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12 Blue Hairstyle Ideas You Have to Copy For Summer

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Are you ready to dye your hair blue? Embrace the wave of boldness with these gorgeous blue hairstyle ideas!

blue hairstyle ideas

Are you ready to dye your hair blue? If you’re considering the wide blue spectrum when it comes to a summer hairstyle, then you’re going to have an amazing experience.

Hair that’s blue can be more than just a hue, it’s also an expression of style!

From the soft colors of the dawn sky to deep and mysterious shades of ocean blue hair, it’s able to convey a variety of styles and moods.

No matter your style preferences – subtle or lively – there is an appropriate shade of blue out there just waiting to make an impressionful statement.

Hairstyling that promises to transform both your appearance and mindset is now more accessible than ever.

So let’s find the shade of blue that best matches your personal style and preferences!


blue hairstyle ideas


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Are You Ready to Dye Your Hair Blue? Embark on an Explosion of Boldness Now

blue hairstyle ideas

Before adding blue to your life, here’s what to keep in mind when making this choice:

Color Commitment:

Blue hair is a stunning way to stand out, but it does require maintenance. Some shades may fade to lighter blues or greens over time, so root touch-ups and loads of moisturizing should become part of your routine. 

Selecting an Appropriate Blue:

Finding the ideal shade of blue depends on your skin tone and natural hair color, from pastel baby blues to bold navy or vibrant turquoise; each hue brings with it its own sense of boldness and intensity.

blue hairstyle ideas

Care and Upkeep:

Blue hair can become dry over time, so investing in color-safe, moisturizing products is essential for keeping it looking vibrant and healthy.

Workplace Acceptance:

Not all workplaces welcome blue-haired employees with open arms; therefore, it is wise to consider the norms of your professional environment before entering into any agreements with blue-haired clients.

blue hairstyle ideas

With these factors in mind, you are all set to explore our handpicked collection of blue hairstyles, which might just spark some inspiration for your next look.

Whether you want something subtle or dramatic – our styles show the versatility and beauty of blue hair – let’s discover its hues!


12 Blue Hairstyle Ideas You Have to Copy For Summer

blue hairstyle ideas


1. Colorful Blue Braid Cascade

An elegant blue braid with an ethereal quality.

via Pinterest

Assimilate its playful charm into your style by weaving various shades of blue together for an eye-catching braid that brings calm to any occasion—such as an enchanting river in the moonlight! This braid is for those who dream in color while living their lives in style.


2. Azure Glow: Making a Statement in Blue Hair 

Glistening blue locks transitioning from midnight blue to cerulean reflect the vibrant brilliance of an azure glow.

via Pinterest

This hairstyle features a gradient that runs from mysterious midnight blue to playful cerulean, reflecting all the hues of the sea. It is perfect for those seeking to showcase their dynamic personality while making an eye-catching statement!


3. Royal Blue Rhapsody

An elegant top bun is styled with vibrant blue braids.

via Pinterest

Revel in the beauty of royal blue with this elegant top bun styled from vibrant blue braids that climb upwards into an elegant twist.

Relish its rhapsody by wearing this fabulous hairstyle for any event, from evening parties to everyday wear – it brings out its bold character and sense of nobility!


4. Image Description for Mermaid Waves in Oceanic Blue 

Waves of soft blue cascading over shoulders.

via Pinterest

Channel the spirit of the ocean into your hair with these soft mermaid-inspired waves that draw on its essence from tranquil seafoam to deep ocean blue for an understated yet striking look. A timeless choice, this look makes an impactful statement with subdued elegance.


5. Mint Breeze on Wavy Tresses 

Gentle blue waves with a hint of mint freshness.

via Pinterest

Get into the spring spirit with these gently undulating waves adorned with minty hues for a hint of coolness reminiscent of morning skies – the ideal hairstyle to add a tranquil yet fashionable note to your daily ensemble!


6. Electric Blue Strands of Confidence 

Electric blue curls glowing with confident energy.

via Stephanie Lawrence (@hair_princess_steph)

Elevate your look with electric blue strands brimming with prideful vibrance. These vibrant locks signal a bold and vibrant presence – it says I have arrived in style!


7. Serene Dreamy Pastel Braids for Peace 

Pastel blue braids interwoven with dreams and serenity.

via HairbyKaseyOh

Reach for the clouds with these dreamy pastel braids, an idyllic combination of the gentlest blues that speak of tranquility. Every braid offers an oasis of calm intertwined with gentle hues to evoke dream-like states and produce this dream-like hairstyle—perfect for dreamers as well as peace seekers alike!


8. Vivid Blue Hues of Creative Expression

Paint your presence with the vibrant hues of artistic expression these blue waves offer.

via Pinterest

Their bold palette of electric and sky blues blended with purples creates a magnificent masterpiece, making this hairstyle ideal for creative individuals wishing to showcase their colorful souls in public.


9. Twilight Tones in Blue Ombre 

An ombre of blue reflecting the tranquil tones of twilight.

via Pinterest

Experience the soothing qualities of dusk with this blue ombre hairstyle, which seamlessly transitions from deep night blue to the pastel hues of dusk as day turns to night. This effortless blend perfectly encapsulates its soothing essence, making it a perfect place of comfort for those who find peace in the beauty of evening skies!


10. Starlit Sapphire Braid

An intricate braid crafted with sapphire blue strands and delicate embellishments to evoke the night sky.

via Pinterest

The intricate braid, featuring rich sapphire tones and star-like embellishments, pays homage to celestial beauty; every twist and turn is adorned with accessories that catch the light like shining stars across an evening canvas. Perfect for special events when you want a piece of night-sky magic with you!


11. Arctic to Aqua Curls 

Half blonde and half blue curls cascading down.

via Elleana Johnston

Behold the fantastic transition from arctic blonde to aqua blue in this captivating hairstyle. Bold curls start as pure, icy blonde at their roots before diving deep into oceanic depths with vibrant aqua highlights at their ends—telling of frozen landscapes melting away into vibrant coral seas. Perfect for anyone with an affinity for contrast and color, this style can only enhance dynamic personalities who cherish contrast and color!


12. Ocean’s Kiss on Platinum Locks

A woman wearing striking blue-tipped platinum hair.

via Pinterest

Submerge yourself in oceanic tones with these platinum locks kissed by a vibrant blue hue, looking as refreshing as daring. Paired with blue-tinted sunglasses for maximum impact, this hairstyle makes an elegant fashion statement piece!

There you have it!

blue hairstyle ideas

As has been shown here, having blue hair is more than just a color choice; it is an expression of personal freedom and creativity.

From subtle streaks to full manes of azure, each shade tells its own tale and reveals aspects of your individuality and persona.

So take the leap, pick a hue that speaks to your unique beauty, and let the world see your unique features shine through your locks.

It is more than a color trend. It allows your true colors to come to light!


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