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21 Cute Easter Decorations To Sprinkle Around The Home

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These easter decorations capture the essence of spring by weaving pastel colors, textures, and symbols of renewal into each decoration!

Easter Decorations

As spring’s gentle warmth revives the world outside, let us mirror its bloom inside the home with these delightful Easter decoration ideas.

They not only do a perfect job at reflecting nature’s awakening but also do an excellent service of bringing the festive spirit of Easter into our homes!

From traditional to whimsical, from pastel-painted eggs to vibrant blooming flowers, each decor idea adds another layer of festivity as we prepare to showcase a selection of Easter decor to turn our spaces into havens of festive delight.

Now, take a look at which decor item will be hopping its way into your home this Easter!


Here are 21 Cute Easter Decorations To Sprinkle Around The Home!

Don’t forget to let us know which easter decor item is your favorite in the comment section below!


1. Dapper Bunny Duo: An Easter Decoration to Remember

Elegant bunny couple suitable as wreath embellishment or standalone decor.

These elegant 20-inch bunnies, dressed to impress in their Easter best attire, make an exquisite addition to any Easter decor, adding both elegance and charm.

The gentleman bunny sports a smart blue coat adorned with a pocket watch while his partner wears a pink coat featuring fringed detailing and a matching floral hat.

Together, they add both sophistication and whimsy that are sure to become conversation pieces when displayed as part of wreath or mantel decor.

Perfect gifts for Easter enthusiasts looking to add charm and sophistication to their holiday decorations.



2. Bunny and Carrot Garland: Whimsical Easter Charm

Bunny and carrot string garland on a wooden table for Easter decoration.

Add some whimsical charm to your Easter festivities with the Bunny and Carrot Garland. Crafted with care, this decoration features adorable white bunnies interspersed with cute orange carrots strung together on a natural string for strangling together on an Easter tree or table setting.

Easy to set up and delightful to view, this garland brings smiles and joyousness into any room it graces. Simply an excellent way of spreading Easter joy throughout your home!



3. Verdant Velvet Bunnies: A Touch of Spring Greenery

Two green moss-covered bunny sculptures with bows, Easter decor.
Add a dash of spring to your Easter decor with these Verdant Velvet Bunnies, an irresistibly charming pair guaranteed to add cheery character. Each rabbit features lush moss-green flocking, giving off the impression of a miniature topiary sculpture.

Adorned with rustic burlap bows for a rustic charm that pairs beautifully with spring’s vibrant greens – ideal for setting an inviting scene on your mantle, greeting visitors at your entryway, or as centerpieces at brunches – making these charming bunnies not just decorations – they bring a piece of nature right into your home in an endearing manner!



4. Garden Glow Bunny: Solar-Powered Serenity

Solar garden statue of a bunny with floral accents, outdoor decor.

The Garden Glow Bunny adds a welcoming presence to any outdoor space. This solar-powered statue perfectly encapsulates the essence of tranquil gardens with its intricately detailed grey bunny covered in colorful blooms.

Not only does this whimsical decoration enhance the beauty of outdoor decor during the daytime hours, but at dusk, it illuminates again, giving off a gentle but welcoming glow – perfect for celebrating new beginnings in an Easter decoration that effortlessly blends into its natural surroundings!



5. Hoppin’ Treat Jars: Candy Storage with a Twist

Set of four glass jars with pastel-colored ceramic bunny ear lids.
These Hoppin’ Treat Jars make an adorable way to store and display Easter candies! Each jar features a cute ceramic lid featuring bunny ears in soft pastel pink, blue, and yellow colors.

Their clear glass showcases all of the vibrant treats inside for a practical yet adorable addition to any Easter celebration – be it on your kitchen counter or dining table, as a thoughtful present filled with sweet treats, or as part of a festive springtime centerpiece decor – these adorable bunny-ear jars will surely bring smiles!



6. Easter Enchantment: Festive Tiered Tray Set

Easter-themed tiered tray decor with gnomes and festive accents.
Raise your Easter decor with this charming 5-piece gnome-tiered tray set.

Featuring an adorable Easter gnome in a pink polka-dot hat and a vintage truck filled with colorful eggs as well as signs proclaiming ‘Happy Easter,’ this captivating display makes a stunning centerpiece for your holiday table or mantelpiece, adding vibrant splashes of spring joy while sparking conversations at Easter gatherings!

Bringing the season’s spirit into your home through style and charm is what this set offers!



7. Springtime Splendor: Lighted Birch Easter Tree

Easter decoration with lighted birch tree and colorful egg ornaments.
Behold the Springtime Splendor Lighted Birch Tree to celebrate Easter’s lively spirit in your space with its vibrant centerpiece, standing at an eye-catching 23.2 inches and lit up by soft, warm lights that highlight its collection of twelve hand-painted egg ornaments.

Ceramic bunnies and a spring wreath complete this charming display, bringing bright joy into any corner of your home or nook that needs brightening up this Easter. It offers an exquisite way to capture its joyous spirit as an eye-catching decoration!



8. Bunny Basket Bliss: Artful Easter Canvas Print

Oil painting print of a bunny with an Easter basket on canvas.

Bring the magic of Easter into your home with the Bunny Basket Bliss canvas print!

This artistic rendering shows a sweet bunny holding a basket brimming with colorful Easter eggs set against a blossoming spring meadow, complete with soft brushstrokes and warm colors that capture its serenity – creating a captivating and tranquil piece.

Perfect for hanging in any living space or giving as a thoughtful present, this canvas print serves as a timeless reminder of its joyous spirit!



9. Bunny Bond: Easter Companions Figurine

Easter Bunny couple figurines with a sparkling egg, tabletop decor.

Celebrate togetherness this Easter with this Bunny Figurine, an adorable depiction of two bunnies sharing an intimate moment and holding an Easter egg – symbolizing its bounty and joy!

Perfect as a tabletop display or centerpiece decoration, this piece brings warmth and affection into any spring decor, adding extra love and sparkle to Easter celebrations!



10. Luminous Meadow Bunny: Solar Garden Light

Solar-powered garden statue of a rabbit with a light-up butterfly, outdoor decor.

This Luminous Meadow Bunny adds an enchanting glow to any garden setting.

This solar outdoor statue depicts a tranquil rabbit decorated with beautiful blooms and sporting an illuminated butterfly perched delicately upon its nose; when dusk falls, its light slowly illuminates your outdoor space for added charm.

Not just a decoration, this piece stands as a symbol of peace and renewal found throughout spring – making it the ideal addition for Easter decorations or year-round garden features alike!

This charming way to light up paths or add a soft ambient glow during evening gatherings is an irreplaceable addition that truly charms all-year-round garden features!



11. Resurrection Reflection: Easter Scene Wooden Set

Wooden Easter Resurrection scene with figures and a cross.

This Easter Scene Wooden Decoration captures the profound meaning of Easter with a beautifully crafted set.

Featuring wooden figures in contemplative poses and a simple cross, all set against a rustic wooden hill, this scene serves as an eye-catching reminder of its meaning – perfect for creating reflective spaces within your home and inviting moments of reflection and thanksgiving during this holiday season.



12. Peeps-Infused Floral Arrangement: A Vibrant Easter Centerpiece

Glass vase with Easter Peeps bunnies supporting a lively arrangement of tulips.

This Peeps-Infused Floral Bunnies makes an eye-catching centerpiece for Easter.

The brightly-colored Peeps bunnies, nestled within a glass vase, do more than provide visual interest; their presence supports stems of fresh tulips while simultaneously holding onto water to maintain vibrant and alive blooms.

Using Peeps as vase filler adds a capricious flair that celebrates Easter and adds spring cheer to any decor scheme!



13. Nestled Softness: Pastel Felt Chick Set

Set of five pastel-colored felt chicks in a natural twig nest.

This adorable Nestled Softness set features five pastel felt chicks crafted by hand for Easter decor.

Each charming chick features yellow, pink, and blue hues tucked snugly inside an all-natural twig nest, creating an endearing display ideal for table settings or shelves in any season.

Their gentle colors and textures make these chicks delightful decorations for this season of renewal and lovely gifts to those who appreciate handcrafted artistry!



14. Resurrection Message: He is Risen Tray Decor Set

16-piece Easter tiered tray decor set with 'He is Risen' theme and cross motifs.

This comprehensive 16-piece Easter Tiered Tray Decor set thoughtfully combines the spiritual significance of the season with rustic charm.

Featuring wood signs that proclaim ‘He is Risen’ and ‘Jesus Paid it All,’ alongside symbolic cross designs, this set is a touching reflection on the message of Easter.

Each element, from the wooden church figures to the delicate lily and rose accents, contributes to an inspirational and visually harmonious tableau.

Arrange these pieces on your tiered tray to create a poignant centerpiece for your Easter celebrations, offering a daily reminder of hope and renewal.



15. Country Charm Bunnies: Wooden Sign Set for Easter

Six rustic wooden bunny signs displayed on a tiered tray among Easter eggs.

This set of six Wooden Bunny Signs introduces a touch of country charm to your Easter decor.

Each sign is crafted from wood with a distressed finish, tied with a natural jute bow, and shaped like a quaint bunny, perfect for adding a rustic yet festive accent to any space.

Display them amidst a scattering of colorful Easter eggs on a tiered tray to create a heartwarming centerpiece, or use them to add a homely touch to your holiday spread.

These wooden signs are a simple yet lovely nod to the Easter season, blending seamlessly with your springtime decorations.



16. Festive Welcome: Happy Easter Porch Banner

Colorful 'Happy Easter' vertical porch sign flanked by two children wearing bunny ears.

Add an eye-catching festive joy to your entryway with this Happy Easter Porch Sign Banner.

Crafted to spread festive joy, its brightly colored letters come alive against its faux wood background adorned with Easter eggs and bunny motifs for an eye-catching welcome sign that brings Easter cheer into the home with its lively design!

Perfectly suitable for hanging by your front door, this banner invites the holiday into every home with its vibrant design!



17. Twilight Bunny: Miniature Illuminated Rabbit Decor

A miniature rabbit figurine sitting on a rocking chair holding a glowing orb.

This Twilight Bunny will bring a cozy glow to your garden or home as dusk falls.

This charming miniature rabbit sits comfortably in a rustic rocking chair while clutching a glowing orb that casts warm and welcoming light, an endearing piece that perfectly captures Easter’s whimsical charm while simultaneously reflecting its quiet beauty in twilight hours.

Place this charming decor anywhere for an added magical touch as the evening light fades; it will help create an environment of serenity and joy during this Easter season!



18. Easter Cheer Pillow Quartet: Festive Cushion Covers

Set of four 18x18 Easter-themed pillow covers.

Add a pop of Easter cheer to any room with this delightful set of four pillow covers. Each 18×18 cover boasts a unique design — from the playful “Happy Easter” in vibrant pink to the welcoming “Welcome Peeps” surrounded by a bunny silhouette.

These pillow covers are perfect for sprucing up your living space with seasonal charm, making every nook cozy and festive for the holiday. Easy to slip over existing pillows, they instantly refresh your spring decor.



19. Easter Gnome Trio: Add Some Glimmer

Set of three Easter gnomes featuring glittery hats holding carrots, eggs, and a sign saying 'Happy Easter".

This Set of 3 Easter Gnomes will add charm and whimsical fun to any holiday decor!

Each gnome features an adorable pastel glitter hat and classic Easter symbols: crunchy carrots, colorful eggs, and an amusing “Happy Easter!” sign.

Ideal for mantles, shelves, or tabletop displays, these delightful characters bring joyous celebration into any room they inhabit while welcoming joyful spirits of spring with their cheerful presence!



20. Pastel Pals: Handmade Easter Bunny Gnomes

Two handmade Easter gnomes dressed in bunny costumes with pastel accents.

Embrace the playful side of Easter with these two adorable Handmade Easter Decor Bunny Gnomes.

Clad in soft pastel fabrics with bunny ear hats, one has sweet braided braids, and the other holds a plush carrot; their whimsical design and gentle colors bring a homemade charm to your seasonal decorations.

These gnomes are perfect for adding a personal touch to your festive displays or as a gift to spread Easter happiness.

They’re not just cute. They’re a creative expression of the handcrafted tradition that makes the holiday so special.



21. Bunny Parade: Colorful Wooden Spring Decor

A collection of six glittery wooden bunny decorations in vibrant spring colors.

Welcome the season of renewal with the Bunny Parade, a vibrant set of wooden spring bunnies. Each bunny is dusted with glitter and comes in an array of cheerful colors like sky blue, soft white, playful purple, sunny yellow, and pretty pink.

These wooden cutouts, adorned with whimsical faces and rustic jute bows, make for an eye-catching display on any shelf, mantle, or Easter table setting.

They’re perfect for adding a sprinkle of springtime joy and a pop of color to your home, creating a festive atmosphere that celebrates the essence of Easter and the bright, blossoming days ahead.



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