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174 How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

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Do you worry that your partner may not be listening? These “how well do you know me questions” for couples will build your bond. Spend this evening together in a comfortable setting to make it memorable.

how well do you know me questions for couples, how well do you know me game

Have you ever felt that voice in your head saying, “does my significant other who truly loves me know me?”

Or maybe you would like to get to know who you are dating better and would like a fun way to do it?

Well if you are looking for a cute way to test your loved one or whoever you are dating, I’ve prepared a comprehensive list of “how well do you know me” questions for couples. 

With these 174 how well do you know me questions for couples, you’ll have the perfect chance to exchange information in a unique and fun way while also learning new and exciting things about each other.

These questions are all focused on “how well do you know me” for your significant other so that you and your partner can ask and answer these questions and get to know each other better.

Start learning about each other in a fun way today!


What are how well do you know me questions?

Before you begin asking each other questions, it is imperative to remember that if your loved one doesn’t know something about you to a) don’t take it personally, and b) have fun bonding!

The how well do you know me questions for couples are all about bonding; these questions are to learn new and exciting things about one another and ultimately get to know each other better.


How to play “how well do you know me questions” for couples.

The purpose of the “how well do you know me” questions is to test someone’s knowledge about that person in a fun way.

It’s a fun and friendly competition to better get to know who you are dating or in a relationship with, especially for romantic partners.

Follow these guidelines to play the how well do you know me game:

    • Sit down with your partner to play the game.
    • Take a look at the following questions below.
    • Ask each other your favorite questions taking turns.
    • If they are wrong, the other player should correct them.
    • The person asking the question, and the person answering the question, can both write down their answers if they wish. Writing down your answers allows for no changed answers and makes it a little more competitive.
    • Show each other the answers to see if they match!
    • To make the game even more competitive add a point system (allotting points to specific questions), for example, you can add 2 points for each travel question and 3 points for each personal question. The person with the most points wins!


Disclosure for “how well do you know me?” game.

Before you play the game and test one another, I want you to know that I personally selected these questions to help you bond at home.

I also want to disclose that I made sure there weren’t any trigger questions that could bring up painful memories or reveal something about someone they aren’t willing to share.

The questions for couples in this game are very friendly, so don’t worry about them triggering you.

My research revealed that many questions could embarrass someone and can trigger past trauma.

You can be sure that you can be 100% confident in these “how well do you know me” questions and that this game is a fun game that can be played at home with your partner or any other person you see fit.

Side note If you feel that any of the “how well do you know me” questions in this article is triggering, please let me know through my contact page.

Now have fun playing this game!


174 how well do you know me questions for couples.

how well do you know me questions for couples

Here are the best and fun “how well do you know me” questions:

Questions for couples.

1. What was my favorite sport I played as a child?

2. Have I ever had any near-death experiences?

3. What chores at my home do I like to do?

4. What is my fondest childhood memory?

5. Which was the worst food I’ve ever eaten? And who made it?

6. What gets under my skin?

7. What makes me funny?

8. Which position do I always sleep in during the night?

9. Did I grow up in a particular religion?

10. What was my first impression of you?

11. Which actors would we be if our lives were a movie?

12. Who is the pickiest eater, you or me?

13. What’s the strangest text you have ever received from me?

14. Would I rather be famous or rich?

15. What keeps me going each day?

16. What is my most embarrassing memory?

17. What was my first observation of you?

18. What is my main goal for the year?

19. What makes me insecure and jealous?

20. What is the best practical joke I have ever pulled off?

Fun Couple questions to ask

21. What are my life goals as of right now?

22. What makes me feel the most loved?

23. Do I prefer the toilet paper rolled under or over?

24. What is the most essential thing in my life right now?

25. Do I want to have children?

26. What would my ideal dream home look like?

27. At what age do I want to retire, and where do I want to be when retired?

28. Do I become easily jealous?

29. Would you say I am an honest person?

30. Can I tell if food has gone bad by smelling it?

how well do you know me questions

31. What is my favorite scent?

32. Do I believe love can last forever?

33. At what age do I want to retire, and where do I want to be when retired?

34. Which religion do my parents follow?

35. Where was I born, and if you really know me, what time?

36. Are there supernatural things that I believe are true?

37. Where was our first photo taken together?

38. What are my thoughts about open relationships?

39. What is the worst word I think people can say?

40. What month is my mother’s birthday?

41. Do I prefer a more extended vacation or weekly mini-vacations?

42. Which location would I choose for your dream vacation?

43. Which is my favorite body part of yours?

44. How do you know when I’m having a bad day?

45. What happened to my last relationship?

46. What’s my favorite thing about you?

47. Which places would I love to travel and visit with you?

48. Is there a sex story that I find embarrassing?

49. What word would I say that sums up your parents?

50. What is the maiden name of my mother?

What are good couples questions?

51. What is my guilty pleasure?

52. What makes me smile every day?

53. Which was my least favorite subject at school?

54. What is the ideal birthday gift for me?

55. I was asked if I would prefer to live in a luxurious mansion in the country or a small apartment in the city, which one would I choose?

56. How do I handle stressful situations?

57. Who are my main role models?

58. Do I consider myself a creative person?

59. Which date was my favorite that we had?

60. How do I drink my coffee?

61. What is the best way I answer my mother’s phone calls?

62. What’s the most excellent piece of advice I always say to people?

63. How often do I speak to my parents?

64. Does my family gather around one large dinner table during holidays?

65. What would I choose to erase from my past?

good couples questions

66. Who was my favorite teacher growing up?

67. What age was I when I had my first kiss?

68. Do I prefer to work for someone else or run my own company?

69. Am I still friends with any of my ex-partners?

70. What is my dream date night?

 71. What was the worst thing I did as a child?

72. What’s the most bizarre thing I have ever given as a gift to a family member?

73. What is my biggest fear?

74. Which is my favorite body part of myself?

75. What’s my biggest pet peeve?

76. Which family member is my most favorite?

77. What do I always get at Starbucks?


Good couples questions to ask.

78. If I could get any car, what would it be?

79. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for me?

80. Who was my role model in childhood?

81 In 5 years, how would I like my life to look?

82. Between the two, do I prefer to vacuum the house or mow the lawn?

83. Where do I dream of living in the future?

84. What’s my dream job?

85. What’s my natural hair color?

86. Who was my celebrity crush as a child?

87. What is my weight goal for this year?

88. Who in my family can I not get along with but want to?

89. What core value would I have for raising children if I had them?

90. Which one has a greater appetite, you or me?

91. Have I lived with a past ex before?

92. What makes me unique and special?

how well do you know me, questions for couples

93. Are there any morning rituals that I follow?

94. What is the name of my grandmother?

95. Am I ready to have children?

96. What parts of my body have birthmarks?

97. What name would I choose for myself if you had the chance to choose a name other than my own?

98. Do I have a goal-driven personality?

99. What’s my shoe size?

100. What is it that makes me feel the most alive?

101. As of right now, do I care more about money or my passions?

102. What’s my favorite breakfast food that I love to eat when I can?

103. What is my middle name or the first letter?

104. Which fictional character is my most favorite?

105. Which would I rather: a successful career or be a stay-at-home mom?

106. What day is my father’s birthday?

107. What was/is my favorite subject at school?

108. What is one of my greatest insecurity?

109. What is my zodiac sign?

110. How many siblings do my parents have?


Good conversation questions.

111. When it comes to money, what was the best decision I’ve ever made?

112. Which is the most precious moment we have shared?

113. Are all my family members religious?

114. Can I cook well?

115. What would my most perfect day consist of?

116. When did I know I liked you?

117. What was my favorite memory from my childhood?

118. Can I speak other languages?

119. What was my biggest goal last year?

120. What is my favorite thing about me?

121. What is my favorite thing about you?

122. If someone offered me a job that involved a lot of travel, would I take it?

123. What did we do on our first date?

124. If you could describe me in three words, what would they be?

125. Do I have siblings? If so, how many?

126. If I could choose to meet anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

127. What would I like for my parents to have when I get older?

128. What did we do the first time we stayed in together?

129. What would the decor of my dream home resemble?

130. What was the dumbest way I have ever hurt myself?

131. Which flower is my most favorite?

132. Does my family give each other Christmas gifts?

133. What’s my father’s name?

134. Do I prefer to eat out or cook dinner at home?

135. What made me stand out to you?

136. Are my parents still together today?

137. Which person do I most respect in my life? Why?

138. Did my family teach me that certain things are intrinsically “good” or “bad?”

139. Which do I value most: freedom to be spontaneous or carefully planning?

140. How good am I at staying in contact with my family?


Fun couples questions.

141. How long do I spend looking in the mirror every day?

142. Do I have a goal-driven personality?

143. Which town or city was I raised in?

144. What is my biggest wish for my kids if I had them?

145. What is the most important thing in my life right now?

146. Are there any allergies that I have?

147. What is the strangest family tradition my family has?

148. What was the name of my elementary school?

149. What is my most favorite word to say right now?

150. What was the most costly mistake I’ve ever made?


Interesting couples questions.

151. Where would I like to spend a honeymoon?

152. Which would I rather: a job that includes traveling or a work-from-home job?

153. What word would I say that sums up my parents?

154. Where was the first place we kissed in public?

155. Who is my oldest friend?

156. What do I think about group vacations?

157. Do I look more like my father or my mother?

158. What movie makes me cry every time I watch it?

159. What are some of the highest-valued things on my bucket list?

160. What are my thoughts about marriage?


Random couples questions.

161. Which is my most favorite dessert?

162. What was my childhood nickname growing up?

163. What is the one job I would never do even if paid well?

164. What are my life’s dreams?

165. How many serious relationships have I had?

166. How many children do I want, as of right now?

167. What is my most favorite spot to visit?

168. Are there any values I picked up from my family?

169. What household chores am I most unhappy doing?

170. What was my least favorite part of my childhood?

171. What would you write on a warning label about me?

172. What’s the sweetest thing I’ve done for you?

173. Which side do I prefer? My father’s or my mother’s?

174. Which places would I love to travel to solo?


Conclusion “how well do you know me” questions.

It is a well-known fact that it is easy to become distracted by daily life’s challenges and lose our connections with others, especially when it comes down to the repetitive tasks we face every day.

Moreover, it’s highly likely that our conversations with one another can become so common about household chores and other things that we stop asking each other interesting questions.

So aside from the fact that learning more about one another is a fun thing to do at home together!

If you ask a few of these “how well do you know me?” questions each day, or if you dive right in asking all of these questions in one sitting, just keep the conversation going and keep asking each other questions.

The “how well do you know me?” questions are not only a great game to play at home, (especially when you’re bored) but if you are looking for an excellent way to get to know each other better, asking questions certainly gets the conversation going!

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