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15 Easy Ways to be More Productive When Working From Home

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How can you become more productive at home when working from home? Well, to be more productive at home, follow these productivity hacks and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much work you get accomplished!

12 Productivity Tips for Working From Home

How can one be more productive when working from home?

For starters, productivity can be very challenging, especially if you’re not used to working remotely from home.

Working from home can also have an impact on your overall job performance and effectiveness, especially if you don’t know how you manage your home-based job or business.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you work from home as an employee or if you are doing some freelance jobs for yourself.

Your home environment will always determine how successful and productive you are.

So if you are looking for the best ways to be more productive while working from home, here are the top best home productivity tips that’ll help you strike a better balance between your work life and home life. 


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15 Home Productivity Tips when Working From Home

Best Productivity Tips for Working From Home - Everything Abode

1. Have a morning routine.

A fixed routine in the morning can help you get into the habit of “going to work.”

This will make your work life more productive at home.

There are many ways to start your day positively, just like dressing up.

You can improve your physical and mental wellness by adopting a few good healthy morning practices that have a powerful effect on your outlook, and that will get you enthusiastic to face the day ahead.

Healthy morning routines include drinking water, exercising, and eating a healthy breakfast.

For more inspiration, take a look at these healthy morning routines here and here to help you create a stellar morning routine to increase your productivity. 


2. Get Dressed.

Best Productivity Tips for Working From Home - get dressed - Everything Abode

While wearing pajamas for work (while at home) can be considered a perk, it is not a good strategy nor a good job tactic.

Instead, dressing up makes you more productive and signals to the brain that you are in work mode, and it’s important that you dress appropriately for work.

However, it is equally important to get out of work clothes at the end of each day and change into casual attire.

You will also be more productive if your clothes reflect your profession.


3. Take breaks using the Pomodoro method.

Although it may seem strange, you can schedule shorter breaks during your work-from-home days.

And while we are talking about breaks have you heard of the Pomodoro technique?

The Pomodoro technique is effective time management that begins with thinking in tomatoes, not hours (Pomodoro means tomato in Italian).

Although it may sound silly, millions have benefited from the Pomodoro Technique’s life-changing powers 

This time-management method is very popular. It requires you to alternate Pomodoros which are focused work sessions that are interrupted frequently to maintain mental energy and promote sustained concentration.

If you set aside at most five minutes each time you are working to refresh your mind, you will be less likely to feel burnout if you have the freedom to pause, reflect, and reset throughout your day.


4. Set ground rules for the people who reside in your home.

If you would like to be more productive from home, now is a good time to share some basic working principles with anyone who lives or works in your home.

Even though you may be present and “available” at home, that doesn’t mean your family members should take advantage of such opportunities.

The people you share your home with should know what is appropriate and not during your work hours.

Moreover, if you don’t set boundaries, productivity could suffer.


5. Limit your distractions.

Whatever you do for work from home, it is important to minimize distractions.

If you lack motivation or are struggling to stay productive because of noise?

The next option is to find a place to work that has minimal distractions.

Choose a place where distractions are minimized, such as away from the living room, laundry area, or kitchen. This will ensure that you don’t get distracted easily.


6. Turn off all notifications and devices.

There is no question or doubt in my mind that when it comes to working from home, the phone is going to be the ultimate time-waster.

Not only that but especially if you leave your phone in clear view!

It will have you replying, chatting, scrolling, and “not working” if you don’t put your phone away or at least mute its notifications for a specific time period.


7. Factor in special occasions, holidays & day-to-day living.

You can definitely be more productive in your home if you carefully evaluate your week-to-week lifestyle.

If you don’t, you will feel compelled to take care of other priorities (other than work) and your productivity may suffer.

So be aware of unexpected guests, special occasions, seasonal activities, and random home errands that could get in your way.

For example, if you have guests visit and know that you will be busy cooking and entertaining, you might want to consider working on the weekend to catch up.


Event Calendar via @everythingabode


8. Designate a space that is solely for you.

It is not a good idea to have multiple work areas in your house.

You can have multiple rooms in your house for zoom calls but it is better to keep your main work area in one central location.

The reason you shouldn’t allow yourself to work in every room of the house is that it can have a negative impact on your work performance.

What if you don’t have enough space? It is okay! All you need to do is find a place that is quiet and make it yours.

Even a small closet can be turned into an office as it will be so much easier to manage any disturbances if everything is in its own place.


9. Take breaks outside.

Use some of your work breaks to get out and about in nature.

Recharge and revitalize yourself with fresh air, birdsong, and other natural sounds.

One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is to go outside. This is especially important when you work from home.


10. Organize Your Home Office.

8 Productivity Tips for Those Who Work from Home via Everything Abode

We all know that when scattered paper, missing pens, and messy office spaces get out of hand, it leads to procrastination, and of course, less productivity.

Therefore, since your objective is to be able to work from home and be more productive if you have clutter that is distracting you, that is in clear indicator that you’re not going to get your best work completed.

To stay organized as much as you can, follow a few of these home office organization tips:

  • Donate any furniture that you don’t use or need to free up additional space. A room that is minimal really helps the mind think clearer. 
  • Hide any wires that are peaking out with simple wire clips.
  • Move things off the floor so you don’t have to step over books or equipment or anything that might be a hindrance. 
  • Start digitizing all of your paperwork so you have a paperless workspace.
  • Create a place for everything, and put it away when you no longer need it or use it. 


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11. Consider sound therapy.

Make a Playlist to stay productive if you work from home via @everythingabode

Working from home is a popular choice because most people like working in peace.

Additionally, businesses are beginning to realize that remote hiring is more beneficial for their bottom lines than loud busy offices.

However, working in silence and a peaceful working environment is not always possible, especially when you work from home.

So if you want peace, you are going to have to be the one who sets the tone!

Since noise can come from any direction, according to productivity coaches, creating your own relaxing playlist is the best way to stay productive.

Better yet, if you can keep your Spotify playlist on the go, you’ll stay on track with your work goals.


Bluetooth Headphones via @everythingabode


12. Get office plants – Plants have a natural calming effect that boosts productivity.

Buy Some Plants if you work from home via @everythingabode

Did you know that plants can provide you with so much more than clean air?

That just merely looking at nature (after looking at a computer screen for hours) can be a nice change of pace and be a beautiful breather for your mind to feel more relaxed and calm? 

Yes, science has shown that our bodies achieve a relaxed state simply when we are in the same room as living plants. 

This is incredible, especially as it can be very refreshing for productivity to know these adorable little plants that are full of life are actually helping us even though it seems they are not.

If you’re not used to having plants, you can get on the bandwagon and buy some plants that require little to no maintenance here

The most ideal plants to have on your desk are succulents, spider plants, some fresh herbs (for the fragrance), or cacti.  


8 Best Productivity Tips for Working From Home via @everythingabode

Peace Lily

Macrame Plant Hanger via @everythingabode

Macrame Plant Hanger

LED Plant Grow (for darker workspaces) via @everythingabode

LED Plant Grow (for darker workspaces)


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13. Avoid energy crashes.

Eat to avoid energy crashes via @everythingabode

To stay more productive and motivated, it is important to have healthy snacks available.

The food we eat is highly essential not only to boost our brainpower but to influence how productive we are with any task.

So make sure that you’re eating healthy foods throughout the day to avoid energy crashes.

Some healthy snacks include:

  • Bananas
  • Eggs
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Apple & Peanut Butter
  • Yogurt & Granola
  • Nuts and fruit


14. Stay Hydrated & limit your dependence on coffee.

Of course, staying hydrated is always going to be very essential to staying productive while working from home.

So if you can always make sure you have fresh water by your side (throughout your workday at home), staying hydrated will keep you focused and ready to work!

Additionally, while you are staying hydrated throughout the day, due take note of how much coffee you are drinking!

Coffee will give you that crash and burn feeling much faster than tea and water would ever cause and if you are looking for an alternative to coffee with an added energy boost? Check out The Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens here!


15. Use the “two-minute rule” to knock out your smallest of tasks.

Sometimes we spend way too much time on the less important things and can actually run out of time on our most important obligations.  

However, to beat this procrastination habit, all you have to do is apply the two-minute rule to both your work life and lifestyle!

All the two-minute rule asks of you is to start each task (that you really don’t want to do) with only two measly minutes in mind. 

Focus really hard on your task with the timer set and see how much you can get accomplished within that time duration. 

You’ll be surprised at how much you get accomplished once you just start. Plus, you’ll really be surprised with how much you keep working after the two minutes are up!

Also, no one is too busy to quickly tackle a two-minute task before moving on to something else.


Chic office timer via @everythingabode

Chic Office Timer



How to be more productive at home final thoughts.

Remember, your main priority is to catch what’s not working for you, so you can improve it. 

This not only works for almost everything in life but especially if you are looking to be more productive whilst working from home. 

It can be anything from energy crashes that are hindering you or it could be distractions from your loved ones…

Whatever the case may be, try to incorporate as much as you can from the productivity list above and you’ll have more productivity at home for it!

Thanks for reading!


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How to be more productive at home

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Wednesday 11th of September 2019

Eating healthy + energized food, as well has having an organized space makes SUCH a difference and does help a lot with productivity!


Thursday 12th of September 2019

Honestly, when I'm feeling unmotivated blogging all I need is a quick snack and a clean space! It's so true, isn't it? Thanks, Kylie! :)