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My Pinterest Strategy Revealed – Over 20 Pinterest Marketing Ideas!

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Need some extra help with your Pinterest strategy? If so, I go to great lengths to show you how I grew my Pinterest account that made me TONS of money in just under two years!

My Pinterest Lessons Revealed - Over 20 Pinterest Marketing Ideas! - Everything Abode

You’re probably like me if you spent so much time researching Pinterest to grow your business or blog.

Pinterest is a vast subject and there are so many resources on how to make it work for you. I thought this article would be the best to share what I did when I started my Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is without a doubt the best marketing strategy I’ve used to increase my blog traffic for Everything Abode.

It’s been an exciting ride! And even though it appears like everything is in place on the front end, there are still a lot of details involved in the blogging backend, especially when it comes down to getting page views.

So before we head into my Pinterest strategy, if you would like to know some of the back-end details that you will need for your new blog (especially in your first three months of blogging)? I wrote a dedicated article to start a blog here with loads of beginner blogging tips (50 blogging tips to be exact) in this article here.

These two articles alone are filled to the brim with LOADS of blogging advice and tips that you will need before you begin marketing your blog on Pinterest.


So how much money did I make on Pinterest?

I have to be honest with you…

When I first started blogging (which you will read about in this article) I tried to wrap my head around finding the time with marketing my new blog and trying to write great content at the same time.

It took a lot of work. There were a lot of trials and errors along the way but it was incredibly worth it! 

I successfully made over $200,000 USD over a two-year span (from acceptance into Mediavine in September 2019 to September 2021)!

Also when I was first starting out, marketing was everything, or I wasn’t going to make a dollar! 


But wait, the money I made also doesn’t include Affiliate sales!

I made a whopping $200,000 USD in the span of just two years (from only marketing on Pinterest alone) through only my ad revenue from Mediavine.

That sum of money (which is a lot!) doesn’t even account for my Amazon affiliate sales, Bluehost Affiliate sales, Convertkit affiliate sales (the recurring commission that I receive monthly), or any other affiliate payments that I receive each month from Restyle links and so on. 

In all honesty, all of my affiliate money is what I consider BONUS money since my ad network with Mediavine pays me so much. And that will soon change because my affiliate money is growing very well month after month!

As you can see, blogging is definitely not dead and you can still make a decent amount of money (every single month starting this current year) BUT only if you learn as much as you can.

Also, Pinterest is a whirlwind of a ride, and in these past two years I have had some ebbs and flows and that’s only natural to assume with anything in this day of age, especially when it comes to being a blogger and trying to get those page views month after month.

Nevertheless, I am still seeing a lot of progress and there are loads of tips within this article that I will highlight along the way on what still works for me now to this current day January 2022.


The catch twenty-two with Pinterest.

I have to be honest with you because Pinterest is kind of a catch twenty-two.

I mean, I marketed on Pinterest every single day and I sometimes pinned for 8 hours straight!

So you really have to ask yourself (if you want to push Pinterest in a direction to make a full-time living), do you have the time Pinterest needs to market and create pins full time?

Because, if so, it’s a lot of work!

Alternatively, you could also choose to market on Pinterest part-time while you simultaneously grow your google ranking but you might make less money if you don’t understand how SEO works…

Writing great SEO (search engine optimization) rich articles (so you don’t need Pinterest when Pinterest decides to turn off the traffic flood gates), is something to really consider and that I wish I did from the beginning. 

But hey, I am now debt-free, have tons of cash in investments, and am purchasing a new home soon all thanks to Pinterest!

So whatever you decide, buckle up because we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and see what worked for me at the beginning of my first quarter with marketing on Pinterest and what is STILL working for me now in the land of Pinterest marketing all the way up to 2022.


Why I am sharing my Pinterest Strategy with you.

For starters, I wanted to share a little bit of behind the scenes, if you will, because I definitely know how it feels to start a new blog.

I was once where you are now, and I hope this little insight into my Pinterest strategy will give you a helpful glimpse into what you can expect for your own Pinterest growth.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that when I was first starting out blogging I was only getting a few page views here and there.

That slow start was totally expected, of course, because you can’t be a professional and successful blogger right out of the gate!

However, the beginning of starting Everything Abode was still a very stressful time for me.

When I was first starting out blogging I had a lot of fear at that time, so hopefully, this blog post can instill some hope and faith, that out of everything you have going for yourself and your blog, you have the potential to make a living off of Pinterest and blogging, too.

When I was fearful that I was leading myself down the wrong blogging path, I knew that researching and learning from others (who had successfully made a living off of Blogging and off of Pinterest), that absorbing their best practices and strategies was going to be my best path forward. 

My number one top priority was to learn as much as I could about blogging traffic growth, especially with Pinterest in mind, since Pinterest is a new blogger’s best bet to making money online.

So you will be successful if you learn as much as you can and never quit!

Also to be totally honest with you, I am still in constant search mode when it comes to learning new ways to up my Pinterest game.

Learning about Pinterest has never ended for me and I don’t think it ever will only until those pageviews stop, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon!

So let’s talk about how you can bring loads of traffic back to your new blog using Pinterest as your sole traffic driver (as I did in the beginning).

Who knows, maybe you can rake in over $200,000 USD in a couple of years as I did, so let’s begin!


How Pinterest Can Bring You LOADS Of Traffic!

So now that the background of why I wrote this article is out of the way, I do have one question for you…

Does Pinterest drive you crazy? Or is it just me?! Okay maybe that’s two questions, and obviously with getting 10+ Million monthly views is a milestone worth smiling for, Pinterest still baffles my mind even when it’s giving me high pageviews.

Additionally, if you have been marketing on Pinterest already, you are already quite aware that Pinterest can be quite a learning curve especially if you are just starting to learn the ropes so…

Here is what you can expect to see in your first few months of marketing on Pinterest if you market with new pins daily:

  • My first two months of marketing on Pinterest were both under 10,000 pageviews.
  • In my third month of blogging back in 2019, I reached 25,000-page views for my blog. 
  • In my 4th month of blogging, I reached 40,000 page views for my blog. Not much of a difference between both the third and fourth month but it only went up from there!

I also wrote a post dedicated to how I got there in this article here (that post goes more into extreme detail about the tool that helped me along the way). I also touch a little bit about that tool in this article here as well.


A glimpse of my Pinterest Profile back in my First Quarter of Blogging:

Since my Pinterest account has now grown throughout the years to amazing record high numbers. And since I have made over $200,000 dollars from Pinterest in only two years (from 2019 to 2021)…

I’ve decided to give you the same glimpse of what worked for me back in my first quarter of blogging because that was the very beginning of when my Pinterest account was just starting to grow.

Plus, talking about how to grow your Pinterest account from the start will give you a better understanding and insight into how I grew it so well, so ultimately you can do the same. 


The beginning of my Pinterest Growth:

First-quarter (first four months) Monthly Pinterest viewers: Between 450,000 & 540,000 (I was well over 610k monthly viewers but I fiddled with my pinning strategy & I’ll tell you more about that below). 
Pinterest daily followers: I got an average of 8 -12 new Pinterest followers a day.
Blog monthly page views from Pinterest where I made money: An average of 25,000 pageviews a month.

Now let’s talk about it! I know that 25,000 page views are remarkable for a new blog but if we’re being honest here, once you get a lot of traction in terms of traffic and pageviews to your new blog, all you want is more!

In my first quarter of blogging and marketing on Pinterest, I was nothing but addicted to looking at my google analytics.

If you don’t know what google analytics is, it’s the only place where you can see who is reading your blog in real-time. I highly suggest you get that up on your blog pronto!

Another thing is I think it was also safe to say that I was really eager to see more traffic growing by the week and I was also equally excited to learn what pins were taking off more than others.

After all, Pinterest was totally new to me at that time and all I could do was try new things every day.

So in my first quarter of marketing on Pinterest (essentially my first four months blogging) I had roughly up to 500 pins circulating on Pinterest (which is really low for today’s Pinterest since you need way more pins to gain any traction these days).

Also when I see now that I only created 500 pins, that tells me that I was probably writing content, playing around with graphics for pin layouts, reading a heck of a lot from other bloggers, and learning as a total beginner!

So don’t think you have to create 100 pins a day from the start, it shouldn’t be like that, you need to learn about wordpress and content creation and how to create nicely designed pins.

However, out of those 500 pins were some of the first and older pins that I created that were not receiving any traction at all.

So essentially the stats also above reflect a couple of hundred pins that were actually receiving enough traction to get me those 25,000 page views a month (steadily)!


Not all pins are the same and you will learn that as you market on Pinterest through time.

Since Pinterest is a real learning curve still to this day, it’s really crazy to see how Pinterest has helped me grow my blog thus far.

From those 500 pins I have grown to 147,000+ pins ( January 2022) and I now have enough pins circulating Pinterest that get me roughly 7000 to 12,000 pageviews A DAY.

I also get that traffic without even having to pin a single pin for days or even weeks!

However, Pinterest has changed dramatically since I first started pinning because Pinterest has now incorporated idea pins. So you will learn that as you market on Pinterest, not all pins are the same.

Idea pins for example are essentially pins that keep people on Pinterest for longer without including an outbound link.

And thus because idea pins are circulating Pinterest in every nook and cranny, page views are not going to be the same as they once were for me when I first started on Pinterest.

Nevertheless, even though Pinterest has changed significantly from when I first started up until now in this current year of 2022, I highly advise you to keep reading my Pinterest strategy because there are definitely some things that still work on Pinterest to this day, that keep my Pinterest traffic rolling in!

For example, I have only created one idea pin and you can view it on my Pinterest account for Everything Abode!

Not only that but I refuse to make any more idea pins until Pinterest allows outbound links within them. Maybe that’s just me, but why would I create idea pins to have 10+M monthly profile views to only get 2000 pageviews a day? It makes ZERO sense unless you are after vanity metrics.

Moreover, if you follow Pinterest “gurus” who have created a lot of idea pins, know that they are wasting their time and yours!

I see no benefit in idea pins unless you are selling a product. If you have a tangible product idea pins might help. But still, the viewers will still have to go to your site and find the product and I personally think it’s the exact opposite of a good user experience.

So until permalinks (aka URLs) are allowed in anything I create with my precious time, it’s pointless! (Let me know in the comments if you agree or not!)


Pinterest lessons and what was working and is still working!

In these last two years, I have learned so many things when it comes to making money through Pinterest.

I mean I made over $200,000 USD from Pinterest and Pinterest alone. 

I can’t even comprehend that because that IS A LOT of money to me!

The knowledge that I learned, especially in the beginning, was absolutely crucial to learn.

I made so many mistakes, and I made so many brutally designed pins but I still managed to grow it from there. 

So if you are just starting your blogging career, you have so much knowledge awaiting you (especially in this article) and I could only wish I knew these tips when I first launched my blog back in 2019.

Pinterest Secrets From Me to You! Lessons From My First Quarter of Blogging. #happy #blogging #bloglessons #Pinterestsolutions #pintereststrategies #marketing #blogger #bloggingtips #pinteresttips

Before we get into the Pinterest strategy here is a disclosure…

If you already have your Pinterest profile with a few pins circulating on Pinterest so Pinterest can get to know you and what your blog is all about?

Then you are halfway to making a great living as a full-time blogger as I did.

Also, by saying that, I also applaud you for reading this article about my Pinterest strategy and marketing tips right now.

That’s because there is still so much more you can learn to increase your blog traffic and to essentially make more money from your blog!

But for those of you who are not even on Pinterest yet or are still dabbling with the idea of starting a blog today, then you have also come to the right place! 

The traffic that I see from my blog STILL to this day mostly comes from Pinterest still.  That’s even with my creating a few pins a week!

I can also assure you Pinterest is not going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Even though right now, my blog is slowly climbing the google search feed it has been nothing compared to what Pinterest has done for me, done for my traffic, and how I was able to make over $200,000 USD income in under two years!

This is why you still need Pinterest today and every day, moving forward with your blog.

No matter what the year is and no matter if pinterest changes to idea pins (as I explained above), Pinterest is STILL worth it!

I hope this article will be helpful to you if you would like to become a successful blogger or are interested in starting a new blog today of your very own.

Now, let’s first address the Pinterest Profile Views going up and down on a constant daily basis and how we can turn your Pinterest account into a constant upstream of traffic and money for your own blog!


How to grow your Pinterest traffic to make money as a new blogger


1. Don’t freak out if your Pinterest profile numbers aren’t rising!

First things first, I see so many bloggers freaking out over the Pinterest algorithm in my Facebook groups and I know this because I used to be one of them.

I was constantly on Pinterest (whenever I was holding my iphone) that I think I have become a Pinterest junkie. Seriously!

Not only that but I was constantly looking at my google analytics numbers and my pinterest analytics to see what my top-performing pins were all of the time. 

To top it off, I was stalking big pinners that I dreamed of becoming one day, just in the hopes to learn something new!

So if you have been trying to learn all of the secrets that Pinterest holds so you can get your pinterest profile views into the millions, you have to first know that your profile views for pinterest are not a set-in-stone thing.

And Pinterest profile views for various accounts are not all the same!

Pinterest profile views are a vanity metric. That is all! 

They make some pinners look way bigger than they really are and I know this because when pinners reveal that they are well over 10M+ profile views on Pinterest and they are asked how much traffic they receive, I am shocked to read that they are only getting 2000 to 4000 pageviews a day.

That in my opinion is not good at all! 

When I was well over 10M+ views for a couple of years on Pinterest, (I’ve reached 24 Million at one point) I was making $20,000 USD off of only my traffic that was coming in from Pinterest alone.

So when I read Facebook threads of people who are always in 10m+ for their Pinterest profiles and they are only getting 2000 to 4000 pageviews a day, it makes me scratch my head as to why I am getting more traffic than them.

This brings me to my next point, and why I think I get more page views than accounts that have over 10m+ Pinterest profile views. 


2. ALL of my Pins have a call to action!

When you go onto Pinterest and see some really big accounts that are at the 10M+ Pinterest number. Remember, this number is just a vanity metric. 

It’s really great for the ego, but it doesn’t do much if you are not making money from it. 

So this brings me to how I have deciphered why I get more page views than accounts that are constantly at 10M+…

Pretty much all of my pins have a call to action!

In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that 99% of all of my pins on Pinterest have a call to action. They are graphic text overlay easy-to-read pins that are created so that people can easily read them and then decide if they would like to click on them to read the article.

With saying this, this is exactly why I receive a minimum of 5000 pageviews a day from Pinterest alone whether my Pinterest profile views are over 10+ Million or not!


3. Pinterest LOVES fresh pins!

If your profile views start to plummet that’s a key indicator to ramp up some fresh pins for the week.  

Pinterest loves fresh pins so much that the weeks when I upload new fresh pins, the more my Pinterest profile views seem to ramp up in the thousands vs when the weeks I don’t upload new pins, I see that my Pinterest profile views start to plummet.

Think of Pinterest like the cookie monster. What does the cookie monster like? He likes COOKIES and lots of them!

Well, the same applies to Pinterest but instead of cookies, Pinterest really likes FRESH PINS!

If you consistently add fresh pins to your Pinterest account, your Pinterest views will start to increase.

A lot of the top pinners (that I have been secretly stalking these last few months) upload new pins every SINGLE DAY! I don’t know where they find the time, but they are doing it and it works.


4. Keep a close eye on your high performing pins

If you don’t already have google analytics connected to your blog then you have to get on that stat! This is where the magic happens.

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to identify, which one of your blog posts or pins is receiving the highest engagement and it lets you know this on an hourly basis!

Now, this may sound technical but if you can, try keeping score on which pins are performing best and what group boards and personal boards you have ‘saved’ them to. When you have this knowledge, you can start seeing a rhythm happening for your pins.

You might see some group boards that work for you and the ones you need to drop.

Remember Pinterest only allows you 200,000 pins (and that may sound like a lot), but it can add up very quickly so don’t waste your high-performing pins on boards that are dead and that aren’t working for you.

(A popular strategy I keep seeing is tracking your high-performing pins each week using your google analytics and tracking them using an Excel sheet. I still use a spreadsheet to this day!) 

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5. Tailwind is where it’s at, especially if you’re new!

Pinterest Secrets From Me to You! Lessons From My First Quarter of Blogging. #pinning #blogging #blogginglessons #Pinterest #pintereststrategies #marketing #blogger #bloggingtips #pinteresttips

Did you know that Tailwind is used in conjunction with Pinterest? It’s an official partner of Pinterest, so that means they are happy for you to use it as your pinning strategy.

I use tailwind about four times a week and I love it. I really do! So, if you haven’t invested in tailwind yet, get on it! Tailwind even offers a free trial so you can test it out to see if you like it.

Make sure you snag $15 off your second month here! You can set up a schedule of all your pinnable images, and images from other pinners and schedule them as your pinning strategy all with a click of a button.

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6. What’s better… pin scheduling or manual pinning?

I definitely recommend a pinning strategy that includes both. I have to admit that I have been solely relying on Tailwind a bit too much as of late, so that is why I am eager to see where things go for myself and my pinning strategy by implementing some more manual pinning tactics.

But for now, I am really happy with Tailwind. Tailwind is so powerful and even though there’s a huge learning curve to it, once you have it down, you’ll be golden.


7. It’s OKAY to pin 100% with your Scheduler at the beginning.

Another thing that I would like to make note of is that it is totally okay if you would like to pin with your scheduler before you invest in manually pinning every single day. 

In fact, that’s the route that I am taking and it’s working for me so far!

I have been using Tailwind pretty much as my whole pinning strategy alongside all the other things I’ve detailed out in this post.  Tailwind pretty much takes the cake when it comes to my pinning strategy and it’s gotten me to 20,000 page views a day so I’m sticking with it.

If you can’t invest in Pinterest courses then having a pinning scheduler like Tailwind is really the next best investment that you can make for your blog.

You can schedule your pins to tribes while you focus on writing great content until you find a better way to get more viral pins. 


8. Pinterest Views are nothing compared to engagement.

You have to know that views are not as important as engagement! As much as I have been addicted to watching my Pinterest Profile Views very closely. If your pageviews are not being affected, then keep doing what you are doing, and don’t even worry about the Pinterest numbers.

The most important thing is what your google analytics is telling you. 

You shouldn’t be focused on how-many-people-see-your-pins, but be more concerned with who-saves-them, repins-them, and the number of click-throughs you get back to your blog.

Here’s my strategy that works for me for when I see a lot of engagement around a singular pin:

  • When I see a pin that is getting a lot of traction in terms of click-throughs, I immediately pay close attention to it so it doesn’t get lost. How I do that is I keep an excel sheet of only the pins that have a high engagement along with the URL number for the pin so I can easily get to it.
  • On a daily basis, I go down the excel sheet and I repin and reschedule them to Tailwind and my group boards through Tailwind.
  • I also repin them manually to try to boost their engagement even more. It seems to work quite well for me. Those high engagement pins haven’t dropped yet!

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9. See Things Through and take risks.

There are so many things to do to maintain a blog these days that sometimes Pinterest can take a back seat. And even though you are blogging because you love writing or you love talking about whatever you love talking about online then know that Pinterest will only work its magic for you if you start experimenting with new ideas and are consistent with the strategies you are implementing.

If you have an incredible idea for a new board, test it out. If you want to manually pin all of the time, then manually pin. Whatever you do just make sure that you carry it out to see the best results. 


10. Update your old articles with new pins.

Just like anything, all good things come to an end and the same applies to your pins. Even your most viral pins will see the end of its days on the Pinterest algorithm because that’s life.

So while your pins are doing very well, you need to pin smarter. What I mean by this is as your old pins die down, you must replace them with new fresh pins.

I’ve learned that even though some of my pins are doing very well, for the ones that aren’t I am replacing them with new ones and some of my new ones almost always keep getting more traction back to my older blog posts.

If you see a pin with 125,000 repins using Tailwind (and that’s another reason why I love Tailwind so much!), chances are that that post has about 10 to 15 pins backing it up and are constantly in market mode!


11. Get into a lot of tribes on Tailwind to gain reach.

This tip is if you already have Tailwind… (Can you tell me most of my pinning strategy is with Tailwind!).

In all honesty, I recommend tailwind for the beginning to gain maximum reach for your Pinterest account and then you can ditch tailwind when you are ready.

I used Tailwind to solely grow my Pinterest reach and then I ditched it in the middle of 2021. 

IF you don’t have tailwind yet, then go and get your first month free and snag $15 off your second month here. It’s a great deal and you need it to gain exposure from the beginning.

Moreover, by always keeping the pins that have the highest engagement to your blog in your tribes, they will get repinned to help boost their engagement even more!

You need this in the beginning and your tribemates who are most likely new bloggers too WANT to repin your high-quality pins, so the higher the repins it has the more likely it will be shared out within those tribes.

PRO TIP: If you are not ready to invest in Tailwind just yet, then manually repinning your top pins every week consistently will be your next best action step and will keep your top pins from dying off.


12. Create lot’s pinnable images on Pinterest.

Pinterest Secrets From Me to You! Lessons From My First Quarter of Blogging. #pinning #blogging #images #bloglessons #Pinterest #pintereststrategies #marketing #blogger #bloggingtips #pinteresttips

When I first started this blog, I was well aware of the importance of good, high-quality images. Actually, to be honest with you my first few pins were super cringe-worthy BUT I think that goes in the role of starting anything new…

Creating pinnable images means having high-quality photos with nicely paired fonts and the right sizing. Many group boards require that your pins be vertical to be sharing quality.

Your pins must be vertical. (I do have some pins that are around 1400 px in length but they do get cut off, so you have to design them with that in mind). You can create awesome templates for your images by using graphic design sites like PicMonkey and Canva and that will be just fine.


13. Add META tags to EVERY single image on your blog & make them pinnable.

Meta tags are located at the bottom of every post, where you can add additional information to tell Google (and Pinterest) what the article is about. You can add the main keywords that you are targeting for your post in the meta description and it helps give your blog an additional boost in SEO (search engine optimizing).

Better yet, be sure to add ALT tags to every single image on your blog too. This also helps with SEO and you need to do this for good SEO practices so you can gain more organic traffic from google. 

Now, why is this a good industry practice to help your Pinterest account? The next tip will explain why!


14. Enable Rich Pins & make also sure they are pinnable.

Now that we have gone over meta tags and alt tags after you have done this, now is the time to make sure to have rich pins enabled on your site. 

If you don’t have rich pins enabled, you can do that here!

Rich pins automatically pull the information from your Meta tag that you already set up within your WordPress blog post and then adds it to the description of the pin when your readers are pinning your images from your blog to Pinterest. 

Without your META tag filled in, your pins don’t stand a chance.

Don’t waste the opportunity to add great keywords and hashtags to the description of your post through the Meta tag.

The better the description you have for your post, means the better description you will have for your pinnable images through the use of rich pins. 

By doing so, you’ll more likely get more shares on Pinterest and be pushed up to the top of the Pinterest feed.

Pinterest’s ONLY way of knowing what your pin will be about will ONLY come from the meta tag from your blog when your readers pin your images to Pinterest from your blog.


PROT TIP: If you don’t have a WordPress blog, I have a very simple step-by-step guide to setting one up in under 20 mins here!


15. Create Catchy titles that get clicked not just seen!

The clearer the title, the more it will get clicked. Plain and simple.

Better yet. If you include pain words within your titles then you are off to the races with your Pinterest profile!

I have to admit that am still working on including pain words, but the more I experiment and see things through when I have certain title/headline ideas, the more I see my pinning strategy develop better over time.

PRO TIP: My strategy for creating great PIN titles

  • Keep a secret board of all your favorite titles that you see on Pinterest and start saving them ASAP.
  • Sometimes other pinner’s titles for a totally different post can be just what you need for your very own post or pin that you are struggling to find the right wording for.
  • This strategy will help you when some of your pins aren’t taking off and you need a fresh idea to change it up immediately. 


16. Keep your schedule consistent.

This is the one question I get asked a lot! How many pins are great for pinning without getting flagged as spam? This is really going to be up to you.

But pinning every day, Not weekly, I think that is what works best!  


17. Let some of your pins marinate within their keywords on boards for a few weeks.

Immediately after publishing a new post, I pin my new post to the board that houses all of my own content FIRST!

From there, I pin 10 to 15 more pins to all the relevant group boards and relevant keyworded personal boards that I have.

I then let those pins soak there for about a day to a week.

I do this so it soaks into Pinterest. What I mean by soak is I let Pinterest know what the pin means (with its appropriate keywords) by pinning to keyword-rich boards first.

Then I see what traction it gets. Is the traction good? Is it bad? Did it get zero clicks? Did it get 5 to 100 clicks in the first week when I left it alone?

All of these are questions and troubleshooting methods that I examine first before I first decide if I’m ready to remarket it.

Also, sometimes I will leave it for a month, too. And sometimes I already know it’s not a winner and I won’t remarket it at all.

It’s really about going with your gut and instant and troubleshooting if your new post is worth the time and effort to market it on a daily basis.

Once I do decide to remarket it for the long haul, I then schedule out pins using Tailwind and then send it out again to my relevant group boards shortly just after.

This is something that I have been doing that I came up with through trial and error and it seems to work for my pins!


18. When starting Pinterest, have faith in the slow and steady.

Pinterest is a consistent daily long-term slow burn.

Not a week-by-week marketing activity.

Know that it does take a while to grow and build momentum, but if you stick with it, you’ll eventually get there.

Also once Pinterest starts seeing you as a professional blogger, you’ll be well on your way to having MORE success with your blog!


19. When it comes to Pinterest, know you can’t learn it all for free.

I tried to explain my strategies to you here, the best that I could and I hoped that they helped you learn something new.

But if you really want your Pinterest account to skyrocket all the way to the top, then the best pieces of training about Pinterest pinning strategies are not going to be free (like this blog post).

By saying that, if I managed to get 20,000 page views in my 3rd month of blogging, then you can too!

Take a look at these blogging tools below for more help!


20. My # 1 Blogging resource has helped me since day ONE!

Honestly, as a new blogger, I really couldn’t be happier than to have my very own self-hosted blog.

Seriously though, you cannot expect to grow your blog traffic and start monetizing your blog if you are not self-hosted.

Bluehost was the best decision I made when I was first started my blogging journey because being self-hosted will give you the security you need to know that you OWN your BLOG!

Right now Bluehost is running a special price offer for my readers!

Bluehost comes with a free domain name (your blog name) and is the easiest and most affordable hosting site that I think that’s out there in the market today!

For a more step-by-step guide approach, I even have a guide that will walk you through starting your very own blog in less than 20 minutes here.

If you take the guide… you can start your blog and start your pinning strategy almost immediately!  


Final Thoughts.

The MOST important thing to remember here is to be consistent with your pinning strategy (even if it’s with your pin scheduler) and remember that I too rely on Tailwind a bit too much but it’s consistent and it works.

I have learned so much already, but it still feels like there is still so much to learn. So I hope this post helps you if you were in the same boat as I am.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know in the comments down below, I am always happy to help you out!

I hope this post was helpful and I’ll see you in the next one!


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Friday 29th of March 2019

You are a rockstar thank you for this ?☺️


Friday 29th of March 2019

Hey thanks, Niq! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading :)


Thursday 28th of March 2019

Thanks for the great ideas! I am still learning a lot about pinterest. lately, i have been having a hard time posting because tailwind says i recently pinned the pin to the board. Sometimes it's because i pinned it two months ago. have you ever had this problem?


Friday 29th of March 2019

Hey Christine! I totally know what you mean and I am pretty sure it says that for everyone... Personally I still go ahead and add my new pins with the same URL to the tribes. Just as long as you are spacing them out you should be fine. In fact, it's a great way to know what boards to add them too quickly if you create a new pin (say two months later) for the same post. Hope this helps and thanks for reading! :)


Monday 7th of January 2019

Very nice and detailled post. I really like how you describe in detail your posting strategy! Keep up the good word!


Monday 7th of January 2019

Hi Frank! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks so much! :)