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Bedroom Organization Advice: 12 Things to Declutter From Your Bedroom

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We all need bedroom organization advice! The bedroom is where you should feel at peace, so if there are any items in your room that make it difficult for you to relax, banish them!

12 Things You Should Ban From Your Bedroom

What kinds of things should you ban from your bedroom?

Well, according to a lot of struggling homeowners they typically gripe about their garages and bedrooms the most. 

With knowing that, why does it feel like the bedroom doesn’t have the cohesiveness and orderly system that it deserves?

It’s because we spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms sleeping, getting ready, and unwinding after a hard day’s work.  So no wonder that’s how many unnecessary items can make their way in there.

And believe it or not, there are also some items that can be hazardous and unsafe.

So to help you keep your bedroom in tip-top shape, here are 12 things you should consider decluttering with the last tip being the absolute worst!


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12 Things to Declutter From Your Bedroom

10 Things You Should Ban From Your Bedroom

1. Declutter An Exaggerated amount of Technology.

If you use your bedroom as a place of rest, relaxation, and revitalization like experts recommend then it’s important to make sure that devices are out-of-arms reach. Experts say this is because the blue light from these devices interferes with melatonin production which can lead to insomnia or other sleep disorders.

To combat electronic use in your bedroom, try this:

  • Purchase a blue-light-blocking screen for your laptop or iPhone.
  • Stop using your mobile devices for at least two hours before you go to bed.
  • Invest in some blue-light-blocking glasses.
  • Put a curfew on your electronics, or find a stash area to place them, and try to stick to it.
  • Swap out devices for a meditation session, do some deep breathing techniques, and take advantage of this alone time for some much-needed personal growth.
  • Make sure to keep a book by your bedside so you have something to turn to that’s not bright for your eyes.


2. Declutter your desk.

declutter your desk from your bedroom. bedroom items to ban from your bedroom. Your desk

If you have a dedicated space to work in your home, keep it from interfering with the other areas of life.

Move out of any room where you sleep or spend time relaxing so that they are completely separate and can be mutually exclusive zones.

If not possible then try as hard as possible to make sure business doesn’t creep into those spaces too much because it can be detrimental on both fronts-physically and mentally.


3. Stop holding on to too much clutter.

Clutter is a problem for all of us, but when it comes to your bedroom space you want an orderly and relaxing environment.

Too much clutter can be harmful in the long run because cluttered houses may contribute more towards depression or anxiety which are two things we don’t need as adults!

You can easily limit the amount of clutter on your bed by making sure there’s plenty of storage around like under-bed drawers so everything has its place.

Check out this simple guide for some fantastic ways to organize your bedroom fast!


4. Swap out those Halogen Lights.

Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to having halogen lights in your bedroom:

First, they are really concerning, due to the fact that they are seen as a bigger safety risk than most modern LED bulbs.

This is due to the fact that halogen bulbs reach higher temperatures than normal bulbs, and can create a fire risk if they are in close proximity to materials. 

Second, halogen bulbs emit a blue light spectrum that can keep your brain awake at night for longer, thus disrupting the production of melatonin, and hindering your sleeping patterns.

These two factors alone can lead to an inability to fall asleep and place you in danger; so switch to LED bulbs as an environmentally and safe friendly solution instead of having halogen lights in your bedroom.


5. Don’t leave Space heaters left unattended.

Space heaters should be banned from your bedroom

Heating a bedroom in the winter is often hard to do, and that’s why some people turn to space heaters. 

But according to the National Fire Protection Association, the misuse of space heaters is involved in too many fatal home fires, at a staggering 79 percent.  

In addition, if your space heater doesn’t have enough ventilation on both the inlet and the outlet sides, it may ignite flammable clothing or other materials that are in close proximity. 

Before using a space heater in your bedroom, make sure that after you wake up you always turn it off, treat this object with caution, and if you don’t trust yourself, opt to use a thicker blanket.


6. Declutter Exercise equipment.

Although gyms are the best alternative to working out, if you like working out at home, it’s best to work out in another room in your home besides the bedroom.

Working out in your bedroom will compromise your bedroom space because your bedroom will start smelling like a gym.

Not only that, the problem with most exercise equipment is that they’re just too massive, taking up way too much space, especially treadmills.

When you are trying your best to rest and relax, sports equipment represents “work” and is not relaxing or conducive to a romantic environment or unwinding before bed.


7. Toss those Flat/outdated pillows.

10 things you should ban from your bedroom. How to declutter your bedroom. Flat pillows

The ultimate way to decide whether a pillow needs replacing is by monitoring your sleep.

Is your sleep being affected by using an old outdated pillow? Do you suffer from neck pain that can easily be fixed by replacing your pillow?

If so, an easy way to put your pillow to the test is to fold it in half, if it doesn’t spring back into shape, this implies that it’s beyond its lifespan.

Chuck the old pillow out and purchase a fresh one — doing so will guarantee a better rest.


8. Get rid of any Old Collectibles You Don’t Love.

It doesn’t matter if you have been adulting for quite some time or just starting out because chances are you have collected a thing or two.

And since our bedrooms should be home only to those items we truly love, if we keep harboring way more collectibles than we are willing to admit, it’s time to finally get rid of them.

If you can relate, it’s finally time to go through all the unwanted items you’ve kept through the years and drop them off at the nearest thrift store so they can be put to good use somewhere else. It will make you feel liberated!


9. Avoid having An overflowing laundry basket.

We all would love to have a bedroom that is in tip-top shape and stress-free.

And the sight of a laundry basket, that is full to the brim, will be doing you a disservice, which will create much more stress and responsibility for you.

When decluttering your bedroom, you might want to consider using another laundry basket (preferably in your laundry space if you have one) or tucking it away out of sight in your closet.


10. Declutter Clothes you never wear from your bedroom.

One of the worst culprits for messy bedrooms is clothes that go unworn.

This could be because you own too many items, or just haven’t had a chance to wear them yet.

But when you’re looking to give your bedroom an upgrade, don’t forget about all those pieces of clothes you never wear taking up valuable space!


11. Declutter Books you’ve already read. 

Books you've already read should be decluttered from your bedroom

If you have an unread library of books in your bedroom, that can make you far more enthusiastic to read than having a library you’ve already read.

Plus, since unique paperback books make the perfect conversation starters, if you consider moving the ones you’ve already read around the house or offer them to friends so they can enjoy them, they’ll have a far better lifespan.

Conversely, if you would also like to practice good Feng Shui, then under no circumstances should one ‘put their books under their bed’.

Doing so can result in various sleep problems, romantic issues, and according to Feng Shui experts, even poor health.


12. Ban Alcohol.

Although a small amount of alcohol may be useful in promoting sleep for those who have difficulty falling asleep. 

Taking alcohol into the bedroom or being inebriated before going to sleep is generally not considered safe.

Research suggests that being intoxicated before heading to sleep interferes with a poor night’s rest (no matter how fast it can put you to sleep), thus increasing the amount of tiredness for the following day. 

So if you can, try to keep this one entirely banned from your bedroom at all times.


There you have it.

Remember, your bedroom is a sacred space and you should always treat it as such, especially when it comes to your health and wellness

If you keep a few of these things at bay from your bedroom, you should be one step closer to creating that relaxing home life you crave.

Plus, you will enjoy your bedroom space so much more if you do!


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