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7 Things You Should Never Ever Do to Your Face

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Believe it or not your face and skincare need to go hand in hand in order to obtain vibrantly young-looking skin. These are 7 things you should never EVER do to your face as they are vital!

7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Face

When it comes to treating our faces well, we most often turn to the best skin care advice and products that will make them glow…

Yet, when we work so hard to ensure that our faces look healthy and vibrant, sometimes it can come down to the subject of daily sun exposure, wind exposure, and harsh makeup applications that can make our beautiful faces look all the worse.

What’s worse is there are a few skincare no no’s that products cannot help undo. And it’s about time that we start readjusting how we are handling one of the most important areas of the body — the face — so we can all achieve great-looking skin. 

After all, we need to show our faces as much love as possible in order to keep its youthful glow. 

Here are seven things you should never EVER do to your face to help you maintain vibrant-looking skin!


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7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Face

1. Popping & Picking.

If you are continuously popping and picking at your face, know that this is one of the worst things you can do to your face.

A blemish may drive you crazy, but you’ll make it even worse when you squeeze it with your germy fingers.

Not only that but you’re usually creating more inflammation when you do.

Picking skin on the face can lead to scars and discoloration of the skin.

The worst news is that once you’ve picked and poked at that spot on your face, it’s probably going to come right back bigger and meaner.

So if you hate blemishes on your face, head to the dermatologist so they can get rid of them the right way, or try to let your face rest and heal by applying a cold press to the needed area every few days.


2. Over-exfoliating.

Exfoliating is a wonderful thing for your skin as it removes the dead skin cells that work to clog your pores.

However, there is actually a thing called over-exfoliating. Over-exfoliating is when you’re doing too much exfoliation or doing it too hard.

When you over-exfoliate your skin you can wind up scratching off the surface of your skin’s protective barrier. As a result, this can leave the area prone to infection and other toxins.

In order to make sure you aren’t going overboard, avoid using too much pressure and/or use an exfoliator that has smaller granules.

The granules are the little exfoliators that come in most exfoliating creams.

It’s highly recommended to exfoliate twice a week if you have dry or sensitive skin, and once a week if you have a combination of both.

Moreover, if you have oily skin, you can exfoliate up to three times a week.

However, always remember that it’s important not to exfoliate until you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin with warm water.


3. Too much heat.

Most women dream of having a long, steamy hot bath a couple of times a week.

However, the only thing to remember when it comes to treating your skin well is that extremely hot water isn’t the best for your skin, especially your face. 

Hot showers and baths dry out the skin immensely, causing redness, itching, and/or even skin peeling.

Moreover, such conditions cause the skin’s normal equilibrium of moisture to be compromised, stripping it from its normal oils, fats, and proteins.

If you do like to bathe multiple times a week, make sure the water temperature isn’t extremely hot and dry yourself properly after.

Additionally, try not to rub the towel vigorously along your skin as you only want to remove the excess water gently.


4. Sleeping with Eye Make-up Still On.

It’s easy after a long day to just do a quick rinse on our face and forget about our eyes, however, there’s a saying that says “beauty lies with those that prepare for sleep”.

So if you can make sure you always take your eye make-up before bed, you are one step closer to achieving your skincare goals. 

Because if you do sleep with your eye makeup still on, this can result in eye irritation, styes, unneeded breakouts, redness, and dryness of the eyes.

Moreover, if you don’t get enough sleep, your eyes and face show it as doing so often leads to dark circles.

Sleeping right plays a big part in showing the bright, fresh side of our faces the love it deserves.

So before you go to sleep, it’s important to do a skincare regimen or overnight beauty tips as you get ready for bed.


5. Not cleansing the whole face before bed. 

Just like taking off your eye make-up before bed can do wonders for your face’s skin texture and overall health, it’s important to cleanse your whole face before bedtime.

During the day, the face can get covered with pollutants along with dead skin cells and bacteria.

To rid your face of all these contaminants consider giving your face a fresh rinse to allow it to breathe.

If you don’t take away all that makeup from your face, it’ll continue to just pile up.

The bacteria and dead skin cells will just sit there on your face overnight when they can easily be wiped away with a good cleanser at night.


6. Washing the face too hard.

There’s a bit of a balance between never washing your face and washing your face too hard because how you scrub your face matters when it comes to attaining clear skin.

You don’t need to scrub your face vigorously because you can irritate and damage the skin cells.

Moreover, if you do wash your face too hard every day, you’ll also strip away the skin’s natural oils.

To counteract this, try applying a natural make-up remover by letting it soak in on your face then remove it with a cotton pad.

Follow it with a gentle wash using a deep cleanser, rinsing off any leftover chemicals.


7. Using the same products for decades.

Using The Same Products For Decades. - Everything Abode

Here’s some sound last-minute advice from the makeup industry — you can’t marry your skin products!

You may love your face products, but your skin/face will eventually adapt to the active ingredients in the products you are using and when this happens they won’t be as effective over time.

In fact, you might start to notice you aren’t getting the same great results from your moisturizer or the same cleansers after a few years.

To counteract this, your skin type should be re-evaluated every six months because it is affected by everything from your hormones all the way to your environment.

Try switching up your skincare routine with the changing seasons, too.

For example, in the summer, your skincare routine doesn’t have to be as deep with hydration as in the winter, so try using hydrating balms in the winter, and always use SPF creams to offset the sunny and warmer weather.


That’s it! These skincare mistakes for your face can be easily avoided if you know what you are and are not doing and counteract them. 

If you do, the skin on your face will feel and look as good as new!

Besides, we all need to give our faces the love and care they deserve. After all, we smile and talk all day so this area should be given more attention to show that we truly care about it.


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