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8 Living Room Trends That Will Take Over in 2024-2025

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As we look ahead to 2024 & 2025, the evolution of living room aesthetics reflects our increased demand for practical and inspiring spaces. Take a peek at these eight living room design trends that are here to stay from this year to next!

Living Room Trends

This year’s design trends focus on creating living rooms that truly express individual personalities – from U-shaped sofas to vivid storytelling via maximalist gallery walls; each trend provides a distinct opportunity to revitalize or reinvent one’s living environment.

The shift towards comfort and style is evident, with a focus on plush seating that encourages families and friends to come together.

Bold colors add vibrancy while maintaining an intimate ambiance; handmade decor pieces like macrame become focal points as artisanal craftsmanship is valued alongside sustainable choices.

Living Room Trends

Bohemian influences reign supreme with varied textures, patterns, and vibrant accents, providing an eye-catching balance of old and new elements.

Meanwhile, Maxialism’s recent revival poses a direct challenge to past minimalism trends by encouraging an accumulation of meaningful items that tell their tale and create a rich, layered look.

Living Room Trends

As we adopt these living room design trends, the goal remains: creating spaces that feel more like homes than just houses!

Spaces full of character, comfort, and creativity, from creative color palettes and furniture arrangements to unique decorative accents – these trends aim to transform how we live and relax in our most personal spaces.


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But first, here are a few things you should consider when resigning your living room!

Living Room Trends

When selecting your living room’s 2024-2025 design, what should you consider?

When selecting the style for your living room, consider elements like overall style (such as minimalist, bohemian, or minimalist), practicality of space, and how the design will fit with your lifestyle.

Be conscious of color palettes that reflect current trends while fitting with your taste; ensure furniture looks attractive and fulfills all seating and comfort requirements.

Living Room Trends

How can you implement contemporary designs without drastically transforming your living space?

To update your living space without completely overhauling it, incorporate modern accent pieces such as cushions, rugs, or art from 2024.

This will bring in new styles with minimal expenditure or modification necessary. Likewise, small changes such as curtains, lamps, or even single pieces of furniture with striking features can have an incredible effect.

Living Room Trends

What are some sustainable living room style trends of 2024-2025?

Including these trends, sustainability has become a central focus in home and living room designs in 2024 and 2025.

Choose furniture made of recycled or sustainable materials; look for eco-friendly companies; invest in durable high-end pieces with reduced replacement needs; and incorporate nature-inspired elements such as plants into your design to increase its aesthetics and environmental friendliness.


8 Living Room Trends That Will Take Over in 2024-2025

Living Room Trends

Take a peek at our top eight living room trends for 2024 and 2025!


1. A considered lighting scheme

Vintage Red Floral Corner: A cozy, intimate corner with red wallpaper adorned with arch motifs, complemented by a floral-patterned armchair. The space is styled with vintage accents such as framed artwork, a wall-mounted lamp, and a white wooden side table with a vintage jug and books, creating a warm, nostalgic vibe.

Image credit: Original BTC X Beata Heuman

Living room lighting should be multifunctional, catering to various activities and enhancing every corner of the space.

Instead of relying on a single overhead light, consider creating multiple welcoming pools with practical task lighting and ambient, decorative light sources.

This method, known as ‘lampscaping,’ involves layering different lighting levels using table lamps on surfaces, floor lamps, and wall lights to cast a cozy glow. In contrast, accent lighting can highlight focal point features or architectural details.

Use picture lights combined with artwork to establish a striking gallery wall that doubles as a cozy reading nook.

This thoughtful approach to lighting ensures your living room is functional and inviting, providing the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and socializing.


2. Biophilic aesthetic

Tropical Jungle Wallpaper Room: A lush, botanical-themed room featuring a detailed jungle wallpaper with vibrant greenery and exotic birds. Key furnishings include plush green armchairs and a classic column pedestal with flowering plants, enhancing the wild, naturalistic theme.

Image credit: Little Greene

The Biophilic design blends natural elements in interior spaces to create a relaxing and tranquil living space.

The focus is on natural light and uses materials such as wool yarn and wood planks as a reminder of our connection to the natural world.

Flowers and plants could further enhance this feeling of connection with the world around us.

Green also plays a pivotal role in biophilic interiors due to its soothing qualities, which help blend the interior with the natural environment.

Green wallpapers with botanical or leafy motifs are particularly effective as they resonate with our desire to bring the outdoors inside.

Utilizing shades from emerald to forest green can transform a living space, providing a restful yet energizing atmosphere that captures nature’s calming and invigorating effects.


3. Eclectic Pastel Paradise

 A colorful and eclectic living room featuring pastel pink walls, a pink fringed ceiling light, mustard yellow and green sofas, and a coral ottoman. Decor includes playful wall art and bold accessories.

Image credit: Pinterest 

This vibrant living space combines a playful mix of pastel colors and eclectic decor for a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere that will be a design living room trend for many years.

The room features soft pink walls paired with a pink fringed ceiling light.

Key furniture pieces include a mustard yellow sofa adorned with gingham and solid pillows, a plush green velvet sofa, and a striking coral ottoman serving as a centerpiece.

The decor is complemented by whimsical wall art and accessories in bold colors, such as lampshades and ceramics, creating a dynamic and joyful space that is perfectly on-trend for 2024.


4. Bohemian Rhapsody vibe

A cozy bohemian-style reading nook with a patterned daybed, a rattan peacock chair, and a colorful floral and geometric rug. White built-in shelves display various decorative items.

Image credit: Joybird

Embrace a sense of worldly charm in this bohemian-inspired reading nook.

The space features a textured daybed adorned with patterned throws and pillows, set against a bright rug with floral and geometric motifs.

A classic rattan peacock chair adds a vintage touch, while the white built-in shelving displays an eclectic mix of decorative items, including pottery, books, and woven baskets.

Natural light from the window enhances the cozy, inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation or introspection.


5. comfort, artisanal charm

A bright and airy living room with a bohemian flair, featuring a mustard yellow sofa, a large rattan armchair, colorful striped rugs with tassels, and a white fireplace flanked by green windows.

Image credit: rugs direct

At the center of this image is an eye-catching, colorful rug adorned with tassels – an anchor for modern bohemianism currently popular for 2024.

This living room blends traditional elements, such as the white fireplace and arched ceiling, with eclectic global-inspired decor, such as a sunburst mirror and various ceramic pieces on its mantelpiece.

Using bold, warm colors in furniture, such as mustard yellow sofa and earthy tones of rug with natural materials like rattan and wood, adds a cozy yet lively ambiance to this 2024 design trend.

Large leafy plants add freshness and vitality. This trend celebrates comfort, artisanal charm, and stylish livability – ideal for anyone seeking to add character and warmth to their home environment.


6. Maximalist Gallery Walls: An Art Lover’s Dream in 2024

A sophisticated living room featuring a blue wall covered with an eclectic array of framed artwork above a blush pink sofa, surrounded by a large bookshelf, patterned rugs, and a glass coffee table.

Image credit: 7ArtPrints

The central focus of this living room is the stunning maximalist gallery wall, perfectly embodying the 2024 trend of bold, personalized spaces.

This room harnesses the power of visual storytelling through its extensive collection of eclectic artwork, ranging from classical portraits to modern abstracts and botanical prints, all meticulously arranged on a serene blue backdrop.

The blush pink sofa underneath contrasts the vivid colors and diverse themes on the wall, inviting viewers to sit and enjoy the display.

Accentuated by the surrounding elements like the full bookshelves and the vibrant, patterned rugs, this living room serves as a functional space and a personal museum.

This design exemplifies how maximalism can be harmoniously integrated into home decor, making it a top trend for those looking to express their unique aesthetic in 2024.


7. Comfort Meets Style: U-Shaped Sofas in 2024 Living Room Trends

A bright and inviting living room featuring a large U-shaped sofa covered with various textured pillows in shades of pink and beige, under a woven chandelier, with sheer curtains and lush plants enhancing the airy feel.

Image credit: JoyBird

At the center of 2024 living room design trends lies an oversized U-shaped sofa, offering maximum seating while creating an intimate environment conducive to both socializing and relaxation.

This layout is perfect for large families or hosts who love entertaining, offering plenty of space for everyone to gather comfortably.

Living Room Trends

The neutral upholstery on the sofa is tastefully enhanced with colorful textured pillows in pink and beige to enhance its welcoming nature, while an organic-textured woven chandelier adds organic textures as natural light flows in from beyond sheer curtains that provide natural illumination of the space.

Not only is this design visually appealing and harmoniously colored palette, but its functionality also makes it one of the top living room choices for 2024.


8. Macramé and More

This vibrant and eclectic living room showcases bohemian decor, including a teal-blue wall, macramé wall hangings, and a colorful rug. The space also includes a leather sofa with pink cushions, a macramé ottoman, and a wicker chandelier.

Image credit: SnugLifeArt

This room boasts vibrant teal walls that serve as an eye-catching background to an assortment of handcrafted macrame decorations, from wall hangings to an ottoman featuring intricate braided designs, an outstanding example of bohemian craftsmanship’s skill and aesthetic appeal.

Integrating natural materials such as leather on the sofa and the woven wicker chandelier creates an earthy, eclectic ambiance.

In contrast, colorful textiles such as multicolored floor rugs and vibrant throw pillows add texture and warmth to make this space welcoming and personal.

This living room design exemplifies the timeless beauty and appeal of bohemian decor, which embraces artistry, cultural influences, and handmade objects for its aesthetic beauty – making it the ideal style choice for 2024 homes that want to mix tradition with something fresher and artistic.



Here are a few more living room designs for added inspiration! 

Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends


Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends


Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends

Living Room Trends



There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our top picks for living room design trends for 2024 and 2025

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