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12 Easy Kitchen Organizing Ideas That’ll Save Space

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Kitchen organizing doesn’t have to be hard. Take a look at these 12 easy ways to take your kitchen organizing to the next level!

12 Easy Organization Ideas Every Kitchen Will Love To Have - Everything Abode

Are you struggling to coordinate your kitchen and its organization well?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Since kitchens are where we meet with our family members, where we go to fuel up for our days (first thing), and where we can become creative if we want a delicious treat — it’s just natural to look for better ways to organize this space. 

Rarely do we want to spend time looking for stuff (when needed), and who doesn’t want to take our organizing up a notch?

These kitchen organizing ideas will help you just with that — help you maintain an extra organized kitchen with little time and money.

They are innovative ways to organize your kitchen so you can focus on more important things like baking that cake you’ve always intended!

Let’s look at these 12 easy kitchen organizing ideas you have to see!


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12 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Stay extra Organized

12 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Stay extra Organized - Everything Abode


1. Organize your pantry with printable pantry labels.


When organizing your kitchen and staying organized when cooking or baking, try labeling the most used items in your pantry to make it simple to locate and grab whatever ingredient you’re looking for.

Look at this simple DIY that could save you loads of time from digging and moving stuff around. Or buy these pantry labels that will make your pantry look tidier and simplify food planning.


2. Organize utensils with Mason Jars/Crates.

DIY Mason Jar Utensil Crate

Maintaining an organized kitchen can be challenging to carry out simple tasks easily if our central and essential kitchen tools are scattered with no place to hold them.

However, you can add simple organizing systems such as this DIY Mason Jar Utensil Crate or buy a utensil holder like this; it will collect all the kitchen utensils you have while looking clean and minimal on your kitchen counter.  


3. Hang up your oven mitts for easy grabbing. 

If you’re currently stocking up your kitchen drawers with oven mitts and dishtowels with no cohesive order, give this little kitchen organizing trick a try!

All you have to do is hang up whatever you want to be hung up inside a cabinet door of your choice. You can easily do this using a very cost-saving and straightforward method involving an adhesive hook.

You can quickly get these hooks at any home goods store or Amazon; they’ll leave you more space in your kitchen and look good too!


simple to use adhesive hook for kitchen organization - Everything abode


4. Use Free labels for a Brilliant Spice Cabinet Organization.

Brilliant Spice Cabinet Organization

Since you’re craving more organization in your kitchen, you’ll love this spice cabinet and spice jar mini sticker label set!

Making sure you label all your favorite spices is essential to have a very organized kitchen. Not all labels are meant only for the pantry; don’t overlook how organized this will make your kitchen. 

Not only will your pantry stay even more organized, but your spice rack will thank you for taking advantage of this kitchen organizing method.

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5. Make a very simple Can Organizer for your Pantry.

DIY Can Organizer for Pantry via @everythingabode

If you have jumped on the bandwagon for organizing your kitchen today, there’s a very unusual method for managing canned goods that might have you hooked for a lifetime.

Take this DIY can organizer for the pantry, for example; it will allow for easy inventory tracking for all your can goods and make your pantry look incredible. Plus, it will save you tons of space by showing you what you need the next time you head out to the grocery store


6. Organize your Kitchen Junk Drawer with this easy upcycle solution.

Create An Organized Junk Drawer For Free

What drawer in your kitchen drives you crazier than the junk drawer? Hey, we all have them!

Also, it’s a little-known fact that we tend to spend more money on all those little kitchen supplies because we have lost control of our kitchen drawers and their organization or lack thereof.

So when it comes to organizing your kitchen, now is the time to take all your little kitchen supplies and baking equipment and create mini compartments for them using upcycled cereal boxes.   

If you follow this organizing method, it should help manage the mess, and did we mention that this kitchen organizing hack is free?  

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7. Don’t forget to organize your freezer chest with a handy inventory checklist.


Would you like to know how to organize your freezer correctly so you can understand what’s in it and quickly grab what you need? Then check this simple solution for the best way to organize a freezer chest.

It’ll teach you how to do a freezer inventory checklist and store things in proper order, so you can rest easy the next time when looking for something to cook.


8. Coffee lovers rejoice; you can also create an organized coffee station.

Here’s another kitchen drawer organization hack that works well, especially if you are a coffee lover!

Another great way to keep your kitchen drawers in fine order is by heading to your local dollar store and loading up with transparent bins (once you have the correct dimensions).

Once you have the right tools, you can easily recreate a coffee station like this in minutes.

Make sure you have lots of coffee handy to make this an actual barista drawer. 


9. Organize your cupboards with stackable bins.

Another innovative way to organize your kitchen is this effortless way to add order to your kitchen cupboards by using stackable containers.

You can find stackable containers almost anywhere online, including the dollar store. These clever bins can be placed under your kitchen sink, as they are great for holding items such as cleaning sponges, scrubbing pads, dishwasher soap pods, etc.

Or them in your pantry or kitchen cupboards to store anything you need to see at eye level. Genius right?!

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10. Organize your kitchen cutting boards with an inexpensive wire hanger.


Cheryl from That’s What {Che} Said has another clever way to organize your kitchen cutting boards.

All you have to do is grab a plain wire organizer (that you can get at almost any home product store) and mount the wire hanger to your inner cabinets, ready for use!

What a perfect way to store your extra cutting boards or even cookbooks (if you still have those) because let’s face it, space is of the essence when it comes to our kitchens.


11. Do a complete fridge makeover with this Step by step guide.


When it comes to keeping your kitchen organized before you head out and start buying refrigerator containers and wondering how to manage your milk cartons, condiments, and everything else… Take a look at these fridge organization ideas.

These ideas will make organizing your fridge a breeze. It’s jam-packed with specific ways to clean and organize your fridge, making your life much easier and more organized!


12. Use a visual guide to organize your pantry like a pro.


Lastly, when it comes to organizing your kitchen well, make sure to use a visual guide to organize your pantry like a pro.

Pantries always seem to be the most chaotic place in the kitchen; however, if you can glance at other organizers and see what ideas pop up for you (that you may be missing), it will only help you get that much more organized. 


There you have it; organizing a kitchen is easy if you pick an organizing idea and take action right now. That’s it! 

Which kitchen organizing hack will you try out? Let us know in the comments below.


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