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30 Chic Espadrille Sandals You’ll Want to Wear This Summer

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Espadrille sandals have become an essential element of summer fashion with their classic charm and timeless appeal, making them one of the must-have summer shoes!

Espadrille sandals

These sandals are the best way to complete a summer ensemble. They are not just another pair of accessories but an expression of style and comfort that easily blends in with any summer look!

Espadrilles are unrivaled in versatility. They effortlessly complement any number of looks, from casual beachwear to more elegant summer dresses.

Their signature woven jute soles also add rustic elegance while remaining casually alluring, making this unique feature add aesthetic value and ensure breathability and comfort—perfect for hot climates!

As you will soon see, Espadrilles come in various styles and types, from timeless flat espadrilles for an informal yet comfortable look to more intricate wedge styles that offer height while still maintaining comfort.

Precisely what they were made for!

Espadrilles’ widespread appeal in summer fashion speaks volumes for their adaptability and enduring popularity.

From strolling along sun-drenched streets to attending seaside soirees, an espadrille has something suitable for every event and summer outfit – making them an essential component of any summer wardrobe.

Now let’s take a look at these sandals for all their worth! 


What are espadrille sandals?

If you don’t already know what espadrilles are, espadrilles (Spanish: alpargatas or esparteñas) are casual, rope-soled flats but sometimes high-heeled summer shoes!

Espadrille sandals are a timeless summer fashion staple, beloved for their signature rope soles made of esparto fibers. Canvas or cotton upper parts allow for lightweight breathability; originally flat-soled designs have evolved to include high-heeled designs.

Recognized for their practicality and simple elegance, espadrilles have become key staples in summer fashion collections for various occasions.

Espadrille shoes were initially developed as peasant footwear; however, they have since become a trendy favorite among many women worldwide due to their being highly comfortable and sweat-proof, making them excellent summer footwear.


The history of the espadrille sandal

The Espadrille sandal enjoys a long, rich history in Spain – its country of origin. These iconic shoes can be distinguished by their soles made from braids of dried Esparto grass native to southern Spain; documented evidence dates back to the 13th Century! This clearly shows its prominence within fashion and culture.

In 1970, an important moment in the evolution of espadrilles occurred when fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent recognized their timeless appeal and collaborated with Spanish brand Castaner to reimagine them, adding a heeled version that combined traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style—an event that cemented their place as high-fashion footwear and broadened their global appeal.


How to Find the Ideal Espadrille Sandal

When choosing an espadrilles pair for yourself, be mindful of their versatility; there should be one or more that fit most of your wardrobe pieces.

Consider also what materials were used in their construction to find something suitable.

Here is what to keep an eye out for when shopping for espadrilles:

Canvas – Most espadrilles feature strong and waterproof canvas uppers, providing long wear. Many models even come equipped with water-resistance treatments to be worn even during rainstorms!

Felt— Some espadrilles are made of felt, an extremely comfortable and thick material that keeps feet warm in cold temperatures. You may even find fuzzy lining for added insulation on cloudy days! When temperatures dip lower than anticipated, your felt-made espadrilles will be helpful.

Furthermore, espadrilles are well known as easy shoes to style, often worn by everyone from Kate Middleton to Queen Letizia of Spain!

Whether you prefer casual flat espadrilles or dressier wedge espadrilles, numerous choices are available below- from affordable styles and colors to designer brands – making finding a suitable pair easy!

Now let’s take a peek at these top 30 espadrilles we chose especially for you to wear this summer season!!


30 chic espadrille sandals you’ll want to wear this summer

Take a peek at these 30 espadrille sandals we picked out for you. All of our selected products are handpicked for your enjoyment because we know you are worth it! 


1. Sunny Soiree Ready: Beige Ankle-Strap Espadrilles

Chic beige ankle-strap espadrille sandals showcased on a rustic setting

Embrace the sun-kissed days with these stunning beige ankle-strap espadrille sandals.

Their earthy tones and rustic espadrille design fuse to create the ultimate summer staple. Whether you’re stepping out for a seaside walk or gearing up for a garden get-together, these sandals are your ticket to a fashionable and breezy season.

Get set to elevate your warm-weather wardrobe with a pair that pairs with anything!

Tip: The jute sole provides a cushioned base that molds to the shape of your foot, making them perfect for walking around town or spending a long day at the beach.


  2. Creamy Elegance: Closed-Toe Espadrille Flats

Cream closed-toe espadrille flats with ankle strap on a white and blue backdrop

Step into sophistication with these creamy closed-toe espadrille flats, a blend of elegance and comfort. The delicate ankle strap adds a secure, stylish touch, making them a perfect match for your chic cropped trousers or a flowy summer dress.

Ideal for those who adore a touch of class with their comfort, these espadrilles are a dreamy addition to any ensemble, promising to keep your feet snug and your style sharp.

Tip: These are lightweight, making them easy to pack for summer vacations. Pair them with a flowy maxi dress for a quick bohemian look!


  3. Bohemian Rhapsody: Beaded Espadrille Beauties

Vibrant beaded espadrille sandals with intricate designs on a sunlit wooden floor

Dance to the rhythm of summer with these Bohemian-inspired beaded espadrille sandals. Their vivid, handcrafted beads tell a story of adventure and art, making each step a statement.

Tied up with soft laces around the ankles, these sandals are a testament to individual style and free-spirited fashion. Pair them with denim or a breezy dress to bring a splash of color and personality to your warm-weather wanderings.

Tip: Espadrilles are also a sustainable and eco-friendly option for summer footwear. For an extra style tip, you can wear them with cropped jeans and a tucked-in blouse for a casual yet put-together outfit.


  4. Butterfly Charm: Woven Espadrille Wraps

White woven espadrille sandals with butterfly accents basking in the sunlight

Flutter into the season with these enchanting Butterfly Charm espadrilles, featuring a playful woven pattern and whimsical butterfly details. The crisp white straps wrap gracefully around the ankles, just like the delicate wings of a butterfly, offering both beauty and support.

These sandals perfectly match your favorite jeans, adding a touch of magic and a comfortable lift to your everyday look. Let your feet feel as light and carefree as a butterfly in these uniquely charming espadrilles.

Tip: Many brands use natural materials like jute, cotton, and leather to make their espadrilles, which reduces their carbon footprint. For a style tip, wear these espadrilles with a midi skirt and a tucked-in tee for a classic summer look. 


5. Sunflower Serenade: Embroidered Espadrille Slides

Black espadrille sandals with sunflower embroidery reflecting in a mirror

Step into a sunny state of mind with these Sunflower Serenade espadrille slides. The black woven texture sets the stage for the vibrant embroidered sunflowers that pop with color and life.

The playful bow adds a sweet, feminine touch, making these slides a go-to for bringing joy to any outfit. Perfect for mirror selfies and sunny outings, they’re sure to make you smile with every step.

Tip: These espadrilles are often made by hand, which supports local artisans and promotes fair trade practices.


6. Midnight Bow: Suede Espadrille Wedges

Elegant black suede espadrille wedges with bow detail on a neutral background

Elevate your evening look with these Midnight Bow suede espadrille wedges. The luxurious black suede contrasts beautifully against the classic woven heel, while the charming bow adds a playful yet sophisticated touch.

These wedges are perfect for those who love classic charm and modern elegance. Whether attending a sunset soiree or a dinner under the stars, these wedges will carry you through the night in style.

Tip: Elevate your skinny jeans and dresses with this sandal, designed to hug the arches. It has straps that cross the front foot and ankle, a back zipper closure, and an adjustable ankle tie. These 2-inch wedges, by UGG, are also made for comfort.


 7. Fiesta Florals: Embroidered Espadrille Ankle Ties

Colorful floral embroidered espadrille flats with ankle ties, paired with frayed black jeans

Dive into a floral fiesta with these exquisitely embroidered espadrille flats. Bursting with vibrant flowers, they capture the essence of a blooming garden under your feet. The playful ankle ties add a dash of boho chic, perfect for complementing your favorite frayed jeans or a simple sundress.

These flats celebrate color and style, which is ideal for anyone who wants to add a festive touch to their step.

Tip: These espadrilles wedges are handmade in Spain and made to order.  Dress them up with a flowy jumpsuit and statement earrings for a summer wedding!


  8. Pastel Party: Ribbon-Lace Espadrille Flats

Soft pastel knit espadrille sneakers with cream ribbon laces on a white background

Whisper-soft pastels meet casual comfort in these charming ribbon-lace espadrille sandals. Adorned with a cozy knit pattern in dreamy hues, they’re a sweet treat for your feet.

The cream ribbon laces add a balletic grace, inviting you to twirl into your day with a playful spirit.

Tip: These cute espadrille flats are a great color addition to any summer outfit while still keeping you cool. 


 9. Purple Panache: Croc-Effect Espadrille Wedges

Bold purple croc-effect espadrille wedges with a sleek ankle strap on a simple backdrop

Make a splash with these vibrant Purple Panache espadrille wedges, boasting a sassy croc-effect in a rich purple hue.

The sleek ankle strap ensures a perfect fit, making these wedges a mix of wild style and sophisticated charm. They’re a fabulous choice for adding color to your look, whether heading to a daytime event or an evening celebration.

Strut confidently and let these wedges be the exclamation point to your fashion statement.

Tip: Pair these with a white linen suit for a chic and comfortable office look.


  10. Sophisticated Stride: Black Tie-Up Espadrille Wedges

Sophisticated black tie-up espadrille wedges paired with sleek black pants

Walk with refined elegance in these Sophisticated Stride espadrille wedges, featuring sleek black canvas and tie-up straps that whisper understated chic. These wedges are a versatile staple, pairing effortlessly with your favorite trousers or a charming midi dress.

The tie-up detail adds just the right amount of flair, ensuring you’re poised for any occasion, from a business lunch to an evening rendezvous. Step into these, and step up your style game.

Tip: Wear these with a denim skirt and a graphic tee for a casual weekend outfit.


  11. Golden Hour Glow: Chunky Heel Espadrilles

Chunky heel espadrille mules paired with a vibrant yellow dress for a sun-drenched look

Bask in the warm glow of golden hour with these chunky heel espadrille mules. The natural texture and lofty heels make a statement of relaxed luxury, perfect for pairing with your flowy sunset-hued dresses.

Ideal for those who love a blend of comfort and height, these mules add an effortless elegance to any summer ensemble, from a casual day out to an evening of al fresco dining. Slip into these for an instant touch of sunny sophistication.

Tip: Pair these with a romper for a playful and comfortable summer outfit.


  12. Neutral Necessity: Canvas Wedge Espadrilles

Neutral canvas wedge espadrilles with delicate ankle strap, complemented by frayed white jeans

Simplicity meets sophistication in these Neutral Necessity canvas wedge espadrilles. The subtle hue and soft ankle strap create a look of timeless elegance, making them the perfect companion to your favorite frayed white jeans or a breezy maxi dress.

These wedges offer a comfortable height boost for any occasion, whether navigating the boardwalk or heading to a cafe. They’re the ultimate go-to for a minimalist yet fashionable aesthetic. Slip into these wedges for a seamless blend of style and serenity.

Tip: Wear these with a white sundress and a straw hat for a chic beachy look.


  13. Color Pop Leisure: Plush Colorful Espadrilles

Plush pom-pom espadrille slides adding a burst of color to relaxed outdoor lounging

Inject a dose of playful charm into your relaxation time with these Color Pop Leisure espadrille slides adorned with plush pom-poms in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Perfect for adding a vibrant touch to any casual ensemble, these slides are as comfortable as they are eye-catching. Ideal for a laid-back day in the garden or a breezy evening on the patio, they promise to keep your feet in a party mood all day long. Let your leisure moments be as lively and colorful as your spirit with these fun-loving espadrilles.

Tip: Style these with a denim jacket and a midi dress for a transitional spring or fall outfit.


  14. Daisy Daydream: Ribbon-Tie Espadrilles

White daisy-embellished espadrille flats with elegant ribbon ties on a light background

Float through your day in these Daisy Daydream espadrille flats, where whimsical daisy embellishments meet the grace of soft ribbon ties.

These flats evoke the carefree bliss of a walk through a wildflower meadow, making them a delightful choice for picnics, park visits, or any day you wish to carry the freshness of spring in your step.

The crisp white fabric and charming florals are a breath of fresh air, perfectly complementing a light, breezy wardrobe for that dreamy, sunlit vibe.

Tip: Pair these with a linen jumpsuit for a comfortable yet stylish travel outfit.


  15. Mexican Mural: Artisanal Embroidered Espadrille Platforms

Artisanal tan espadrille platforms with colorful Mexican-inspired embroidery, paired with denim

Celebrate vibrant culture at your feet with these Mexican Mural espadrille platforms. The handcrafted embroidery showcases vivid designs inspired by Mexico’s rich heritage, adding a festive flair to everyday wear.

These platforms pair perfectly with your favorite denim, embodying a fiesta spirit wherever you go. Not just a fashion statement, they’re a tribute to traditional artistry, blending comfort with the joyous soul of Mexican craftsmanship.


  16. Midnight Chic: Black Espadrille Wedges

Sleek black espadrille wedges with crisscross straps and a natural jute heel

Dive into sophistication with these Midnight Chic espadrille wedges.

They feature crisscross straps in classic black canvas atop a natural jute heel, the epitome of understated elegance. The ankle strap adds a secure, stylish finish, perfect for a night out or a refined brunch.

Pair these versatile wedges with anything from a sharp suit to a casual sundress for an effortlessly polished look that transitions smoothly from day to evening.

Tip: A lofty platform wedge wrapped with braided jute gives this ankle strap sandal an eye-catching resort aesthetic.


  17. Coral Charm: Braided Espadrille Heels

Coral suede espadrille heels with braided detail and chunky jute platform

Embrace the warmth of the season with these Coral Charm espadrille heels. The vibrant coral suede with intricate braiding detail adds a playful yet sophisticated touch to your ensemble.

Perched on a chunky jute platform, these heels are a perfect blend of style and stability, ideal for adding a splash of color to a summer dress or balancing out neutral-toned attire. Step into these for an instant mood lift and a stylish statement that won’t go unnoticed.

Tip: Texture adds depth and dimension to this espadrille sandal designed with the jute-wrapped platform and block-heel construction, complete with wide braided strap detailing that adds textural interest.


18. Suede Scallop: Soft-Edged Espadrille Wedges

Soft taupe suede espadrille wedges with scalloped straps and a woven heel

Step softly into elegance with these Suede Scallop espadrille wedges featuring delicately scalloped straps in supple taupe suede. The gentle curves of the design add a touch of femininity and grace, while the classic woven espadrille heel brings a timeless charm.

These wedges complement a flowing maxi dress or your favorite summer shorts, offering a subtle yet stylish lift to any look. With these on your feet, you’ll carry the essence of soft sophistication wherever you go. Whether a garden party or a seaside stroll, these wedges are your ticket to chic, comfortable style.

Tip: The sweet, eye-catching buckle adds charm and convenience to this sandal, set on a jute-wrapped wedge and platform, creating the ideal setting for sunny and carefree days ahead.


19. Sunshine Weave: Mustard Woven Espadrille Wedges

Mustard yellow woven espadrille wedges with a textured design and braided jute sole

Add a splash of sunny delight to your wardrobe with these Sunshine Weave espadrille wedges. The vibrant mustard yellow and woven texture bring a cheerful pop of color and artisanal flair to your day.

Balanced on a braided jute sole, these wedges fuse comfort with a summery zest. Perfect for brightening up a simple outfit or complementing a colorful summer dress, they’re a sure way to enter the warmer months with style and a smile.

Tip: A woven wedge and braided jute enhance this elegant sandal with espadrille styling. It’s secured using an adjustable slingback, so you can skip on those hot summer days without losing your step.


20. Lavender Luxe: Ribbon Lace-Up Espadrille Wedges

Soft lavender espadrille wedges with elegant ribbon lace-up ties and a woven platform

Infuse a touch of Lavender Luxe into your summer ensembles with these espadrille wedges. The soft lavender hue exudes a serene elegance, while the ribbon lace-up ties add a feminine grace, wrapping up the leg for a ballet-inspired silhouette.

Perched on a classic woven platform, these wedges blend timeless style with contemporary charm, perfect for garden parties or daytime outings. Let the soothing color and stylish design lift your spirits and style quotient.

Tip: This striking sandal with woven laces elevated by an espadrille wedge comes in two color tones!


21. Black Canvas Charm: Ankle-Strap Espadrilles

Black canvas espadrilles with jute soles paired with relaxed jeans.

Embrace timeless chic with these ankle-strap espadrilles. The black canvas and jute sole combo brings a classic, versatile look perfect for everyday flair. It is ideal with your go-to jeans for an effortlessly stylish vibe.


22. Coral Weave: Ribbon-Tie Espadrille Flats

Coral textured espadrille flats with ribbon ties for a sweet, summery look.

Step into the sweet side of summer with these ribbon-tie espadrille flats. The coral texture offers a fresh pop of color, perfect for sunny days and warm getaways.

Featuring a vibrant, textured fabric and chic ribbon ties, these flats are a stylish nod to warm-weather fun, ideal for beach strolls or patio brunches.

With a flair for the playful, they’re a charming addition to your sunny day ensembles.


23. Beige Buckle: Minimalist Espadrille Sandals

Beige espadrille sandals with buckle details, a staple for effortless style.

Discover the essence of minimalist chic with these Beige Buckle espadrille sandals. The clean lines and buckle accents offer a refined touch to these summer classics, perfect for a polished yet laid-back look.


24. White Woven Wonder: Lace-Up Espadrille Sandals

White lace-up espadrille flats with intricate woven details for a touch of boho elegance.

Embrace bohemian elegance with these White Woven Wonder espadrille flats. The lace-up design and intricate woven texture create an ethereal charm, perfect for completing a breezy summer outfit.


25. Poolside Perfection: Braided Espadrille Wedge Slides

Elevated braided espadrille wedge slides in a neutral tone, perfect for poolside glamour.

Soak up the sun in style with these Poolside Perfection espadrille wedge slides. The braided design adds texture and flair, while the substantial wedge heel offers a fashionable lift. Ideal for lounging by the pool or sipping cocktails on the terrace, these slides are a must-have for any summer soiree. Their neutral tone makes them a versatile choice, pairing effortlessly with swimwear or a flowy maxi dress.


  26. Summer Glow: Ankle-Strap Espadrille Wedges

Chic ankle-strap espadrille wedges in a creamy hue, ideal for capturing that effortless summer glow.

Step into the season with these Summer Glow espadrille wedges. Their creamy color and sleek ankle strap epitomize warm-weather elegance, perfect for sunny days and balmy nights.

The wedge design offers both height and comfort, making them a versatile choice for everything from beachside strolls to rooftop parties. Pair them with a breezy skirt or

casual shorts to highlight your sun-kissed legs, and let the subtle charm of these wedges complement any summer ensemble.


  27. Strappy Elegance: Lace-Up Espadrille Platforms

Nude lace-up espadrille platforms with a leg-elongating design, perfect for a chic summer look.

Elevate your style with these Strappy Elegance espadrille platforms. The lace-up ties snake up the leg, offering an adjustable fit and a dash of allure. These platforms celebrate summer fashion, blending a neutral palette with a bold design.

Whether paired with a flirty dress or tailored shorts, they will turn heads and add a touch of sophistication to your warm-weather wardrobe.


28. Pure Sophistication: White Espadrille Flatforms

White espadrille flatforms with a sleek design and metallic accents, ideal for a refined summer statement.

Step out in Pure Sophistication with these pristine white espadrille flatforms. The clean lines and metallic buckle details add a modern twist to the classic summer shoe.

Perfect for those who love elegance and edge, these flatforms will complement any chic ensemble, from day dresses to evening wear.


29. Golden Hour Glam: Woven Espadrille Wedges

Woven espadrille wedges in a golden hue, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any summer outfit.

Capture the essence of the golden hour with these woven espadrille wedges.

Their rich golden color and delicate ankle straps provide a luxurious feel, ideal for those sunset events or stylish summer outings.

These wedges are a versatile look that pairs seamlessly with anything from a crisp white dress to casual shorts, elevating your look with a glamorous yet comfortable lift.


30. Green Goddess of Summer: Braided green espadrille sandals

Lastly, these bright olive green sandals should be your go-to if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Just be careful pairing them with your outfits, as the color should be the statement on its own. You will make heads turn any day of the summer with these beauties! 


Why are Espadrille Sandals Excellent for Summer Footwear?

Espadrille sandals combine style and comfort for the ideal summer footwear solution, making them the perfect footwear option.

Ideal for garden parties and barbecues, weddings, and outdoor concerts, Espadrilles add elegance and versatility to any ensemble.

They are available in multiple colors and styles to meet different fashion tastes.

Plus, some feature large platform soles for added height while remaining casually comfortable!



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