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The Best Easter Gifts for Kids, from Babies to Teens

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From Easter baskets to a thoughtful selection of Easter gifts, Easter is a springtime holiday filled with opportunities to express our love and gratitude.

Best Easter Gifts

Gifts often reflect symbols associated with Easter, ranging from playful and whimsical to elegant and heartfelt; whether a hand-painted egg, delicate jewelry piece, or DIY craft set for children, all deliver messages of renewal and hope!

Easter gifts are more than items exchanged; they symbolize our shared memories!

From laughter over an Easter meal to quiet moments of appreciation, these gifts all symbolize how joyful springtime truly is!

As you consider all the choices for Easter gifting, keep the message each present will send in mind.

Truly memorable Easter presents bring light, growth, and renewed connections for those you care for most.




Here are the Best Easter Gifts for Kids, from Babies to Teens!

Let us know your favorite Easter gift in the comment section below!


1. Creative Easter Fun: The Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator Set

 Child using The Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator with Peeps Bunny design and colorful markers.

Add an artistic flare this Easter with The Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator set, an Eggs Bunny-themed craft kit that allows children to express their creativity.

Complete with a vibrant pink egg spinner and eight color markers, children can create Easter masterpieces as the egg spins, inspiring beautiful lines and patterns as it spins – not only is this set great fun; but its memories will outlive Easter.


2. Easter Hugs: PREXTEX Plushie and Toy Accessories Set

Assorted Easter-themed stuffed animals and plushie egg house from PREXTEX.

Gift the magic of a cuddly Easter with the PREXTEX Easter Egg Stuffed Animals set. This charming collection includes an adorable plush bunny, a cheery yellow duckling, and a delightful plush egg that opens to reveal a cozy hideaway.

Complemented by a cute flowerpot plushie, this set is sure to ignite imaginations and provide comfort long after the egg hunts have ended. Each plush friend is crafted with care, promising soft hugs and a sprinkle of Easter joy. Ideal for gifting, this set brings the playful spirit of Easter to life, creating heartwarming moments and smiles all around.


3. Build the Fun: LEGO Creator 3-in-1 White Rabbit Set

LEGO Creator set featuring a 3-in-1 buildable white rabbit with carrots.

Unleash the joy of creation this Easter with LEGO Creator 3-in-1 White Rabbit set! A playful take on Easter bunny themes, this building set allows children and adults alike to piece together their very own white rabbit, complete with adorable details and bright carrots.

The 3-in-1 design provides multiple building options and ensures hours of imaginative play – not to mention pride when your loved one proudly displays his or her rabbit as part of Easter festivities! It makes the ideal Easter gift!


4. Cozy Comfort: Caramella Bubble Bunny Slippers

Plush pink bunny slippers with heart-shaped nose and decorative bow detail. Plush pink bunny slippers with heart-shaped nose and decorative bow detail.

Step into the spring season with the soft embrace of Caramella Bubble Bunny Slippers. These plush slippers are a warm hug for your feet, designed to resemble adorable bunnies, complete with a heart-shaped nose and a charming bow detail.

Perfect for those leisurely Easter mornings or as a whimsical gift for someone special, these slippers blend comfort and style effortlessly. Give the gift of coziness and a smile with these bunny slippers that promise to keep toes snug and spirits lifted.


5. Twirling Lights: LED Spinning Tops Easter Toy Set

Colorful LED light-up spinning tops, a 6-pack Easter-themed toy set.

Brighten up the Easter basket with glowing fun! This6-pack of egg LED Light Up Spinning Tops brings modernity to classic playthings. Each toy boasts vibrant designs and brilliant LED lights for a breathtaking light show when spinning!

Both are mesmerizing and engaging for kids to play with, merging traditional play with modern technology for maximum joyous celebration. They make perfect party favors or gifts with joy and color this Easter celebration!


6. Squeakee Minis: Poppy The Interactive Balloon Bunny

Squeakee Minis Poppy The Bunny, a vibrant pink interactive balloon animal pet.

Introducing Poppy the Bunny from Squeakee Minis, a playful companion that brings the fun of a balloon animal to life without the risk of popping! Poppy is a bright pink, interactive bunny that’s sure to capture hearts with her shiny, balloon-like design and adorable squeaks.

Ideal for Easter or any springtime gifting, Poppy can be your little one’s pocket-sized pal, ready to bounce and play at the slightest touch. With her engaging personality and cute responses, Poppy the Bunny is not just a toy, but a delightful friend that adds a pop of joy to your Easter celebrations.


7. Adopt a Surprise: Little Plush Pals in a Shell

Collection of 'Adopt Me' surprise plush animals in egg-shaped shells.

Welcome to the adorable world of ‘Adopt Me’ Surprise Plush, where each egg holds a hidden cuddle buddy waiting to be discovered. This delightful collection features a variety of plush creatures, from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of the forest, each nestled inside their own cozy eggshell.

Whether it’s a starfish, a parrot, or a regal little frog with a crown, these plush pals are eager to bring a smile to someone’s face this Easter. They make for the perfect surprise gift, offering a blend of the excitement of a reveal with the joy of a new plush friend to love and cherish.


8. Bubbling Over with Joy: Boerfmo Bubble Gun

Boerfmo Bubble Gun in action, creating a stream of colorful bubbles.

Bring joy to your Easter celebrations this year with the Boerfmo Bubble Gun, an ideal present that is sure to enthrall both young and old alike. This futuristic toy gun releases an array of vibrant bubbles into any space, turning any space into an exuberant playground.

Simple to use and equipped with its own bubble solution, the fun starts as soon as the box opens. Ideal for lively Easter Sunday afternoons and outdoor play sessions, this bubble gun is sure to please both young and old alike!

Give one as a gift this Easter to watch their faces light up with wonder, or give one to yourself to feel that touch of nostalgia that brings childhood back!


9. Hop to Fun: Bunny Claw Machine for Kids

Colorful bunny-themed claw machine toy filled with assorted small toys and trinkets.

Bring arcade fun home this Easter with the Bunny Claw Machine for Kids. This adorable claw machine, themed after its bunny counterpart, combines arcade excitement with festive holiday spirit – making an excellent Easter present!

Packed full of small toys and trinkets for children to collect as they maneuver the claw to capture their prize, your little ones will delight at what turns into an engaging activity for developing fine motor skills and patience as they locate and retrieve toys, creating an irresistibly fun addition to any Easter celebration.


10. Prehistoric Playtime: Jumbo Egg Dinosaur Building Block Sets

Four pack of dinosaur building blocks toys inside jumbo eggs.

Discover a prehistoric adventure this Easter with the 4-pack Dinosaur Building Blocks Toys in Jumbo Eggs. Each egg serves as an entranceway into history, providing all of the pieces necessary for building an awesome dinosaur from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Stegosaurus – perfect for giving kids hours of creative playtime this holiday!

These egg sets combine the thrill of discovery with creation – perfect for engaging young minds through constructive play while nodding toward Easter’s egg-hunting tradition! Assembling dinosaur models will provide hours of creative playtime that culminates with an impressive display of prehistoric prowess once complete – perfect for young paleontologists among us all – these egg sets promise a fun-filled experience!


11. Garden Fun: Carrot Harvest Wooden Game for Toddlers

Wooden carrot harvest game, educational toy for toddlers featuring removable carrots.

With this educational playset designed for toddlers aged 12-18 months old, introduce your little ones to the joys of gardening! Ideal for playsets designed for toddlers aged 12-18 months old, the Carrot Harvest Game Wooden Toy offers both fun and instruction.

Featuring brightly-colored wooden carrots that fit into corresponding holes on a sturdy wooden box – this toy provides ample opportunity for developing fine motor skills while learning shapes and colors. 

The charming bunny and ladybug illustrations make a lovely Easter present that encourages hands-on play while offering up excitement as each carrot pulls out its slot and then has to be replanted again- creating educational fun and instilling curiosity among its young users!


12. Spiritual Elegance: JoycuFF Christian Cross Bracelet

JoycuFF Christian bracelets for women with colorful beads and a white cross. JoycuFF Christian bracelets for women with colorful beads and a white cross.

This JoycuFF Christian Bracelet is a stunning symbol of faith and fashion combined. Crafted with colorful beads that recall painted Easter eggs, its striking white cross makes this bracelet an inspiring accessory during the Easter season and beyond.

A testament to personal beliefs, its graceful design makes this bracelet ideal for spiritual women in your life, and inspirational scripture verses accompany it as daily reminders that each one was chosen, loved, and made for a purpose – not simply jewelry but an outward expression of faith, hope, and love!


13. Hopping Into Style: Adorable Easter Bunny Earrings

Sparkling Easter bunny earrings with aqua blue gem bodies and blue gem eyes.

Add an element of whimsical elegance to your Easter celebration with these Cute Easter Bunny Earrings. Boasting sparkling crystals and aqua-blue gem bodies, these earrings make a striking yet playful statement about Easter festivities.

Featuring blue gem eyes with captivating sparkles that make these bunnies stand out in any crowd, making sure that admiring glances come pouring in.

Ideal for gatherings or as charming gifts this springtime celebration, these cute yet sophisticated earrings bring fun and sophistication in equal measure, adding smiles and spark to any springtime celebration – as they add lighthearted celebration with style!


14. Little Treasures: PinkSheep Jewel Rings for Little Girls

Assorted PinkSheep jewel rings in a box, colorful designs for little girls. Assorted PinkSheep jewel rings in a box, colorful designs for little girls.

Gift a treasure trove of sparkle and charm with PinkSheep’s Little Girl Jewel Rings in a Box. This delightful set features a variety of whimsical designs from radiant suns to majestic unicorns, perfect for adding a touch of magic to any little girl’s Easter. Each ring is sized for small fingers and crafted with care to inspire joy and imagination.

Presented in a lovely box, these rings make for a splendid Easter surprise, encouraging play and self-expression.

It’s a collection that promises to be a hit at Easter gatherings, giving young ones their own cache of gems to admire and share.


15. Everybunny Prays: Baby and Toddler Gift Set

'Everybunny Prays' gift set with a musical praying bunny plush and prayer book in a keepsake box.

The ‘Everybunny Prays’ gift set by Tickle & Main is a thoughtful and endearing present that combines the joy of music with the spirit of prayer. This set includes a soft, musical bunny plush that plays a prayer when pressed, alongside a beautifully illustrated prayer book designed for young children.

Enclosed in a delicate keepsake box, it’s an ideal gift for baby showers, baptisms, or to introduce little ones to the comfort of prayer. The set is not only an educational tool but also a source of comfort for bedtime routines, ensuring sweet dreams and serene nights.

This gift set is a heartwarming way to celebrate Easter, offering a message of faith and the promise of peaceful moments for everybunny.


16. Easter Chic: Fun Nail Stickers for Festive Manicures

Sheet of Easter-themed nail stickers featuring bunnies and flowers and a hand displaying them. Sheet of Easter-themed nail stickers featuring bunnies and flowers and a hand displaying them. Sheet of Easter-themed nail stickers featuring bunnies and flowers and a hand displaying them.

Add some festive fun and color to your nails this Easter with these vibrant Easter-themed nail stickers! From adorable bunny designs and charming flowers to sweet messages celebrating this joyful holiday – this set offers delightful Easter celebrations right down to your fingertips!

Ideal for creating festive manicures that are both stylish and enjoyable, whether dressing up for brunch or celebrating quietly throughout the season, these stickers add an adorable finishing touch that celebrates this joyous event right down to your fingertips.

Easy application makes these nail stickers ideal for all ages as they spread the Easter spirit across every inch of skin!


17. Personalized Sips: Easter Peter Rabbit Mug

A cozy hand holding a personalized Easter Peter Rabbit mug with the name 'Emily'.

Wrap your hands around a cup of spring with this personalized Easter Peter Rabbit Mug. Adorned with the classic and beloved image of Peter Rabbit, this mug carries the nostalgic charm of Beatrix Potter’s tales along with the fresh joy of Easter.

Personalize it with a name for a thoughtful touch, making it an ideal gift for a loved one to enjoy their morning coffee or evening tea. It’s not just a mug; it’s a warm Easter hug that will make every sip a reminder of this special season.


18. Huggable Namesakes: Personalized Plush Bunnies with Carrots

Customizable plush bunnies holding carrots with the names 'Ellie' and 'Wesley' on them.

This year, give someone special an unforgettable Easter memory with these charming Personalized Plush Bunnies clutching little carrots.

Each soft white bunny with pink ears is ready to be personalized with any name imaginable, creating one-of-a-kind keepsake companions who carry personal meaning – ideal as keepsakes that can be passed from child to child or loved one to loved one for years after receiving.

Give the joyous experience this Easter by gifting one!


19. Super-Sized Fun: Giant Bubble Wands Kit

A child creating huge bubbles with the Giant Bubble Wands Kit outdoors.

Elevate playtime to an extraordinary level with the Giant Bubble Wands Kit!

This outdoor activity set is perfect for kids who love to marvel at the wonders of giant, iridescent bubbles that float through the air. It’s a simple joy that combines the magic of bubble creation with active, outdoor fun. The kit comes with everything needed to get started, including the special bubble concentrate—just add water for hours of entertainment.

Whether it’s for an Easter celebration or a sunny day in the yard, this bubble wand kit promises to be a hit for family gatherings, bringing laughter and amazement to children of all ages.


20. Festive Family Fun: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Easter Edition

The Easter edition of the 'Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza' card game.

Bring festive fun and extra laughter to your Easter gatherings this year with Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: Easter Edition!

This fast-paced card game will surely please people of all ages, featuring adorable Easter-themed illustrations! With an easy learning curve and quick playing times, this Easter edition provides plenty of laughs, playful competition, and lasting family traditions!

Not just another game; Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza creates memories and festive family traditions in an entertaining package complete with festive spirit!


21. Serene Hoppiness: Goodeco Miniature Rabbit Yoga Statue Set

Set of three Goodeco rabbit yoga statues for fairy gardens or home decor.

Find tranquility and charm with the Goodeco Miniature Rabbit Yoga Statue Set, a delightful addition to any fairy garden or home. These serene bunny figurines, each in a different yoga pose, bring a sense of calm and whimsy to your space.

Crafted with detail and a touch of playfulness, they’re perfect for setting a peaceful tone in your garden, on a shelf, or amidst your Easter decor.

Not only are they a cute nod to the holiday, but they also serve as a gentle reminder of the joy and relaxation that spring brings. Gift them to a loved one or keep them for yourself as a charming symbol of serenity and balance.


22. Forest Friend: Jellycat Bashful Forest Bunny Stuffed Animal

Soft and cuddly Jellycat Bashful Forest Bunny in a unique green color.

The Jellycat Bashful Forest Bunny Stuffed Animal is a soft and endearing companion for anyone who adores a cozy cuddle.

Its unique forest green fur makes it a standout addition to the traditional pastel-colored Easter gifts, offering a plush embrace that’s as comforting as it is charming. This bashful bunny is perfect for snuggling on quiet afternoons or becoming a child’s cherished sleep-time friend.

With its sweet expression and velvety texture, it’s sure to become a beloved treasure for years to come. The Jellycat brand is renowned for its quality and huggable designs, making this forest bunny a premium gift for Easter or any special occasion.


23. Easter Creativity Pack: Stamps and Tattoos Set

Colorful Easter-themed stamps and temporary tattoos in a 24-pack set.

Unleash festive creativity with the Easter Stamps and Tattoos set, an engaging 24-pack that will surely be a hit during holiday celebrations.

Featuring cheerful Easter and springtime designs, it includes stamps with brightly colored egg-shaped containers that allow little hands to grip them easily while decorating cards, crafts, or Easter eggs with ease; temporary tattoos are just as simple to apply or remove, making this set perfect for parties, classroom rewards or family get-togethers; let the Easter fun start now with stamps that bring smiles!


24. Easter Bunny Soap Set: The Ideal Holiday Present

Colorful Easter bunny soaps nestled into festive straw!

This delightful Easter Bunny Soap Set makes an adorable addition to holiday festivities.

Capturing the essence of spring, each intricately sculpted soap depicting a cute bunny comes in pastel colors such as pink, cream, and turquoise for an eye-catching decorative piece in any bathroom or kitchen.

Set on a small white round base surrounded by natural straw nests, they make the ideal Easter present or special springtime surprise!


25. Personalized Bunny Name Tags: A Unique Easter Basket Accessory

Personalized wooden bunny and carrot name tags in a bowl with beads

These personalized Easter basket name tags are designed to add a special touch to your holiday celebrations.

Crafted from wood, each tag is cut into the adorable shapes of a bunny and a carrot, with names like Emma, Noah, and Mason beautifully scripted on them. The gentle blue, natural wood, and vibrant orange colors of the tags complement the rustic charm of the wooden bead garland and the fresh greenery tucked alongside them.

Ideal for personalizing Easter baskets, these tags also double as a cherished keepsake. They’re a testament to thoughtful gifting and are perfect for bringing a personal and festive flair to your family’s Easter traditions.


26. Easter Bunny Money Holder: The Perfect Touch to Easter Gifting

A personalized wooden bunny money holder with 'Emily' script amidst a backdrop of colorful Easter eggs.

Make this Easter more delightful for someone special with a delightful bunny-shaped money holder adorned with their name!

A charming and thoughtful way of giving cash, this keepsake will add meaning and festivity when presented alongside pastel-colored eggs adorning any holiday table or displayed as part of spring decorations – sure to bring smiles from young and old alike.


27. Casual Easter Tee: Celebrate in Style

He is Risen shirt displayed with sandals and jeans

Get in the Easter spirit with this stylish yet casual ‘He is Risen’ t-shirt, perfect for holiday gatherings or as an Easter present.

Boasting an eye-catching retro-inspired print reminding us of this season’s joy and renewal, it pairs effortlessly with classic denim and casual sandals to complete any casual outing this spring season.

Not only does this shirt make a statement of faith, but it also offers comfort and flair on casual outings; whether attending services or meeting friends for brunch, this tee will create conversations while adding charm and optimism to your Easter wardrobe this spring season!


28. Springtime Fun with Playdough: Creative Easter Kit for Kids

Playful Easter-themed playdough kit with mini bunny figures

Dive into the whimsy of spring with this enchanting Easter Playdough Mini Kit.

Designed to spark imagination, the kit features soft pastel playdough, adorable miniature bunnies, and an array of playful accessories, including a fabric carrot and sprinkle-like decorations.

It’s an ideal way for little ones to get creative, crafting their own Easter scenes that are as delightful to touch as they are to behold. Perfect for a rainy day or a family craft hour, this kit promises to bring a touch of Easter magic to any playtime.


29. Handcrafted Charm: Bunny Mummy Pocket Tin

Tiny plush bunny family in a hand-decorated pocket tin

This ‘Bunny Mummy’ pocket tin, lovingly handmade in Devizes, Wiltshire by Dollies Dimples, is a treasure trove of cuteness and craftsmanship.

Inside the compact tin, a family of tiny plush bunnies awaits to delight with their soft textures and sweet expressions. Accompanied by a miniature feeding bottle and a cozy blanket, this set is a testament to the joy of imaginative play.

The tin itself, embellished with a personalized name, makes for a charming keepsake or a thoughtful gift, perfect for Easter or as a special surprise for a little one who adores bunnies.


30. Easter Bunny Sweatshirt Is A Cozy Spring Gift

A woman wearing a pastel pink sweatshirt featuring a floral bunny design on it

This soft pink sweatshirt with a vibrant floral bunny design makes an excellent Easter present, providing warmth and comfort while perfectly embodying the spirit of spring with its blossoming bunny silhouette.

Not only can these sweatshirts bring comfort during any celebration or as thoughtful presents for someone special who appreciates their beauty, they will surely remain treasured long beyond Easter Day itself!


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