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10 Healthy Foods That Detox The Body

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10 healthy snacks and foods to detox the body - Everything Abode

For many of us, health and wellness are something that we all value.

However, when we look for ways to lose weight, tone up, or eat better to improve our lives, we can be given the thought that the process of detoxing can be all too overwhelming.

So, what is detoxing?

Well, just as your house needs a deep clean every now and then, so does your body given that the sum total of what you’ve eaten, ingested, and absorbed through your skin, needs to be considered for your overall health. 

Moreover, if we live in a toxic world then it’s rare that someone living today has the detoxifying mechanisms in place to effectively flush out chemicals, toxins, fat, and other substances that are clogging up their bloodstream and doing extra damage to their health.

When you detox, you go through a protocol of eating certain foods, and that means drinking certain beverages, and performing techniques like dry sauna and massage to rid the body of excess toxins. 

However, many doctors and medical experts attribute the existence of excess toxins in the body as triggers for extra weight, mental stress, and disease from the food we eat.

Therefore, it becomes essential, then, that we know what to detox, and how to undergo these protocols safely so that we can attain optimal health and wellness.

So if you are looking for a few ideas on how to detox the body with food, take a look at these detoxifying foods that’ll help speed up the detoxifying process.


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Will you have to undergo a detox protocol?

Before we start the list, there are many ways to detoxify the body, therefore it is up to you to pick the best methods for doing so.

However, taking into account your physical health and any pre-existing conditions you may have, you do not necessarily need to fast for days, go to a sweat lodge, or attend a 15-day yoga retreat to get the detox benefits you need.

However, if you are seeking medical advice, please know that these detox foods are only a general way to detox the body with food.

If you are looking for more ways to improve your health, do seek advice from your medical provider before following the advice in this article. 

In the meantime, there are certain foods that you can eat that will begin to clean out your system from the moment that you ingest them and they are a great detox protocol to munch on as detoxifying snacks.

Let’s get to the list of detoxifying foods!


10 Foods That Help Detox The Body

10 Snacks That Will Help Detox The Body - Everything Abode

1. Avocado.

Avocado is a tasty, creamy-good snack that you can incorporate easily into your diet.

It is high in fiber and loaded with good fat; being rich in antioxidants and glutathione, it will block over 30 toxins from entering your bloodstream via the liver.

Eat your guacamole without guilt, knowing you’re doing something good for yourself!


2. Grapefruit.

There is a reason that grapefruit is incorporated into many diet programs–it helps the liver to metabolize fat really quickly.

It also helps to regulate blood glucose, fight high cholesterol, and even fight off cancer.

Compounds found in this delicious fruit can also help prevent strokes–you can easily add it to salads and as a refreshing side dish for a light and flavorful meal.


3. Pineapple.

Not only does pineapple taste amazing, but it is also very effective at regulating digestion and cleaning out the colon.

A compound called bromelain helps to balance blood coagulation processes and reduce inflammation and aid in reducing water retention.

How about a strawberry, pineapple, and green smoothie to kick your detox efforts into high gear?


4. Asparagus.

Asparagus is not only a delicious side dish, it protects your liver from oxidative damage as it provides valuable detox functions for the rest of your body.

Asparagus contains heart-healthy vitamins and minerals that can literally turn back time on this essential organ.


5. Celery.

Fresh celery helps to balance the body’s PH levels and neutralize any acidity that you may be experiencing.

Celery juice helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure; some report that it is even more effective than prescription medication for these two issues.


6. Apple.

Mom always said an apple a day keeps the doctor away; she was right!

Apples contain flavonoids and terpenoids, two compounds essential for proper detoxification of the body. Apples are instrumental in binding to heavy metals in the body and flushing them out as well. Keep munching!


7. Watermelon.

Thanks to its high water content, watermelon is a great snack for keeping you hydrated and being able to flush your system of toxins.

Citrulline is a compound present in watermelon that aids in flushing ammonia from your body, which reduces inflammation and improves blood flow.


8. Green smoothies.

With FDA recommendations constantly changing with regard to our need to consume more fruits and veggies, one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with a green smoothie.

Green smoothies are easy to make, aid in digestion, and weight issues, and are vital in providing the body with live enzymes with which to heal.


9. Green tea.

Who knew that a caffeinated drink would do a body good?

Green tea is loaded with flavonoids and helpful compounds that help flush toxins from the body.

Natural metabolism boosters help keep everything running smoothly, and it is even known to suppress the appetite and make needless snacking a thing of the past.

You’ll feel cleaner, too!


10. Lemon water.

On a hot summer day, what is more, refreshing than a glass of lemon-infused ice water?

It helps you stay hydrated, provides you with a boost of vitamin C, and balances your PH, all of which are instrumental in being able to detoxify properly.


Whether you are just beginning your detox journey or you are looking to boost your efforts with some smart snacking, it’s time to get excited.

Regular detox is a key to lasting good health and wellness, and you’ll look and feel better than you have in years!

Here’s to your optimal health!

Author: Rebecca

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