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7 Highest Paying Photography Sites For Selling Photography Online

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7 Highest Paying Photography Sites to Sell Photos & Make Money - Everything Abode

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone paid you real cash if you chose to sell your photography online?

Well, did you know that you can make money online by selling your own photography online via some handy microstock photography sites?!

Many stock photo companies need a lot of inventory and will actually pay you for your photography skills.

There are certain sites to sell photos online and this method for making money online actually works.

Plus, you’ll be astonished to see how much money some people are making with these photography sites.

Some photographers make well over 100k a year simply by taking their own photography and selling them online with one of these photography sites listed below.

So if you have loads of great photography just sitting on your hard drive?

Then why not earn a passive income from them!

Doesn’t that make you want to take your photography skills to the next level?

You’ll be very impressed with this idea of making money online so let’s take a look at these best sites to sell photos online with. 

Here are the top 7 photography sites in the industry to start selling your own photography online. 

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Top 7 Best Places to Sell Your Photos Online 

7 Highest Paying Photography Websites For Selling Your Photos! You don't need to be a pro to sell your photos online. #photography #sellphotos #sellingphotos #makemoney #passiveincome

Is selling photography online a legit way to make extra money?

Yes, people are actually making real money this way!

Selling your own photography online shouldn’t be left on the table, especially if you are love snapping pics already and if you can get in the habit of uploading those pictures online to these sites on a daily basis.

The best thing about making money selling photography is that you can take pictures of anything your heart desires (granted that you have the rights to upload them) and you really can start making money right away if you already have A LOT of photos in your arsenal!

Moreover, even if you don’t have a lot of photos, you can still turn photography into a hobby and also a money-making machine. 

So, let’s get things kicked off by showing you how much you can make per photo, all the companies that you can work with (the best of the best), and how the process works from snapping a pic to receiving those checks in the mail.


1. Photography stock site: Pond5

Pond5 is reported to have the world’s largest collection of stock footage hosting which has more than 10.5 million pics as early as 2018.

When you sign up they will give you 50% off the sale of your photo which is actually quite high compared to a lot of the other websites we’re going to detail out within this post!

They focus on professional royalty-free photographs and pictures which is exactly what you should be looking for.

A lot of people who use Pond5 are very happy with them and they have thousands of five-star reviews to back it up. 

You can become part of an artist-friendly marketplace that enables you to license a variety of media types to buyers from all over the world.

You Can Find Out More About Pond5 Here!


2. Photography stock site: Alamy

Alamy made it to number two on the list because it has over 155 million stock images, vector videos, and 360-degree panoramic images.

Another reason why Alamy is a great choice to be a part of is that a girl named Helen Sessions makes well over $100,000 a year on this one website alone!

It is possible but you do have to put in the work. Right now Alamy pays a 50% royalty per photo, but they are going to lower it to 40% which will go into effect starting February 2019.

You Can Find Out More About Alamy Here!


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3. Photography stock site: EyeEm

The third website that makes this list is EyeEm. This site is for photographers because their community is huge bosting more than 22 million photographers to date!

They give a 50% revenue on your photos so you could very well see success with this one website alone. They even have an in-app Magazine that delivers regular content to keep you inspired to help you become a better photographer.

You Can Find Out More About EyeEm Here!


4. Photography stock site: Getty Images

I am sure you’ve heard of Getty before because it’s a very popular photography site. You can put our talent, access, and expertise to work by using Getty Images to sell your photography.

If Getty approves your submissions you could very well earn 20% to 30% royalty per photo. Take note that for an image to be available for commercial use a release is required for any recognizable people or property in the image.

You Can Find Out More About Getty Images Here!


5. Photography stock site: 123RF

123RF has millions of stock photos, vectors, video clips, and music files all at low prices which makes it very popular. This website pays you upon the more photos you can upload. The more you upload the more money you can make!

So just as an example, if you only have 200 photos or less you’re only going to make about 30% per sale which is a little bit on the low end. 

But if you have thousands of photos, for example, your commissions go up and you can make up to 60% of royalty per photo which is actually quite high in terms of payouts among photography sites. 

You Can Find Out More About 123rf Here!


6. Photography stock site: iStock

Istock is the sister company to Getty Images because that’s the power that Getty holds in the photography industry. Istock pays you different royalty rates depending on the photo but they do offer up to 22% to 45% percent for exclusivity. 

So if you only want to work on this website you can have a little bit of a higher rate for royalties. You Can Find Out More About iStock Here!


7. Photography stock site: Dreamstime

Dreamstime has a pretty thorough approval process that requires an account manager to approve your images but if you do get approved you can earn up to 25% to 50% of royalty commissions and you can earn up to 60% for exclusivity with their website.

If you do choose to go exclusively with Dreamstime they’ll also pay you an extra twenty cents (.20) per photo on top of the 60% percent royalty, which I think is amazing! 

You Can Find Out More About Dreamstime Here!

Now, selling photos will not be easy but if you do choose to expand your side hustle with this route, know that it will be a slow burn (Unless you have thousands of photos already).

You really can make real money this way and I hope that you start with one of the companies I listed above. You’ll be glad you did!

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Top 7 Best Places to Sell Your Photos Online - Everything Abode

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Monday 24th of April 2023

I joined several photography sites for selling images. I'm a beginner. Getty Images bought one of my photos. I was so excited. But I don't know yet how to spend my 10 cents royalty payment.

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Monday 4th of March 2019

I enjoy photography, añways have bUt Never got into it. This post makes want to start exploring my passion once again. Are there specific kind of photgr the sites purchase? Like Nature? Or children? Etc?


Monday 4th of March 2019

Hi there! All the sites accept photos from all different categories. They will for sure accept nature. Give it a go and do let me know how it goes for you! Thanks for stopping by :)