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9 Things You Should Always Do Before Bed

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9 Things You Should Always Do Before Bed - Everything Abode

Have you developed a healthy nightly ritual that includes pre-bed productive things?

If you haven’t, there are numerous productive tasks that you can do (right before bed) that’ll help you sleep better and be extra prepared for the next day.

In fact, both your mind and body need a signal that it’s time to rest and unwind, and doing these night rituals will create a personal switch off for you each night.

And since all signs suggest that the night before is the best time to plan, developing a healthy night routine will also help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up well-rested.

So if you would like to change your evening routine to include some of these healthy night rituals?

Here are nine simple and healthy things that you can do before you go to sleep, that’ll help you unwind, relax, and be a little extra prepared for when you wake up!

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9 Productive Things to Do Before Bed Instead of Binging TV - Everything Abode

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1. Put your phone on “do not disturb” mode or at the very least silence it when you go to bed.

If you check your e-mails regularly or sift through social media whilst lying in bed, then this tip is entirely for you.

Sleep experts suggest that for at least an hour before you go to bed, that is the best time to leave your devices alone so you can give yourself enough time to relax from the day. 

You’ll also prevent some unnecessary inconveniences that’ll impact you if you are glued to your devices at night as studies show that if your leave your devices on, your deep REM sleep can be disturbed by those text messages, game updates, and email buzzes.

Try putting your phone on “do not disturb” mode or at the very least silence it when you go to bed at least one hour before bed, rather than scrolling quietly and carefree.


2. Good health is important, Remember to take your probiotics.

Good health is something that we all crave, and intestinal bacteria may have a strong influence on your well-being.

In fact, studies are linking the effects of obesity, cancer, and depression, to intestinal health problems as the starting culprit. So if you feel that your body could be in better health, Dr. Will Cole suggests taking probiotics at night to combat this.

He also says that “the wonderful thing about probiotics is when you take them without food they don’t interfere with your digestive enzymes”.

Probiotics are most effective when taken on an empty stomach to ensure that the healthy bacteria enters the intestine as soon as possible.


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3. Order some good old-fashioned books online & start reading them for 30 minutes each night.

Just like improving your gut health, reading from a good old fashioned book also improves your brain health. In fact, studies show that reading can help reduce stress, improve mood, boost your memory, and cognitive abilities. 

Plus, reading is not only relaxing but it can also be a form of escapism and therapy in and of itself. So it just makes sense that reading from a book is the best form to do this to also help you feel just a little bit more sleepy.


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4. Have a healthy skincare routine set in place.

Going to bed with your make-up still on is a massive violation to your skin and beauty health. 

You really have to take care of your sensitive skin by always washing, rinsing, and having proper hydration.

In fact, there are a number of things that you can do right before bed that include overnight beauty treatments or following these proven skincare steps

Whatever you decide to do, just know that your skin will start to feel more healthy and you’ll feel prepared for bed. 

And if you would like to learn more about some unhealthier skincare habits (to see if you are making these mistakes yourself) check out these 12 skincare mistakes and how to fix them here!


Have a skincare routine


5. Set the scene & get rid of any added noise and light.

Everyone should know that the most ideal sleeping environment for your body is when it is cool, dark, and, of course, quiet.

In fact, most sleep experts suggest that you should do whatever you can to get rid of any added noise and light as these two culprits may be hindering your success in getting those healthy Zzz’z that your body and brain so desperately need.

So light some candles, get your sleep app ready, choose some white noise, and create an extra cozy environment.  

Web MD also advises that if your home is busy and loud at night, you should use a fan or air conditioner to cancel out the noise.

Of course, having a comfortable bed is also going to be extremely important to obtaining that wonderful rest. This may mean splurging on a decent mattress or investing in a pillow to help you sleep better. 


5. Set the scene with a great quality pillow - Everything Abode


6. Have a notebook ready to jot down any last-minute ideas.

Sometimes when we head to bed we mentally try not to ‘forget things’ and nothing can be so aggravating when you welcome a new day to those great ideas lost and forgotten.

So, grab a pen and notepad and place them on your nightstand tonight. This is a clear plan of action for when you come up with a new idea, to house them at a moment’s notice. 

Plus you will want to leave your imagination open for new ideas, so you can intentionally create the life that you crave (more on this in night ritual #9!). 

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7. Prepare Your Clothes the night before so you can free up more time in the morning eliminating decision fatigue.

Did you know that tonight’s little endeavor to being extra prepared will equal major gains for you in the morning?

We all know that decision fatigue in the mornings is a real thing, that the mind is tired, it needs to wake up and choosing outfits and what to wear — takes time.

So you bet preparing your clothes the night before to free up more time in the morning, thus eliminating decision fatigue is a great nightly ritual that you should do every single night. 


8. Enhance your nightly mood with a little aromatherapy.

Since different aromas and smells can affect our mood, especially before bedtime, aromatherapy can be a fantastic practice to add to your nightly regimen.

Not only does it smell fabulous but it can also help you fall asleep faster, destress, and prepare you for a better night’s sleep.

So to help you feel better and sleep better, try to include aromatherapy as one of your nightly rituals. 

For the Best Essential Oils for a Healthy Sleep, try these:

    • Lavender Oil. Lavender increases slow-wave sleep that is instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles. 
    • Valerian Oil. Valerian essential oil can improve the quality of your sleep, so you wake up feeling energized and ready to go.
    • Clary Sage. Clary sage oil may also help with relaxation. Researchers in a 2013 study found that when the oil was used in a diffuser, it helped women undergoing urodynamic examination relax more effectively.
    • Roman Chamomile. Roman chamomile essential oil reduces insomnia, relieves anxiety, and eases symptoms of depression. 


Here are the Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Everything Abode


9. Envision & visualize your future as your very last night ritual.

One of the best ways to plan for your future is to intentionally create it. 

And although this sounds straight out of the law of attraction books, when you have already thought your future through and envisioned your ideal day, you will more likely experience it because you have already become comfortable and familiar with it. Plus you’ll also have more courage to go after it.

So when it comes to relaxing and preparing for bed, this ritual is most ideal to do last.

Try spending your last minutes of every night thinking about your tomorrow’s goals and envision and visualize what you can do and how you can complete them. 

You bet this is a habit that most successful people abide by, so the best time to apply this is right before you go to bed. 

There you have it. You can’t just expect to roll out of bed and feel good without a plan and that plan usually starts before you go to sleep!

If you would like to learn more productivity tips that will help you wake up fully prepared? Check out these helpful morning hacks to start your day off right next!


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