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The Top Blogging Resources You Need for Your Blog

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The Top Blogging Resources You Need for Your Blog

Chances are you are probably aware that you need the very best blogging resources to succeed as a blogger, especially if you landed on my blogging resources page! 

These tools seriously keep my blog running and operating in fine order and I really couldn’t do it without them.

Blogging resources are the #1 thing to building a sturdy blogging foundation.

These resources can make all the difference from having a stale blog (that’s just a hobby) to potentially turning it into your main hustle!

But first, here’s one disclosure that I would like to address before we start! 

Being a new blogger means that you will have to make tons, upon tons, of little decisions each and every day.

You will have to decide on SO many things in order to be able to create the best blog that you possibly can.

These tools below are just the start. They helped me and still help me and you will surely benefit from them if you are still deciding to start your very own blog today.

Decisions like these will only be half the battle when it comes to being a professional blogger.

You will have to show up every single day to succeed, but nonetheless, these tools will help you and your blog grow steadily if you would like to be able to monetize it down the line.

The reason I thought to add this page was that all of these tools have not only helped me gain a tremendous amount of traffic back to my blog but they’ve also helped me stay super organized and keep to my regular posting schedule each week. 

I’m not only able to pin on autopilot, but I am better able to schedule my pins weeks in advance, and most of all I am able to make money from my blog!

Here are the best blogging resources that create traffic mountains back to my blog, extra affiliate money (that I receive almost daily now), and how I am able to blog full time!


Blogging Resources To Power Your Blog

 Blogging Resources You Need for Your Blog


My First and best advice (if you are just starting out blogging) is to start a blog with Bluehost: This is the most important step if you want to start a blog like mine.  I wholeheartedly recommend that you self-host your blog with Bluehost because it will save you a lot of money in your first couple of years while building up your content.

For people who are just starting out their blogging journey, I also recommend that they self-host their new blog with Bluehost because Bluehost offers an easy WordPress installation process and they provide excellent support if you need it. 

Also, you need to be self-hosted to be able to monetize your blog because being self-hosted will open the doors to allow you to not only advertise (like the ads you see on EA) but also place affiliate links on your blog as well.

I’m so serious about this that I even wrote a step-by-step guide here where I walk you through signing up with Bluehost in minutes and is literally the FIRST step that I personally did when I first started my blog. 

Also only through my special link, my readers can receive plans starting as low as a small cup of coffee a month!

Click here if you would like to start the step-by-step guide right now!



Tailwind: In order for you to market what you have on your blog, you have to first have Pinterest, and second, you got to have Tailwind. 

For example, in under six weeks, I went from practically zero page views to 20,000 page views (in 30 consecutive days). I credit this for having Tailwind.

It allows me (still to this day) to market my blog on autopilot, so I can concentrate my efforts on creating and writing helpful content for my readers. Plus, it creates (what I like to call), Traffic Mountains for my blog. I wrote a post all about it, so click the link to learn more!

Click Here, If you would like to read my Tailwind Guide!

Click here If you would like to get your first month FREE with Tailwind!


ShareASale: I’ll keep this short because ShareASale is a one-stop shop for affiliate marketing for bloggers and yes, I receive monthly checks from being affiliated with them as well. If you are a new blogger, then you need to sign up with ShareASale so you can start linking to products and courses on your brand new blog.
Shareasale is the best affiliate marketing company to start out with because it’s also approved by Pinterest. That means Pinterest has already given you the OKAY to start affiliate marketing with them.
Whether that be with your own blog, or through affiliate pins on Pinterest, I’ll leave that up to you. 



ConvertKit: A lot of new bloggers miss out on building their email list. Don’t do this! Your email list will eventually be the best place that you will be able to give both promotions and discounts for your products or other bloggers’ products and also be a place for you to get to know your audience.

You can ask your audience questions to get more feedback, sell products, and also alert your list that you have an epic new blog post that you just hit publish on. 

Also, if you would like to do any type of email course? Convert Kit has the best platform to easily customize email courses (so that you stay organized) and funnel them out seamlessly. 

You can also see which forms get the most email addresses and sign-ups (which is great insight!!), and it’s super easy to send FREEBIES and automatic downloads to your audience.

Click here to read all about how to send freebies with ConvertKit here! 

My readers get their first month FREE with ConvertKit here!



Tiny PNG: A lot of new bloggers miss out on not knowing this and I don’t want you to make the same blogging mistake. When you download your freshly designed new pins or images for your blog, always try to make sure you that are compressing EVERY SINGLE IMAGE, every single time!

The more space you save (data on your blog) will equal a faster loading page time. This is very, very, very important, as you will need a fast-loading website in order to compete with the top bloggers. So make sure that you add to your computer’s menu bar right now!


Most new bloggers make mistakes or are told so many different tools to purchase, so I thought what better than to add the very tools that I have personally used, tried, and tested, and that have made the grade to better run this blog.

Again, all of these tools have not only helped me gain a tremendous amount of traffic back to my blog but they’ve also helped me stay organized and keep to my regular posting schedule each week as well. 

I’m not only able to pin on autopilot (like I said above) but I am better able to schedule my pins weeks in advance with Tailwind and most of all I am able to make a full-time living from my blog.

I hope that you gained some clarity about what resources you should use and I hope that you leave with a better understanding of the product or service that you are interested in.

As always please contact me if you have any questions. I’d love to help you out 🙂

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blogging academy

Tuesday 1st of June 2021

Nice Article Thanks for share this. Effective list to boost up ranking in search engine. keep it up!

Francis Ashis

Sunday 8th of September 2019

Mindblowing tips. But I have already started in a clumsy way at wordpress.I am at a fix as to how I shall be able to start with Blue host.thanks FOR sharing your experiences through the excellent post.?


Sunday 8th of September 2019

So glad it was helpful for you, Francis! Best of luck with blogging! If you need anything, just get in touch :)