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How to Grow Hair Faster: 10 Clever Ways That Work

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how to grow hair faster,

It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair or straight hair, with a hue of brown, blond, or even hot pink!

Growing out healthy hair to great lengths can be frustrating. Plus, the process can be slow, as each day seems as if there is no change, and that is often disappointing.

However, there are so many factors and reasons why your hair grows at the rate it does, and there are actually some things that you can control.

Here are some easy ways to get the long, flowing locks that you have always dreamed about!

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10 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

how to grow hair faster,

1. Eat a Balanced Diet.

Your hair is an outward manifestation of what is happening on the inside of your body.

Hence, eating healthy and nutritious foods that are rich in Omega-3, as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits, can contribute to growing thicker and longer hair faster.

A balanced diet also provides the best possible vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for stronger tresses.


2. Take Your Vitamins.

Hair is a protein that grows using the nutrition and vitamins that are provided by your diet.

However, if your daily food intake is just not cutting it, supplementing your body with a vitamin that is designed especially for boosting hair growth should help.

Many times, vegans and vegetarians are tasked with doing this because they have little or no animal protein in the food that they eat. 

So, if you are not getting your share of daily vitamins, now is a great time to add them to your daily habits. This way you can grow your hair longer and faster. 

Here are a few vitamins you need for faster hair growth:


3. Get used to your Natural Color.

A lot of us find it tempting to warm our hair hue to a platinum or honey blonde in the summer and darken it to a soft coffee brown come autumn. But don’t!

Chemical processing your hair repeatedly means repetitive damage to your hair. This also means that while it is growing from your head, it is splitting and breaking at the bottom, which results in you not gaining any hair length.

Ironically, dyeing your hair a darker shade, preferably within three shades of your natural hue, does a lot less damage than bleaching it lighter.

So, if you have to dye your hair, stick to hues that are closest to your natural hair color so you can keep growing your hair out long. 


4. Dial Back on the Heat.

If you want fast hair growth, stylists maintain that air drying after the shower is still best.

However, we all know that this is not always feasible. If you have a place to be, and you need to dry your hair to style it quickly, you are certainly going to reach for the hairdryer.

Also, speaking of this, heat-up styling tools are a necessary evil if your hair is too straight or too curly. So, how do you protect your vulnerable mane?

Use your tools, including the dryer, on the lowest setting that is still effective.

Also, try applying a hair protectant before using heat in any form. Added heat has been known to cause hair to snap and tear, eliminating the length of the healthy hair that you already have.


5. Consider using Minoxidil.

This ingredient, which is the primary agent of the drug Rogaine, can be used for fast hair growth, even though many people think that it is only for reversing hair loss.

What it does on both fronts is push each hair follicle into its growth phase. It uses stimulation and the release of growth factors to accomplish this, and it is quite effective when it is administered on a consistent basis!


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6. Try a Moisturizing Hair Mask.

While shampooing and conditioning are both important, a comprehensive conditioning treatment can strengthen your ends so they won’t break as easily.

It does this by adding much-needed moisture to a threatened part of your hair that needs it. By preventing its breakage, you will have healthy hair that maintains its length.


7. Shampoo Less!

You’ll hear the great shampoo debate over and over.

Many people wash their hair daily while others wait up to a week. If you don’t lather up enough, your oily scalp will result in clogged pores and eventual stunt future hair growth.

That said, if you wash too much, you can strip all of the natural oils from the skin and your pores will over-produce oil to replace what is missing.

That means the amount of washings per week is strictly dependent on how oily or dry your hair and scalp are. Every person is different, so you know what works best for you.

On another note, colored hair does seem to stay dryer with less oil over natural hair, and, as such, you should be able to go longer between shampoos.

Just know that washing your hair too much will inhibit hair fast growth and can also result in split ends.


8. Don’t Rely on Dry Shampoo.

Using this life-changing product is alright but in moderation. Using it nearly every day allows impurities, dirt, and excess oil to accumulate near the hair shafts on the scalp.

If they are not removed regularly, the pores and hair follicles cannot effectively breathe and grow respectively.

Remember, dry shampoo removes some oil so your hair appears cleaner, but it is actually leaving dirt and impurities behind.


9. Trim your Tresses.

This may seem counterintuitive since you want to grow your hair fast, but an inch or two removed is a better step toward hair growth than several breaks and splits that go up each hair shaft due to leaving it uncut. 

The result of this could mean five or more inches lost, most of the time unevenly, so your mane is nothing more than a wrecked, thinning mess.

Basically, you are eliminating the primary cause of loss of length retention if you don’t trim your hair at the very least every six weeks. 


10. Sleep on Silk.

Lastly, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a simple way to prevent minor breakage and grow your hair fast.

As you toss and turn at night, the friction caused by cotton pillowcases leads to a lot of splitting and damage to your hair. Whereas, a satin or silk pillowcase effectively eliminates this from happening.

Lots of models do this beauty step and so should you!



There are many things that you can do to help your hair grow faster besides just sitting around and waiting.

As long as you take care of your health, clean and maintain proper scalp care, and do everything in your power to prevent split ends, you should have an easier time growing your hair to your desired length and do such in a shorter period of time!


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