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7 Fabulous Ways To Fight Fat With Food

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7 Fabulous Ways to Fight Fat with Food - Everything Abode

Losing weight is great, but constant hunger isn’t.

Most people who plan to lose weight lament the thought of having to go hungry.

While you do have to cut calories to lose weight, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel like you’re starving every step of the way.

If you play your cards right and take a smart approach to your food habits, then you’ll feel more satisfied than ever.

You deserve to be healthy, and losing weight shouldn’t be a painful endeavor, so check out these seven fabulous ways to fight fat with food.

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7 Fabulous Ways to Fight Fat with Food

7 Fabulous Ways to Fight Fat with Food to lose weight

1. Mindful Eating.

Your weight is entirely dependent on how many calories you consume, so the trick is to reduce the total number of calories that you consume while still feeling satisfied after your meals.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to practice mindful eating. Mindful eating is when you intently focus on eating your meal instead of passively eating while watching TV or doing another activity.

Medical professionals at note that people often overeat when they’re focused on something other than the food in front of them, so if you want to lose weight, then you should pay attention to your plate.

When you take time to savor every bite, it’s easier to recognize how much you’ve eaten, and you’ll feel much fuller at the end of your meal.

When you feel full at the end of your meal, you don’t feel the need to load your plate again, so mindful eating is an incredible way to lose weight while making your meals much more enjoyable.


2. Whole Grains.

oats and whole grains to fight fat with food for weight loss -

Oats, buckwheat, whole wheat, and other complex carbs make great side dishes, and they’re also useful ingredients in more complex meals.

In contrast to white rice, processed wheat products, and other simple carbs, whole grains take a long time to digest, meaning that you’ll stay full for many hours after your meal.

Medical professionals at note that complex carbs have a low glycemic index, so they’re great for diabetics and people who want to manage their blood sugar levels.

Aside from being so filling, whole grains are also a much better energy source than processed carbohydrates.

Have you ever noticed that you feel sluggish soon after eating white bread, sugar, and other simple carbs?

That’s because these foods go through your body so quickly that you get an energy rush and a tiring insulin spike within a very short period.

Complex carbs can make you more productive and less hungry so that you can finish your daily grind without reaching for a post-lunch snack.


3. Drink Water With Meals and Snacks.

All too often, people drift towards the pantry when they really just need a glass of water.

Pretty much every bodily function expends water in one way or another, and that includes digestion, so it’s important to rehydrate whenever you eat something.

The feeling of thirst isn’t very different from the feeling of hunger, so your first instinct may be to reach for more food when you’re actually thirsty. Most foods are packed with sodium, and that will seriously dry you out, but even foods that are low in sodium should still be consumed with a glass of water.

Another benefit of drinking water with your food is that water is filling, so you’ll end up eating less. After all, your stomach can only fit so much, and since water takes up space, a glass of water leaves less room for an extra portion.

A medical study at found that people who drink enough water consume fewer high-calorie beverages than average, so if sugary soda is your crutch, then water may be an effective substitute.

If you’re trying to lose weight, then portion control is the name of the game, and a couple of filling glasses of water with your meal or snack will make your weight loss journey much more bearable.


4. Fruits, Vegetables, and Fiber.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Fiber.

At, health specialists from Harvard assert that adequate fiber intake is crucial for healthy weight loss.

To live your best life, you need a healthy digestive system, and that’s only possible with an adequate supply of fiber.

When you’re constipated, bloated, or irregular, the last thing you want to do is get up and exert yourself; it’s much easier to just sit back on the couch, turn on your favorite streaming service, open a bag of chips, and munch away.

A fiber-rich diet will make you feel good enough to go to the gym and do something productive.

High concentrations of fiber can be found in most fruits and vegetables, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem incorporating more of it into your diet.


5. Lean Protein Sources. 

Your muscles, skin, and organs need a lot of protein to stay in tip-top shape.

Without enough protein, every part of your body will suffer. You’ll feel weak, your posture will be terrible, and your skin will look terrible.

A diet low in protein is usually compensated for with foods that are high in fat, carbs, and processed ingredients.

These foods aren’t nearly as filling as protein, so you have to eat much more to feel satisfied. Protein is tasty and takes a long time to digest, meaning that you don’t have to eat much before you’re full.

While protein is filling and nutritious, not all protein sources are the same.

Lean meats and fish are some of the healthiest sources of protein. Red meat is fine to consume, but according to the National Institutes of Health at, regular consumption of red meat can drastically increase your risk of heart disease and circulatory problems.

Lentils, soy, and other plant products are also good sources of protein, but since most plants don’t contain every essential amino acid, it’s important to combine protein-rich plants with other sources of protein for the best results.


6. Meal Planning.

How to fight fat with food, meal planning - Everything Abode

You don’t need to eat like a famous health guru to burn fat and optimize your health. Regulating your calorie intake mostly comes down to your daily food habits.

A scientific study at found that if your food habits are inconsistent, then you’re more likely to consume more calories than your body needs.

Do you eat one big meal every day, or do you prefer eating several smaller meals throughout the day? Either way is fine, but you just have to remember to stick with a plan that’s practical in your daily life.

While the finer details of your mealtime habits do affect your health, consistency is more important.

Your body will try to adapt to whatever schedule you set, so you should do whatever you can to eat at the same times every day.

After getting into a steady mealtime routine, your body will start to produce hunger hormones at the same time every day, meaning that you won’t be hungry outside of your typical meal times.

To make it easier on yourself, consider meal planning or preparing your meals in advance. When you know what you plan to eat, it’s going to be so much easier to prepare your meals just in time before your hunger hormones kick in.


7. Caffeine.

How to fight fat with food - Everything Abode

Coffee isn’t only a good way to boost your energy; it’s also an effective appetite suppressant. According to the Mayo Clinic at, coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks will decrease feelings of hunger while increasing your metabolism.

For optimal benefits, try not to add too much cream or sugar. Cream and sugar are very calorie-dense, so adding too much of either will cancel out the benefits.


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