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How to Feel Happy Again: 8 Realistic Ways

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Do you want to feel happy again? If so, you’re not alone! “How to feel happy again” is what a lot of people are trying to do. Here we’ll go over 8 realistic ways to have you feeling like yourself again!

Would you like to feel happy with your life against any circumstances and surroundings?

Well, what a heavy subject, and like every complicated matter, it has to start with a massive eye-opening commitment for happiness and it is this:

If you want to be happy you have the choice to be happy again. 

If you would like to feel happy again, like genuinely happy with your life right now, know that happiness is not discovered, rather it is developed, created, and appointed.

You should not be achieving joy and happiness by having a perfect job, car, or house!

Rather, you should be aiming to wake up feeling happy with your life now, by embracing what you already have. 

You can do that by constructing a healthy life all on your own terms!

To help you out, here are 8 realistic ways to be much happier with your life starting today!

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How to be happy again.

It can be challenging to muster up the energy and enthusiasm necessary for mood-boosting activities when you feel down.

If this is happening more often than not, then a shift in focus may help change your perspective on life’s positive opportunities.

Often we want something so badly that when things don’t work out as planned or imagined – all our excitement switches off like flipping a switch!

It can leave us feeling deflated and depressed when this happens, which only feeds into an already negative mindset of “nothing ever works.”

Instead of getting caught with how disappointed you are at every turn by always wanting what isn’t there – try being content where you’re currently at instead: appreciating everything around you but especially yourself first!

Here are 8 more ways to be happier with your life, starting today!



8 Realistic Ways to Be Happy With Your Life

8 Realistic Ways to Be Very Happy With Your Life - Everything Abode

1. Choose Happiness First.

Like anything, happiness is chosen, and then it is generated. 

Therefore the first step you need to do to start feeling in control of your happiness again is to devote your every being to choosing to feel happy first.

Of course, it’s not going to be the easiest route, but if you can choose to feel happy despite letting things get under your skin or feeling like a victim, your life can change in an instant!

Choosing happiness first also entails fighting the urge to be either pessimistic or negative when those seem like the best option. 

And if you take every opportunity to value your happiness like a loving partner, it can have the space to develop into something beautiful that you can call your own.


2. Exercise.

Did you know that daily activity has a huge impact on our health and well-being? 

Deeply so, that it is one of the most effective methods for fighting depression and defeating a bad mood. 

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be depressed or in a bad mood to gain from exercising, either!

According to lifehack, exercise will help calm your mind, raise your mental energy, and even strengthen your self-image.

A strong self-image plays a vital role in how happy we are as a whole because our self-image has both the talent and ability to improve our physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and mental quality of life. Those are a lot of gains! 

So, grab some weights, take a stroll, do some unique workouts at home because this will no doubt add happiness to your life.


3. Get Outside.

Did you know that getting outside every day is also a huge game-changer if you want to feel happy again!

Research also proves it’s extremely important to make time to get outdoors even if it’s just for a short five minutes to add a level of happiness to your life like no other. 

Also, breathing fresh air will allow you to feel less anxious, have more innovation, and have a sense of connectedness with civilization.

Moreover, a study over at Business Insider also proves that walking outside every day can improve your blood pressure, boost mental health, and even decrease the risk of cancer.

So depending on where you live, spend good quality time outside for the quickest way of improving your health and happiness.


4. Sleep Well. 

Are you sleeping too little? Do you have a sleep cycle that is all out of sorts? Or do you wake up at all different hours? 

According to a study at, mental health professionals have argued for years that one of the most substantial and ignored public health issues that affect many American adults the most is being severely sleep-deprived.

Furthermore, the study also goes onto explain that how well and how long we sleep will affect how we feel once we wake up.

Did you know that sleeping too long can bring on more fatigue?

To get around this, sleep experts suggest that getting an extra 60-90 minutes of sleep each night (that falls between 7 and 9 hours) will help you feel happier in terms of your health and balance.


5. Stay Connected.

There are heaps of research suggesting that social connections just make people happier. Plain and simple. 

That satisfying relationships not only make people feel really good but are also associated with better health and even longer lives.

Staying well connected with people will also help you get through those long and hard days with a lasting smile on your face because at least you have someone to connect with when life gets hard. 

Remember, the people that you want to stay connected with are the people that always leave you with a heartfelt good feeling long after you talk with them.

If you stick with those kinds of people you will likely be well on your way towards feeling much happier again.

Also, if you aren’t well connected, there is a way out! You can check out this article on why loneliness can change your life for the better!


6. Ditch Toxic People.

Contrary to the last tip, the cold hard truth is that we all have toxic people in our lives. 

Moreover, staying connected to these particular people can be really easy if a) our options are limited or b) if we lack the self-esteem to wedge them out. 

So, here’s what you need to do if you have toxic people clinging to your every move.

Learn how to avoid and ditch toxic people altogether in this article!

At the end of the day, negative people may not be entirely harmful to your happiness but toxic people are always going to be harmful and detrimental to your happiness, no matter what you do.

Learn how to get rid of them for your happiness sake!


7. Don’t Isolate Yourself.

Isolation is another mean culprit that can be detrimental to one’s happiness if they stand by and let it happen. 

Because even though it wasn’t your fault for leaving a group of friends, moving cities, or just simply growing up or growing apart, there is still another side to how isolating yourself can strip away your happiness. 

And it’s because isolation has a sneaky friend called FEAR! So here’s a little something to consider.

First off, you have to know that fear is the backbone of isolation.

And isolation caused by fear will strip away your happiness and joy which will most likely cause you to suffer greatly. 

Moreover, if you are choosing to isolate yourself because of said excuses because of fear, this could be your defense mechanism working in the favor of your fears. 

Who knows, maybe it’s fear of a bad relationship from repeating itself? Or maybe it’s a fear of failing so why even try?

But if you start recognizing that fear is stripping you of your daily happiness, please become aware of it. That way you can still have a fighting chance to change it. 

So what are you afraid of? What can you do differently to change for the better if fear wasn’t in its place? 


8. Show Gratitude.

Now, this last step is very important to feel happy again and it is gratitude.

We can all sit down and decide that we’re going to suffer, state that we are being mistreated because of our said failures but look around you!

You probably have indoor plumbing, on request medical services (if you need it), enough money to live, and people around you that care about you.

You already have more than enough than you are choosing and that’s why gratitude is so important to feeling happy!

Because right now, if you start paying homage to all the greatness that’s already in your life, everything down to the family you have, all the way to the job that pays you?

Your gratitude will multiply!

Don’t get wrapped up in things you can’t afford and don’t take what you already have for granted!

If you walk the path of gratitude it will show the life you are living the respect it deserves. 

And that’s how happiness is truly cultivated. So why not feel grateful for what you already have?!


How to be happy in a relationship again.

Today we live in a world of the constant hustle and bustle, where relationships are not always easy to maintain. Love is more complicated than ever before.

But with just some small changes, you can be happy once again in your relationship!

If you find yourself in a bad relationship or don’t know where or when the relationship went south, you are not getting along? Chances are, the thoughts you are thinking are consumed with all the wrongs done by the person you’re in a relationship with.

If you think you can stick with your relationship and work things out, several things may help you be happier with them again:

Have gratitude – Be grateful for what they have done and said, as well as their imperfections; after all, we’re not perfect either.

They might just need your patience – It’s important to remember this when times get tough that patience can remind us of how lucky we are even if our partner isn’t 100% perfect for us.

Remember their good qualities – Doing so will make you feel better during difficult situations like fighting or disagreements with each other.

Let your expectations go – Sometimes, letting go of expectations and “being present” and kinder than before can make all the difference in becoming happy in a relationship again.



How to be happy again after a broken heart.

When people break up with their significant other, they feel a sense of loss.

They can no longer share in the special moments that come from being together, and it can be difficult to find happiness again until they’ve found someone else or healed their heart after what happened with them.

Moreover, when we’re brokenhearted, it’s hard for us to get back on our feet because an ended relationship involves more than just one person–it also affects those around both parties involved.

It might seem impossible at first, but there are ways you can still achieve personal growth even though the end of the relationship has occurred.

Give yourself time before heading out into another new love interest by listening closely to what your body and heart need.

Looking inward and loving yourself is the best way to be happier again, especially after the end of an important relationship.




There you have it! Be willing to let go of the blueprint you have made up for yourself and appreciate the life you have. 

Happiness is not that far away and you can feel more fulfilled and happy again, but it just takes the right steps to do it. 

If you would like to learn how your vibe can attract more happiness into your life? Check out the science behind your vibes here!


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