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10 Habits of People Who Always Have Tidy Homes

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10 Habits of People Who Always Have Tidy Homes - Everything Abode - How to maintain a tidy home

Have you ever entered a friend’s home and observed how orderly it was?

They don’t have a cleaner, they always seem busy, so how do they keep everything so well structured and so darn orderly?

Well, if your question went unanswered, you landed in the right place.

Truly clean and organized homes don’t just occur overnight.

These highly organized people who have an overly orderly and clean home, follow certain habitual home habits, and you’re about to see what they all have in common.

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself how some people always seem to have tidy and clean homes all of the time? 

Here are 10 home habits that’ll help make your home spic and span and more organized on a day-to-day basis!

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10 Habits of People Who Always Have Tidy Homes

10 Habits of People With Really Clean + Organized Homes - Everything Abode

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1. They’re not afraid to discard any unused items.

The first tip for always maintaining a tidy and organized home is to look at the objects that you use the most and the least and see what you can store away in the most efficient way possible. 

When an object is not used for a long period of time, this is one of your household items that should be discarded straight away.

For the rest of the items that you frequently use, try to keep them in the same location at all hours. This is the most important rule above all else and is custom for families who have highly organized homes.


2. They tidy and spot clean as they go.

People with highly organized homes know that the best way to stay organized is to de-clutter and clean your home for a few minutes each day. 

They know things will stack up all day long if they are left alone for too long and they almost never leave it until the end of the week to deal with it ‘later’.

It’s not difficult to clean as you go, but it does take some time. A few minutes at the very least. Try to find a system that works for you like having a basket for putting various things in it if that helps.


Find a system that works for you like having 'throw in' basket for miscellaneous things - Everything Abode

Pehr Pom Pom Hamper, Blush


3. They almost always make their Bed.

If you twist and turn in your sleep like an amateur gymnast?  Then you need to make your bed.

Otherwise, the sheets are all complicated and it looks very messy and those highly organized clean folks that you know do so because they know it’ll make their home look nice and tidy. 

Plus, it’s good to have an already made bed before you leave the house because it will make you more productive for the rest of the day!

Find out more about why making your bed is such a great morning habit to have here! 


4. They never let their laundry pile up.

Washing our laundry is always a contentious issue – everyone has their own way of doing laundry.

So whether you think you are using the perfect procedure or you are looking for a better or more convenient way to clean, coordinate, and pack your clothes, never let your laundry pile up. 

There are so many ways to go about doing your laundry and of course, having the right laundry tools to help you stay organized is a must.

But since most highly organized people’s preferred method is to do their laundry in small loads every other day, it will help you greatly if you do the same. 


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 5. They always hang stuff back up.

If you walk through the door with that heavy coat or once you take off your clothes at the end of the night, hang them or put them in their rightful space! 

Those highly organized people often put their clothes (dirty or not), back in their rightful place where they belong.

If you need help, make sure to have the right closet organizers to help save you more space. Organizers like these surely will make hanging up your clothes just that much easier. 


Closet Organizer Space Saver Clothing Rack - Everything Abode

Closet Organizer Space Saver Clothing Rack 


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6. They have cleaning supplies handy to clean almost anything.

Most people with highly clean and organized homes don’t just have clean homes because they look tidy. Plus, chances are you’re not going to see any toothpaste cemented on their bathroom counters either!

The reason for this is because they have their cleaning supplies ready for cleaning for virtually anything (all within arms reach) that needs to be dealt with immediately.

They know that keeping a container of all their useful cleaners in each bathroom of their home, as well as under their kitchen sink, will help them wipe off any stains or spills at a moment’s notice.


Plant-Based Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner - Everything Abode

Plant-Based Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


7. They tend to their dirty dishes straight away.

We all know that cleaning as you cook is the most basic way to stay ahead of any mess and that it prevents extra build-up in the most commonly used room of your home — the kitchen!

And of course, highly organized people who always have tidy homes know this. They know that the faster the dishes are rinsed and cleaned, the easier life is for them for the remainder of the night. 


8. They Take off their shoes.

If you would like to have a highly organized home just like those highly organized people you know? You have to start taking those shoes off every single time you come into the house and that means telling your guests to do so as well. 

Cleaning and removing your shoes before you enter the home (and telling your guests to do the same) does not only remove much of the dirt that currently enters your house, but it’ll also eliminate your floors from becoming discolored, filthy, and looking as they’ve seen their day. If you can grab a doormat that you love, and make use of it before head inside. 


Natural Coir Doormat - Pineapples - Everything Abode

Natural Coir Doormat


9. They make sure that their most-used items always have a home.

Whether your cabinets need a facelift or your bedroom drawers are spilling over? Make sure that your most used items are well-placed together in a cohesive way.

That means, cell phones, wallets and keys could have a little drop zone by the door, makeup, and hair products could have an organized drawer for easy grabbing and stowing. 

Placing your things throughout your home (in a strategic way) is one of Marie Kondo’s famous methods of keeping an orderly home and you bet, those with very well-organized homes always know where everything is because of this extra step. 


10. They invest in storage systems that other people overlook.

Lastly, highly organized people never neglect how their organizational challenges can be solved.
They know that the average person would rather spend their money on dinners, clothing, and flights, instead of investing in much easier storage solutions that can just make life so much better for an organized home. 
They also know that investing in furnishings that provide extra storage, such as hollow ottomans for the living room or a bed frame with underneath compartments — will drastically give their home the extra space it needs.


hollow ottomans - Everything Abode

Comfort Storage Ottoman


 There is no doubt that having a highly organized home can enhance your overall home life.

Your well-being will thrive, and you can enjoy a sense of peace knowing where everything is, and you can relax knowing that what you need when the moment strikes is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Enjoy your tidy home!


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Thursday 13th of January 2022

These are great tips! I have always wondered how some of my most busiest friends can still have a clean home, but they most definitely implement these same habits.