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14 Ways to Make Your House Pet-Friendly

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14 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Chic & Pet-Friendly

You’ll be surprised by how much you can do to prepare your space for the arrival of a new pet. All it takes is some creativity, and even if you’re not sure where or when they will show up on your doorstep, these tips are here to help!

Let’s uncover what it takes for getting your space ready for an active dog or cat without having to sacrifice your style.

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14 Ways to Make Your House Pet-Friendly


1. Give them their own special spot.

Have you considered adopting a new pet? Once adopted, it is important to set up the environment with all of their needs. The first step is setting aside space for kennels and litter boxes so they can feel at home as quickly as possible without constant patrolling from their owners. This way when other things like water bowls or toys come in, later on, your pets won’t be overwhelmed by everything right away!


2. Give them comfort.

Pets deserve a cozy place to relax and sleep just like their owners, so make sure they have the perfect materials! There are many different types of pet beds for any type or size of the animal from cushy luxurious bedding to textured durable mats that can be easily cleaned with soap.


3. Prepare for extra messes.

Consider rolling your rugs for the first few months if you’re getting a puppy who is still potty training. Although it is not an easy task, it will save you the hassle of cleaning up any puppy accidents on your new rug.

For those who live in highrises or leave their pets unattended, pee pads can be a great addition. Every few minutes, leash walk your dog to the pee pad you have in another area of the house and say “potty” so they can associate it with eliminating on the pad. Try not to keep them there for too long at first because new dogs may need some time getting used to this process before being left alone while using one!


4. Reduce extra noise.

In addition to preparing for messes, you can also install carpeting scraps under your feeders or beneath their beds. This way they’ll be able to comfortably eat and sleep without disturbing others with the sound of paws on hardwood floors!


5. Set up their permanent eating area.

Pets should have their own food bowl, one that is set at an appropriate height to avoid choking hazards and make it more comfortable. To achieve this, you can adjust the position of furniture legs or buy a stand separately – just be sure not to leave any sharp edges exposed!


6. Vacuum their hair/fur regularly.

Pets are like children in that they’ll get sick, but if you take care of them by making sure their surroundings are clean and tidy then it’s likely your pet will be healthy.

Additionally, there are certain oils in hair that can cause dirt to stick like crazy, and these oils have a distinctive odor. Many people find this particularly unpleasant because it smells so bad – especially when we’re talking about pet fur!

To avoid this, it’s best to vacuum the fur/hair off the furniture at least twice a week–you may also need to vacuum daily when your animal is shedding. When buying an upright vacuuming machine for pets with long-haired coats or who shed heavily (or both), consider one with several extra attachments such as crevice tools designed for tackling hard-to-reach corners.


7. Review your furniture.

It is important to think about your pets’ needs and lifestyle before bringing them into the home. Cats have different habits than dogs, for instance!

For cats it’s best to make sure there are plenty of scratching posts available so they can get their fix without tearing up furniture or curtains – a cat tree would be perfect in this case! If you’re planning on redecorating try thinking like an animal too- metal instead of wood might keep some chewing from happening if Fido has been known to chew things up.


8. Take color into consideration.

With your pet in mind, it’s important to consider the color of your furnishings when designing a space for your special furry friend. Pets with fur come in all colors and textures so you’ll want to make sure they don’t stand out by choosing fabrics that complement them best!


9. Use stain-resistant fabrics.

Put down that high-maintenance fabric in favor of one less likely to pick up pet hair; Crypton: a nearly indestructible synthetic fabric that’s resistant to stains, smells, and bacteria while also being easy on your wallet!

There are even entire lines of these durable fabrics for those who love their pets unconditionally; they include sturdy suedes and twills with names like Polka Dog and Material Dog. It’s available in many furniture shops and you can find it online at!

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10. Watch your pets with plants.

Some plants are toxic and could be dangerous for them if they nibble on it- so make sure that the plant is safe for animals!

To make sure that the plant is safe for animals- do a quick google search before buying. If they eat any of these toxic leaves then there could be harmful side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, drooling… etc, so just keep an eye out for anything with toxins on them!

If your pet has access (such as jumping up onto tables), place taller plants where their paws can’t reach – vines are great options with hanging baskets because the vines come over the edges without taking up floor space.


11. Store away hazardous toys.

It is also very important to establish a system for toys for when you are not there to supervise. Fortunately, there are storage solutions like ottomans and benches specifically designed to keep all those fun items out of sight, especially when you’re gone but within reach, while at home – giving pets plenty of protection from choking hazards in-between play sessions!


12. Keep your pet clean & trimmed.

It’s important to keep your pet clean so that both the animal and you are healthy. Trimming a cat or dog’s nails will help prevent them from scratching up furniture, while regular baths remove loose hair before it can get all over everything else in the house.


13. Put washable fabrics on your bed.

If your pet sleeps with you, there will be accidents. Cats get sick a lot and dogs shed throughout the year. But don’t fret because protecting the mattress is easy!

Place pads to protect your bed from any stains or hair that may occur when washing sheets every week won’t cut it anymore.
Invest in thick cotton sheets that are hardy for both claws or teeth marks and choose covers that can be washed often (if needed) while still retaining their shape without having the fabric fibers fray. Over time you’ll thank yourself for preparing your bedroom when these accidents happen!


14. Choose home-friendly treats.

You’ll soon discover that dogs love pig’s ears and rawhide bones- but they’re a bad idea and most long-time dog owners don’t get them. Pig ears are hideous, smelly, greasy, and leave stains on floors and furniture.

They are also nitrate coated and in addition, is as bad and unhealthy for your pet as it is for your home. In addition, inexpensive rawhide bones are also bleached and have no nutritional value for your pet. Therefore, it’s very important to choose treats that are stain and smell-resistant and healthy for your pet and your home. 


There will always be chaos, though, no matter how much one tries, but hopefully, with these small adjustments, they can help keep everyone happy by creating a pet-friendly home. At least until we humans learn more great ways to live with our four-legged friends!

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