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25+ Household Items You Should Declutter From Your Home

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25 Items to Declutter to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle at Home - Everything Abode

Do you have too much stuff in your house? If you have too much stuff, there are many reasons you are holding onto them.

However, have you ever tried to clean up and decided it was overwhelming because of the amount of “stuff” that would need sorting through? 

Also, did you often find yourself looking at your house and asking “where did all this stuff come from?.”

Well, if these are common questions you are asking yourself then I have some good news!

Living a minimalist lifestyle can be extremely empowering.

Not only does decluttering feel amazing afterward but it will keep things more organized in your home on a day-to-day basis. 

Decluttering also saves time cleaning up messes!

Plus, with fewer items lying around usually comes a greater appreciation for what we already own, right?!

So while decluttering may seem daunting when just getting started – do not fret!

There are many benefits awaiting those who want to take the plunge into simplifying their lives today!

To help you out, take a look at these 25 household items that are extremely easy to declutter from your home and a hint… they are easy household things that you probably don’t even need!

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How to Live a Minimal Lifestyle at Home.

25 Items to Declutter to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle at Home -- Everything Abode Lifestyle

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Why do people have a hard time letting go of ‘things’?

The reason why people tend to over-consume is that they don’t stop and think about what their true needs are.

So the question that you should be asking yourself when deciding if a new purchase will make your life more fulfilling or overly cluttered is:

“will this give me joy?”

Try looking at the items in your home with an objective eye and ask yourself: do I use this all of the time?

Does having it around fill my heart up with love instead of guilt?

The point behind minimalism isn’t necessarily getting rid of everything you own as much as making sure every item has its purpose — does something truly bring happiness into your day on a regular basis?

If not, then it’s time to let it go!


Is starting the minimal lifestyle hard?

Many people are hesitant to declutter their homes because they think it will take up too much time and energy. But, in reality, minimalism is a very accessible line of thought and lifestyle, not just reserved for those who have the luxury of free time on hand.

Here’s why: you can start small by getting rid of items that don’t bring value into your life anymore (think clothes) or if things are sitting around unused like old books and papers from college–simply start with getting rid of them!

Decluttering does not need to be an all-day project; instead, break it down bit by bit over a week so that each day you can focus on something different until eventually everything has been organized back to where it belongs with little effort exerted at all.


Is minimalism the key to living a stress-free life? 

In our society, we are often led to believe that more is better.

We have a tendency to fill our homes with things in order to make them feel full and complete.

The problem with this mindset is that it can cause us stress when we don’t know what to do with all of the clutter that has accumulated over time.

It’s important for your mental health to declutter your life and live a minimal lifestyle at home because the secret to living a stress-free life is minimizing your possessions.

Too many things can make you stressed and depressed, so the best way to live joyfully every single day of your life is by owning only what’s necessary.


What’s the best approach when starting the decluttering process?

It’s time to take a good hard look at your life and figure out what you really need to keep and let go of.

These 25 items are not much, but they should be enough for now as long as you keep an eye on the things that come into your home every day.

Try to be honest and kind with yourself about whether or not these things are something worth keeping before beginning any decluttering process — it will make decision-making for you much easier down the line!

Once you start applying minimalism in other aspects of your life (cooking/work), you’ll soon realize how good it feels all around when you have a clear view of what your possessions genuinely mean to you.

Plus, if you apply this thoughtful approach to your own situation and think about what you really need on a daily basis…

You’ll soon discover that these 25 household items should be totally OKAY to declutter and will make your place feel more spacious when you do.

Let’s get started!


25+ Household Items to Declutter to Live a Minimal Lifestyle at Home.


1. Declutter these living room items that make your living room look messy.

Extra living room items that make your living room look messy. items to declutter - minimalist lifestyle -- Everything Abode

Your living room should be a place to kick back and relax, a private space to enjoy your family and your loved ones while hanging out and unwinding.

With that said, there are so many needless things that make their way into our living rooms (each and every day) that it can feel all too overwhelming to keep up with the clutter.

So to make life easier for you while trying to declutter, make sure to only have essential living room items that serve a purpose, and check out the list of items you should declutter in your living room here or below!

Living Room Items to Declutter:

    • Living room knick-knacks.
    • Decorations that you don’t love.
    • Candles.
    • Holiday decorations are still out.
    • Artifacts that you dislike are still out on display. 
    • Remotes.
    • DVDs.
    • Old charging cables.
    • Candleholders.
    • Picture frames that don’t serve a purpose.
    • Throw blankets that are ripped or stained or not being used. 


2. Unused Flat & old pillows.

An odd household item to declutter next is your old and flat pillows because we all have them.  So if you are sleeping on a flat pillow at night, know that it can give you all kinds of back and neck problems so definitely (if you have flat pillows in your household), be sure to declutter them.


3. Old outdated & unworn clothing.

Old outdated clothes. decluttering tips - Everything Abode

Just about everyone has old clothing that they no longer use, so decluttering old outdated clothes will be a simple place to continue the minimalist journey.

Create a big pile of clothes on your mattress, and start one-by-one going through your things. Divide your clothes into three sets to figure out what you would like to keep, discard, or donate.

And know that most places have recycling bins for clothes, or you can go to the nearest thrift shop in your area to sell them on consignment. 

How to declutter your clothes:

    • Gather all of your clothes together into one spot.
    • Go through each item and ask yourself these questions: Do you feel confident that’ll you’ll wear it? Do you wear it regularly? Do you love it?
    • Put the clothes that you’re definitely keeping back where they belong. 
    • Sort the clothes you’re getting rid of into piles for selling, donating, and tossing/recycling.
    • Put the bags of clothes in your car or make a plan to discard those bags either the day of, or within the next couple of days. 
    • Keep your wardrobe decluttered!


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4. Extra electronics & outdated appliances.

Almost everybody has outdated gadgets scattered around the house or in their junk drawers due to the fact, for example, that so many of us purchase new things such as a new phone every year or get an upgrade. But that leaves us with working gadgets that we don’t want to throw away. 

And since there’s no longer any reason to hold on to these extra electronics, odds are they are all collecting dust somewhere in your home.

Check out the nearest recycling facility for ways to get rid of them and any outdated appliances that are laying around too. If your old electronics are still working and in good condition, you can sell them on eBay or Craigslist at any time to make some extra cash.


5. Extra vases.

25 Items You Must Declutter to Live a Minimal Lifestyle - extra vases to declutter - Everything Abode

If you receive more than one bouquet of flowers throughout the year, then count yourself lucky because most often, two vases for any household will do the trick and be enough to hold onto for those special moments. 


6. Declutter your old & expired Make-Up.

Make sure to always declutter your Old & expired Make-Up. minimal lifestyle - Everything Abode

The sad truth is, is that makeup does eventually expire.  That means you are under a time limit from the moment you remove the makeup packaging to how long you will wear it.

Instead of hanging on to make-up for several years at a time, throw out the pieces you don’t need anymore or know you won’t use.

Get used to buying only your favorite beauty items that you know you are going to use all the way through to the end before you purchase a new one.

This not only reduces unnecessary waste but it allows you to save more money because you know what you have on hand which is what the minimalist lifestyle is all about.


7. Kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen gadgets. decluttering kitchen for the minimalist lifestyle - Everything Abode

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there and we’re often marketed that we absolutely NEED them but in actuality, we really don’t.

You don’t need a kitchen gadget for every single occasion, so if you haven’t used that spiralizer or Avacado pit ‘grabber’ in ages, now is the time to get rid of it.


8. Miscellaneous items you have no use for.

Going a bit further with gadgets that you don’t use, nearly everyone has old artifacts or old miscellaneous items that make us shake our heads asking… “Why do I still have this?”

It may have been an old gift or your relatives’ hand-me-down, either way when it comes to leading a minimalist lifestyle, it should be of use or serve a purpose. 

Go through those old boxes and overflowing drawers in your home and discover the odd things that you’re not really sure what their use is for.

We still hang on to these strange items with the hopes that someday we’ll find a need for them but the chances, however, of that day coming is slim if it’s been tucked away collecting dust for years and years already. 


9. Extra dressers and vanities.

Extra dressers and vanities. items to declutter for the minimalist lifestyle - Everything Abode

Are you open to the idea of getting rid of any extra dressers and vanities that you may have that are taking up way too much space in your home?  

These items often are large and clunky and your space doesn’t really need them if they aren’t serving a purpose.

Declutter these extra dressers and free up your home space to really create a minimal lifestyle that you are striving for.


10. Extra bedding and sheets.

Extra bedding and sheets. - Everything Abode

When it comes to decluttering to lead a more minimal lifestyle, having two extra pairs of sheets (for having guests over) is totally acceptable but holding on to six, seven, or even eight pairs of sheets really isn’t serving any purpose.

Declutter the ones that you haven’t pulled out or made the bed with, in years!


11. Extra Handbags and purses.

Extra Handbags and purses. decluttering tips for minimalism - Everything Abode

A lot of women have a set of handbags that they feel really proud of. There are also those bags, though, that were purchases by accident that were on sale.

Styles shift, and naturally, tastes do too, and anything that may have been trendy a couple of years ago is now going to be called outdated.

Plus, sometimes our bags may have already begun to break down but for nostalgic reasons, we’re still hanging on to them.

But you are here because you want to become a minimalist, so it’s time to refresh the number of purses and handbags that you have in your wardrobe to a minimal amount that is — wearable.


12. Cookbooks.

If you have loads of cookbooks collecting dust?  Then now’s the time to declutter them as well.

Personally, Pinterest is kind of the best cookbook you’ll ever need anyway so if you haven’t used Pinterest in the past couple of months?

Definitely go ahead and consider starting a recipe board and while you are there, give my vegan recipe board a follow on Pinterest here.


13. Awkward-sized pots and pans.

Considering that you’re decluttering to lead a more minimal lifestyle at home then you only need to use three to four pots and pans on a regular basis and anything that you’re not using, declutter it.

If you would like to create a true minimalist kitchen, make sure to check out how to create a minimal kitchen for more inspiration


14. Leaky travel mugs and Tupper wear without lids.

If you have loads of travel mugs or if your travel mugs are leaky or spill onto you every time you try to drink it from them while you’re in the car or just walking around, go ahead and declutter those as well.

This tip also applies to any kind of leaky Tupperware or plastic containers that have lost their lids.

We all try to find a use for these items but the minimalist lifestyle is all about holding onto the things that serve a purpose and not the other way around. 


15. Mismatched Tupperware with warped lids.

Taking it a bit further when decluttering, is also bearing in mind that your mismatched food containers like Rubbermaid and Tupperware are most likely just sitting in the cupboard collecting space.

These kitchen items will eventually have missing lids and have pieces that don’t go together anymore, so to avoid this, declutter anything that is mismatched or that has a warped lid.


16. Empty Jars.

Do you love reusing and up-cycling old glass jars?

If so, that’s a great solution for upcycling but if you have too many glass jars taking up precious space in your kitchen cupboards as well, then now is the time to get ready to put them in your recycling bin straight away. 

Not every jar has to be saved and recycling glass is still a good thing especially if it is not being used in your home. 


17. Old Alarm clocks.

Do you have old outdated alarm clocks just sitting there, not being used, and collecting dust? If so, it’s time to let them go as well.

Since our phones already serve the purpose of our alarm clocks nowadays, go ahead and declutter any extra alarm clocks that you may have taking up space and collecting dust on your nightstands. 

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18. Empty takeout containers.

If you have loads of empty takeout containers, go ahead and declutter the ones you’re not using.

Sometimes we like to save old take-out containers because we feel guilty about the waste and we think to ourselves, we can use them again but as you can tell, your kitchen space is vital so you can have an orderly one. 


19. Cracked and broken dishes.

Dishes are definitely another culprit that we tend to keep in our kitchen cupboards longer than we intend to.

So if it’s going to slice your finger due to picking it up the wrong way, then it’s time to declutter it. 


20. Plastic Straws.

Plastic straws are another item that is strongly suggested for decluttering.  Switching to reusable ones if you really like the feeling of drinking from a straw will be your next best approach as well. 

Not only is switching to reusable straws better for the environment but in the long run, you’re going to save a lot more money!


21. Matches.

If you have lots of matches in your junk drawer maybe it’s time to consider only keeping a few around just in case an emergency strikes.

And with saying that, leading a more minimal lifestyle at home requires only to have things that serve a purpose and too many matches are just too much.


22. Baking trays.

Extra baking trays is another one to consider decluttering because a lot of times we have these great dreams and aspirations of cooking and baking all the recipes we see online, but in reality, we don’t ever get down to using them.

So consider holding onto a couple of baking trays but know that more than two is a bit extreme if you don’t use them that much.


23. Old Spices.

Another kitchen item to consider adding to your decluttering list is all the spices that you never use.

If you have 40+ spices in your panty and maybe use only use 5 to 10 on a regular basis, then there’s no point in holding on to spices that you rarely never use.

If you think it’s a waste? Then give them to friends or hold on to only the ones that you know you will cook with and discard the rest.

Also, check for expiry dates, they could be years old and have lost their purpose while just sitting in your kitchen cupboards this whole time. 


24. Discolored & Chipped mugs.

For some reason, people tend to hold on to discolored and sentimental mugs so much longer than they would almost anything else.

So if you’ve got a discolored mug where something like the print on it is basically scratched off, go ahead and declutter it.

When we declutter the old it frees up space for the new, hopefully with something that can last you for years to come and enjoy more. 


25. Old condiments and sauces.

Extra condiments and sauces are definitely one of those things that people will often go to buy for a specific recipe and then they’ll create that recipe and use the sauce/condiment once and then never really use it again.

So if you’re in that situation and it’s been months since you’ve used it? Go ahead and declutter your fridge of old and unused sauces of any variety. 

More things to declutter In the kitchen are:

    • Kitchen Decorations
    • Refrigerator/Freezer items
    • Junk Drawer: Loose Pens, Pencils, & Sticky Notes
    • Measuring Spoons
    • Dish Towels
    • Mixing Bowls
    • Cake Decorating Supplies
    • Unused Appliances
    • Fridge Magnets


There you have it!

Starting the decluttering process may feel daunting at first but you’ll feel so much closer to your decluttering goals if you discard a few of these items in your own home. 

Take it day by day and pat yourself on the back to living like a minimalist!

And if you need more help starting your minimalism journey?

Make sure to check out this guide here on how to officially start living like a true minimalist at home. Happy decluttering 🙂

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