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25 Items You Must Declutter From Your Living Room

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‘How to declutter your living room’ is something everyone needs to know because there are certain items that shouldn’t be living the living room!

how to declutter your living room, things to declutter from the living room - green sofa with blue blanket with a side table of fresh pink tulips on a living room

Is your living room cluttered to the brim with too much stuff?

While we are talking about the living room, does any room ever get quite as cluttered as the living room?

Since living rooms are supposed to be a living environment where we can go to hang out, relax after a hard day’s work and unwind when our bellies are full, in reality, our living rooms are never as clean as we wish them to be. 

And even though our living rooms don’t have to be entirely spotless, experts have found a few culprits, that are making our living rooms feel all the more overwhelming.

To find out what could be making your living room feel off-balanced, check out these 25 items you should declutter and never have in your living room!

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25 items to Declutter from the living room 

things you should declutter from a living room - lovely living room with pillows on sofa, lots of natural light with coffee table and area rug. Very cozy!

Why should you keep your living room clutter-free?

Why is clutter in your living room bad? Clutter can decrease the value of a house and make it harder to sell.

A cluttered living room lowers energy efficiency by trapping dust, dirt, pollen, or other particles that cause allergies like mold spores.

A cluttered home also decreases indoor air quality, which causes respiratory problems for those who have asthma or breathing conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).


What’s a simple way to organize the living room?

The living room is ample space in the home where people gather to watch television and relax after work.

If you are interested in organizing your living room fast, here are some things that may be helpful:

    • First of all, try not to have too much stuff lying around the house as it only takes up more space than necessary.
    • Secondly, make sure there’s enough storage for everyone to place their belongings away from sight when guests come over.
    • Finally, move furniture if needed since placement impacts how comfortable anyone feels while using this area.

Before you head to the list, here is a helpful guide to start the decluttering process. 


How do you declutter your living room in less than 20 minutes?

    • Set a timer and go to your living room with a laundry basket (or something else to collect clutter with) and for 20 minutes and as the timer goes down, ruffle about and gather as much clutter (in the list below) as you can.
    • Keep searching for something out of place, like objects to be thrown away or just needs to find a new home. And remember this decluttering rule, “if you wouldn’t buy it again, or take it with you, it might be time to let go!”


Where do you Look to keep your living room organized?

    • On the coffee table
    • Consoles and sofa tables
    • Side tables
    • Cubbies/drawers
    • Under and around the sofa
    • Bookcases
    • Shelves & windows
    • Entertainment center
    • The floor


25 Things You Should Never Have In Your Living Room

living room items to discard and organize, side table in living room next to grey sofa with a white coffee mug and the side table is a wooden log. Very nice style!


1.   Declutter Endless Cushions or slumped throw pillows.

beige sofa in living room with three pillows, two blue and one beige with tan embroidery. Items to declutter in living room

Throw pillows can create wonders and add a little color and personality into a living space, but they can also bring down the mood if they look a little rough around the edges or if you have too many.

As a general design rule for how many pillows one should have in a living room, designers say having an odd number of pillows makes for the most natural inviting arrangement: three for smaller sofas, and five for larger ones.

Although, before you declutter some of your cushions away, some can be easily repaired.

To save and clean your pillows, try this:

    • If you would like to save some money, hold onto the same pillow cover and simply replace the filler for the pillow instead. The room will look all the better after you’ve given those pillows much-needed spruce up, and it’ll give you the chance to wash away any stains. 


2.   Declutter Exercise equipment & bikes you’re not using.

Exercise equipment or bikes to declutter from your living room - Everything Abode

You may think sticking a workout bike in front of the TV is a grand idea to making you workout, but will merely turn into an eyesore that could eventually turn into a coat rack if you don’t regularly use it.

Whilst it’s important to remain healthy, having a treadmill or a bike leaning up against a wall just shouldn’t be in the living room. 

If you have no choice to store these items anywhere else, consider running outdoors or make sure that your fitness items are being used and serve a purpose.


3. Declutter broken, outdated, or unused electronics. 

If you have a lot of unused electronics, decor experts suggest that you trade in your big cumbersome items for smaller, smarter items, and throw away or donate anything that is left behind collecting dust.

Think old DVD players, VHS players, outdated streaming devices, unused tablets, or old stereo systems/speakers that have taken up too much space.

When they’re gone, there will be more free space for useful things such as books, games, and picture frames in the entertainment center or on the shelf.


4. Declutter any oversized furniture that swallows up the room.

If you have to turn, squeeze, crawl, or jump from one end of the house on your journey to the other, you certainly have a lot of furniture.

Experts recommend you should make space for the large furniture (if you do not have any other options) by eliminating smaller items and opening up floor space.

However, if you can replace your big furniture items with smaller pieces that make your living area more comfortable, that is the perfect solution.

Here’s a variety of choices for recycling out old furniture:

    • Check your local jurisdiction to see if they offer to pick up big things free of charge.
    • Sell or give away your old furniture for free or for a fee and have the buyer pick it up from your home.
    • Offer it to a local charity.
    • Take it to the dump yourself.


5. Declutter paperwork.

If you drown in documents while you are watching your favorite Netflix show or you don’t have a plan or system set in place. 

Experts recommend that you build a system to prevent your living room from turning into a busy paper mess.

Here’s what you need, to knock the paper slump:

    • Collect valuable tools like a shredder, a recycle bin, and a basic filing system. Having the right tools will always set you up for a win!
    • Bring together all your papers in one place for easy sorting.
    • Start a new habit. Every day, shred, recycle, and file.


6. Declutter any Laundry Room Items & Clothing.

Unless you are one of those lucky people that don’t have to do their family’s household laundry, we all have to clean and fold our clothes, at some point, a couple of times a week.

When we do, that’s when laundry items and clothing inevitably make their way into the living room, especially if we are not paying close attention.

To get around this, experts suggest that you set up your laundry room for success by having easy organization solutions that’ll help keep everything in its rightful space. 

See Also: 8 Laundry Room Organization Items to Make Your Life Easier


7. CDs, DVDs, or vinyl records you don’t listen to or watch.

Hopefully, those old VHS tapes have gone a long time ago, but if not, experts say to instantly get rid of them.

DVD’s take up an immense amount of room as well, and if they’re not being used, it doesn’t matter if you have them on display. The same goes for your vinyl records. 

Nowadays, family videos can be easily transferred to an application or service which you can find online. Also, experts say that you should declutter anything that has not been viewed or heard in over three years. 


8. Declutter Office Supplies.

Now we have already tackled paperwork but what about office supplies? Office supplies have an incredible way of making their way into the living room like staplers, printers, scanners, pens, and notepads, which are all things that should be decluttered and kept away from your living room. 


9. Endless toys.

If you step on plastic bits with little hums and tunes, it’s definitely not going to help you relax in your living room. 

And although some toys will need to be placed in the living room for convenience, it does not mean that they have to be visible once the children are in bed.

Ensure your children have their bedroom toy storage already set in place or incorporate a night routine where the kids help pick up the toys at the end of the night. 


10. Random objects and furnishings you don’t want to keep.

We can all easily end up with several trinkets covering the entire floor of our living rooms if they’re nostalgic or we just love collecting things.

But living a minimal lifestyle is all about living with less.

So when it comes to decorations and precious possessions, if you have too many and you know someone else can benefit from them, it’s time to declutter these things from your living room once and for all. 


Other Living Room Items to Declutter Are:

Items You Must Declutter From Your Living Room - declutter the living room fast

    1. Drinking glasses and mugs
    2. Broken or unused toys
    3. Blankets and throw pillows from other rooms
    4. Books and magazines
    5. Old receipts
    6. Food and straw wrappers or other trash
    7. Instruction manuals
    8. Video games
    9. Extra gaming accessories you don’t use
    10. Board games or puzzles
    11. Chargers and cords
    12. Shoes, handbags, and accessories where they don’t belong
    13. Bathroom supplies such as lotion, or other personal care items that don’t belong
    14. In-progress work, hobbies, or projects
    15. Art supplies, like markers or crayons

Going back to decluttering your living room fast.

Gather all of these unnecessary items in a large basket and pick them all up. You can also start and stop with a timer to make it extra fast.

Once you have gathered all these out-of-place items, return these items to their rightful place, or consider adding them into your “sell” and “donate” boxes. You’ll have a clean and orderly living room in no time!

There you have it.

You now have a cohesive and orderly living room.

I hope this decluttering session was able to help you turn your living room into a peaceful space, one where you can turn to rest and relax after a hard day’s work. 


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