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16 Short Shaggy Hairstyles You Should Rock This Summer

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Revamp Your Look: Embrace the Bold and Beautiful World of Short Shaggy Hairstyles!

Short Shaggy Hairstyles

Are you looking to shake things up with something exciting and new?

Explore the shaggy hairstyle trend, in which every cut and layer adds a bit of boldness and a hint of pizzazz to the style!

From the layers of texture in shags that are classic to the sharp lines of the mullet mix, shags are more than just a fashion trend; they’re a lifestyle.

No matter if you’re sporting natural curls by wearing the straight shag or channeling your inner rock star by sporting the mullet shag, there’s a shag ready to let out that wild part of you.

Let’s get into the trendy, striking, and completely transformative of what is called the SHAGGY hairstyle.

We’ll explore how these styles can enhance your hair game and make heads turn everywhere you go.

This isn’t only a haircut/hairstyle. It’s a fantastic hairstyle!


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What distinguishes shag haircuts from other styles?

A shag haircut can be identified by its layers that feature feathers of various lengths, giving a soft and voluminous appearance that’s effortless to style.

Perfect for short pixie cuts to long flowing locks, the shag can also add volume to finer locks for an overall universally flattering style.

Who should consider getting a shag haircut?

Shag cuts offer an ideal solution to anyone looking to add a distinctive edge and volume to their hairstyle, offering low maintenance elegant style that can easily be modified for personal preferences and lifestyle.

They’re great if you want straight or curly locks, with customizable layers that accentuate the natural textures of either.

They are also an effective way of counterbalancing certain features, like prominent foreheads and round faces, by creating balance among these features.

How can you style and maintain a shag haircut?

Style your shag hairstyle as intricately as desired. For everyday wear, simply wash, apply mousse or texturizing spray, let air dry and flaunt.

For more polished looks you may wish to use straighteners or curling irons to separate layers or add some side slickness if necessary.

Additionally, regular trimming should be performed every 6-8 weeks for proper layer separation and form maintenance; conditioners explicitly designed for your type of hair can help preserve the texture and health of hair.


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Short Shaggy Hairstyles

This style is popular for its textured, layered look, offering a carefree, youthful vibe. Short shag haircuts work well with various hair types, enhancing natural volume and movement.


1. Chic Razor-Cut Shaggy Short Bob

Shaggy short bob with light bangs and textured layers

Instagram @ashleenormanhair

The Shaggy Short Bob is a standout style that combines the classic elements of a shag cut with the clean lines of a chin-length bob.

This version features shaggy, razor-cut layers that introduce an element of bold texture while keeping the bangs light and understated.

The result is a modern, stylish look that maintains both shape and movement, perfect for those seeking a dynamic yet manageable hairstyle.


2. Tapered Shag

Short layers, tapered ends, and a slight angle.

Instagram @anhcotran

This is an exquisitely modern style and one that Joan Jett would approve of.

It’s the perfect example of a stylish girl’s fantasy that combines bold fashion with a hint of rock and roll swagger.

The hair’s sharp angles and sharp tapering add to its boldness overall which makes it an ideal option for those looking to make an impact in their hair.


3. Curly Shag

Embrace your natural texture with glorious layers that let curls run wild.

Instagram @salsalhair

No matter what time of year, it’s always the perfect time to embrace your natural texture.

Luckily for curly girls, a shag cut helps let those curls run wild—and not look weighed down. The addition of curly bangs adds an adorable touch, making this style as cute as it is freeing.

This hairstyle is ideal for showcasing the beauty of natural curls without the heaviness often associated with thicker hair.


4. Curls of Tinsel

Curly girls look adorable with shaggy hair.


Curly girls shine with a shaggy hairstyle that offers a playful yet sophisticated look.

For a twist that stands out, consider dyeing your hair black with silver undertones. This tinsel-like shine adds a unique flair that looks stunning year-round, enhancing the texture and volume of the curls.


5. Balayaged Choppy Bob

Mature ladies look fabulous with a contemporary choppy cut.

Instagram @stevenpapageorgesalon

Mature ladies shine with a choppy bob cut that preserves the illusion of length while maintaining a straight cut at the nape.

This style strikes a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, adding fresh, choppy air to the timeless bob. The result is a versatile look that’s stylish at any age.


6. Waves of Color

Natural waves meet subtle highlights in this shag cut.

Source: Instagram Post

If you have a natural bent to your hair, then your strands will respond well to a shag cut. The cute silhouette of this style is ideal for incorporating subtle highlights that lighten and accentuate the layers.

This technique enhances the natural flow and texture of the hair, making each layer stand out beautifully.


7. Curly Chin Bob

Cut those curls to a chin-grazing length with some killer fringe.

Instagram: @salsalhair

This bob has got some personality. This style becomes the cherry on top of a cheeky cut by cutting the curls to a chin-grazing length and adding some killer fringe for fall.

Masterfully crafted by Nova Arts Salon owner Sal Salcedo, the Curly Chin Bob is a playful yet sophisticated choice for showcasing natural curls with flair.


8. Bronde Bob Shag with Short Back

Shaggy, inverted bob with a dramatic color transition.

Instagram: @hair_art_sam

The back view of this shaggy, inverted bob is as impressive as its front, showcasing a striking color palette that transitions from chocolate brown to whitish blonde.

This ultra-modern and courageous style is a standout choice for the most confident women, combining bold cuts and colors to make a statement.


9. Platinum Short Shag

Platinum blonde hair brings fun and easy maintenance to this shortcut.

Source: Instagram Post

Maybe you were blonde in your youth but your hair is now darker as you get older. Perhaps you’re interested in finding out if blondes actually enjoy more enjoyment.

Whichever the case, going with platinum hair can be an absolute pleasure when it’s paired with a cut that is shorter. It’s easier to keep and offers an attractive, fun appearance that stands out from any crowd.


10. Transition Shag

Wispy and sassy, this shag is perfect for transitioning from a bob.

Instagram: @mrchrismcmillan

Stylist Chris McMillan conjured up this cut as a fresh way to grow out his client’s bob. It’s a little wispy and a whole lot sassy.

If this is the transition phase, we can’t imagine how good the next look will be. This style offers a dynamic and stylish option for those looking to evolve their hairstyle gracefully.


11. Short Chocolate Bob with Feathered Layers

Add height and drama with a teased crown and tousled poof.

Instagram: @maygovintage

This style elevates the short shag by adding height at the crown and creating a playful poof through teasing.

The feathery bangs and layered side pieces gracefully curve towards the cheekbones, framing the face in a dramatic yet classy fashion. It’s an upscale hairdo, perfect for the elegant woman looking to flaunt a distinctive and sophisticated look.


12. Edgy Shag

Break up straight lines with curtain bangs and strategic layers.

Instagram: @chrisjones_hair

Hairstylist Chris Jones recommends this style for those who have a bob and desire a shag-like transformation. Adding curtain bangs and layers effectively breaks up the straight, heavy lines around the face.

The layers in the back are kept slightly longer and are fewer in number, which adds a subtle edge and dimension to the overall look, perfect for anyone seeking a modern twist on classic styles.


13. Straight Shag

Layers, curtain bangs, and cool platinum color define this straight shag.

Instagram: @salsalhair

Getting a shag cut doesn’t mean you have to constantly conjure up those “undone-done” waves with your curling iron.

This straight shag embraces its name from its distinct layers and curtain bangs, while the cool platinum color secures its place as a standout choice in any hairstyle lineup. This style offers a chic and effortless look, ideal for those who want the edge of a shag without the waves.


14. Layered Lob Shag

Piecey shag with defining highlights.

Instagram: @mizzchoi

Hairstylist Cherin Choi crafted this layered lob shag, incorporating piecey cuts that enhance the natural flow of the hair.

The highlights are strategically placed to define each layer, adding depth and dimension to the style. This approach not only highlights the intricate cutting technique but also brightens the overall look, making it a modern and stylish choice for those seeking a fresh update.


15. Mullet Shag

Combine the mullet and shag for a bold, rockstar look.

Instagram: @mizzchoi

The daring hairstyle of hairstylist Cherin Choi combines the distinct characteristics of a mullet and the distinctive texture of a shag cut.

This creates a striking style that is a reflection of the spirit of rock stars that is perfect for displaying your distinctive personality and cool fashion. It’s a statement-making style that draws attention and accentuates the uniqueness of each person.


16. Tapered Bangs

Short and chic tapered bangs offer a cool, French girl vibe.

Instagram: @mizzchoi

In contrast to long curtain bangs the tapered bangs created by hair stylist Cherin Choi require more attention to maintain their shape. When worn with a hairstyle that is above shoulder height, this cut conveys a stylish easy French girly vibe. It’s a chic and sophisticated style that blends classic elegance with modern style.


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