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10 Orange Kitchen Ideas to Get You Inspired

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Discover the vibrant color of orange kitchens! Learn to tastefully incorporate this warm, vibrant hue into your kitchen design—from subtle accents to bold statements!

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Orange, an eye-catching hue filled with warmth and vitality, has made an unexpected yet delightful comeback in kitchen design.

Beyond just an accent color, orange offers an unparalleled combination of nostalgia and modernity, transforming any cooking space into the center of family life.

Orange adds an air of nostalgia and spontaneity to your kitchen space and will inspire creativity and spontaneity when used strategically in the design of kitchen appliances, tiles, or artwork.

We examine various ways orange can be integrated into homes, from complete cabinetry overhauls to subtle accents in decor elements.

Each arrangement reveals both homeowners’ personalities and their versatility and appeal. Join us as we venture into orange kitchens, where design boundaries are being tested, and traditional color schemes are being left behind.

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Orange Kitchen Ideas

How can I incorporate orange into the kitchen without it becoming overwhelming?

Orange can be an eye-catching color choice, but it doesn’t have to overtake your kitchen.

Start small, with subtle accents like utensils, appliances, or decorative vases as starting points for adding it.

For an integrated look, consider incorporating it in the form of backsplash or kitchen island chairs – for an alternative soft approach, try muted shades of orange such as peach or terracotta, which blend in effortlessly with neutral tones.

Orange Kitchen Ideas

What colors go well with orange in a kitchen setting?

Orange is an impressively adaptable hue that complements many colors beautifully.

For an exciting and energetic palette, teal or green are great contrast colors to pair it with.

If you prefer something more subdued, soft grays, warm browns, and crisp whites pair beautifully with orange, creating an eye-catching modern aesthetic.

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Can you suggest some creative ways orange can be featured in kitchen designs?

Orange can add flair to your kitchen beyond paint and accessories in various creative ways.

Consider installing orange pendant lights for an eye-catching statement piece or adding patterned orange tiles on floors and walls.

For those who appreciate the retro decor, incorporating an orange vintage-style refrigerator may serve both functions simultaneously!

Even if you add oranges and orange plate ware to see what it looks like, you’ll see that it’s one of the BEST kitchen colors to work with!


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Orange Kitchen Ideas to Get You Inspired!

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Orange Kitchens Provoke Warmth and Energy. 

Take a peek at our top 10 picks for orange kitchen ideas below!


1. A Spotlight on an Orange Range

Modern kitchen with orange range and stenciled hardwood floors.

In this uniquely styled kitchen, designed by Zinc Interior Concepts, the true standout is the vibrant orange range that demands attention.

This element infuses the space with energy and a fun pop of color.

The kitchen also features a stenciled hardwood floor that introduces a distinct personality right underfoot, aligning perfectly with the cheerful aesthetic.

Including art deco-themed frames on the walls adds a layer of sophistication, harmoniously blending modernity with a touch of historical charm.

This kitchen isn’t just a place to cook—it’s a statement in style and creativity, proving that color can truly transform a space.


2. The Allure of an Orange Chevron Backsplash

Open kitchen with orange walls and chevron backsplash connecting to a cozy living area.

This integrated kitchen and living room space captivates with its vibrant use of color, setting an example of how vibrant hues can create an inviting ambiance.

Orange walls pair perfectly with an eye-catching white-and-orange chevron backsplash to bring energy and warmth into this area.

Every corner of this room reflects thoughtful design and attention to detail, from its elegant dark cabinetry to the subtle decorative pieces that tie it all together.

Color defines and unifies space, creating an effortless connection between cooking and living areas.


3. Maximalist Charm Burnt Orange Elegance

Embrace the bold and vibrant world of maximalism with this stylish eat-in area from Casa Watkins Living.

The graphic, maximalist wallpaper features a lush array of tropical motifs, brilliantly underscored by the burnt orange velvet chairs that echo the wallpaper’s vibrant tones.

This design choice introduces orange hues subtly and strikingly, ensuring that the space is filled with personality.


4. A Lush Accent Wall

In this captivating kitchen space, designer Justina Blakeney chose lime wash paint to craft a vibrant orange accent wall, establishing a perfect backdrop for a boho-inspired design.

This lush wall color complements the natural greenery throughout the kitchen, enhancing the space’s organic feel.

Blakeney skillfully pairs this with an orange-themed tile backsplash, further amplifying the bohemian vibe.

The look is completed with touches of purple and blue decor elements, creating a colorful and inviting kitchen environment that’s as stylish as it is welcoming.


5. Elegant Accents

Introducing orange through furniture is a brilliant and flexible solution for those hesitant to commit to bold colors permanently.

In this design by Abbe Fenimore, the bright orange and gold chairs set against a white kitchen island offer a lively contrast while harmonizing with the vibrantly painted ceiling above.

This choice brightens the space and ties the elements together intentionally and upliftingly, making the area a perfect spot for a cheerful breakfast or a casual coffee break.


6. A Symphony of Colors Boho Kitchen

Embrace your kitchen decor’s full spectrum of colors with inspiration from Kim on Instagram.

If a single pop of color doesn’t satisfy your design appetite, follow Kim’s example and let your imagination run wild.

Her eclectic boho kitchen features orange cabinets as just the starting point, expanded with shades of teal, green, pink, and nearly every color in the rainbow across various decor elements.

This kitchen doesn’t just stand out—it dances with life and vibrancy, and it’s impossible not to smile at the playful and joyous design that fills every corner with personality.


7. Subtle Touches of Orange

If the thought of orange kitchen cabinets is too bold for your tastes, there are still subtler ways to incorporate this vibrant hue.

Amy Studebaker of Amy Studebaker Design suggests adding small yet striking accents of orange to your space, such as Roman shades with vibrant patterns or dishware featuring orange accents for everyday use.

Even simple items like fruit or art add pops of color without overshadowing an otherwise inviting space.

Open shelving offers the ideal platform to display these subtle accents without overwhelming their character or taking over an otherwise comfortable kitchen environment.


8. Making a Statement with Orange Appliances

If you’re hesitant about committing to orange walls or cabinetry, why not introduce this vibrant hue through your appliances?

Take inspiration from Ella, who infuses her kitchen with a delightful retro charm thanks to a stunning orange Smeg refrigerator.

This appliance adds a splash of color and is the focal point of her space, which she proudly showcases on her Instagram account @ellasorangefridge.

It’s a perfect example of how a bold element can transform a kitchen into a cheerful and inviting room.


9. A Bright Kitchen Blend of Orange and White

Bright kitchen with orange chairs at a white island and linoleum countertops.

Experience the charm of this bright kitchen where sunny orange meets creamy white, creating a creamsicle-inspired vibe.

This kitchen features quirky yet practical linoleum countertops edged with nailed aluminum, providing both durability and a vintage flair.

The cheerful orange chairs add a lively pop of color, complementing the light, airy feel of the white cabinetry and walls.

This color combination brightens the space and invokes a sense of nostalgia with its classic yet contemporary aesthetics.


10. Playful Orange Kitchen

Bright and playful kitchen featuring orange cooktop, sunset gradient cabinets, and decorative items.

Photo: Dazey Den

Orange, inherently cheery and playful, is the perfect palette for those looking to inject fun into their kitchen.

Dazey Den embraces this vibrant hue with an orange cooktop and sunset gradient cabinets that seamlessly blend into the overall decor.

This bold choice of colors creates an energizing and spirited kitchen environment that will stir up excitement.

It’s a daring setup not for the faint of heart but delights those with a taste for something vivid and joyful.


Orange Kitchen Ideas

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our top picks featuring orange kitchens.

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