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17 Glam Hairstyles For That Old Hollywood Look

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Are you searching for ways to add glamour and sophistication to your hairstyle? If so, perhaps peering at our selection would do just the trick!

Glam Hairstyles

Are you preparing for a glitzy event or want to add sparkle to your day style? Glamorous hairstyles will change and increase confidence.

Classic hairstyles evoke vintage Hollywood, from elegant updos with stylish accessories to glamorous styles that exude class and sophistication.

Make an event truly unforgettable with these stunning and captivating styles, guaranteed to turn heads and win hearts alike. Perfect for making any celebration worthwhile.

Let’s explore the world of glamorous hairstyles and discover the perfect style that shows your style and personality!


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Glam Hairstyles

1. How do I ensure that my glam hairstyle lasts all night during an event?

To ensure that your stylish hairstyle stays attractive at any time, start by preparing your hair with a quality heat-protectant before the styling. Apply a hairspray with a firm hold to create your look, and you can also consider hair accessories like bobby pins and bobby pins that match your hair’s shade to secure loose hair locks. In addition, you should carry a miniature hairspray or a travel-sized product to quickly touch up your hair and ensure your hair looks perfect throughout the night.

Glam Hairstyles

2. Are glam hairstyles only appropriate for long hair, or can they be modified to shorter lengths, too?

Glamorous hairstyles aren’t only for long hair! The short hairstyles can be fashioned to create sleek bobs, Pixie cuts with textured layers, or accentuated with stylish hair accessories that exude elegance. Techniques such as curls, waves, or a deep side parting can give a sophisticated touch to shorter hairstyles.

Glam Hairstyles

3. What are easy ways to add glamour to my daily hairstyle?

Add an instant boost of glamour with glitter. An exquisite hair clip or headband studded with jewels can provide instantaneous shine; for casual day hairstyles, a wraparound hairstyle to conceal elastic is also an effective way to accent a neat hairstyle. A few carefully placed curls or volume-enhancing products can transform an ordinary look into something elegant and fashionable.


17 Glam Hairstyles For That Old Hollywood Look

Glam Hairstyle ideas

If you are searching for ways to add glamour and sophistication to your hairstyle, look at our selection below!

1. Chic Top Knot Majesty

Elegant high-top knot hairstyle on a lady with stunning makeup.

source Pinterest

The stylish top knot is a king for its refined and polished appearance. The hair is pulled back to show off the most striking features. This style has a modern elegance that is both stylish and practical. It’s the perfect mix of elegance and sophistication for the glam-loving modern.


2. Sleek Cascade of Glam

Elegant woman with a chic ponytail and cascading waves.

Source Pinterest

This style symbolizes elegant appeal, thanks to the smooth, sleek ponytail that creates beautiful waves. It combines freedom of movement and control, ideal for those who dress with class and a touch of sexiness.


3. Whimsical Bun with a Wispy Bang

A woman with a high bun and soft, soft bangs framing her face.

Source Pinterest

This fun take on the traditional bun, enhanced by feather-light bangs, gives it a flirty and fresh twist. This hairstyle combines a relaxed attitude with a classiness, perfecting for an informal day out or an extravagant evening event.


4. Elevated Elegance High Ponytail

Woman with a voluminous high ponytail with a style with Owen Gould.

via Instagram @owengould

This hairstyle was created by the famous hairstylist Owen Gould, whose artistry is showcased via Instagram as @owengould.

It is the definition of a perfect ponytail. It is an ideal blend of height, volume, and fluidity to create an elegant, sophisticated, sleek look. An authentic celebration of your fashion, it’s an eye-catching accessory that can be paired with any stylish outfit.


5. Sleek Chic Ponytail Profile

Side image of a woman sporting a sleek, stylish ponytail haircut.

This photo shows an elegant and smooth ponytail, a flawless look conveying calm confidence. The simplicity of the design makes it stand out, showing that elegance can be found in subtle elegance. It is a perfect fit for those who are looking for subtle elegance.


6. Pearl-Embellished Waves of Wonder

Women have long, curly hair embellished with pearls and hair pieces.

Beautiful waves mix with the delicate beauty that pearls bring to this gorgeous hairstyle. Every curl is a swath of class, and the scattered pearls provide an enchanting yet elegant accent. This hairstyle is ideal for bridal occasions or any occasion that calls for a touch of fairytale glamour.


7. Sleek Sophistication with a Smile

Woman with a sleek hairstyle pulled back and radiant makeup.

This style embodies elegant sophistication. Each hair strand is pulled back smoothly to highlight a radiant smile and dazzling highlights. It’s the definition of sleek beauty, ideal for those who love the minimalist yet elegant look.


8. Retro Glamour, Modern Twist

Woman with classic Hollywood hair as well as bold red lips.

This style is an ode to Hollywood’s golden age, reimagined for modern-day divas. The lustrous, deep waves paired with a bold red lip provide a sophisticated look that’s timeless and contemporary.


9. Waves of Charisma

Glamorous woman with voluminous side-swept waves.

This style is the perfect example of awe, thanks to its gorgeous side-swept curls that embody contemporary glam. It commands attention and is ideal for making an imposing yet elegant style statement.


10. Sleek and Flowing Elegance

A woman with a sleek ponytail that is transforming into flowing waves.


This style combines modern elegance with romantic waves to create a sophisticated, elegant and gorgeously feminine appearance. The beautiful combination reveals women’s elegance and grace as timeless and modern models.


11. Bridal Brilliance in Curls

Bride with voluminous curls and a sparkling flower hairpiece.

Via Pinterest

This wedding hairstyle combines a chorus of curls dancing on the shoulders with a stunning hairpiece that draws light and attention. It’s an expression of love and fashion that is as classic as modern.


12. Platinum Waves of Elegance

Woman with platinum blonde hair styled with chic waves.

The platinum blonde waves featured in this style give an exquisite look to natural hair movement. It’s designed to capture light and admiration with equal grace. It’s a stunning and softly romantic style.


13. Lace and Grace Hairstyle

Bride with long hair and soft waves in a lace-embroidered dress.

This style oozes elegant grace and is enhanced by the exquisite details of the lace gown. Soft waves frame the face and drop across the back. They create a picture of subtle elegance, perfect for a wedding day or glamourous evening out that will be unforgettable.


14. Bold and Beautiful Updo

Woman with a voluminous teased updo and striking lip color.

This dramatic hairstyle is a stunning beauty with voluminous teasing. It’s a bold look that perfectly matches classic red lips to create the perfect dramatic and gorgeous look.


15. Cascading Curls of Glamour

Woman with deep, gorgeous brunette curls and glam makeup.

These gorgeous, deep brunette curls are an ode to elegance. They have the perfect volume and depth to attract and fascinate, ideal for any occasion you’d like your hairstyle to be heard and seen.


16. Vintage Flair with a Modern Edge

Young woman with vintage-inspired hairstyles and waves.

This style is a beautiful combination of the past and the present. It’s a lovely blend of vintage-inspired waves complemented by modern hair accessories. It evokes the nostalgia of the past but with a contemporary, spirited twist.


17. Old Hollywood Glam Reimagined

Glamorous woman with classic Hollywood curls and big lipstick.

Via Instagram

The hairstyle is a beautiful payback to Old Hollywood and features lustrous hair that frames the face beautifully and is complemented by a stunning red lip. It’s a mix of vintage glamour and contemporary style that is sure to attract.


Want more hairstyle ideas? Take a look at these!


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