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11 Habits of People Who Save Money Well

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You too can save money really well! You just need to learn from the people who are already saving their money on a daily and constant basis!

What do extremely wealthy people follow when it comes to their money handlings?

It’s quite straightforward really.

They all follow little money habits that they know will add up to a huge amount through time and persistence.

So when it comes to building your rainy-day fund, you bet you have to implement some healthy financial habits when each paycheck rolls in.

And since there’s always going to be clear-cut habits that all people with an abundance of wealth seem to always follow…

Let’s help guide you to start being a little smarter with your own wealth so you can hang onto it and hopefully grow it to an amazing place one day.

Here are 11 habits of people who are really good with their money and know-how to save it!

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11 Habits of People Who Are Really Good with Money

11 Habits of People Who Are Really Good with Money - Everything Abode

1. They know the difference between their wants vs needs.

When it comes to building personal net worth, purchasing new isn’t their most preferred first approach. 

That’s because people who always have money know the difference between their wants and needs and they are always looking for a better deal.

So, before being charged for something new, people with good financial habits usually save the urge to buy something new to verify first if whether they actually need it.

If they do happen to need it, then they check for an alternative lower price with their local thrift stores, local listings, flea market stores, and internet exchange forums like Kijiji and Craigslist. 


2. They Earn More Money Wherever & Whenever Possible.

Financially successful people already know what they want, have set a reasonable and clear-cut goal to achieve it, and have already concentrated and taken specific measures to work at every moment that allows them to accumulate even more money growth.

To sum it up, they don’t miss out on opportunities to make more money. When the time presents itself, they make sure that they are a part of the deal — even if it’s a Sunday!


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3. They spend their money on experiences vs things.

People who are good with their money know that budgeting for an adventure or experience is far better than having an object to display to their proteges.

Actually, it’s said that more millennials are swapping out their things these days for more outings, experiences, and entertainment than ever before, and that’s because it’s a better return on investment.

It’s clear that building memories over having more stuff is the most abundant way that people with money enjoy their wealth.


4. They make their rewards for saving money really really good.

Think better vacation or an upgraded car once the older car has been paid off!

These sorts of rewards are triggers that help people with wealth have a better response to saving their money.

The desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain is an important driving force behind our unconscious decision-making skills.

And unfortunately, destructive activities such as habitual shopping and betting like gambling can illuminate the same pleasure centers of our brains which can also make saving money seem agonizing.

That’s why people who are really good with their money make incentives for their good decision making. Doing this makes it more appealing to promote better financial decision-making.


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5. They aren’t all completely rich.

It doesn’t matter if they were born into wealth, if they are self-made or if they are at an income level that’s very modest…

People with an abundance of money saved aren’t all completely rich. They merely know how to do the best with what they already have.

Anyone with any income or wealth level can be successful at saving and handling their money.

But the key to what abundant people do differently is, that they are able to maintain their fiscal disciplines by reducing their money vulnerabilities. 

They do this by making very wise budgeting decisions, all while persevering (with confidence) that they are doing their best with what they already have.

Simply put, they try to do their best with what they already have. 


6. They know how to stretch every dollar.

If you would like to stretch your dollars so you can also be really good with your money? You must start thinking with a more frugal brain. 

People with an abundance of money saved are experts in pouring out every little bit of laundry detergent, squeezing out the last of their facial moisturizer, draining that sesame oil and maple syrup jars, simmering the remaining bones to use for stock, preserving butter wrappers for greasing cake pans — all to stretch their dollars to reduce extra spending. 

You probably guessed that they are pretty frugal and they know how to use every last drop!


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7. They aren’t afraid to seek financial advice.

When it comes to difficult money issues, there is no shame in requesting help.

People with an abundance of wealth all know that others who know the fine subtleties of how money works (through their years of post-secondary education) will better help them understand how to grow and save their money.

Plus, they also know the huge benefits of having another perspective on their financial circumstances are, especially if it’s from a professional.

Financial advisors can see something that you may miss and will be better able to refer you down the best possible avenue to help you grow and secure the money you already have.


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8. They follow strict priorities.

When it comes to managing money, having strict priorities should be a requirement for anyone who wants to become more financially secure.

People with good money management skills make sure to align themselves to be financially balanced, by establishing crystal clear goals and upholding them even through desirable temptations.

The key to their money success is that they choose to create emergency savings first, over shopping, and/or vacation.


9. They have ‘Saveday’ Reminders.

Making a saving goal is one thing; it’s another to stick to it. So it helps to perpetually remember to do so, which most financially secure people have already figured out.

For example, for each payday that means ‘ It’s also a Save day ‘. Remember to invest what you can when you can.

A lot of people with money pay themselves this way, so when the time comes, they have it ready and waiting just for the right time. 


10. They don’t get derailed.

Big changes in transition like loss of jobs, custody battles, and illnesses eventually threaten our budgets.

But people with healthy money habits revise their budgets to reinforce their new salary, circumstance, or lifestyle changes regardless of how traumatic it is to fully accept.

They know that “this too shall pass” and they don’t lose track of their financial goals while going through it.


11. They Almost Always Follow a Budget.

Lastly, we can’t leave out how important budgeting really is and people with an abundance of money saved, know exactly where they are spending it. 

They do this by simply following a money budget that keeps track of every cent they spend. Adhering to a budget places you in direct charge and prevents you from reckless spending or dipping into your savings.


When it comes to saving and making money, we all need to start somewhere.

Plus building up your personal wealth is something that anyone can do, given the right advice.


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