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How To Bring Your Skin To Life By Dry Brushing (Plus 6-Min Routine)

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How To Bring Your Skin To Life By Dry Brushing (With 6 Min Routine) - Everything Abode - benefits of dry brushing

Why should dry brushing be your new detox skin practice?

In the field of skincare, this home-based treatment gains a lot of attention and provides you with the best skin results you need.

First of all, did you know that your skin sheds about 50,000 dead skin cells every single minute, and that’s not a day, that’s a minute!

Some of those skin cells remain attached to your body, which can lead to blocked pores which can cause an array of problems such as outbreaks, bumpy skin, and irregular skin tonality.

If you take on a dry skin brushing routine, it will greatly reduce those skin problems and affect your lymph system which is a great way to improve your overall health.

It not only detoxifies your skin and helps remove cellulite and stretch marks as well, but dry brushing also helps to normalize lymphatic flow and soften your skin.

Essentially, dry skin brushing should clear out the dead pores and improve the entire body, to make it much stronger.

So if you would like to know how to incorporate this into your skin routine, here is a breakdown on how you can practice dry body brushing at home followed by an easy 6-minute dry brushing routine. 

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The Dry Brushing Process – what to do and what to know

The Dry Brushing Process - what to do and what to know -- Everything Abode

Benefits of dry skin brushing.

First, even though you read a few reasons why dry brushing is going to be your new favorite detox practice, by dry brushing, you may see some or more of these benefits:

  • Smoother skin
  • Removes toxins
  • Skin breathes easier
  • Supports the immune system
  • Cellulite reduction (built-up toxins in the skin get released through dry brushing!)


Did you know that dry brushing is one way to detox from the outside-in?

Skin brushing exfoliation helps the skin remain clean, healthy, and rejuvenated, while also making it look tight and smooth again. Skin brushing is a marvelous way to exfoliate the skin and also to help lymphatic drainage which can accelerate sweating and detoxification considerably.

It does this well because the lymph fluid circulates in the bloodstream and flows from the lymph nodes. Dry brushing improves blood supply through the lymphatic system and can help remove toxins and pathogens from the body more efficiently.


How to know if dry brushing is for you?

If you have sensitive skin, dry brushing might be too abrasive for hypersensitive skin conditions.  And you certainly don’t want to dry brush too hard if you have any kind of wounds or sensitive sores on your skin. 

Furthermore, always make sure to use your common sense and speak to a health care professional before starting but dry brushing is for anyone who is ready to start treating their skin as an essential organ of the body that needs the self-care it deserves.


How many times should you dry brush per week?

Experts suggest that dry brushing three times per week will work well for both your body and skin. Start experimenting to see what feels right for you. Once you start treating your skin this way, just like you do with your hair, your body will start showing you some amazing results such as tighter skin. 


Is Dry Brushing good for removing cellulite?

Dry skin brushing is actually fantastic for smoothing out cellulite as well because the firm bristles being applied from the dry brush, (with the right pressure in the areas) help to break up the toxins of fat.  When it does this, the area of concern will have more energy to help smooth cellulite build-up. 


Did you know that your body will give you clues if you are due for a dry brush?

When you get into a great routine with dry brushing, you also may find lymph fluid pooling in the lower part of your body, when you take a break from your routine, and this could be your lymph system out of whack!

Some of the symptoms your body will signal to you when you are in need of a dry brush include; brain fog and headaches, swelling of the skin, tiredness, and recurrent colds.

Always do check with your doctor as it may be something else, but dry brushing is certainly helpful for your lymphatic health. 


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When buying a dry brush, know that the wrong brush can transfer chemicals. 

If you are now considering adding a dry brushing skincare routine for your skin, remember to invest in a good quality brush, one that is free of chemicals and that has natural bristles.

Remember, you want to rid your body of toxins, so don’t risk using a chemical-covered body brush!

The highest quality is what you deserve and it is highly advisable to invest in a natural brush to achieve the best results.


How do you keep your dry brush clean?

Another thing that is strongly suggested that you will want to keep a close eye on, is your dry brush needs to stay clean. We tend to forget to clean our self-care or makeup tools all too often and your dry brush is an important tool that you will want to keep clean after every single use. This way it does not develop any nasty bacteria that can then easily transfer to your skin.

You can clean your dry brush by using a spray with organic tea tree oil, and any time it needs to be cleaned you can spray it to let stand, or you can use simple soap and extra hot water. 

If you live somewhere sunny, you can also leave your dry brush out in the sun. Leaving your brush in the sun once a week (for about 3 hours), will sanitize your brush even more!


Is it okay to Dry brush right after a warm bath or shower?

Dry brushing and what to expect! Dry Brushing 101. 6 minute dry brushing routine. The benefits of Dry Brushing.

It’s best to consider dry brushing while the pores of the skin are open, that way you can see results even faster to a greater effect. So dry brushing just after a bath or shower is highly recommended but be careful not to be too rough with your pressure.


Is slightly pink skin in the beginning normal?

Now that you know the basics of dry brushing, and you are ready to start implementing this skincare routine in your life three times a week, your skin is going to be quite sensitive in the beginning. 

In fact, you might find that it turns slightly pink or even red after the first few practices. Don’t freak out, this is totally normal. Your skin will begin to strengthen over time and that won’t happen anymore as time goes by.

Now, that you know how this skincare routine works, here is a fantastic run-through of what a typical dry brushing session entails below!


The Best 6 Minute Dry Brushing Routine

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Step #1. Start with Firm Pressure.

Many people have different opinions about the best way and technique to do dry body brushing but through my research and personal experience, I believe that as long as you’re using a pretty firm pressure you will gain the maximum benefit you’re looking for.

Step #2. Start from the base & Work Your Way Up.

Make sure that you start at the base of your body (from your feet first) and work your way upwards, brushing towards the heart in long, sweeping circular motions (more on that in step 3).

Step #3. Brush in Circular Strokes towards Your Heart.

Doing strokes that are in a circular motion, directing towards the heart, along with firm pressure, will push the blood upwards to allow your body to start exfoliating properly.

Step #4. Be Cautious In Sensitive Areas.

Make sure to be cautious in sensitive areas like the breasts and underarms and don’t forget to brush your WHOLE body. This way you are getting the full benefits of creating tighter and stronger skin.

Step #5. Keep It Short And Sweet.

Keep your routine short and simple. You can do this longer than 6 minutes if you’d like, but just go with how your body feels. Everyone is different so only you know what your body desires most. 

There you have it! I really hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to do dry body brushing at home.

There is no doubt that treating your skin to a healthy routine that gives it the love and care it needs is a great thing to do. 

If you have any questions I’m happy to help!

Author: Rebecca

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