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12 Habits of Women Who Always Have Incredible Hair

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12 Habits of Women Who Always Have Incredible Hair - how to have nice hair - Everything Abode

We all know, sometimes despise, and admire those mystical beings who always look as if they have just walked offset of a Pantene commercial.

They work with us, shop with us, and go to the same salons, yet we can’t figure out why they are practically immune to bad hair days.

Well, enough with the guesswork.

If you want in on having the best hair ever, it’s your turn to follow these 12 simple habits that all women with perfect hair swear by. 


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12 Habits of Women Who Always Have Incredible Hair

Habits of Women Who Always Have Incredible Hair - how to have healthy hair - Everything Abode

1. They Rate Shampooing Low On Their Priority List.

They Have Mastered the Art of Moisturization.

Imagine a life in which shampooing twice a week is not only encouraged but celebrated. Well, you have just tapped into the lifestyle of the bold and the beautiful.

You will never catch these women with smelly hair, and they rest in confidence that stripping away their natural oils isn’t necessary to maintain cleanliness.

Beauty experts recommend that two or three shampoos per week will do the trick, and if you are terrified about going without a wash, grab a bottle of dry shampoo, tussle it in and see your hair as good as new again.


2. They Have Mastered the Art of Moisturization even with colored hair.

how to have healthy hair

image via Pinterest

Moisturizing keeps the hair both shiny and lively; however, it is a job that is easier said than done, especially since a lot of moisturizers can be a complete waste of shelf space.

To find a technique and set of products that work for you, you will probably have to go through a trial and error phase. But fear not. There are plenty of leave-in conditioners, hair masks, and magic potions available for you to try your luck with.

If you follow this rule, you’ll be a little closer to achieving incredible hair yourself. 


3. They Eat the Part.

They Eat the Part. How to have nice hair -

Dieting just plain sucks, but so does having bland hair. Luxurious hair comes with the price of loading up on plenty of fruits and vegetables, and women with incredible hair all know this. 

However, if you are one of the lovely ladies who spit out their Brussel sprouts when her friends aren’t looking, don’t view this as a sign to give up on your dream hair.

There are plenty of vitamins and supplements that will get you the charm that you are looking for through supplemental form as well.


4. They Don’t Let Heat Burn Away Their Essence.

They Don't Let Heat Burn Away Their Essence. How to have healthy hair - Everything Abode

Women with incredible hair believe that moderation is the key to dealing with heat, and by being moderate, they mean barely using it at all.

No one’s hair is resilient to the damage caused by the excessive use of hot irons and hair dryers. But if you must use them, do so sparingly, and be sure to use heat protectants.


5. They Are Loyal To the Products That Are Loyal To Them.

how to have good hair

Image via Instagram

Those who flaunt sensational hair stick to what already works. They aren’t tempted by the new line of products that the most popular beauty influencers rave about.

They simply aren’t interested in fixing what isn’t broken. But make no mistake about it. These daredevils aren’t afraid to switch up the game if a product falls beneath their standards.


6. They Know When To Give their hair a rest.

They Know When To Give their hair a Rest.

Don’t be selfish when it comes to over-styling. Women with incredible hair know when to give it a rest.

Moreover, your hair needs time to heal and recharge itself without you tugging it in every direction. Try rocking a stylish bun or a protective style such as a braid for a few days, and your hair will be forever grateful.

good hair day braid

good hair day braid


7. They Refuse To Brush Themselves More Damage.

They Refuse To Brush Themselves More Damage. how to have healthy hair tips

You need to make nice with the brush but don’t overdo it if you want to achieve incredibly healthy hair. Brushing your hair should be treated as a delicate process as the tension can lead to extra breakage.

So for safe brushing, always ensure your brush is clean to prevent product transfer, be extra cautious when brushing wet strands, and never brush more than once per day unless completely necessary.


8. They Love a Good Trim.

They Love a Good Trim. How to have healthy hair - Everything Abode

Repeat this if you would love to have incredible hair, much like the ladies you see in the hair commercials. Trim. Slay. Repeat.

Length may be life, but there is no way that your hair will grow if the ends have been split, burnt, or swollen.

If you love your frizzy tips, well, it’s time to let them go. And when they grow back, you will cherish them that much more.


9. They Avoid Itchy Scalps Like the Plague.

They Have Mastered the Art of Moisturization. healthy hair tips

Hair goddesses cannot go through an entire day with an itchy scalp.

They know that scalp health is paramount because it is in charge of holding each strand intact. So if your scalp is perpetually itchy, it is because it is probably dry.

A dry scalp makes for weak hair, and unless you are a fan of random bald patches, you will want to keep your scalp moisturized on a 24/7 basis.


10. They Aren’t Into Toxic Ingredients.

12 Habits of Women Who Always Have Incredible Hair

Researching the purpose of countless ingredients you can barely pronounce is a huge waste of time, right? Wrong.

If you are serious about dominating the game (that is your hair), you have got to make sure that you aren’t willingly poisoning your hair.

This means getting rid of anything with parabens, sulfate, high levels of alcohol, and any other ingredient your hair would frown upon.


11. They Don’t Mind Faking It.

They Don't Mind Faking It. How to have healthy hair - Everything Abode

Life is full of ways to enhance your look without putting your body and hair through the mills along the way.

If you need a fuller head of hair or desire a longer length, allow extensions to make up for the slack.

You can sift through an endless selection of wigs and weaves, or you can purchase clip-in pieces that can be taken out whenever you please.

This method can also come in handy when you are drooling over a new color but don’t want to damage your hair during the dyeing process.

And luckily for you, the hair industry is full of synthetic and authentic hairpieces that will accurately mimic the appearance of your natural hair texture.


12. They Always Work With the Pros to undo any damage.

They Always Work With the Pros to undo any damage. how to have amazing hair

Lastly, when it comes to maintaining incredible hair — hair is complex, and it tends to change over time.

So when you are at a loss, climb in a salon chair and beg your stylist to undo the damage. They’ll most certainly work their magic if they have the experience and reputation to back up their work.


There you have it! As you can see, getting inducted into the perfect hair hall-of-fame is much easier than you probably had imagined.

It’s just about knowing little ways to improve the hair that you already have.

Give your hair time to adjust to these newfound techniques, and you will soon become the most envied woman with incredible hair yourself!

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