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6 Smart Ways to Save Money From Home

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How can one save more money from home? Here are six money-saving habits to save more money from your own home to live your best life!

6 Smart Ways to Save Money at Home - Everything Abode

Are you looking for ways to save extra money each month?

How about saving money from your own home, do you think you can save more money from home?

Well, you can save money from home. However, even though for some saving money is not a problem, a lot of people still love spending every penny that they earn.

And while there are simple, effective ways to save money out of the home. There are also a few ways to save money from the comfort of your own home, too!

So relax and take control of your household budget better, with these at-home money-saving tips that could very well help you get ahead in your money-saving quest!


NOTE: Why not make more money too?! If you are interested in starting a side hustle that way you can make even more money each month, then check this article out here. You’ll learn all the basics of starting a side hustle so you can start making money on your own terms starting today!


6 money-saving tips to save more money from home

6 Smart Ways to Save Money From Home

1. Zero out your money every evening.

how to save money from home

On the road to saving more money for your future, did you know that zeroing down the money you already have is a pretty cool way to save money from home? 

Zeroing down your money works like this; Subtract the last number of whatever account, wallet, or loose change that you have to zero. For instance, if you have $23, you then take the leftover $3 and zero it down to the closest zero (which leaves you with $20).

After you do this you can then put that additional money you have into your savings account or money jar.

Whatever you choose to do, zeroing down is a classic money-saving method that can save you a little bit of your unspent money, thus making it so much easier to focus on saving and less on spending.


2. Count backward from ten.

save more money from home

Another great technique to saving more money from home, although it may sound silly, is to count backward (out loud) while shopping online.

The reason why this is a great money-saving technique is that if you use this time to not pull out your credit card or use your online payment accounts such as pay pal — to get that next awesome deal that you saw on Amazon, or in your email, or on Instagram — you are bound to change your mind from time to time. 

Moreover, if you count backward slowly from ten to breathe in and out several times while asking yourself things like “do I really need this?”, “Is this the best way to spend my money?”, will create a little space of awareness between the thought, the action, and the response so you can make better decisions!


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3. Always pay with cash.

pay with cash to save more money from home

If you are paying for food or takeout with your card, for example, or maybe for anything getting delivered to your home…

Did you know that handing out $20 dollars in cash, is a lot harder than just swiping with your credit/debit card?

In fact, when you use cash, studies state that you’ll have an emotional attachment to the physical paper rather than the plastic credit cards when swiped.

Moreover, it’s way easier to internally process that you are giving away your hard-earned money if you were to pay with cash than if you were to pay for something via a simple tap. 


4. Keep a tight track of your expenses.

save money from home by tracking expenses

This next money-saving tip is what every household should have!

For instance, if you were to spend the next thirty days writing down every transaction that you make or that your household makes, by the end of the month you will have a detailed understanding of exactly how much money you’re spending.

Not only that but keeping track of your expenses is a key factor in saving more money and is one of the best ways to add a detailed approach. 

Plus, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve been spending your money on.

So if you are looking for a great way to track your monthly expenses, read The Total Money Makeover! It’s the simplest, most straightforward game plan for completely taking over your money habits.


5. Work from home.

how to save more money from home fast

If you would like to save more money from home, why not make more money from home!

I bet you have a couple of hours in your life that you could spend working a little bit more to increase your net worth!

Or maybe you have a hobby that could be turned into a profitable side hustle? Or maybe you can make one of these easy DIYs to sell on Esty or Amazon?

Whatever you choose, know that you can MAKE MORE money at home whether it’s by starting your own business, maybe starting a blog, or investing in your creative ideas.

There are always going to be loads of ways to make extra money on the side, but only if you are open to doing something different and don’t mind taking a risk.

If you would like to learn a few extra ways to make more money, then take a look at this post here where I talk about the seven most popular side hustles that can easily bring in more money from home via online.  Or you can follow the path that I chose and start your very own blog here.


6. Avoid buying trends.

how to save money from home (2)

Now, this money-saving tip may sound a little bit silly as well, but if you try to avoid any general trends that come and go, you might be less tempted to buy or subscribe to things.

For instance, trending apps, the latest shoes, or buying expensive lifestyle subscriptions can really pull anyone in to spend a lot more money than they need to.

So to avoid the latest tempting trends, mute the TV when the commercials come on, subscribe to Youtube to avoid those needless ads trying to get you to join expensive courses, and reduce your likelihood of impulse buying them. 

These are all sure ways to save more money from home. 

How to save more money from home final thoughts. 

No matter what you do to improve your financial situation, you can rest assured that the world is your oyster. You have what it takes to save more than you earn (and from home) but only if you make smart decisions that will help you save more money. 

Thanks for reading!

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