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How to Stick to Your Fitness Goals Like a Pro

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5 Realistic Ways To Stick To Your Fitness Goals This Year - Everything Abode

How do you stick to your fitness goals like a well-oiled machine?

That my friend has afflicted hundreds of well-meaning wellness-lovers for decades!

It’s easy to create a strategy and even easier to purchase all the food you need and fantasize about what you will do.

However, you won’t be able to stick with your fitness goals if you don’t sweat or move.

Plus it seems that no matter how many times we make an effort to keep our new healthy fitness routine going, we end up back at the beginning of our journey months later…

Still craving the same chocolate bar we hid in a safe place earlier in the month.

Can you connect with this?

If so, here are five ways you can stay on track with your fitness goals this year.

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5 Clear Cut Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

5 Clear Cut Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Goals! - Everything Abode


1. Develop a consistent meal plan.

Fitness Goal tip #1. Meal Plan - Everything Abode

The time-tested saying in the ‘fitness world’ still stands: Preparing meals is the best way to ensure you have amazing month-long results!

Think about how many times you’ve thrown away your hard-earned cash on falafel sandwich truck meals… 

Why are you always traveling beyond your own sensible and almost always right verdict when your gut is telling you you shouldn’t be eating those things?

It’s because when we are left to our own devices without a plan, convenience wins.

And since meal planning seems like a daunting task that seems impossible to do. It’s likely that you will return to your bad habits, and never break the vicious cycle.

This is why meal planning can be so helpful when it comes to staying fit.

You will find more time to accomplish everything in your life, including your fitness goals, if you have healthy food at arms reach.

Plus, the best way to deal with starving times is to meal plan and prepare your meals, because meal planning will reduce the chances that you rush to order from those drive-thru restaurants.

Additionally, healthy snacks and meals can make a big difference in helping you reach your fitness goals so much faster.  

How To Create A Meal Plan:

    • Make your diet primarily consist of whole, unprocessed foods. Products grown or raised on a healthy farm as well as on the field are best and avoid factory-raised altogether.
    • Avoid sugary drinks. Most of us don’t know how many calories we use on average or how many calories our body requires. Sensitizing this by refusing to drink your calories is one of the best steps in supporting your fitness goals with your diet.
    • Use plants natural healing power. Vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant compounds are completely loaded with healing power that plays an important part in disease control, immune system strengthening, and cognitive function.
    • Be a caloric deficit if you want to lose weight. Which means you are taking in fewer calories than you burn.
    • Check out this guide to meal planning for beginners!


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2. Make the most out of your mornings.

Fitness goal tip #2. Make the most out of your mornings - Everything Abode

It is safe to say that morning is very important, especially when it concerns our fitness habits.

According to most researchers, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Implementing a healthy morning routine that includes a healthy breakfast, some movement and a bit of exercise will help you stay productive.

This will allow you to better manage your day around your fitness and health goals and help you maintain your stamina throughout the day.

Added benefits of incorporating fitness in your mornings include:

    • Morning workouts enhance your metabolism.
    • Early morning workouts help you develop stronger self-discipline.
    • A good morning workout routine will help cultivate consistency.
    • Morning exercise improves your physical and mental energy.
    • A morning exercise routine will help you get better sleep.


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3. Track your results.

Fitness goal tip #3. Set deadlines & mark it in your calendar - Everything Abode

Research is showing that writing down your fitness goals is a great way to quickly reach them.

Let’s say you want to reach your fitness goals in x number of months. You can stop yourself from slipping up and failing to reach your goals if you write them down and set a date in a calendar.

Fitness gurus recommend that you keep track of your progress as you approach and near your deadline, too.

It’s easy to say that you’re going to do something but not actually do it.

So having reminders is a great way to plan your life and meetings around these ‘fitness slots’ while keeping track of your progress along the journey will help you be more likely to keep your word.

Plus, you can never set unrealistic goals to achieve your fitness goals because you can adapt your goals along the way and readjust accordingly.


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4. Find an accountability partner. 

Fitness goal tip #4. Find an accountability partner - Everything Abode

Finding a partner who can hold you accountable is one of the best ways to stay on track with your weight loss and fitness goals.

What does it mean to be an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is someone who helps you set your fitness goals and reviews the steps that you should take to reach them. They also help you stay on track while you work towards them.

There will always be moments when you don’t feel like doing anything.

It’s okay to have those days.

It is important to have someone you can count on, and vice versa, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

And you’ll be less likely to disappoint them if they are waiting for you at the gym.


5. Balance your blood sugar levels.

Fitness goal tip #5. Balance your blood sugar - Everything Abode

If you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight quickly, you must learn how to balance your blood sugar (aka glucose).

Your blood sugar is important when it comes to unhealthy food cravings because if your blood sugar drops too low, that’s when you crave.

However, increasing your blood glucose levels too high can also cause anxiety which can make you eat all the more.

This is not the situation you want, especially if your goal is to get great results with all your exercise efforts.

So to help you out, it’s important to remember that when blood sugar levels rise it’s usually because you’ve eaten too many carbs. To balance your blood sugars, you’ll want to increase your fiber intake and drink plenty of water!

If you want to learn more about low Glycemic Index foods as well, you can learn all about that here.


That’s it! We all have to start somewhere when it comes to our fitness goals. But with the right plan, it is possible to reach them.

And you’ll be able to continue living a healthy lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals with the help of a few of these tips.

Thanks for reading!


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