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8 Powerful Back Fat Burning Workouts (You Can Do At Home)

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8 Powerful Back Fat Burning Workouts (You Can Do At Home) - Everything Abode

If you are like so many other women, you are looking for home fitness made easy.

You want fat burning workouts that are going to get the job done. You’re not interested in fads, extreme diets, or slow and steady wins the race. You want to see amazing results as soon as possible.

One of the most challenging areas for weight loss is your back. It’s all in your approach.

If you want to burn back fat fast, add these 8 most powerful workouts to your arsenal to see a transformation.

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8 Powerful Back Fat Burning Workouts (You Can Do At Home)

8 Powerful Back Fat Burning Workouts (You Can Do At Home) -- Everything Abode -- Home fitness

1. Drop and Give Me Twenty.

Renowned health expert and author Yuri Elkaim will tell you push-ups are a great addition to your fat-burning workouts at They’re a traditional exercise that will get the job done.

Instead of focusing on your reps though, keep track of the time. Go for a minute of as many reps as you can squeeze in.

If you have a tough time with a standard push-up, in the beginning, modify it by getting on your knees. You can work your way up to a standard push-up as time goes by.

Try variations to have a more effective workout. Space your hands far apart and alternate with a narrow grip.

Try clapping as you come up. You can lift up a leg or go alternate with one-armed push-ups as you create your own routine for home fitness made simple.


2. Break Out the Jump Rope.

Remember when you were a kid and you had so much fun jumping rope? Capture that fun again with your home fitness routine made easy.

According to, you’ll carve your back and shoulder muscles when you start swinging that rope over your head.

If you are 4′ 10″ to 5′ 3″, you should get an 8-foot rope. Make it 9-foot if you are 5’4″ to 5’10”. If you are really tall, add another foot.

Plan on doing 25 revolutions and repeat up to four times to get optimal results.


3. Row Your Back into Shape.

Your friends at will tell you rowing is one of the best exercises you can do to shred that back fat. For home fitness made easy, you don’t have to buy a rowing machine.

A resistance band will do the trick. Just wrap it around your feet and you can have the benefits of a rowing machine anywhere you go.

To increase your amount of resistance, shorten your band. Plan on rowing anywhere from ten to twenty minutes to see your body going in the right direction.


4. Take Notes from a Superhero. wants you to feel like a superhero to eliminate back fat. Lie down on the floor and do that Superman.

It’s a simple and effective exercise that doesn’t require any equipment.

All you need to do is lie down. Stretch your legs and arms straight out as far as you can. Lift your arms and legs up at the same time.

You’ll look like you are trying to fly. Hold it for several seconds. Do several reps to blast that back fat.


5. Invest in Some Dumbbells for Lateral Raises.

The experts at offer many valuable tips for issues related to your health and fitness. They stress the importance of lateral dumbbell raises.

You should face forward and hold your arms at your side. Slowly lift your arms up until they are parallel with the floor.

The most important thing you need to remember is lighter weights can be extremely effective when you do as many reps as possible before your muscles get tired.


6. Perfect Your Plank.

The team at offers many tips to eliminate back fat, including lifestyle changes and foods that can help you along the way.

They also stress the importance of effective exercises. Planks rank high on the list. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or hit the gym.

All you need is a patch of floor that is big enough to stretch out.

You’ll place your body like you are doing a push-up, raise yourself up with your arms straight, and hold it. The longer you can hold it, the more you will benefit.

Try starting with 30 seconds and work your way up to a minute.

To add more challenge to this popular choice, put your dumbbells on the floor, curl your hands around them, and lift your body up.

Keep your back flat and make sure your body is as stiff as the plank that gives this exercise its name.


7. Follow a Hunting Dog’s Example. offers a wealth of information when it comes to health and fitness. It’s no surprise that their panel of experts can give you tips to burn back fat fast.

One great example is a bird-dog exercise that will call to mind hunting dogs doing that majestic pointing pose.

You’ll get on your hands and knees. Make sure you keep your back flat. Reach out with your right arm, holding it straight.

At the same time, do the same with your left leg.

Alternate with opposite arm and leg. Do enough reps to feel the burn.


8. Put Up that Pull-Up Bar.

Kira Stokes, NYC fitness guru to the stars, advises strengthening exercises that target your back are a must.

While a full-body workout is the best way to eliminate fat on your entire body, focusing on your trouble spots will help you to see better results.

Stokes ranks pull-ups on a pull-up bar as your best bet to burn back fat fast. Your pull-up will work best when your palms face out. You’ll work every portion of your back.

If your palms face in, you’ll be focusing on your biceps. Start out with a negative pull-up. That means you’ll be raised to the bar and you’ll slowly lower yourself down.

Go for it at least five reps and work your way up to ten. Putting up that bar is home fitness made simple. The biggest challenge will be building enough strength to pull yourself up to that bar. Go for it!


Bonus tip: Don’t Forget to Change Things Up! joins up with a host of experts to remind you to interchange with a variety of workouts to get the most out of your fat-burning workouts.

Don’t let boredom take away your motivation either. Do a different routine to find the best path to a toned back. Your whole body will reap the benefits if you change things up.

Whatever fat burning exercise you decide to try, always make sure that you enjoy doing it.

Your back should see results with one of these exercises outlined above. Which one will you try out?


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