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7 Best Exercises to Melt Your Love Handles Fast From Home

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The 7 Best Exercises for Getting Rid of Your Love Handles at Home Fast --- Everything Abode

Love handles can be one of the most stubborn places to lose weight.

You burn belly fat by doing a certain exercise, but the excess weight on your sides still just does not go away.

There are many exercises, however, that are geared towards simply getting rid of the fat hanging over the sides of your pants.

It is important to know that love handles will not just magically be gone one day. It takes hard work and discipline to get rid of these areas of concern. 

To help you, here are 7 great exercises that involve some of the best side exercises to help you get rid of that stubborn fat for good!

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7 Best Exercises for Getting Rid of Your Love Handles

7 Best Exercises for Getting Rid of Your Love Handles -- Everything Abode

1. Side Plank.

 regular plank is completed by getting into a push-up stance and holding the stance. A side plank is similar in that you are holding this same position for an extended period of time.

The differences are, however, that you are targeting weight that needs to be lost on your sides in order to target these specific muscle groups.

This exercise can be completed by beginning by laying on your side and lifting yourself up on one elbow.

Your hip should be off the ground with only your feet and elbow on the ground. To make it more difficult, you can dip your hip to the floor and back up ten times to truly work the muscles in these places. 


2. Plank Up-Downs.

As mentioned, planks, in general, are one of the best ways to burn belly fat quickly. Side planks are great for burning fat on the side muscles while planks are great for the overall torso.

For this exercise, you should be in a typical plank position and not in the side plank position.

Your body should be off the ground. The only parts of you that are on the ground should be the hands and the feet.

You slowly begin by, one elbow at a time, bending each arm to the floor. When both arms are on the floor, bring your arms back to straight to come back up. This can be completed up to ten times if you are feeling up to it.


3. Side Bends with a Kettlebell.

This exercise will require additional equipment. Be sure to purchase a kettlebell that will give you some resistance but is not too heavy for use in general.

If you cannot afford a kettlebell, use alternate materials such as gallons of milk or water if necessary.

This exercise requires a specific stance in order to perform it correctly.

You will stand up straight with your feet apart at shoulder width. The kettlebell should be in your dominant hand first. You will bend your torso towards the floor and let the kettlebell drop.

You will then simply bring yourself back to a standing position in order to move your side’s muscles to eliminate belly fat. You can perform this exercise up to ten times on each side during each set.


Side Bends with a Kettlebell


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4. Twist Squats with a Kettlebell.

This exercise will also require additional equipment.

You can utilize a kettlebell as mentioned above, and again, only select one that will work for you by producing a strain while not being too heavy.

You can also utilize a gallon jug of water if you are unable to afford a kettlebell as the former exercise.

For this exercise, your feet will be shoulder-width apart. The kettlebell or equipment used will be held by both of your hands towards your chest. Your elbows will be bent with your core being utilized at your chest.

You will squat with the kettlebell in the same position and twist on your way down. And then alternate sides that you twist on at each squat. Do this exercise for ten reps on each side.


5. Ball Knee Drops.

This exercise will require another type of exercise equipment that was not mentioned in the former two examples.

You will need a weighted ball that is anywhere from six to ten pounds. If you can not afford this, obtain something heavy that you can hold between your knees.

The position you need to be in for this exercise will involve you laying on your back with your knees bent up and feet on the ground. Your arms will be at your sides, and the weighted ball will be between your knees.

You will clench your knees using your core to not lose it while lifting your feet off of the floor and moving your knees to one side or the other. Each rep involves turning the knees both ways, and ten reps should be done.


Ball Knee Drops


6. Woodchoppers.

The woodchopper exercise allows you to utilize either one of the exercise equipment listed above.

This includes a kettlebell or a weighted ball. If you cannot afford either one of these items, look into using a gallon jug, for example.

This is an exercise that should be completed with you standing with your feet apart at shoulder-width.

The equipment should be held in front of you with both hands. You create a chopping motion by turning to the left with your core and lifting your arms above your head to the left. You then move your body to the right and drop your arms towards the right.

These motions can be repeated for ten reps.


7. Russian Twists.

Russian Twists are very traditional. They involve simply utilizing a weighted ball or other weighted object depending on your affordability options.

There are ways to make this exercise more difficult by simply lifting your feet off of the floor and keeping your legs still while performing the exercise will be provided in detail below.

You will sit on the floor straight up for this exercise.

Your knees will be bent in front of you, and your feet on the ground unless doing the more difficult modification aforementioned. Your back will be slightly leaned back, and you will hold the weighted object with both arms.

You will twist your core each way and bring your arms to the floor on each side as well. You can complete ten reps of this exercise to get the most effective result of this one on the list of best side exercises.


Losing love handles proves to be very difficult for many.

There are great exercises listed above that are some of the best side exercises available for losing weight in these stubborn spots.

Burn belly fat starting today by engaging in any of the exercises listed above, and I hope you see the results that you want to see!


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