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55 Things To Do at Home When You’re Bored or Lonely

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55+ Creative Things to Do When You're Bored to Pass the Time - Everything Abode

Some days we may feel bored or lonely. And then there are some days where it’s intense boredom and loneliness.

So, for the days when you wake up feeling disconnected from the world, or for the nights when you have absolutely nothing to do, it doesn’t have to be difficult to know what to do with your time. 

And if you find that you don’t have much to do — or not so many places to go for the times when you are feeling intense loneliness and boredom— know that it’s a completely normal state. We all get a little antsy and start feeling lost when we are left alone to our own devices. 

Not to worry though!

You will soon learn that finding healthy distractions that have a goal-oriented action step (one that gets you moving or thinking in a different way) will be your saving grace and of great value to you, especially when you are bored, lonely, and have a lot of extra time to fill.

So let’s go over why we feel this intense feeling when we have nothing to do and then you’ll have 55 creative ideas for things to do ALL over the house, so the next time when you’re feeling bored or would just like to pass the time better, you’ve got something productive and fun to do!


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What to do when you’re bored?

It’s time for you to find something that will relieve your boredom. People who are bored or unsure of their next steps can find many options.

However, it’s okay to not be motivated at all. When feeling overwhelmed and without any prospects, the next best thing to do is take a deep breath and dive into whatever activity interests you.

Whether it’s reading up about new hobbies online or meeting face to face, when you feel bored, again it’s time to do something that will make your boredom go away, the moment you start feeling stir crazy.


Why do we experience boredom?

Loneliness and boredom are inherent in all human existence. That’s because we are wired to stay busy and when we are not, it’s only inevitable and natural to feel bored and lonely when we have so many choices, and no one to share them with or nothing suitable to fic the mood.

And experiencing it is also completely normal.


Can feeling bored and lonely be passed down from genetics?

According to researchers, did you know that loneliness can also be transmitted from parent to infant?

Genetic evidence from this study from twins demonstrates that a “loneliness” characteristic component was actually made up of their genetic make-up.


Do you have to be alone to experience boredom?

Believe it or not, individuals can also experience feelings of boredom as a result of their interactions with others. This is due to the fact that loneliness can also bring on bouts of feeling bored because it is also an infectious quality.

According to this study, individuals who are not alone seem to feel lonely and bored MORE when exposed to lonely people.


What’s the Difference Between Boredom and Loneliness?

What to do when you're bored, things to do when bored, woman leaning on sofa with bored look on her face in her living room.

To answer the question, “am I lonely or just bored?”, or if you’re feeling lonely and bored and can’t decipher the two?

It can be hard to tell the difference, so here are some things to think about when it comes to comparing loneliness and boredom.

Boredom is not the same as loneliness.

Loneliness is a state in which a person doesn’t have someone to share their feelings with or when they are unable to cope with their emotions internally.

They can feel lonely if they live alone or if they have been separated from people for an extended period of time.

Loneliness is also a state of mind in which someone has an unsatisfied desire for companionship, normally human companionship.

There is still a lot to learn when it comes to feeling lonely, with regards to the mental health of feeling lonely and learning how to cope with it. 

This brings us to the comparison when someone is feeling bored…


Loneliness is not the same as boredom.

Boredom is another common feeling we all experience from time to time.

Because loneliness is a mental state in which someone is unsatisfied with companionship, usually human companionship.

Boredom is more subjective because the outward stimulation is considered “unsatisfactory”. And when a person feels bored, they don’t often associate that feeling with constructiveness.

Boredom can also be defined as a person who isn’t in the mood for any activity. And boredom is when someone gets tired of doing one thing and desires another.


What to do when you’re bored at home alone?

Did you know that you can combat feeling bored and lonely at home by doing one thing right now?

All you have to do is anchor yourself at the moment you feel bored, make a final decision on what you would like to do, and turn that final decision of yours into your new indoor hobby.

Not only will making a final decision make a huge difference right away, but if you make that final decision as your new indoor hobby, you will also get into a routine and not be so bored at home anymore!

Let’s take, for example, that you decide to bake a cake right now!

After all, baking is one of the most popular creative indoor hobbies that you can do to combat feeling bored or lonely at home.

Now, let’s say that you also decided to do extensive research to find the perfect recipe to bake. 

This is the kind of distraction (researching recipes) that you want to avoid and eliminate to combat feeling bored the moment boredom strikes!

Just pick a recipe that you know you have the ingredients for and bake!

Making concrete decisions like these and turning those decisions into a potential new hobby of yours, will help you get one step closer to feeling less bored at home.


Eliminate time wasters!

Another thing to always remember, especially when you are feeling intense boredom at home is to eliminate activities (that you believe with absolute confidence), which are a waste of time for you.

You’ll be far more productive and less bored in the long run because if you eliminate time-wasters like watching tv, scrolling social media, and indecisiveness, you’ll be set up for success!

Now, let’s help you start turning these uneasy feelings around so they don’t start affecting the other surrounding areas in your life.

Here are 55 creative (and fun!!) creative and inspiring things you can do at home (right now) to pass the time so you can stop feeling lonely and bored instantly! 


55+ Creative Things to Do When You’re Bored to Pass the Time

55+ Creative Things to Do When You're Bored to Pass the Time --- Everything Abode

1. Bake a cake. You don’t need a special occasion to find a good cake recipe. Pick a recipe with the ingredients that you already have in your pantry and fridge and BAKE. Once you crack that egg, you can’t stop until you are done and you’ll be so pleased with yourself for carrying through with it because you’ll end up with a delicious treat or meal that makes you question why you don’t bake enough. 


2. Clean your floors. Cleaning does not seem at first glance to be an appealing way to fill in boredom, but it’s actually good for mental health. It’ll take your mind away from thinking about the past and keep you ‘in the moment’ as you clean away all the grime.


3. Organize your books in a different way. If you have a lot of books, sort your shelves by genre, or try organizing them by author instead.


4.  Practice your handwriting. We are so used to typing that we don’t practice writing by hand as our ancestors did. Writing is a great way to jot down some fresh new ideas or if you’ve been meaning to write a letter but haven’t simply because our day in age doesn’t call for it as much when you’re bored or lonely, writing is a great time to do it.


5. Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you can plan to meet at a park and catch up.


6. Make a scrapbook with your favorite recipes, newspaper clippings, or photos. Put whatever makes you happy in there. Give it meaning, so it can be something that you can hold onto for years to come.


7. Sort through your clothes. Figure out what can go to the thrift store and what you can clean and hang up properly again. The process can be fun, and a clearer closet is truly satisfying.


8. Change the curtains or clean them. Since we can’t reach them, curtains are often neglected during cleaning time. Replace them or clean them. Cleaning all the dust off that’s accumulated throughout the years will be very satisfying and if you opt to buy new curtains or blinds, your living space will have an instant facelift all because you were bored and decided to finally get to cleaning them.


9. Listen to a new podcast. Finding a new podcast series is like finding a new Netflix series. Once you find one that resonates with you, you’ll want to listen to it everywhere you go. And since podcasts usually go for so much longer and are quite in-depth on the subject at hand, you can also listen to them in the car while driving or during a bath, or while cooking. It’s a win-win!


10. Create a self-love list. Do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug, and start practicing a little self-love. Write out all the things you love about YOU! And if you need a little help, check out these self-worth quotes for more inspiration.


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55+ Creative Things to Do When You're Bored to Pass the Time - Everything Abode

11. Read an old favorite book. You might find you understand it better the second time.


12. Press leaves and flowers from your garden in an old dictionary. Later, use them in picture frames as decor on the wall.


13. Meditate. Find a place where it’s peaceful and practice breathing. Sometimes that loneliness you feel is a cry from your soul to seek out peace.


14. Finish the laundry. Don’t leave the dry clothes in the drier; take it all out, fold it, or hang it up.


15. Dress up. Put on a dress to walk to the mailbox. Take the time to fix your hair because you’ll feel a boost of self-esteem.


16. Start a garden and plant all sorts of things. It’ll give you a reason to go outside every morning!


17. Random acts of kindness. If you have a relative who recently lost a loved one, send them a gift card or a thoughtful letter.


18. Learn a new language. Certain applications you can download on your phone make language learning super easy.


19. Keep journals. It’s a classic tip for anxiety to write your worries on the pages of a journal.


20. Go through the miscellaneous items that you have no use for and discard what you don’t need. Nearly everybody in their house has artifacts that make us shake our heads. Throw it out.

Enroll in an online course for something - Everything Abode

21. Enroll in an online course for something that you’ve always wanted to learn. Don’t leave it on your bucket list!


22. Toss out things you do not need. A clearer house reflects a clearer mind.


23. Learn to knit and make yourself a blanket using colors that you love.


24. Try origami and fill your room with adorable paper projects.


25. Sing, even if you don’t like your voice. Singing has surprising benefits against anxiety.


26. Watch something new on Netflix, a show you wouldn’t normally watch. There are many inspiring Netflix shows you can watch to uplift your mood


27. Sit in the sunlight. It will help lift your spirits to go outside.


28. Write a poem.


29. Adopt a pet. Staying at home is a lot more fun when you have a furry friend to share little moments with. But big disclaimer to this one; don’t adopt a pet to cure an underlying problem for a quick fix. Do it out of love for both you and the furry companion!


30.  Clear up your phone. You don’t need all the selfies on there; having a clearer phone will also help it work faster.


31. Change your hairstyle. Try a new, daring hair color.


32. Weed out your flower beds. Weeds grow fast and will block out your flowers!


33. Make a gratitude list.


34. Sort through your accessories and give away what you aren’t crazy about anymore.


35. Make a care package for a friend and send it in the mail. Uplifting others is a great way to get out of your head when you’re feeling bored and lonely and it’s also a great way to show that you are thinking of them and that you care. 


36. Check up on your neighbors. Give them a plate of cookies and remind them that you’re around.


37. Decorate cookies. These can be the same cookies you baked if you followed tip one. And it’s relaxing to make a pretty sugar cookie! The design along with the intricacy in details can take your mind to a calming place while you are doing it. 


38. Try scriptwriting. Write a script for a commercial and see if you enjoy the process.


39. Do a facial. When your skin feels better, the world won’t feel so overwhelming.


40. Clean out your drawers. We all have messy drawers, and since you need something to take your mind off of feeling bored or lonely or if you happen to be in a bad mood, if you do one drawer at a time and start folding, it’ll keep you occupied and out of your head.


41. String fairy lights around your house. This may sound daunting but sprucing up your home is a great mood lifter. Try it out and see how the ambiance makes you feel at home after.


42. Paint your walls. It’ll make your living space prettier and if you pick a relaxing and calming color, you’ll discover other ways to make your home feel cozy and calm and just the way it ought to be.


43 – Make bookmarks out of cardboard and write your favorite quotes on them with Sharpies. Sometimes we come across the right inspiring quote at the right time but forget to bookmark it or remember it. Doing this little task is one little thing you can do to help you feel less alone, less bored, and more inspired.


44. Try to draw a self-portrait. Sometimes bringing out the kid in us is a great way to feel fun and carefree. And since adulting can be really stressful and hard at times, if you grab a paper and pencil and start drawing; it’s at least a start to trying new things at home for the times when you are feeling bored and uninspired.


45. Make a homemade scented candle. Did you know that you can even sell homemade candles as a side hustle? Find out more here!


46. Change and wash the bedsheets. You’ll feel better when you know you’re sleeping someplace fresh and clean.


47. Learn about a historical figure. Since this one is researched-based with not that much action, learning more about your community or someone that you didn’t know prior, can still broaden your perspective on your own circumstances. If anything else, it can also broaden your knowledge when talking about certain events to your friends and family.


48. Video chat with a friend and make this video chat count. Get ready like you’re going out, do your hair and make-up, and have your favorite beverage ready, and don’t forget to tell your friend to do the same. 


49. Change your morning habits. Instead of being a night owl, maybe you’d feel better as an early bird! There are loads of ways to wake up earlier, all you have to do is start giving the morning advice a shot and see how you feel in a week. 


50 – Redecorate your bedroom with handy organizing systems. Sometimes we have all this mess around us because we are lacking creative ways that can help us. And there are loads of ways to redecorate your bedroom with stylish organizing systems in mind. Take the plunge and make your bedroom the best it can be today. Your boredom and loneliness will be gone once you start rearranging your furniture and organizing your closets, in no time. 


51. Ask friends in other countries to send you postcards and begin a collection.


52. Plan a vacation. Just because you can’t travel now doesn’t mean you can’t organize your adventure for later! Pick a destination and start researching your vacation. The wonder and lust alone is a great mood lifter and you’ll have something incredible to look forward to if you follow through and book those tickets when you have everything researched and ready to go!


53 – Make sure your sleep schedule is healthy. Taking proper cautionary steps every single day to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D, proper exercise, healthy meals, and the right nighttime lighting are all essential to getting a good night’s sleep. If you are bored or lonely, tick off at least a few of these essential ways to get a better night’s sleep. 


54 – Make two separate playlists for your home and for your car. Since we are in different moods when we are home and when we are out driving, make a playlist that will maximize how you feel when you are in both settings. 


55 – Collect an indoor plant. Since plants bring life into the home and they need extra TLC to help them grow and prosper to their best potential, caring for houseplants will no doubt help you feel better (even if you are just watering them). 


56 – Bonus! – Learn about angel numbers if you’re bored at home. Angel number 1111, for example, is very popular.

Angel number 1111 meaning indicates a new beginning. It is also a sign of a unique opportunity. When you see angel number 1111, it means it’s the right time to start a new chapter and turn the page.

The universe sends you a message with angel numbers to let you know that angels are by your side. Take a look at this article for more information if you have been seeing angel number 1111 a lot lately.

There is so much to do at home if you are bored. All you have to do is pay attention. Get rid of all the unnecessary distractions in your life and pick up an old favorite book or give a plant a new home.

All of these things are great to do when you are bored at home and are bound to help battle feelings of loneliness and boredom, and are fun, especially to pass the time with!


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