fabrics anyways, creases will make everything just look cheap and you don’t want to turn up to work looking like you haven’t attempted to look your best. 

A proper steamer will work wonders to make your hard-to-iron clothes look just that much more respectable. It will tackle those wrinkles out of sight in just a few minutes. Fashion experts suggest, if you are running out of time, to steam the item the previous night.


Get a steamer to save your clothes - Everything Abode


7. Never wash clothes at home that specify “dry-clean only”.

We’ve all done it, we’ve not all followed the instructions given and we’ve paid the price in the end! Fashion experts always suggest following the instructions for fabric washing that are usually listed on the clothing tags.

Since most of the time they’re right, this will help keep the fabric in its pristine condition just like the day you bought it to stay looking sharp. 


8. Know how to take care of your jeans.

Not only are jeans the most wearable clothing item to this day, here are a few things to consider to up your wardrobe skills!

Try to refrain from washing them too much so they don’t fade.  Most fashion goers say that buying jeans with extra pockets or extra motifs (such as embroidery) will tend to go out of style as well.

Plus, those added details will make your clothes wear and tear more easily the more times you wash them.

Fashion experts also suggest that you maximize purchasing darker skinny jeans with a higher waistline.  They say that this will give you a more slimming effect because darker jeans give the illusion of a slim fit and are more attractive across the board.


Dark skinny jeans to look more attractive. Choose the Darkest Color For the slimmest look


9. Work with your body’s size and level up. 

It has been said before, but it still remains genuine — just dress in the clothes that fit you precisely! If you can merely cram yourself into a smaller size, that doesn’t mean you ought to buy it (even if it’s on the clearance rack).

Clothing that fits easily will make you look smaller, and not the other way round.


10. Store out-of-season clothes in a cool, dry, dark place.

When we have more clothes for all the changing seasons, we can be very untidy to keep them in good shape, especially when they’re not being used.

That’s why most fashion experts suggest that storing your extra clothes in a cool, free of moisture and dark place. 

This will be the safest and easiest way to ensure your clothes stick to their former structure and have the best survival chances.


Store out-of-season clothes in a cool, dry, dark place - Everything Abode


11. Spend less on logos and more on classics.

Lastly, although logos generally make a grand statement (that they are expensive!), fashion insiders tend to prefer well-crafted clothes to brand labels.

So the next time you are out shopping and instead of hunting down bargains on merchandise from brands, look for classic items that will stay in fashion all year long.

Doing this will ensure that you look incredible in your clothes all year round!

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