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How To Make Money ($100 Dollars A Day) On Pinterest!

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How To Make Money ($100 Dollars A Day) On Pinterest! -- Everything Abode

{this post contains affiliate links, see disclosure for details}

Would you like to make passive income from the comfort of your home using Pinterest?

Just about everyone is looking for innovative ways to earn money online and this is a strategy worth knowing about.

It’s worth knowing about even before you start monetizing or putting advertisements on your blog (or if you don’t even have a blog yet!!)

That’s because it is something that anyone can do if they already have an established Pinterest account! Plus having an established Pinterest account is very easy.

All you have to do is pin every day and be an active user. How great?!

And if you don’t have a Pinterest account yet or at all? That’s okay because you can still build one!

In this Pinterest tutorial, I will show you how you can have the potential to make $100 per day online, without even having your own products.

Better yet, within this Pinterest affiliate tutorial, I will also show you that you can pin all day long and still make money without even having a blog. 

I’ve purchased many eBooks about this technique (way before I launched this blog), that way I could use this strategy (to start making money) well before being able to apply to such ad networks such as Mediavine that you see on the blog now.

Believe it or not, this strategy really helped me learn how to market on Pinterest really well and I think that’s why my blog became so successful and so fast. 

Also, another reason why this strategy is great for newcomers to Pinterest is that it’ll show you how to market products and courses really well, how to create great-looking pin designs, and what’s getting clicked on Pinterest and what’s not getting clicked on Pinterest.

When it comes to Pinterest these insights are HUGE because it gives you a little window, a birds-eye view if you will, to what’s really trending on Pinterest or not. 

And another reason why this strategy is also great is that before I started marketing my own blog, I knew that it takes a long time to gain blog traffic and readers so I knew that I wanted to have another way to supplement my blog income (that pointed to real affiliate products and courses) before my blog even got popular.

And it worked. I made a lot of money this way before my blog blew up!

So before you think this is a hard thing to do, please know that anyone can use this technique to promote almost any affiliate products with real commissions on Pinterest!!

You can even do this if you are a beginner!

You just need to understand Pinterest marketing (which I will explain all about below) as it’s one of the main internet traffic sources you’ll be learning about in order to be able to make money online from it.

Once you understand how it works, you can set this up very quickly and start doing this ongoing for years and years to come.

Hey, you can even have multiple accounts!!

So let’s get started so you can start making money from Pinterest with your very own affiliate pins!

PRO TIP: If you’d like to start your very own blog today then I highly advise you to click here to take my start a blog guide! It’s the best way to start out like I did and it’s how I make over $10,000 a month with ease now! Don’t let blogging be intimidating. It’s actually quite simple. 

First, A little background on why I Am Teaching You This…

As you may already know or not, I started this blog in September 2018, so I have been doing this ‘blogging’ thing for a while, but I still consider myself new at it.

So a while back when I started my blog, I knew that I wanted to have the potential to make money from Pinterest and I researched what worked and how to do it and I came across this affiliate strategy. 

I quickly signed up for all the platforms (that I’ll address in the steps) and started marketing. 

I actually have affiliate Pinterest accounts that are set up for this still to this day. Some are in the millions too. 

They aren’t linked to my main account. In fact, I am totally hush-hush about those accounts because they aren’t something that my face and my brand need to be apart of.

They are strictly just there to bring in additional revenue — that’s it!

I update them once a week still to this day and they do make me close to a thousand dollars a month still. But as you may know, my main blog is my bread and butter so I only use those Pinterest accounts when I have the time. That time sadly is slowly starting to slip away. 

And the reason I left my main account to be solely for the blog now, doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

You can totally pin away, simultaneously while marketing your own blog content. There are no rules. Just go with your gut when it comes to Pinterest and you should be just fine. 

Now, back to this money-making process… Before I launched my blog (meaning my blog was live on Google) I wanted to be really ready to make money online, (I mean really ready to make money), so I signed up for all the email courses that I could get my hands on that taught me how to make money from Pinterest…

And what I learned was that this method was the only method that brought in money without having a blog. 

Actually, after I learned this method of marketing it made me fully equipped with basic monetizing knowledge before I launched this blog, How cool?!

I learned a heck of a lot and I now will tell you that affiliate marketing on Pinterest is genius!

Plus, what really surprised me was that through my extensive research, I found that most income reports that I was reading out there, reflected two main $$ sources:

1. Advertising Networks: Networks like Mediavine, AdSense, Adthrive, the list goes on… (for example, the ads that you see on this blog.) 

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate products, courses, ebooks, the list goes on (strategic links that if purchased through will give you a commission for it). 

Now since advertising networks like Mediavine and Adthrive have a traffic limit to apply and join, (50,000 sessions a month or more for Mediavine & 100,000 page views a month or more for Adthrive, which could have changed for Adthrive but I believe it’s still crazy high).

With that being said, I knew that I wanted to research affiliate marketing while I was writing my first 20 articles for Everything Abode.

I wanted to start with affiliate marketing straight away and use it through my Pinterest account while I was still simultaneously building up my own unique content. 

See the thing is, when you don’t have things to market on Pinterest it’s pretty hard to grow your Pinterest account, but while my blog was still in draft mode, I was still pinning!!!! 

And that’s why I credit this strategy to helping my Pinterest account make it to the millions in impressions so fast.

So if you are wanting to do the same and apply this same method straight away, then please follow along because I will teach you what I have learned — all for FREE!

A hundred dollars a day, that’s the goal! 

That sort of money is nothing to laugh at. It could really make a great living for any blogger or individual who wants free time to be more creative in their life.

Let’s start taking action and start building your Pinterest account now!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy explained…

Keyboard, paper, small black eye glasses, blue pen, work station, desk area. Affiliate Strategy

First, the two things you must know…

Now what we are going to learn in this post today, is how we are going to apply a certain strategic affiliate marketing method that has been known to make people rich and/or a passive income online with ease.

Yes, you can make money, real money, in your sleep this way!

It’s really simple and easy to apply and the good thing about this method is that once you get the ball rolling it’ll take on a snowball-like effect that’ll just keep accumulating and accumulating over time the more you do it. 

First, here are two things this affiliate money earner needs from you:

    1. Traffic

In this case, we are going to be using Pinterest. Pinterest is going to be our main traffic source and what we will do is we will get the traffic that we create from Pinterest (your own Pinterest account) and we will then send that traffic to your offers through your pins, which could be in the form of a blog post, a YouTube channel you are trying to grow, a landing page for an eBook or course that you own or don’t or just a physical product that you think will sell really well.

It’s basically sending Pinterest’s 450 million users a month, strategic pins to an affiliate offer that will make you commissions and money (which is what this guide will focus on).

    2. Pinterest

You have to have an already established Business Pinterest account if you want to apply this affiliate strategy. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, then go ahead and click here to apply to Pinterest, make sure it is a business account, and start pinning daily to remain active and to start growing your own money generating account. 

If you haven’t started a Pinterest account, go and create one now, and come back to this post so you can start making money!

The in-depth Affiliate Marketing Strategy explained…

Marketing Strategy written on a paper on a wooden desk held down my a stapler, and plant. Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose an affiliate network.

Okay, let’s kick things off by making money on Pinterest now. To start generating income you first have to choose an offer (I will explain what an offer is shortly,) and where you choose those offers matters.

So in short, what you will want to do is choose an affiliate network first.

Now there are tons and tons of affiliate platforms out there and I am with a lot of them now for this blog, and since there are a lot of them out there that you could choose to research your own route, but for the sake of this Pinterest tutorial, we are going to go ahead and choose ShareASale.

ShareASale is a giant in the affiliate marketing industry and they have so many offers to choose from with great commission rates that it’s a no brainer to start out with towards making money on Pinterest.

Plus, ShareASale is also an approved Pinterest affiliate company, so that makes them worth being an affiliate member with (!!). You want to be with a platform that Pinterest approves of because Pinterest is literally giving you the go-ahead to market ShareASale’s products on their platfrom. 

So head on over to their website right here, and take a peek at what products they offer affiliate sales with.

Take a look for yourself and see what your readers or Pinterest’s audience might need. What you like, what products and courses you think you might need that others are missing out on, and come up with unique ideas that you think would interest Pinterest users. 

For whatever niche your blog or your Pinterest account is related to, click the different ShareASale categories and pick offers that you’d think will be of interest to your Pinterest audience.

There are so many categories of offers in ShareASale to choose from that the possibilities are endless.

 PRO TIP: Go ahead and start an account with ShareASale. It will only take about 15 minutes to get to know what ShareASale is all about. It’s super easy to get started, so take a look inside and see what their platform and offers looks like. 


2. Choose what you would like to sell.

To start this, again you’ve learned that you don’t already have to have your own course or product.

Like I was telling you before, I was doing this while I was building up my blog’s content. And it worked! It helped me keep my account active and helped me build my following simply because my account stayed super active, while I was writing the first few articles back in the summer of 2018. 

Second, you don’t have to have our own products to do this!

This is all about sending your Pinterest traffic to different areas of the internet (with your offers) to build up either your different social media profiles or to make money with affiliate sales. 

An extra $100 dollars a day is a lot of money and I don’t know anyone that couldn’t benefit from that type of income.

It’s amazing to see the potential you can make even if you were like me at the beginning of blogging and just starting to apply this method from the ground up.

So the second thing you need to do to be able to start this strategy, is you only need to do one thing first — you will need to pick an off in ShareASale.  

And the great thing about this is that the offer doesn’t have to be super unusual or something completely unique (which is why I love this) and it doesn’t even have to be your own content such as an eBook or course (which is also why I love this).

All you have to do is pick an offer that you like, that you think will be a great item/offer that people would click on through your affiliate pin on Pinterest and start marketing it. 

So once you DO pick your offer, make sure that you SAVE your affiliate’s link! (We’ll get back to it later). Save it because you will be coming back to put that link into your Pinterest pin URL area, that way you have the potential to make a commission from it. 

I highly recommend staying within the fitness and cooking niche for products, as these two categories convert really well on Pinterest. They get the most traction, re-pins, re-shares, and impressions. But any product is good. Just go with your gut. 


3. Get your hands on a scheduling tool because it’s the only way to make $$$ this way.

Now the third thing is the real secret that I am going to let you in on because this is how you can get a snowball-like effect with your traffic through Pinterest!

The third thing that you will want to have in your arsenal of tools to make money on Pinterest is you will need a tool in your back pocket that pins your affiliate pins on autopilot for you.

Now I have to say that I wasn’t thrilled to pay for this tool in the beginning, and that’s because I was making zero online when I purchased it, but since investing in this tool it’s changed everything for me in terms of marketing my blog’s content (that you see today) and being able to finally apply affiliate strategies like this one!

When I started marketing my affiliate pins with this tool, I was getting 100 followers a month on Pinterest from this one tool (from the very start) and it kept going up from there. 

I don’t know about you, but if you would like to build your Pinterest profile and start making money online this way, then you simply need to be active, and being active with this handy tool is what will grow your following on Pinterest very quickly. 

It’s a smart visual marketing tool, and yes, for those of you who already know this (because it’s not so secret with the pro bloggers out there) it’s a handy tool called — Tailwind!

Tailwind is also approved by Pinterest by the way, so it is by far the best scheduling tool to use for this affiliate strategy.

 And since ShareASale is also approved by Pinterest, this is hands down the best way to make money through affiliate marketing with your Pinterest profile and traffic. 

It’s almost like the three (Pinterest, ShareASale & Tailwind) were made for each other (for this affiliate strategy) and that’s why it works so well!

Also, if you want to start making money straight away on Pinterest then you need to have Tailwind in your back pocket because once you have your affiliate pins ready to market all you need is about one hour a day in Tailwind. 

If you don’t have Tailwind, then go ahead and sign up for their 14-day free trial HERE! 

Once you sign up it will be a small monthly cost, but trust me it will be totally worth it for marketing your pins on Pinterest with little work. 

 Take Note: Tailwind takes a week or two of learning. I suggest that you take it to video and start watching an hours’ worth of tutorials after you sign up with them. The training is well worth it and you’ll quickly learn all you need. You can also head on over to my in-depth Tailwind guide here. It’ll show you the in’s and out’s of how this tool works for most bloggers. 


4. Next, install Tailwind on your browser.

Now when you do invest in Tailwind, you will want to make sure that you install their extension onto your browser.

The reason you need to do this is that it will help you start scheduling your pins to fill up your Queue area. Your queue area is where you will house all your different affiliate pins too so that Tailwind can pin those pins to your Pinterest account all while you sleep, eat and watch tv. 

Setting up Tailwind on your browser is a super easy one-click install and will drastically change the way you pin, so you can’t skip this step!

This will take you no time at all, so head on over to Install Tailwind Onto Your Browser Now so you can move onto the next strategic step for making money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing.


5. Fill up your schedule.

The great thing about affiliate marketing on Pinterest is that you can spend one day a week setting this all up on Tailwind and then Tailwind will do all the work for you!

So in the fifth step of this affiliate marketing strategy with Pinterest is you will want to start scheduling other people’s content in Tailwind first before we create our own affiliate pins.

Why We Are Scheduling Other People’s Content, Over Our Own…?

There are two reasons we are scheduling other people’s content…

    1) First, we are scheduling/pinning other pinner’s content to our scheduler first, so we can fill up our schedule to place our affiliate pins in-between. You don’t want to have an affiliate pin after an affiliate pin being pinned over and over again. You need a little break between your pins. The second reason explains why…

    2) Second, you may get your pins removed and flagged as spam if you don’t break them up: The reason you may be flagged for spam is that Pinterest has a pretty nifty system/software that alerts them when an account is linking too much of the same content/link. That software picks it up as spam. So to get around this, you will want to schedule other pinner’s pins within your affiliate pins that way you stay in the clear and don’t alarm their software that you are pinning only affiliate pins. 

Spamming is what you do NOT want to be flagged for. So naturally, Tailwind is the best solution for this.

And you are probably wondering why, since ShareASale is approved by Pinterest? But the same goes for blogs too!

If you pin the same URL too many times, it also gets picked up as spam. Pinterest likes variety, so doing this little trick with Tailwind has you covered and you don’t have to worry about your pins being removed or your account being suspended. 

Like I said before, it’s like the two (Pinterest & Tailwind) were made for each other.

So go ahead and start filling up your scheduled pins now and come back to this post.

If you don’t know how to fill up your schedule… Here’s a great video that I first watched to learn all about Tailwind and I think you will also like and understand it too.

Plus another way to schedule loads of pins and another hack I know (I also wrote a whole post about titled How to schedule 1000’s of pins at once!) is something that you will want to know for this Pinterest strategy too. It’ll help you get all those pins in your queue area so that way you can focus on your affiliate pins.

So, if you don’t have Tailwind yet, I really encourage you to take their 14-day trial here!

Take a peek inside the scheduling tool so you can learn how to apply this affiliate marketing strategy.

Once you have Tailwind, go into your Pinterest account, using my How to schedule 1000’s of pins at once article, and start scheduling other people’s pins.

PRO TIP: Remember pins don’t die, so this works if you do it consistently. More about this below!


6. Create your affiliate pin to get ready to market with.

Now let’s create your offer!

There are tons upon tons of places to create beautiful image templates (aka good-looking pins that you see on Pinterest) but the best one by far and the easiest software to start out with, I believe is Canva

You can use Canva to create pins for your affiliate links very easily, and it is super simple to understand. 

Canva is the hotspot for bloggers creating pins and it’s free to join but there’s also PicMonkey for designing pins too. These two image software are your go-to’s for just starting out, so pick one that you like and know that whatever you choose will work for this $100 a day affiliate strategy. 

Once you get in there, there are loads of templates that you can choose from to use for your ShareASale affiliate link.

Now, I encourage anyone who is just starting to design their pins, to practice as often as you can. Designing pins are a learned skill. 

Don’t get discouraged if you think your pins are not good enough!  

It takes serious practice to create solid looking pins that have high conversion rates for your affiliate links. And know that you will have the opportunity to make lots of money on Pinterest if you keep working at it. 

So after you have picked a design software and when you are done creating your pin, make sure that you download your pin as a PNG and save it on your computer.

Pro tip: Great pin templates come through time, practice, and patience! My pins were horrendous at the beginning so just keep practicing!

 Journal placed on top of a bed. White sheets, wrinkled and cozy, orange pens, white coffee mug with white saucer half full with black coffee. Affiliate Marketing

7. How to get the commissions $$$’s.

When you have the affiliate pin all finished up, nicely designed, and saved on your computer, next you will want to place your affiliate pins throughout your scheduled pins using Tailwind. 

As you can see in your Tailwind schedule, that you already scheduled loads of pins that are all waiting there to be sent out to Pinterest… Here’s what to do:

    • The next thing you want to do is in Tailwind on your scheduled pins screen, you will want to click the ‘Create New Pin’ tab.
    • Upload your pin by clicking the ‘Upload Images’ tab. This is where you are going to sneakily pin your pin within your scheduled content.
    • Now upload the image that you saved to your computer (the downloaded image from Canva or PicMonkey as a PNG). After you do this, you should see your pin in the draft section in Tailwind.
    • In the draft section of your new pin, place the affiliate link’s URL that you saved at the beginning from ShareASale.
    • Next, write a description for your pin, so your affiliate pin can be optimized through SEO. Make sure to use keywords!
    • Make sure you write in the description of your pin that it is an affiliate link. Pinterest needs to be aware that it is, in fact, an affiliate link, so just add the hashtag #ad or #affiliatelink in the pin’s description.
    • Then click “Add to Queue” it’s that easy! Your affiliate pin is in your scheduled pin area ready to be marketed to make commissions!!

Remember: Tailwind does not accept links (shortened links) so place the FULL affiliate link in. You have to use your full affiliate link without it being shortened! If this rule has changed I’d just stick with the full URL, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

When It Comes To Writing Great Descriptions, Here’s what Pinterest Says…

Make sure each of your Pins have useful and insightful descriptions. As a tastemaker your opinion is important and your detailed descriptions send signals to Pinterest which help us surface your content to the right people. You can also add hashtags to your descriptions to help them get discovered – #BossBabeGiftGuide #MakeUpMustHaves #CopperInteriors

8. Place your affiliate pin throughout your scheduled pins & let the $$ role in.

Lat by not least, place ALL of your affiliate pins in your schedule to be placed all throughout the pins you picked up from others on Pinterest and then Click ‘Shuffle Queue‘. The reason you want to click the shuffle queue button is that it shuffles the affiliate pins that you created amongst all the other pins that are sitting in your queue area.

And it’s your last resort to really making sure that your Pinterest account stays in good order. 

Plus, after you do this you will have your affiliate pins, mixed in and throughout your already scheduled content so that they are ready to be marketing on the dates and times that they are set out to.

It’s pretty brilliant because you can do this for an hour a day or an hour a week (depending on how many pins you want out there), hint the more pins the more money but you’re well on your way to making great affiliate money through Pinterest if you follow all these steps above and work at it every day. 

Keep adding your pins throughout your scheduled pins daily. Get into the habit of this and the side income should start accumulating for you in no time at all. 

That’s it! 

If you do this with multiple accounts too, you may have yourself an extra side hustle that’s on autopilot (!!).

PRO TIP: Now we didn’t discuss Tailwind tribes here. And they are a great place for your affiliate pins and where you will get most of your re-shares and re-pins for your affiliate links and how you will be able to make more money through this affiliate strategy. Please see my extensive guide for Tailwind here to apply your affiliate to tribes!


** Some Things You Shouldn’t Do With This Affiliate Strategy! **

    • Don’t spam Pinterest with your ShareASale links: Even though Affiliate pins/links are approved now, you might get into trouble or you might get your pins taken down if it shows up as spam. So to prevent this and as discussed above, try to stick to the Tailwind schedule limit for each day. It’ll show you the right amount of pins to pin daily. 
    • You can’t take other people’s images and then spam your ShareASale link in it. I know you won’t do this, but I just wanted to address it just in case you have seen other people doing this somewhere else.
    • Don’t buy fake Pinterest followers to gain affiliate sales! This will kill your profile. You want to use the tool that we talked about called Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest pins to grow your followers more organically. Trust the process, if you have an active Pinterest account, then you will no doubt grow your following. 


The fastest way to grow your affiliate marketing on Pinterest is to pin every day. 

If you follow these techniques you really can have the potential to make money on Pinterest in no time at all.

Also, you should be fine with Pinterest just as long as you are not spamming hundreds of affiliate links each week.

And as long as you keep your regular daily limit that Tailwind shows you, you should be okay doing this affiliate strategy.  

Remember pins never die, so if you keep doing this, the possibilities are endless (!!).

**P.S Keep reading if you are interested in starting a blog!

Now before we end it here, and like I said earlier, if you don’t have a blog or are just learning the ropes with blogging? I strongly urge you to check out this post here. It will immensely help you if you are within your first three months of blogging.

Also if you are looking to start a WordPress blog from the ground up, I have a simple step by step guide on how to start a self-hosted blog here!

Starting a blog is easy but it takes a lot of time and commitment to grow it and Pinterest will be your golden tool to getting that traffic, (along with Tailwind) if you want to make money through ads on your own blog. 

But nonetheless, if blogging is not for you then this Pinterest affiliate strategy should work well for you! 

Who knows, maybe this affiliate strategy will get you enticed to start a blog of your own one day.  And if you want to know the FULL story behind my blogging start-up, I explain in more detail why and how I started THIS BLOG here.

So before you go, below are some of the all-time-fav tools that help me every SINGLE day with growing my blog other than Pinterest and other than SEO and affiliate marketing.

I hope you take advantage of these! Take care 🙂


My Favorite Blogging Tools:

Bluehost My current hosting company. They are reliable, fast, and more importantly affordable. Check out my SUPER easy step by step guide: How to Start a WordPress Blog in under 20 mins here!

ThemeForest Blog themes are super important to retaining and keeping your traffic on your blog. ThemeForest has TONS of beautiful blog themes. You can go and view some samples here!

Tailwind This is a blogger’s best friend and their MOST favorite scheduling tool for sharing content on Pinterest because Tailwind saves SO much time and increases your traffic and followers. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

Share a Sale This is a great place to find TONS of affiliate programs so you can start earning money on your blog with affiliate sales! This is my GO-TO affiliate network for my affiliate sales. 

ConvertKit This is a VERY popular email newsletter provider. Many BLOGGERS love using Convert Kit to grow their email list because it is EASY! It’s totally worth the monthly fee because it’s super easy to create email courses AND give away freebies in just a few simple steps.


Now I want to hear from you!

Have You Applied This Affiliate Strategy Yet? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below 🙂

Author: Rebecca

Hi welcome! Everything Abode’s mission is to instill an appreciation for your home life through lifestyle tips, home decor, and everything else you do at home. Your home should be more enjoyable and comfortable and we appreciate you stopping by!

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mike & sophie

Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for this! There's so much crap out there about making money online, but you're like a concise breath of fresh air. I did have one question. You recommend we stick to the fitness and cooking niches, buy my wife's blog is all about clothing, accessories, lingerie, etc. for plus-sized women. Would this niche be an uphill battle for her on pinterest? Thanks! Mike & sophie


Sunday 25th of August 2019

Hi Mike & Sophie! Thanks so much for your kind words. Fashion is also huge to market on Pinterest! Your best approach would be posting guides, say... '20 boots perfect for the fall season', instead of using direct affiliate links for one product. Hope this helps! let me know how it goes :)


Saturday 6th of April 2019

hi This post is one great source of valuable content. but one thing i'm missing: i uploaded my image from canva, but i can't find where to add my link from shareasale. you say not to put it in the description, so where? please help with this last piece of the puzzle. and again, thanks for a great valueable content. lenny


Sunday 7th of April 2019

Hi Lenny! When you upload a pin using Tailwind or Pinterest... there will be a URL area to insert the affiliate link in. That's where you should put it. The description of your pin should be for long tail keywords and hashtags. Hope this helps, do let me know how it works out for you! :)

Stacy Lebrun

Sunday 23rd of December 2018

Hi Rebecca! Thank you for sharing this strategy. I am a new blogger as well and I am excited to try this and I will let you know how it turns out! Can you email me your suggestions on the courses you have taken that may be helpful to me. There are just so many out there.


Friday 28th of December 2018

Hi Stacy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. As of now, I am taking EBA (Elite Blog Academy) and so far it's been amazing! Other than that, Pinterest Ninja is great for Pinterest marketing. Hope this helps. Do let me know how the affiliate marketing on Pinterest goes for you! :)


Friday 5th of October 2018

How do you do this witHout a website? When I go to sign up it asks fir a website On all the Ones I have trIed.


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Hi Christine, Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t really require you to own a blog or website but it does require you to have an online presence. You can submit your facebook or twitter URL if you have a large following, but in most cases, the having of a website (even if it's just a basic one) will help you get approved much faster. You can check out my How To Start A Wordpress Blog, to have a blog set up in minutes... Lmk if this helps with your question! Thanks :)


Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

This is a very helpful post, but I can't figure out how to get my links to canva first then to pinterest, I'm still learning, I was computer illiterate up until 2 years ago and there are a few things I'm having trouble figuring out. Thank you for the great post


Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

Hi Melissa, I would encourage you to save your Canva template pin as a PNG and then upload it to either Pinterest or Tailwind to insert the affiliate link in. Let me know if this helps!! Thanks for reading :)